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Thoughts – January 29, 2017

Yesterday evening we went to PDN. We had a great time. We always do. It’s true.

The owners told me they like my writings very much. I post some of my blog-posts on Fetlife and PDN has a profile too.
It made me feel even more happy.

The cafe was not very crowded and the Dungeon almost deserted. We enjoyed intense rope play, mixing rope with pleasure and pain. I did only floor play as I am still not sure about Princesses’ hip. Soon more couples were doing rope sessions.

Two men were playing and we enjoyed watching them. It was clear they were a couple and there was hard play but also lots of tenderness. I did find the Dom quite attractive by the way.

After enjoying watching others play I grabbed my bag, got out some tools and pleasured Princess with some great impact play. I did not exaggerate, building everything up slowly as it had been quite some time since we did this.

We left shortly after midnight and back home we made love and I gave Princess what seemed like a zillion orgasms. I give the best orgasms, it true. They are simply the best.

This morning I woke up at eight thirty feeling horny as hell. Princess was still sound asleep but that could not stop me.

Soon we were making love and then some more. It was maddening, hot, intense, passionate but most of all it was love.

Around noon I dropped Princess at her place. Then I drove back home feeling gloomy. I feel like that almost every Sunday. Maybe it is Dom drop.

I spend the afternoon watching a movie, checking my Fetlife and Franco Bolli FB-account and then wrote a mail to The Stranger.
Yep, you did read correctly. The Stranger, our slave.

I have invited The Stranger to come over to our place this Tuesday for a play evening with Princess and me.

It is gonna be a great evening, it is going to be absolutely fantastic. It really will.

There will be bondage of course. Lots of bondage.

Hell, I have the best rope, its true, and I am going to grab them by the fibers.

Like the last time I’ll be topping The Stranger.

There will be fun stuff for him and lots of fun for Princess.

In order to tie up The Stranger I made a batch of 6mm hemp rope. It’s rope I’ll be using exclusively with other people. It will be washed more so the lifespan of this rope will be rather short.

In fact I am hoping to find people whom are willing to come over to my studio for some tying up and portrait photography. Something like the way I photographed  Princess during my session on January 17.

Also the batch of Semenawa rope I bought via Bruce Esinem arrived.

Semenawa ropes are more for sadistic sessions. Here the desired qualities are quite the opposite to the usual Shibari rope criteria. Fibres such as palm hemp and coconut are chosen specifically because they are scratchy, prickly and generally uncomfortable… especially in sensitive areas.

I haven’t used it yet but the rope feels great in my hands. And it is surprisingly light too.

Semenawa rope, close-up