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Thoughts – August 2, 2017

It was only somewhere in the beginning of June Princess was well enough again to play. It had been a rough 6, 7 months for her. A physical therapist did some good stuff. But starting a fitness program changed everything for Princess. Princess is building a harness of muscles around her hypermobile (hip)joints.

Past Friday, July 28, Princess and I went paddling in The Netherlands. On the Veerse Meer. Lake Veere is a huge lagoon in the province of Zeeland. In 1961 the Delta Works dam system partially cut it off from the North Sea. The Delta works were an answer to the 1953 flood killing 1836 in The Netherlands.

Princess and I kayaked some 4 hours and had a great time. Princess loves the fact I am now documenting our life on video.

Even if we can play hard again we can’t really. Little A., my 17-year old daughter, spends quite some time at my place. These past 2 weeks she has been continuously with me so Princess and I don’t have the quality time we used to have.

Yesterday she left for her mom and in a few days Little A. will be on a 10-day holiday in Croatia. I am really looking forward to have some very private time with Princess.

So we played, Princess and I and it was intense. I started with a good barehanded spanking. Moved to floggers and a cane. Tied her down. Used the fuck stick and the 13,500 rpm wand to pleasure her while tormenting her body with hot candle wax and clothes pins.

There was more like dirty talking, fucking and then some.

This morning we fucked again, over and over and over. Slept, woke up little before noon. The good old days of D/s and SM are finally coming back. I can’t speak for Princess but hell did I miss the playing, the SM, and the D/s. Like mad I did.

Hi-Yo, Silver

 A few weeks ago I bought a simple action cam. I had no experience with this kind of camera’s. After doing some peddling (kayaking) I imagined having such a camera on-board could be fun.
The Denver action cam is okay. Good quality if the light is great. Some interesting possibilities when it comes to making time-lapse. The photo-mode simple sucks.
It was fun for the time being though. It enabled me to get some experience with this kind of camera. It helped me understand what I wanted such a camera to do. Pretty soon I bumped into its limits.
Then Little A. told me she wanted to take the action cam with her on her trip to Croatia next month. I said yes in spite the fact I am not sure at all the camera will survive let alone come back safe and sound.
During these past days I spent quite some time on Youtube. The Xiaomi Yi 4K seemed like an interesting option. Good bang for the buck. A so-called GoPro killer. Difficult to get in Belgium though.
I knew I needed an action cam with a screen. 4K would be great but not necessary. It gives you some extra latitude but not that many computers are 4K native. Some manual control would be great. Like ISO or speed or whatever.
The path lead me to GoPro. I had no desire to splash out a few hundred bucks. The GoPro 5 was well out of reach. To many bucks.
Anyway a well know Belgian second-hand site lead me to a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.
Picked it up yesterday, Sunday evening. Little A. accompanied me.
Today, during my lunch break I did some shooting, video and photos. I am very happy with the results.
Do I have an idea? A Youtube channel in mind?
No, not yet.
I’m enjoying the pleasures of exploring something new. I’m not sure where it will lead me. We’ll see.
The only thing I know is that I used an action cam to make some interesting clips during our recent threesome.
That footage I store in a vault. A Kingston 4000 G2 password protected USB stick holds our personal porn.
If you enter a faulty password 10 times in a row the data is gone forever.
Anyway, like photography and writing doing video will be a battle. After shooting images or video one needs to process the files. Writing a 10,000 word story takes time.
That is exactly my problem. I need to get rid of my urge for instant gratification when I’m creating something.
For now I’m learning about Final Cut Pro X, Luts and stabilizers and gimbals and the lot. Hell, it feels like going back to school.

Indeed, in the eighties I entered college, a film school in Brussels. I liked it but did not finish it.

My mom and my father’s death and so many other shit happened.

I don’t regret though. I am very happy with my life.
After all I have Princess. at my side.