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CRL-KRK / FR6728

So this is what is going to happen.

On Sunday, September 17 Big A. will drop us at Charleroi Airport. Some like to call it Brussels South.
I don’t. Brussels is over 72 klicks away so this can’t count as an extension of our capital. For some of the many stupid and retarded politicians in our country a “Huge” Brussels might be a wet dream.

Gate will close at 06:00 and 30 minutes later Princess and I will be in the air. Poland here we come.

We’ll arrive at Kraków airport at 08:30. Time to pick up our car and drive to the our quite luxurious apartment we rented trough Airbnb. Check it OUT.

We’ll be visiting the city and the famous salt mines. Auschwitz maybe.
Princess and I like to mix city and outdoors so we’ll visit the Ojców National Park a few times.

Maybe we’ll make a little trip to the Czech Republic. We’ll see. Time will, as always, fly by without us having even grasped a second of it.

I’ll be taking my GoPro with me and the Ricoh GR II but mainly I’ll concentrate on video for this trip.
I bought a Western Digital Passport Pro Wireless 1 Terabyte portable disk. Basically you use it on the road, it reads SD-card and USB devices so I can download my video on the disk. After all 64 GB of SD card gives me about 2 hours of video. The disk is cheaper than buying a zillion SD-cards.

I’ll be taking some rope with me and that is it. No whips. No floggers. Only rope.

It seems there is a small but active community of BDSM practitioners in Poland. Even if Poland is a catholic country it seems BDSM is covered by law in a positive way.

Kocham księżniczkę z całego serca. Ona jest jedyna. Księżniczka jest moim wszystkim. Moje życie, moja przeszłość, moja przyszłość.
(I love Princess with all my heart. She is the only one. Princess is my everything. My life, my past, my future. Google Translate)

I don’t understand her either…