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Thoughts – June 9, 2017

I haven’t written much lately so I wanted you to know everything is rolling smooth.

When  it comes to BDSM Princess and I have been keeping a low profile. This  means no spanking, no suspension and no floor-suspension. We haven’t visited PDN, our favorite club, in weeks either.

We are not fed up with playing but for the moment it is not a good idea. The only thing I wish to add is that it has nothing to do with us as couple in the broadest sense of the word.

When we make love, or fuck, it is rough and hot and hard. Sometimes I tie my love to the bed or restrain her in some way. I use clothespins or the wheel of pain or find other ways to give Princess her much needed mix of pleasure and pain. Pinching and scratching and biting work well too.

A  few days ago I contacted The Stranger and after a few mails to and fro  we picked a date for a play date. If all goes well Princess  and I will enjoy a threesome in less than two weeks. Now that’s  something to look forward to.

Our adventures with The Stranger are our first steps on a path that will finally lead us to the world of swingers. Not as something we’ll be doing on a regular base but more as a niche activity.

We  have been talking and fantasizing a lot about it. Princess surprised me  with a few fantasies about how she would enjoy an evening  at a swinger’s club. They are sizzling hot, believe me.

One  night, a few days ago, I was lying in bed thinking about what Princess  said and played with it in my mind. Then I came up a daunting  “what if” scenario. With some effort I could pull it off in real life and I’m sure Princess would love it. About a year or so ago we came pretty close to a variation of this fantasy.

I’m not going to tell Princess though. Instead I’m chewing on the idea, building on it, shaping it further until everything falls in place. I’m  thinking it would make a very erotic and thrilling short story.

Since I got my Kobo Aura One e-reader I’ve been reading a lot. Bukowski, Houellebecq, Hemingway, King to name only a few. The more I read the more I want to write. The danger lies in copycatting  style or ideas. As long as I am aware of this I should be fine.

Princess and I talked and discussed about our future plans in-depth. There is still something that puzzles me. I love Princess more than life. Princess is my breath and my heartbeat and my everything. I respect her and I care for her so much.

Yet I cannot start to describe how much I enjoy our threesome. Holding Princess in my arms and kissing her while The Stranger fucks her is mind-blowing. It pushes all my buttons. Hard. It is a visual fest and makes my mind orgasm in so many ways.

It makes my ejaculation nothing more than a mere mindless spitting on the floor.

Princess too finds it an awesome experience that carries her away in an avalanche of pure sex. Princess wants for nothing. Yet it exists her knowing The Stranger is going to fuck her hard under my direction.

The fantasies Princess shared with me about what could happen in a swinger’s club made me smile. They are so fucking slutty.

I’m thinking of giving Princess an assignment. It would be great if she would find the time to write about how she experienced our threesome so far. There is the pleasure of being used but I’m sure there is more.

Anyway, half an hour ago we phoned like we do every evening when we are not together.

I’m sure I’ll be writing very soon about rope and impact play again. Tomorrow evening we’ll be at PDN, our favorite BDSM club.






I’m writing another short story. Most of it exists already in my head. I know the ending too. That is the way I often work. I like to sit down and write an almost finished version.

Yet I am still struggling with my English. There is an advantage though as I need to keep it simple, almost pure without any saying or other expressions only seasoned English people are aware of.

I’ll read the first paragraphs but even with a good microphone it still sounds like I am in a small room with lots of echo.

Comments are highly appreciated.


What is the purpose of The Kinky Cafe?

Yesterday I spoke to a few online friends about my project, The Kinky Cafe.
Later, in bed, just before falling asleep it dawned on me I hadn’t been very clear about what the Kinky Cafe is, what I want it to become. I was to busy setting things up and forgot to be clear in my communication regarding this project.

First, The Kinky Cafe is not intended as a personal blog but as a platform for Kinky people to meet, connect, create. Registered users can become friends, message each other, privately, within a group or site wide.

Imagine you want to write about kinky stuff but are not ready to start a blog on your own. Be our guest and we’ll even help you set things up.

You have a blog and what to share a few posts with us in exchange for a link back? Go ahead.

Maybe you are writing poetry and need input, feedback before putting your musings online? Start a forum topic or a closed group and invite the people whose opinion you value.

Are you a writer, just starting, and need feedback, real life information about the kinky subject you are ready to write about? Maybe you’ll find some interesting people to share ideas with.

Maybe you are an established writer, please write a post about your new book or project and link back to your site or shop (without exaggerating, we are not a commercial site). Maybe we’ll ask you for an interview.

Just need to urge to write something very kinky that does not suit your blog? Or just need the desire to write, post a photograph, and share some artwork.

Are you a kinky blogger and wish to discuss with other bloggers? Please do so.

The Kinky Cafe is indented as a creative platform for you to use, to connect and interact with like-minded people. It is intended as some kind of social networking hub.

Consider The Kinky Cafe as a possible extension of your kinky activities in writing, music, books, blogging…

I am very aware The Kinky Cafe is not the only site to offer these possibilities.
So what makes us special? We value your anonymity, it is free with no hidden costs and small and thus more private and cozy. This site is not about Doms, Masters, submissives, slaves, Tops or bottoms. It is about and for kinky people.

We do believe that it is your creativity and your input that will make The Kinky Cafe different, make it stand out. It is about whom we are, the way how we express ourselves, the connections we want to make.

UPDATE : As from December 30, 2015 The Kinky Cafe is closed.

The Kinky Cafe

Thoughts on writing – August 21, 2015

Yesterday evening, after reading my post “Thoughts – August 20, 2015” out loud to Princess we discussed it in-depth.

Yes, I love writing. It is something I am becoming increasingly aware of.

I consider English to be my second mother tongue.
During World War I my mother’s mother was a nurse in London. She fell in love with a wounded Belgian soldier. They married and after the war moved to Ruabon, Wales. My late mother was one of their 3 kids.

Somewhere in the 1920’s my grandfather decided to return to Belgium. My grandmother never learned Dutch. I spend a zillion weekends and school holidays with my grandparents. I remember Baba not being very talkative but Nana was so I learned the English language quite early in my life.

Nowadays I don’t have a lot of opportunities to talk English. Yet I try to do as much English reading as I can and when I watch a movie at home I try to find English subtitles.

One could argue that I am lazy. I guess to some extent I am. I live alone, have no garden to maintain and I don’t freak out and wash my windows every time a fly poops on them. Housekeeping does not take up much of my time either.

So when I come home after work there is not much that I HAVE to do.  So I read, surf, watch a movie or enjoy sitting outside on my terrace. Sometimes I enjoy simply doing nothing.
I am used to prioritize the pleasurable things of life.

Developing a film and scanning the negatives is pleasurable and fun. Certainly the scanning kill’s time but the whole process gives also gives me instant gratification.
The images become a digital file and I can work on it in Photoshop and, being very visual, I see the progress. Something is happening.

Writing is much more demanding and time-consuming. I enjoy reading what I have written but the way to get there I feel less appealing.

Almost 2 years ago I translated one of my short stories from Dutch to English. It is not an erotic short but I posted ‘The Aroma of Coffee‘ on this site.

I have a few things lying around. There is ‘Carte Blanche’, an erotic story and a very hot and intense untitled BDSM short.

I would like to translate them but then again I am not sure. Maybe I should rewrite them in English. I really haven’t a clue which is the best option.

Yet I know that because I am lazy I need to kick myself in the butt.
So here it is.
A promise.

I will start writing and post shorts as work in progress. I will even chip in a deadline and create a category with the same name. Every week, on Friday, I’ll post this work in progress.

Pens (2015) iPad Air with the photography app 'Manual'
Pens (2015)
iPad Air with the photography app ‘Manual’


Thoughts – August 20, 2015

I have two blogs.
One is about analogue photography, the second is the one you are reading, Princess and I.

I write under my real name on the photography blog. The topics are sometimes a tad technical but I try to add a personal touch too.

Then there is this Sir Franco Bolli blog. It is a very personal account of my life with Princess and not always about kinky stuff.
I would say that this blog comes very close to a very private diary.

Photography is one of my biggest passions yet I have an intense hate/love relation with it. I don’t understand the mechanisms behind it though. I only know there are moments when I don’t touch a camera, look at a photography blog or spend time on YouTube watching interesting vlogs. I don’t feel like expressing myself with images and these periods can last from anything between a few weeks to several months.

I am in such a period. Writing has, momentarily, taken over the image making process completely.

This results in the fact that I find it near to impossible to write for both blogs at the same time. So when I’m active with photography this Sir Franco Bolli blog gets neglected and vice versa.

Yet writing will always prevail on anything else.

There is even more to it. I would love to write short stories. I done so before, ages ago, with some success. In that pre-Internet period I had the pleasure to see some of my stories published in a literary magazine.
At that time I wrote in Dutch, my mother tongue.

The only thing that holds me back from writing more short stories is because I want to write them in English. There is a substantial hiccup though. Although I consider my written English to be acceptable it is not good enough to write stories.

Nobody is impatiently waiting to read something that is filled with a zillion grammatical errors.

Green Pencil (2015) iPad Air with the photography app 'Manual'
Green Pencil (2015)
iPad Air with the photography app ‘Manual’

Short Intermezzo

This morning I went grocery shopping. I got a bottle of Chardonnay, special herbs and vegetables and 4 kg jumbo mussels.

After pushing everything in my fridge I left again and parked my car outside the center of my hometown. Shortly after noon the streets will be closed for all traffic and at 5 pm there is a bicycle race and lots of other activities.

This evening Princess is once again going to cook for me and Little A. is our special guest.
Obviously Princess won’t be wearing her play collar or something sexy while performing her magic in the kitchen.
It will be fun though.
This Saturday Little A. is leaving for Croatia where she will stay for a week together with other peers.

My youngest daughter is not staying for the night so I hope I will be able to use the Single Tail whip on Princess.

* * * * *

There is this Dutch on-line magazine about BDSM and D/s. It is well-crafted and filled with interesting articles.

They try to lower the bar, inform and organize parties and workshops. I find that a laudable initiative. They are also looking for a few extra writers who want to invest time in the magazine and are able to think out of the box.
I find the lifestyle to have given me so much and I have been thinking about volunteering for some BDSM related whatever.

So I applied and was flabbergasted by the condescending tone hidden between the lines of their answer.
They liked my blog but thought of it as being mostly fiction. Also it was their impression I wasn’t very experienced when it comes to BDSM.
What I found shocking though as their use of stereotypes.

A few weeks ago I wrote about that evening in the Cafe when, at the bar, I was playing with Princess’ nipple when this man started talking with me.

Compared to that evening past Saturday was boring and I wrote we needed to move on.

“Instead we should go to the club when there is a mixed public. Couples and (horny) male singles.
Princess and I know what we want, aware of our hard limits too.
Let’s play within our boundaries.”


In their answer the horny men suddenly became a stereotype, style tasteless German porn, horny men with white socks. It sounded like every Muslim is a terrorist, every North African a thief.
I apparently I was afraid of being confronted with such a situation (the horny white socks) my contact at the magazine added.
I needed to go out more, visit other places. Get experience. Visit their parties.

My contact is not even half my age yet I read both superiority and sarcasm in her letter, a stark contrast with the site, the magazine.

I wrote them back.
Angry, I admit.
Told them I was into the scene even before the scene had a name and clarified that this did not make me an expert at all. That Princess and I is a true story. Hell, I couldn’t make up this stuff and write about it the way I do.

Made them clear my interest in writing even a single word for them was over.

I’m guessing there are other and more valuable BDSM or D/s organizations where I can do useful stuff for.

Princess and I fiction?
No experience?






A New Project – Help wanted

Over the past decades I have written several short stories. Some of them were even published in little known literary magazines. I also wrote a few stories just for Princess.

One of these short stories I really like a lot. It is somewhat erotic and has a very good story line and ends with a twist. “Carte Blanche” counts, in its Dutch version, some 4700 words.

I’ like to translate “Carte Blanche” but I know it is a very tiresome job. Last year I translated another short of mine, “The Aroma of Coffee” and published it on this blog.

I think it would be better a better idea to simply rewrite the story in English rather than translating it. Yet I have been postponing this task so to get things started I have set January 2015 as my deadline. The eBook will be made available on Amazon and Smashwords and maybe I’ll charge 0.99$ for it. I am not sure yet if I’ll put some photographs in it.

Help would be very much appreciated so this is what I have in mind.
It would be great to have for example 4 readers who read and edit 1 or 2 translated pages each. At the end two more readers are needed to check the whole book and file consistency as it will be made available as ePub and Mobi. Please do not apply if you feel you won’t have enough time to spare. So what’s in it for those who are willing to help me out? In the first place you’ll earn my everlasting gratitude. That must be worth something. Next you will be mentioned in the Acknowledgement part of my little book and I will even add a link to your blog/webpage. Of course each of you will receive a free copy of the eBook. Princess and I will even send you a virtual 2014 Xmas card and to top it off a virtual 2015 Happy New year card.

Carte Blanche
Had he dozed off? The day had been an endless one. It started very early with a video conference at his office. The lunch meeting with a potential supplier was uninteresting and the last one very long and even more boring. He’d been nodding most of the time. His head felt way too heavy, his neck too weak to support it and keeping his eyes open seemed an almost impossible task. With a deep sigh he finally left the cramped room and rushed to the coffee machine. Before ending the workday he checked the departure of the train he wanted to take. After purchasing a ticket on-line and printing it he finally left his office.

For the first time in almost a decade Franco Bolli was going to ​​use public transport. When he arrived at the train station he felt ignorant, a blind man in the world of the seasoned commuter, the One-Eyed Kings.

Drinking wine

About Princess’ Corner

Princess does write too. Not that much as I do. After all Princess has a family of 5 kids to care for. There is work and housekeeping and cooking and so on. When Princess has some spare time she is with me.

Princess writes very well and I like her poetry very much. It is raw at times but so very pure, intense and strong.

You can find Princess’ writings under the category “Princess’ Corner“.


Princess on Holiday – The last mile is the hardest

Saturday morning.
In less than 40 hours Princess will be home, lying happily in my arms.

It is early and I’m sitting at my writing-table enjoying a cup of coffee. Outside the sky is grey and it is drizzling. Yet in my apartment it still is sultry. The past few days have been very sunny and hot.
I know I should avoid walking too much today. My lower back hurts but it is bearable. No need for a painkiller.

Yesterday, after work, I did something I had promised myself a long time ago but never came around doing it.
I went swimming.
My physical therapist told me crawl is very beneficent for my back.
So I went swimming and I when I came home I felt great. Maybe this afternoon I’ll go again.

Back home I noticed Stella had texted me.
‘Call’ me it read and I smiled as Little A. does this too but she shortens it to a simple ‘Call’.

I sensed Stella was feeling lonely so I drove over to her place. We talked and she showed me dozens of photographs of herself and Star. I promised to make a few posters as a late birthday present but choosing and making a decision in not something Stella is good at.
Finally 4 of them fell in grace and I’ll be ordering the prints later today.
We talked some more and Stella complained about Princess’ Sister and I tried to calm her down.

Then Star got hungry and tired and an exhausted toddler can be a real pain so I said goodbye to both and drove back home.
It had started raining and the air was filled with the delicious aromas wet earth releases after a period of drought.

Once again Princess and I did not manage to video chat due to the very unreliable Wi-Fi at the place she is staying.
We simple phoned and talked and it was delightful and packed with so much love and need.

Then I went to bed and soon I was sound asleep.

My plans for today are:
– At 18:00 I’ll be watching Belgium-Argentina
– I’ll have to do some cleaning
– Preparing and uploading the prints I promised Stella
– Swimming
– Writing

I titled my past Thursday Photograph ‘The Mansion‘ and it marks the beginning of a short story I’ve been working on for some time.
The story is almost fully developed in my head and it is time to start writing it down. It will be a frame story.
I feel unsecure though. Writing a story is totally different from writing a simple post. After all English is not my mother tongue and I obviously miss the finesses a language has to offer.
Most of all I am afraid my sentences and descriptions will be cliché.

Anyway, some editorial input would be very greately appreciated.

Morning coffee


To tell or not to tell a story #ASMSG #BDSM #EroticRomance #privacy

Yesterday in the early afternoon Jedediah, a long time friend, paid me a visit.
He was drunk and very nervous. The knuckles of his right hand bruised and on his left cheek three deep and almost parallel scratches. Fresh ones, blood merely dried.
We chitchatted for a while and then I asked him what was wrong.
Jedediah started sobbing, calmed down a told me what had happened.

He had a violent quarrel with his wife Rachel. It had escalated to a point where she had scratched him in the face. Then he had hit her right on the face breaking her jawbone. The fucking loser, I urgently need to revise my friend list.
Of course Rachel had filed charges for domestic abuse and justice does not take such charges lightly.

Jed and Rachel are married for 10 years, have a son and are business partners. Some time ago Rachel told me Jed was an asshole and a worthless fuck. She would have left him years ago it they hadn’t shared this very lucrative business.

Shortly after this confession Rachel started following sewing class twice a week, a euphemism for dating with me and a few guys. She has tight pussy and an even tighter butthole and sucks your balls inside out. Rachel’s favourite is DP and being shared makes her hot and juicy.
Jedediah doesn’t know any of this and no one is going to tell him.

After a while he got up and walked on wobbly legs to the door.
“Take care” I told him and closed the door behind him.

Seconds later I heard a loud scream followed by a thud and yells for help.
I opened the door. Jed had taken a dive from the stairs and was lying against the front door. A bone was sticking out his left forearm, the right arm bent in an impossible way.
The poor bastard wasn’t going to wipe his ass for the next couple of weeks.
I called 112 and waited while the poor chap was muttering in pain.

I wrote this sad story about Peter and his wife Mary using aliases. Both read my blog as does their son Paul.
I know for a fact Mary’s parents are following my blog too. Chances are they’ll see right trough Jedediah and Rachel.
Close friends and business associates of the couple could be followers too and maybe they will recognize Jed and Rachel as Peter and Mary.

So do I write it down or not? After all how many married guys with both arms broken and scratches in their face running a profitable business are there? How easy can it be to recognize, maybe wrongly, a situation, a person? What are the possible consequences?

The above story is only a product of my imagination.

Yesterday evening Princess and I went for a walk and we had a few drinks in a pub. Amongst other topics we talked about my most recent blog post, May 1st.
I never tell her what I am going to write about but I like evaluating the post with Princess after it went online.

“You know,” she told me, “that you cannot write freely anymore.”
I frowned.
“Take our play date we have scheduled,” Princess continued, “the other couples read your blog too.”
“I guess so.”

“You can write about it, yes, but you must be careful how you tell the story.”

Princess has a point.

We are meeting people who are, like us, in the lifestyle.  For the time being acquaintances but some will become play partners, even friends.

Of course I can still write about our journey.  I have to keep in mind though that people we know are reading our story too.
This means there will also be events I won’t be able to write, even with aliases and whatever because they are too recognizable by those who are concerned.

Just a thought.