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So Near Now

I hardly can wait.
This Sunday evening at 9 or so I’ll be picking up Princess at her place. At our place we’ll enjoy a good bottle of Cava to celebrate the start of our 2nd holiday. And in less than a week we’ll celebrate our 3th anniversary.

Princess and I on the road.
Princess and I on the road.

One of the many things we are looking forward too is exploring, deepening and shaping our D/s relation.

I spend Saturday evening alone because I felt it was necessary for Princess and her kids to have some extra time together. For the next week Bo will be in charge and she will be the one doing all the driving and taking care of her sisters and brother.

Cinnamon And Sparkles asked me a while ago to do a guest blog and I happily acknowledged the honor. She has a great blog.
I wrote half of it past Wednesday, saved it and started a blog post and mistakenly saved it over the previous one.
Friday evening I started over again but did not finish it. When I wanted to open the document yesterday I couldn’t find it. Guess I forgot to save it.
I worked on the document for about 2 hours yesterday and then send it to Cinn.
I’ll post it after she posted it on her blog.

Then I opened Calibre on my iMac and synchronized my eReader. I don’t think I’ll have much time to read but I never leave without it.
If you have an e-book library Calibre is worth downloading. It is a free and open source e-book application. It offers library management, e-book conversion, syncing to e-book readers, content sever, an e-book editor and much more.

Princess and I have also a private play date with our friends in October. We’ll rent the Dungeon and afterwards we’ll have dinner. That too is something we are looking forward to.

Princess and I ready to go out.
Princess and I ready to go out.

I got tickets for a concert of Sons of Kemet too. This British jazz group is coming to our very well-known Jazz Club somewhere in November. When I was a kid I accompanied my father a few times and I remember seeing Chet Baker among others.

Yesterday I received an email from The Fetish Café about the possibility of having a photo exhibition. They liked what they saw but for the moment I have only 2 or 3 images I am proud of and that is not enough.

So they asked if I could show some more. Otherwise I would be included in a group exhibition near the end of 2015.

Princess and I already have the intention to shoot some Fetish images during our holiday. I was thinking about rope bondage based images in the woods or near a lake. Princess does not have to get naked. It would be more about the settings and the atmosphere.

Princess and I during a hike in the woods.
Princess and I during a hike in the woods.

Now I am wondering if it would be a good idea to take one of my studio flash heads with me. It is not that big a deal. They are small and maybe on a rainy afternoon we could do some stuff in our room. I’ll check with Princess later on today and see what she thinks.

I guess I’d better start packing.

Princess very busy pleasuring me.
Princess very busy pleasuring me.

Princess and I revisited

Two years and a half and some days ago, September 6th to be more precise, my life changed dramatically and for the better.
During a parent’s meeting I wasn’t supposed to attend, it was a last-minute request by Little A’s mother, I met Princess.
When I first laid eyes on her I was swept off my feet, not only by her natural beauty and charisma but also I felt how my world tilted and shifted. With absolute certainty I knew I had finally found The One, my Holy Grail. I had met with my destiny and future.
When I returned home that evening I had her telephone number written on a piece of paper burning in my pocket.
I was aware I had done something I had never done before. I had approached a woman and started a conversation with her. And got a date.

On September 20th we went on our first date and I took her to a Sushi restaurant. Later we decided 09/20 would be our anniversary date.

We dated a few times and on October 9 Princess and I visited my photo exposition and after that I took her to a small town in The Netherlands were we enjoyed mussels and french fries. Later that afternoon we went to my place and made love (vanilla) love.  Our first time and it was an awesome experience and one I will never forget. It was so damned intense and beautiful.
Recently Princess told me she had, much to her own surprise, climaxed. She added she was little ashamed about it but mostly astonished she had been able to give herself completely to me on the first time.

After some 6 months I started to be a little rougher with Princess and noticed how pulling her hair during lovemaking made her mad and helped her cum easier.
I was hoping Princess was really in every way the One and thus also a submissive. Oh boy, only thinking about this possibility was maddening.

We outed to each other on August 15, 2012 and gave birth to a very intense and very satisfying D/s relation.

Months later, I don’t recall the exact date, I collared Princess and at first she did not like the idea at all. Today her leather collar has become a very important attribute for Princess.

In November 2012 I started a blog on WordPress.com titled “Princess and I” and posted my first article on November 16th with “Nipples and Clothespins” as title.
I moved my blog to a self hosted one in August 2013.

A few other important dates in 2013:
Friday, August 2nd, we went to Antwerp and had a few drinks in The Fetish Cafe where we talked with the owners about the café’s BDSM activities.
Saturday, September 7th we became members of The Fetish Lounge Club and played for the very first time among others in the Dungeon. It was one hell of an experience for us both.
Friday, December 6th we followed a Shibari workshop in The Fetish Cafe.

A few Fridays ago we met 3 other couples in The Fetish Cafe with the intention to play together in May.

Princess and I live a wonderful and intense relation and I am so lucky having her in my life. We trust, respect and love each other and we continue growing.
D/s has added so much to our love, our devotion for each other and made our life together even more intense and meaningful. I am sure over time D/s will become even more important for us.

For this one time only I kneel in front of Princess and humbly bow my head.
I thank you, Princess, for you have changed my life for the better. Your unconditional love is my fuel, my breath, my blood. You are for whom I was conceived. You make me so happy.
I am also very grateful for you submission, my love. It is a beautiful gift I value as much as life itself.
Princess, thank you for traveling with me. I am so proud having you at my side.
I devote my heart, my mind and soul to you.


Princess’s Birthday

Yesterday, Saturday evening, Princess and I went to The Fetish Café in Antwerp and we had a great time. I was so proud having Princess at my side, she is a breathtakingly beauty and has a heart of pure gold.
It wasn’t that crowded and it was a pleasure to find K and J sitting at a table. They are a very nice couple and acquaintances.
We talked about lots of stuff till midnight when I wished Princess a very happy birthday and shortly after K and J left.

Play time. Finally.
I escorted Princess to the Dungeon where I found a free spot to put down my black bag filled with goodies.

After helping Princess out of her dress and black lace bra I made her site astride a wooden chair and blindfolded her. Doms had their subs attached to all sorts of equipment and one woman, enclosed in a scaffold, was screaming and moaning while breathing heavily. The sounds of whipping, mixed with whimpering and soft cries echoed in the Dungeon. Princess had no visuals on what was happening in front of her, only the sound played with her imagination.
That and me touching her.

I took my time tying a box-tie, adding lots of sensual movements while Princess’s nipples stiffened and goose bumps covered her soft skin. Even after having watched Esinem’s instruction movie googolplex times and trying it myself on a occasions at home I’m not sure I got the knotting on Princess’s back they way it should.

Finally I embellished the box-tie with a halter-neck tie crossing her back, over the shoulders, crossing between the breasts and back making it easy to squeeze the breasts by using the rope.

I kept Princess tied up for a while and then untied her very slowly, making sure caressing her skin with the rope as much as possible.

“Okay, up you get,” I ordered my love, helping Princess from the chair and took her over to a small bench pushing her forward so she could rest with her arms on it.

It had been a while since we last played so I started spanking her ever so gently, warming up her skin and gradually increasing the pace of my movements. We both enjoyed it and I felt Princess was getting there so I stopped the spanking and took a shorter rope out of my bag.

After making a simple double column tie around her wrists I pushed Princess back over the bench, took the dangling piece of rope, made a knot so when I stood behind my love with the cord between her legs, it would push against her clit. Holding the Namaste Harmony in pulse mode against the rope nearly pushed Princess over the edge.

Finally I attached Princess to a T-bar fixed to a winch so she was standing her arms spread in the air.

For almost half an hour I played with my flogger and whip, once again progressively building up the sensations for Princess. Occasionally I stopped to sooth her reddening skin with the soft strokes using a piece of fur. Brought my love on several occasions to the brink of release.

At 2 in the morning we drove back home, Princess and I, where we showered and went to our bedroom. I poured us two glasses of red wine to celebrate.

Princess was very happy with the small rose plant for her garden and I think the words I wrote on her birthday card moved her too. I stated I wanted to thank her parents too as they had given Princess the gift of life ending up making me so very happy.
She cooed when I gave her a box of Belgian chocolates and we tried some and they were simply delicious in combination with the Shiraz.

Of course it was all a prelude to the real gift. Princess was breathless and stunned when she finally unravelled the wrapping and held the necklace in her hands. It stands out on her cleavage and makes her even more beautiful.

We kissed of course and we ended up making rough love, finalizing what we had started in The Fetish Café. Princess came, as she always does, abundantly and lost count of how many times she plunged in that ocean of orgasms.

And of course we slept well and started over early in the morning and I gave her a few intense ones before she voraciously drank me.

Little A. had a present for my love too and had set the table so we could enjoy breakfast. Unfortunately Kay, Princess’s youngest daughter, was not well at all and Princess wanted to go home. No time for a breakfast and so our day together ended almost as soon as it had started.
I drove Princess home and on the way we picked up Stella and Star.

Little A. and I had a great day together and later this afternoon we saw the movie “Oz: The Great And Powerful“.
Afterwards I dropped Little A. at home but she’ll be back next Thursday for the weekend. My youngest daughter is staying more and more with me and I love it.

Back home I started writing this post. I feel strangely blue, sad and alone this evening.

Oh, the phone rings. That must be Princess.

Princess' Birthday Gift
Princess’s Birthday Gift

Thoughts – October 11, 2013

It is really hard finding time to write when Little A. is staying with me and that is okay. I prefer spending quality time with my youngest when she is with me rather than juggling with words.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I’m going shopping with Little A. With her lovely smile she asked me to buy her a pullover adding she wanted something from me she could have with her every day. Isn’t that so very cute?

I’m still contemplating on the scene Princess and I played Tuesday and you’ll be reading about it very soon.

Princess came over last evening, we talked awhile and then went to bed and after some intense cuddling we fell asleep close to each other.
I love it when Princess spends the night with me, her warm skin against mine feels so good, so comfortable and so intimate and I feel safe.

My love also wrote a beautiful poem that took my breath away, it is very intense and so well written. I’ll be posting it soon, just have to translate it.
I am so very proud of Princess.

Princess and I also signed up for RopeStarters on December 6 in the Fetish Café in Antwerp. We got the confirmation yesterday too.

The schedule of the night:

21:00u – 22:00u: an elaborate bondage demonstration addressing different aspects and possibilities about bondage. Every time there is something else to be seen.

22:00u – 00:00u: elaborate bondage class: You’ll be learning useful and handy basic techniques, with much attention for safety, all you need to know about ropes, general safety and some very important principles. You’ll discover what fun things you can do with bondage!

00:00u – 01:00u: conducted practice: The techniques you got thought earlier can be practiced further at your own speed. There is time to ask for personal advice, so you make sure you use the techniques correctly.

01:00u – 02:00u: free practice: Practice your new skills further, or try something new with it. If you’re interested to get bound, this is possible.

More info on the English site Gehja.org

We are so looking forward to this class.



Back to the Playroom

It started with a simple and friendly comment on one of the photographs I have on my Fetlife profile.
I checked the commenter’s profile and the photographs there appealed to me, certainly those made in the Antwerp Fetish Café.
So I wrote him, a male Dom of my age, a mail and he replied and I then replied again and finally he told me he and his wife were going to the Playroom too and suggested it would be nice if we could meet.
I talked about it to Princess and she liked the idea.

It would be our second visit to the Fetish Café and we were, compared to the first time, relaxed about it. Even the fact there would be more people than the previous time when access to the center of Antwerp was difficult due to several music manifestations didn’t bother us.

After our Salsa lesson we went back home to change and drove to Antwerp where we arrived around 11 PM.  We showed our membership cards, paid the entrance fee (10€ each) and Princess was asked if she was wearing black, the dress code, under her beautiful red coat, something we didn’t appreciate very much. Later that evening we saw a girl dressed in a very short pink latex dress showing no undies, and pink is nowhere near black.

We checked out the Dungeon first but there was a woman lying on the ground, crying and sobbing, clearly in subspace, covered with a fleece and taken care of by two men. It didn’t feel good watching so we went back to the bar.

A tall, sharply dressed man, like me in a black shirt and black trousers, detached himself from the bar and grabbed my hand.
“Franco! Glad you could make it. Nice meeting you.”
“Hey Pat, how are you?” I smiled and introduced Princess.
We followed Pat to the bar where his wife Sun was sitting dressed in almost nothing and clearly wearing a vaginal jewel, with a nicely crafted gold-colored piece of metal, about 2 inches, going up her abdomen.
Pat introduced us and ordered some drinks and we had a very pleasant time talking with them.

Our new friends left early and we stayed behind waiting for the Dungeon to be less crowded as I still find it difficult to start playing when too much people are present. It is not that I am intimidated but hey, it is only our second time so I prefer taking things leisurely.

We drank a coke at the bar and Princess told me she had a great time talking with Pat’s wife admitting feeling a little uncomfortable because the woman had her breasts exposed.
“I wonder,” Princess pondered, “if I’m not overdressed.”
I smiled and told Princess she was okay, not to worry, promising her clothing would be more appropriate next time. To be honest, I overdressed Princess simply because I do not want her to feel uncomfortable during our first few visits to the Fetish Club.

The cellar was filled with chatter and laughter and I felt great, I felt at ease, hell, I even felt at home amidst those whom shortsighted people probably would describe as freaks. And I was with Princess, with the love of my life whom I trust with my life.
Holy cow, am I a lucky bastard!

We slowly drifted, carried away on this cozy early morning, I guess it must have been long after midnight, and it felt great and we felt so close to one another I would not have been surprised if our breathing and heart beat had matched up.

“It’s time, girl,” I told Princess taking her hand and guided her to the now deserted Dungeon.

I gently kissed her and helped her get out of her dress and bra and she felt a little uneasy so I offered to blindfold her.
After cuffing her and attaching them with carabiners to a horizontal bar I tackled Princess up until she was somewhat stretched but still standing steady on her feet. Other Doms let their subs tiptoe but I did not want to push things to far yet.

I caressed Princess’ body, gently spanking her with my left hand, switching to the flogger so I could warm up her skin.
After I few minutes I started using my whip, stopping after each few blows to kiss Princess and to touch her quickly moistening pussy through the soft fabric of her lace panty.

Suddenly there was a slight, almost undetectable change in her reactions and although Princess hadn’t used her safe word I felt there was something wrong.
I took Princess in my arms and kissed her softly in the neck.
“Please unfasten me and do I quick, I don’t feel very well,” she whispered and her softly spoken words felt like icy droplets running down my spine.
Only a few seconds later I had her freed and grabbed her, feeling how she was almost going through her knees.
We sat down and I held Princess in my arms, my heart racing as mad, my mouth bone-dry, I was so afraid I had done something wrong.
Boy was my love pale and it took long minutes before she felt well enough to speak.
“I’m sorry,” Princess sighed, “but I suddenly felt as I was going to faint, my head spinning as mad.”

I calmed her down and helped her dress.
“Really, I’m so sorry, I’ve not been well for a few days, a virus or so, headache, pain in the stomach.”
“You should have said something, Princess. You scared the shit out of me,” I replied.
She smiled and kissed me ever so gently on the lips.

Soon after we left.
It was 2:15 am, Sunday morning.

We arrived at home some 40′ later and went to bed and we made love, intense and rough and after that we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was a mixed bag, our second visit and are we going back?
I really don’t know.
On several occasions I sensed Princess felt uneasy.
We’ll see.

Fetish Café - from their website.
Fetish Café – from their website.




BDSM is not about beating the shit out of the other person… it’s not about one having all the rights, and giving none to the other.
BDSM is about love, is about protecting and caring about each other. BDSM is the ultimate love, where you surrender your whole self to one another.

This text I found on Tumblr the other day but failed to note where exactly.
I would add one aspect though and that is TRUST.

Eagerness is growing as this Saturday Princess and I will attend our first out-door BDSM party in the Antwerp Fetish Café.

We had tons of fun deciding what Princess will wear and even more fun buying the stuff. Trust me, my Love will look gorgeous in her black corset, black stockings and black pumps and covered with an indecent short black dress with a huge and inviting zipper up front.
Then the one million $ question… what toys should I bring for the occasion. I can’t imagine taking a cabin trunk with me, traveling light is in my opinion always the best option because then you know what you really need. There is much to say for simplicity.
Rope of course so I can tie Princess up against the Saint Andrew’s cross or use a ring in the wall. She loves being spanked and my hands go everywhere I go. The riding crop is to long and I don’t own a kit bag.

Then a thought occurred… why not buy a new toy for the occasion?

So this afternoon I visited an erotic shop and bought a beautiful whip/flogger made of real leather, hell, only the scent of it. Awesome.

I tried it on my arm, my leg and my back and it stings viciously but I find it a pleasant feeling and I am pretty sure Princess will like it very much.

Yesterday evening, Princess was at my place while she waited for The Boy who started following an evening course in our local Music Academy, we were talking about The Upcoming Event.

“Take the blindfold too,” she suddenly said.
I could not believe she said that. It is our first time in “public” and Princess wants to be blindfolded.

“Are you sure?” I asked, well aware of the impact of being blindfolded on such an occasion, certainly for a first time.
“Yes Milord,” she replied. “I do trust you completely. I trust you with my life.”

I didn’t know what to answer so I took my Love in my arms and held her and kissed her and Princess simply closed her eyes and I knew she was ultimately happy.


Princess and I.

Leather for pleasure



A corset

Part of the fun of going to a BDSM club is getting prepared.

I know I will wear black shoes, black pants and a black or dark grey shirt and a black vest covering the black Valentino underwear.
I will have my dark brown Arthur & Aston briefcase with me filled with toys and rope.

Princess will be at my side and I want her to be very sexy and that is not a problem because Princess, without anything, is already blinding erotic.

She simply is a natural beauty.

So I bought Princess a corset.

It reveals nothing but underlines the beauty of Princesses body. Princess is mine, no one will touch Princess and her beauty will not be shown because I respect her more than I respect myself.

So no nudity except for what one can see at, for example, the swimming pool.



Visiting The Fetish Café

Past Friday we visited The Fetish Café in Antwerp and for both of us it was the first time we took our D/s lifestyle to the outside world.
This is our account of the evening.

 The Fetish Café is a public place so the law forbids among others nudity and sexual acts. Saturday evening it is a private club and paid membership is required making nudity and sexual acts possible as long as they are not against the law .

Princess and I did our very best to keep expectations as low as possible so during the week before visiting The Fetish Café we didn’t discuss it.

On Friday Princess was scheduled to arrive around 21:30 at my place with a few dresses for me to choose from. She arrived later and in a bad mood. It turned out her daughter Ar had started a fight with her about nothing important but it had quickly turned sour.

Patiently I waited while Princess texted with her daughter, finally taking the phone and calling Ar while I sat outside in my lying chair enjoying another hot evening, watching stars appear while my eyes adjusted to the dark.

With a smile Princess told me she was finally ready to pick a dress and it was an easy choice as she had only taken one with her.
It was a black dress with a deep cleavage and very, very short and it fitted Princess like a glove, emphasizing her delicious curves.  The zipper was in front with a large ring as slider, very teasing and inviting.

“Is it okay?” Princess asked me, worrying because it was so short.
“It is perfect,” I told her, wanting nothing more than to rip it from her body and take her, here and now.
“Not to short?”
“Absolutely not but I do not want you to wear it without me being with you. This dress on your body is screaming sex,” I smiled.
With the high-heeled pumps she was a steal, my Princess, simply gorgeous and desirable and so beautiful.

I opted for a black shirt, black jeans and a black vest, very sober yet classy. Princess loves it when I’m dressed like this.

Before we left I put Princess’ collar in my pocket.
Just in case.
Princess and I were ready to go.
It was 23:15.

We arrived in Antwerp half an hour later. I parked and we walked for some ten minutes before reaching The Fetish Café.
Princess didn’t feel at ease walking in such a short dress and when we passed crowded terraces I’m pretty sure more than one man got a hard-on.
She really was that stunning and I felt incredible proud being at her side.

Finally we stood before the entrance, a small and discrete neon sign simply indicating The Fetish Café.
Princess and I took a deep breath and entered, descended by a steep stairway and entered The Fetish Café.

The cellars date from the 16th century with impressive vaulted ceilings, the brick walls battered and covered with several centuries of history.
At the wooden bar we were served by a collared lady and the few people present looked like one could find in any local café. No collared people or dressed in a specific way, just your average Joe.

As a matter of a fact I guess we were simply overdressed for the occasion but nobody took any notice of us and very soon we felt entirely at ease.

After a first drink Princess asked the female bartender if we could get a tour.
“Sure,” she replied with a smile, “I’ll ask my Master to guide you around.”
He was in his fifties, had a ponytail and looked also very average and showed us around.

The dungeon, sparsely lit, was awesome and filled with exciting attributes like a Saint Andrew ’s cross and a normal cross both made of old wood, several sorts of cages, a beautiful scaffold and several winches. In a smaller room we saw a swing made of rusty chains and against the walls were numerous metal rings to attach somebody to.
Later that evening Princess told me she felt like a kid entering a candy store and she loved it instantly and could already imagine playing with me in this room.

From the website The Fetish Café
From the website The Fetish Café

A young couple gave us a Shibari demonstration. A girl, only dressed in tiny briefs and nipples taped, was the model and we sat down on a wooden bench and watched her being bound and rigged.
I noticed a man entering too, sitting down on the same bench not far from Princess who was sitting very close to me, breathless and enjoying every single moment.
She didn’t notice though how this man, in violation with the house rules, got his dick out and started masturbating while intensely watching the Shibari act but peeking at Princess once in a while too.
When I looked at him again, a minute or so later he had moved closer to Princess.
“Stand up and sit down next to my other side,” I told her.
“Omg,” she gasped, finally noticing what was happening.
“Yes,” I answered, “and I can image him bending over to you asking for a hand.”
“Collar me than, please, Milord, so they’ll know I’m yours and I can feel safe.”
I took the collar out of my pocket and put it gently around her neck.
Princess stayed collared all evening and she was, except for the lady behind the bar, the only one.

The Shibari act was sensual, exciting and beautiful and we talked with the couple afterwards. It turned out he organizes training sessions and we are seriously thinking of attending one of them.
Bondage and spanking are two acts that make Princess go mad, bringing her almost to the point of climaxing.

We had another drink and the bigger part of the evening we spend talking with one of the owners, a sub who answered all our question and we felt good and at ease and we both got more and more excited by the idea of the possibilities laying in front of us.
It was really nice how the owners took their time to make us feel comfy and inform us and stressing the rules of Safe, Sane and Consensual.

From the website The Fetish Café
From the website The Fetish Café

At 02:30 we left the place and just before stepping outside I removed Princess’ collar. She had forgotten she was wearing it and felt a little sad after I removed it.

On the way home we looked at each other and we smiled and we knew we would be back very soon to attend the Fetish Lounge Club play fest, for couples only, organized every first Saturday of the month. We feel safe with the idea to be among couples only.
Princess and I are looking forward to meet kindred spirits and learn new tricks and techniques and share ideas on our D/s lifestyle.
For the other manifestations a total of 5 single men are allowed next to the attending couples but for now we find this to menacing .

We didn’t talk much, Princess and I, both still processing the evening and its incitements.

Home we went to bed and we fell asleep almost immediately waking up only a few hours later, still tired, ready for a day at the beach with Stella and Star.
The previous evening stayed on our minds the whole day, building up arousal and excitement in our bodies and minds.

Back home, Saturday evening, after taking a bath, we played for the first time in weeks and it was incredible and very intense.
More on that in a later post 🙂