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Full Suspension

“What I would love to achieve is to master as much of the technics as possible in order to be creative without the need of thinking about the tying itself. I want to concentrate on my interaction with Princess.”

I wrote the above a few days ago in an email. I’ve been corresponding with X. for some time now. Gradually we connected and I am pretty sure he now knows what I want from him.

The ties themselves can be learned from a book.

How one ties, the caveats and shortcuts, advantages and disadvantages of the materials used, can only be learned from someone who knows what it is about, has experience and knows how to teach. What is tight? What is snug? In a book these words have no real meaning, they have to be faced, shown, discussed.

We are getting there, X. and I and I am sure spending time with him will help me find the road I am seeking.

There is nothing wrong playing with a bunch of different toys. Erotic asphyxiation, pain, submission, impact play, electro play, humiliation, cupping among others, they all bring pleasure. The real art lies in combining them, resulting in a pleasurable, intense and memorable session.

It feels good though to want to master at least something. After tying Princess on occasions, I finally fell in love with rope bondage. This is the domain in which I want to excel.

Princess knows that when I get hooked on something I’ll go the whole nine yards to master it.

* * * *

Yesterday I received the wooden 9” Shibari ring I had ordered little over a week ago at Esinem’s store.
It took some time to tie the ring to a carabineer in order to get the correct distance from the floor. Sometimes I can lose myself in insignificant details.

Then it was time to pick up Princess at her place and once back home we were excited to use the ring. (I’ll need to tie it again as the ring still hangs to low)

We broke in the ring and it went so natural and so easy. It felt as if I had done rope all my life. I am aware it is not the case. I am still very much a rookie.

Anyway I started with a box-tie and it went well. Tight above the breasts, a little looser under Princess’s breasts. I finished the tie with a Mt Fuji halter neck tie.

I attached a safety rope to the box-tie, at the shoulder, made sure the tie was secured and then up, through the ring, down, up and then securing it with a few half-hitches.

The second rope was used as a single column tie around Princess’s thigh, about 6” above the knee-joint, a safe zone. I pulled the rope up and then Princess was standing on one foot. As I wanted to find out how this felt under more stress I lifted Princess’s other leg.

“Still feels good, Milord, but this finally makes no sense as you are still supporting my weight.”

Fuck it, I thought and grabbed another rope, tied it around Princess’s other ankle, lifted and tied the rope around the ring.

OMG, there she was, my Princess, hanging in our living in a full suspension. She felt very comfortable. No tingling, pain, numbness or whatever.

Oh boy, my very first full suspension just happened like that, in a few easy and well calculated moves. I made a photograph. Sorry for the chaos and ugly background, it is my living room as it is.

Gently I pivoted Princess checking constantly if she was well and nothing was feeling bad or uncomfortable.

While writing this I am still amazed. Princess was happy as a clam; it has been her wish since we started doing rope.

I untied Princess after some 6 or 7 minutes air time. The rest of the evening we spent with intense floor-suspension and some teasing with a cane, a massager and the TENS-unit. The latter was a mistake as it brought Princess out of her Zen-like state.

After that we went to bed and surprisingly we did not feel the need for hard fuckery. Pretty soon I turned the lights off. We enjoyed being together in the darkness. I gently made love to Princess and then we fell asleep.

It had been an intense and fun evening and very memorable.

We, Princess and I, are constantly evolving. Yet the common denominator is rope and it is quite powerful. Using rope, the bondage, is a whole new way of connecting with Princess.

My first full suspension. Not a sexy pose or an amazing photograph.
My first full suspension. Not a sexy pose or an amazing photograph.



Thoughts while modifying our bed

I do not think of myself as a Handy Harry. For that I lack self-confidence, think of myself as having two left hands.

Yet I do not think this is entirely true. Not being a Handy Harry that is. I believe it is because I lack practice.

Let me give 3 examples in order to make you understand where I am coming from. It is not about throwing mud, just facts. After all the person I am referring too can’t defend herself anymore.

Decades ago I liked to go fishing. It was not so much about catching fish but more about just being out in the open and the solitude that goes with it.
One day I caught a few eels, with a regular fishing line, mind you. After cleaning them I put stored the fish in the deep-freezer.

I was still living at home, with my mother and younger sister. When she came home from her trip to Egypt, I told her about the eel I had caught, still residing in the freezer. My mom could make one mean “Paling in ‘t groen” (Eel in green).
Sadly enough she never believed I had caught, cleaned and deep-frozen the fish. She was convinced I was pulling her leg, that the eel came from the store.

Also decades ago I left my adulterous first big love with whom I had lived for 3 years. For a few weeks I stayed with my mom while I searched for an apartment.
Then I hired a van and took my mom to Ikea and got everything I needed for my new home. Kitchen gear, furniture, plants and so on.

A few days later I invited my mom over for dinner as a thank you for her help.
“Who’s your new girlfriend?”
“She cooks very well. Kind of her to do this for us and not be here. Hope I’ll meet her soon.”

Later that evening I gave my mom the grand tour. She was awed and so happy I had such good friends willing to put the Ikea stuff together for me.

Not so many years ago I helped my mother move. On evening, after work, I stopped by and connected her washing machine to the water supply system using Teflon tape.
My mother was grateful and then I left and drove home.
A few days later I visited my mother again.
“You did a great job with my washing machine,” she told me.
“I called a plumber, you know, just to make sure, after all we know you have two left hands,” she smiled, sipping from her Port. “He told me it was a job well done.”

A thought just occurs. My mother always compared me with my father. He was an intellectual and according to my mom, he and I absolutely inept.

I remember my father’s hobby though. He loved to renovate old furniture and as I child I was awed by the way how he could repair an old sitting. So he was an intellectual and handy at the same time. For some reason my mother forgot that fact.

These past few days I have tied Princess on several occasions to our bed.
I use rope and a single column tie for her ankles, tying it off with a hitch around the supports of the bed. No big deal.

What I have been missing though is tying her arms down in order to get a spread-eagled Princess.

Today, after work, I went to the local DIY store and got the necessary materials. Back home I measured and marked. Took my drill and used a 4mm for starters and an 8 mm to finish it off.
Fixed the bolts and voila.

It is an easy job.
You see,  even I can do it. Me, double left-handed Sir Franco

Now I can also tie Princess’s wrists to the bed.
She’ll be at my complete mercy.
Mmmmm… love the thought.

I think it is a good thing I can tie Princess this way and restrain all her movements.

After all there is some intense SM gear coming her way.  Her pain, my pleasure.

All this can be found under my Christmas tree.

Modifying out bed

My erotic bucket list

Although I spend the night alone I did sleep well.

When I woke up this morning it was still very early. Princess slid into my mind and immediately a few fantasies started bubbling up.

I closed my eyes and gently stroked my painfully hard erection, cupping my balls with my other hand. In my mind’s eye I imagined teaching Princess a new pose for her to assume before we start playing or before she gets dressed when we go out.
I stopped my leisurely up and down movement along my shaft before I came. I do not want trash Princess’ food like that.
Then I dozed off again. Some thirty minutes later I was pulled out of some weird dream by the muted sound of a motorcycle with a very noisy muffler racing by.

I felt so cozy and content lying in the womb my bed was and I could not get up. Hell, who cares, after all I am on holiday.

Princess was still hanging around in my fantasies, playing with herself while I watched. My hand slid over my belly and in my boxer and soon I was teasing my erect cock again. This time it was a little harder to stop in time but somehow I made it not happen.

While dozing off again my mind started listing the erotic and/or sexual stuff I wanted to do. When I woke up it was nine and the list was still lingering in my head.
With a smile I present you my sexual/erotic bucket list. I have written them down in random order and of course each of them includes Princess.
It is not take or to leave and the list is not complete either.

  • I would like to add electro play. It seems like fun and I am sure it will incite my inspiration and imagination when it comes to sex even more.
  • I would like to go to a swinger’s party with Princess. Not one held in a sleazy shack where everybody is fucking like animals. Something statelier like held in a manor or castle. Think big, think Eyes Wide Shut. We would enjoy watching the couples and then enjoy being watched. Not sharing of course.
  • I would enjoy helping Princess discover and experiment with her bi-curiosity. I know it is something that lays buried deep in a dark corner of her fantasies. Obviously it would be with a woman of her choice and in a safe environment. Of course I imagine guiding Princess, slowly displaying her goodies and I would savor watching her kiss and touch and discover. It would be something for Princess only and I would touch her female partner with my eyes only. I have no desire whatsoever to have my way with someone else. Princess satisfies me completely in all my needs. Princess gorgeous and luscious body is all I will ever want and need.

    Found on tumblr.
    Found on tumblr.
  • Tying up, fucking and making love to Princess in the woods or on rocks near a pond should be very hot too.

    Found on tumblr.
    Found on tumblr.
  • I like the idea of jars and fire and massaging (edited on 12/26/2015 removing the name of a ‘author”)

So there you have it, my sexual bucket list.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much a I did writing them down.

Found on tumblr.
For you to enjoy, Sir