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Thoughts – November 2, 2017

It has been quite a while since my last post. Not much did happen. Princess and I went out to the club a few times. We’ve also been playing a lot at home.

I have the feeling we are moving more and more to s&m play. Rope of course. Tight binding as it creates quite some emotions for Princess. Helplessness but also coziness.
A blindfold.
Always a blindfold.

The tying done with domination. It helps pushing Princess in a mindset I want to plant on.
Utter submission.
Adding a slight touch of fear for what is coming.
Mindfucking is such a powerful tool.

Lately I have been using the cane almost exclusively. Just letting the tip trail over her body makes Princess shiver with delight and fear.
That is a very fruitful mixture.
So caning is an interesting opener for an intense play evening.
Wooden clothespins are always a success. Princess’s sides, her groin or the sensitive skin an inch or so below her belly button.
Holding a vibrator against the tips of these clothespins make them dance. It makes them hurt as hell and the mere idea makes me hard.

But mostly I use candle wax. I have a collection of candles with a low or medium melting point.
Belly, thighs, sides are very painful but on Princesses’ back it gives a more soothing effect.

The mindfucking, the caning, the clothespins, and the hot wax all work together to bring Princess into deep subspace. In between I might push Princess a few times to the brink of an orgasm.
When the scene ends Princess is floating. Closed eyes, a smile. I cover her naked body with a fleece and hold her. Give Princess something to drink.

These are moments we are so close it feels like we are two hearts, two souls in one body.

Image found on Pinterest. Source unknown

Just stuff

Past Saturday, December 10, I had set up quite an intense scene at home. The first part was all about spanking and caning and whipping. Then we took 5 and enjoyed Sushi and delicious wine. It was a surprise for Princess. We both love Sushi but lately we haven’t gone out dining as often as we used to. It is a choice we have to make and going to the club is more pleasurable and has more bang for the buck.

Playing at home beats everything else though.

Anyway, we had a great evening and some delicious lovemaking afterwards. There is nothing so soothing and divine as cuddling with Princess.

Nothing has changed since the first time I met Princess, she still is my Holy Grail, my everything, the love of my life. Sure, over time our feelings for each other have deepened considerably. Without Princess I am nothing.

And so the weekend passed. I did not go to work on Monday nor did I on Tuesday. Still feeling feverish. Had some extra tests done. Just a matter of time the vet doctor told me over the phone.

I own quite an extensive box of tools. Vibrators, dildo’s, canes, floggers, electro-play stuff, rope, … Some things I don’t use that often so when I do it feels like using a new toy.

Soft flogger
Soft flogger

Yet I could use some heavy and shorter floggers. The use and impact and the possibilities are different compared to longer ones.

So yesterday, December 13, I went shopping and bought, amongst other stuff, two floggers. Back home I gift wrapped them but when Princess arrived at my place I could not keep it a secret. Having these 2 gifts under the Christmas tree makes no sense. We can’t open them on Christmas Eve as Little A. is celebrating with us.

Heavy-duthy leather flogger. It stings very hard.
Heavy-duthy leather flogger. It stings very hard.

This Saturday we are going to the club so why not put them to good use immediately.

Princess loved the leather flogger. It is heavy, stings and bites like hell and is beautifully finished. Also it has a distinct smell as it is made from leather that is also used for harnesses and saddles.

The second flogger has broader strands made of velvet I believe.

We played with the soundtrack of True Detective on the background. She loved the nipple grabbers, the flogger with the velvet strands gave her goose-bumps and Princess loved the aggressive sting of the leather flogger too.

I did not overdo it though as I sensed my girl to be a little emotional. Yes, that time of the month again already.

I forced Princess on her back (pushing my foot against the inside of her knee while holding her), tied her ankles together and attached it to an anchor point in the wall. Did the same with her wrists, fastening it to an anchor point on the opposite wall.

Blindfolded the love of my life.

For while I did not do a thing. I just waited for the wax of the candle to melt so I could cast a few drops on her. The candle is made of 100% eco soy wax and has a burning point between 55-65°C  (131 – 149 F).

Wax Play (December 13, 2016)
Wax Play (December 13, 2016)wa

Princess loved every drop. Moaning and squirming and begging for more. This is something Princess simply loves. I don’t give it that often though. I know how much Princess loves this so I try to keep this a rare dish.

Well tied down and blindfolded Princess was at my mercy. I had shown her my new knife. Nothing posh, just a tool that fits in my fist very well.

“Don’t move while I scrape the wax from your body,” I warned, pushing the spine of the knife against her throat. “I don’t want accidents to happen,” I hissed, putting some more pressure on the steel blade.

Princess shivered when she felt the point pushing against her breast.

I took my time, manipulating the knife in ways that made her tremble even more.

Knife Play (December 13, 2016)
Knife Play (December 13, 2016)

Afterwards we sat on the sofa and sipped wine and talked about a zillion meaningful things. About our new adventures, what it meant to us, how readers of our blog reacted, might react.
Some would understand, some would not. We would lose some, win some. The faithful would stay with us and those readers I cherish. They take us for whom we are, accept us, like they accept their own evolution. In the end we all grow, evolve. I do understand that for some growing is not an easy process.

Then it was time for bed but first I wanted to make some photographs of the marks I had made with my new knife.

We made some love but we were both tired so we gave up quickly.
Slept well.

Wednesday December 14
Our free day. Awake early, 7 or so. The kids you know.

We made love, Princess and I. We are made for this, we are predestined.

Kissing, caressing, sweet words and some more kissing, well that is how we started. Soon though I was thumping her as a madman. Holding her close to me, my arms, my legs, my body used as bondage to envelope Princess.
She likes it hard. Princess likes the feeling of being used, of being raped. Sometimes she whispers I am a one-man gang bang. Then I smile.
I know what I am.
With the right woman, with Princess, I can’t stop. She is weed, she is crack, she is blow, she is it all.

At 9:30 Princess had to leave and to pick up her youngest, drop her at school.
Exams, you know.
I changed the soaked mattress protector.
Killed time watching some old Upper Floor clips.

Then Princess came back. We made some more love but then I had to throw in the towel. I was still horny as hell but my cock felt raw and painful.
Princess was moaning, desiring for more.
So I mind fucked her, grabbed a tube with lube, wow, I am a poet now,  and started fingering her. I don’t believe Princess is in for fist-fucking and neither am I as a giver. No, not as a receiver either.

Well, it ended with Princess sitting in a puddle of wetness after I had made her cum a zillion time using four fingers. That is, dear readers, a personal record for us both.

Boy, Princess did not squirt, it was about gushing in abundance. Our room filled with the intense reek of sex.

“Make me cum, please,” I asked.
I played with myself as I could not stand a mouth over my dick, it was so sensitive.

I jerked off while Princess gently licked my nipples. Oh boy, it was hard work but I so wanted to cum.

Finally it happened with such a force I almost ejaculated in my mouth. Princess laughed, liked the sight of it.

I sighed. Princess rubbed her pussy against my leg.
The bed linen soaked.
We were both satisfied and submerged in a warm pool of true and intense love.

Soon it was 11:30 and Princess had to go.

I showered. Made some pasta.
Then I did something I hadn’t done in months.
I grabbed my Bronica roll film camera and some lenses, a light meter and a tripod. Drove to the woods.
Oh boy, that felt so good.
Need to do that more often.

I'm not good at selfies.
I’m not good at selfies.


Buying a few Christmas presents

This morning I went shopping for some Christmas presents.
First I got a few presents for my girls. I was lucky, there was nobody at Rituals. Went to the post office too, had to send stuff I sold.

Back home I checked my mail. Then checked the clock hanging against my kitchen wall. Had been busy for over 90 minutes without needing to pee.
It was feasible.

So I hit the road. It would be a 70 minute drive. Maybe half an hour browsing through the store and 70’ back. I knew there was a Mac Donald’s nearby.
Yep, I am still having some trouble with my bladder infection.

The small shop filled with erotic clothing and all sorts of tools is a true Ali Baba’s cave. There is so much to see, so much to choose from.

Finally I put two special gifts for Princess (and me) in my basket. Before checking out I got also a pair of Nipple Grabbers and a candle with a low burning point. Those I’ll use this evening.

I already made some photographs of these 2 special gifts but because Princess reads my blog I posted them on Fetlife.

Knife to use after wax-play
Knife to use after wax-play

Drove back home and half-way I stopped at Decathlon. I knew that had a public restroom and while I was there I browsed for a knife I liked. I found one. Nothing special but it screamed at me. It is for removing the wax after candle-play.

Back home I gift-wrapped the two things for Princess and put them under the Christmas tree.

Nipple Grabber Image (c) Amazon
Nipple Grabber
Image (c) Amazon

I am very curious how Princess will experience the Nipple Grabbers. Also I know she’ll be happy do experience some wax-play. It has been a long time.

Just for the heck of it, hell, this is such a great show. Love the title song of the first season of True Detective (2014). The show has also a very great original soundtrack.