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Thoughts – August 28, 2017

Past week we had a few opportunities to play because Little A. went out.

I combined rope, pain and pleasure pushing Princess towards very intense orgasms.

Princess yelped when I removed the clothespins while switching on the massager. The yelps faded away and became soft moans while she reached yet another climax.

Needless to say such moment bring us even closer.

When Princess came out of subspace she had a question.

“What do you get out of it, Milord?” she asked. “When you play this kind of scene I sense you are not hard. What is playing in your mind?”

An interesting question indeed and I’ll try to answer that one in an other post.

I love kayaking. Princess and I went a few times on the Veerse Meer in The Netherlands. I paddled there a few times solo too.

When I paddle solo on this huge lake I enjoy the absolute solitude. I am embedded in nature. I depend on my skills to navigate. I rely on my strength to paddle many kilometers. Past Friday I did almost 18 km.

Halfway I felt tired. My legs hurt. This also happens during a long drive in the car.

I love that feeling of pushing my physical boundaries.

I would go more often to the Veerse Meer but it is, at its best, a 90′ drive and chances are there are huge traffic jams.

So I am/was looking for something new to do. Mountain biking or off-road had a nice ring to it. It is an activity that is demanding on many levels too. Like kayaking.

But in the boat I feel like only my upper torso and shoulders are trained.

So mountain biking sounded like fun.
Yesterday I spend a huge part of the day watching Youtube films on the subject.

Today I went to Decathlon and purchased a beginners Rockride 520.

Added a helmet and wheel arches. The gloves I had already. I also use them for paddling.

Threw everything in the car.
Parked at a forest.

Mounted my Gopro on the bike and did a 10 kilometer trip. Boy was this great. The speed, the wind, the scents, the sounds. Once again embedded in nature, traveling on pure muscle power. What an experience. I filmed the whole trip.
The “movie” extremely boring.

Tomorrow is one of my last days of my holiday and I’m going to have such a great time. Me and my bike. Or my bike and me.

By the way, if everything goes well tomorrow will also bring a very special evening.

Sid is coming over and I have prepared a BDSM-scene that will blow Princess away. It will push all her buttons.

After the scene I’ll give a choice. Call it a day or continue with a hot threesome.
It will be our first experience with The Stranger 2. The scene will be about Princess being a total slut. Princess being used. Princess as a sex slave.

Did I mention I’ll be meeting a possible candidate for The Stranger 3? More on that later.

On a yet to determine Saturday evening Princess and I are going to a swingers club. Slave Serge and his wife and Domina Jane will be tagging along. No swapping here though, just two couples on a night out in town.

Princess is already hoping I’ll arrange some hot fuck for her.

But the most important thing Princess and I are looking forward to is our trip to Poland in September.

We’ll be celebrating our 6th anniversary near Kraków in Southern Poland.