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2015 – The Last Day

It has been a good year. My loved ones stayed healthy and happy and that is what really counts.

I feel I have grown even more as a Dominant.

We, Princess and I, have redefined our limits opening a path to even more titillating, dark and erotic adventures. Of course we are not actively looking for specific situations but when they present themselves we might take advantage of them.

On a lesser note, no more than a few weeks ago we almost broke up. My fault, as it always is, when frustration takes over the better me. Those who follow the blog know what I’m talking about.

At the beginning of this week, Shingles suddenly showed up. I’m taking my medication and it is almost healed. It still hurts though.

Oh yes, the Kinkycafe.net site never really kicked off. I still own the domain for another 7 months or so. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll start a new blog written in Dutch. We’ll see.

So yes, 2015 was a very good year for us.

This evening we’ll be celebrating the death of 2015 and the rise of 2016 with a festive gourmet. Us are Little A., Princess, probably Little Star and myself.

A well-groomed Milord, will pick up Princess at her place at 17:45 sharp. One of my fantasies is an environment with men in suit and naked women and I will make that happen very soon.

There will be no nakedness or play this evening except for when we hit the sack and I’ll fuck Princess hard and rough into the new year.

So with a little help of Little A. I got a beautiful classic looking vest, dark grey, with a dark blue satin breast-pocket handkerchief. In an other store I bought two shirts, one white, one black and a matching dark red tie. I already have my thigh fitting black jeans.
I am not sure which shirt I’ll be wearing this evening. I’m thinking white but I am afraid the eosin I’ve been smearing on the rash will make stains on the shirt.

On Saturday Princess and I are going to the Dungeon. It is obvious I’ll be a well-groomed Gentleman Dom. Maybe I’ll have Princess naked at my side, like in my fantasy.

I don’t have many New Year’s resolutions. I would like to lose a few stones and get a little slimmer around the waist. I would love to travel to Princess’s boundaries, explore and play with them. I want to do more rope bondage.
I course I want to keep my loved ones safe and happy.

In 2015 this site received 11,420 page views with December 23 a top day with 171 views. Visitors came from 105 different countries with the United States at the top followed by Belgium and Australia. I added 141 new posts.

A big thank you!

Princess and I wish you all, my Readers and Friends, a healthy, happy and very sexy 2016.

10320510_1488776604724237_9032479470213728925_n copy

I want to do more rope bondage

Little over 2 years ago Princess and I attended a Shibari workshop. We learned quite a lot and I bought a bunch of 6mm jute rope. I invested in some books, got the very interesting Esinem video tutorial ‘Japanese Rope Bondage: Tying people, not parcels’.

Yet I did not go further than the box-tie and the reverse box-tie and some basic knots for tying Princess’s ankles to a bamboo stick.
We love playing with rope. It is an intimate and very close dance. It is about skin on skin. It is about trust, being close, feeling warmth. Enjoying her shivering when rope travels gently over Princess’s skin.

http://rope-topia.com/ (c) WykD_Dave & Clover
(c) WykD_Dave & Clover

I know she would love to do more rope bondage. Me too but for some reason I never get to it. Yet I adore watching Shibari clips and wish I was able to do at least a quarter of what these artists can.
Yes, one gets there by practicing.
No, I don’t practice enough.

Princess has been asking me more than once to spend more time doing rope play. I want to pleasure her and myself.

Why do I more bondage in the Dungeon than at home? It certainly is not so much about the place. It is about the tools.
The hoist for example. Not for full suspension but more about the pleasures and creativity that goes with floor suspension. The weight of the model remains on the floor but one can pull up limbs or place the model on her knees while she is held by rope tied to a hoist/plug.

A bamboo pole, placed against a model’s back, her arms spread and tied. The pole itself can be hoisted while the model remains seated on the floor.

I guess I needed a kick in the butt to get me started, to motivate me more.

This afternoon a professional handyman came to my place. He drilled a hole in the ceiling and installed a plug. It did carry his weight and he assured me it was safe.

Little A. was curious and asked what the plug was for.
Obviously I could not tell my daughter it was to tie Princess up and have her dangling from the ceiling. So I told her I was thinking about getting a punching ball.
She laughed and went back to her room. I am sure she did not believe me.

I can’t wait to do some rope play with Princess but I’ll have to be patient as Little A. is staying with me.


A Pleasant Change of Plans

Princess and I are very compatible and we complete each other on most areas.
This is also true for our BDSM activities.

When it comes to spanking/caning/whipping, SM and hard and rough fucking we are simply extremely hungry.

I love watching Shibari clips and I have a few books on the subject.  Two years ago we did a workshop, Princess and I.

Yet for some reason we don’t do rope that frequently and Princess often has to ask me to get my ropes out. I don’t know why I am not that hot on doing Shibari myself. Well, I can imagine a bunch of stupid reasons but that is not a great help.

A few days ago I decided to make an effort. After all, Shibari is a very intimate way of enjoying each other in a very sensual and erotic way. When I do rope bondage it feels like dancing with Princess. Just a simple pull of the rope over her skin makes her shiver with delight. I even bought bamboo poles with the intention of including them in rope bondage.

I also contacted a handy man and he is going to install a hook in my ceiling so I can do some floor suspension.

Thursday evening is not only our evening but very often play evening. Since Princess stopped working, temporarily that is, on Wednesday mornings, we can sleep late. This means our play evening becomes much longer and can be very intense. When we finally hit the sack there is some extreme rough fucking and that can last for anything between an hour and 2 or even 3.
No, I am not bragging. Over the past few years my penis has become less sensitive so I do not unload easily, not to say very difficultly. I remain rock hard though and my sex drive remains untouched.
When Princess finally begs for mercy I feel I haven’t started yet.

So past Thursday I browsed through two books by Lee Harrington, “Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé” and “More Shibari You Can Use: Passionate Rope Bondage and Intimate Connection” for some inspiration.
I know the box-tie by heart and I need something new to experiment with.

Then I got my rope, scissors and some other stuff out and ready for Princess and an evening of rope play.

The phone rang.
It was Princess.
Stella, Little Star’s mother, had come over from the hospital to take care of her daughter and spend some Q-time with her on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Stella suddenly did not feel well and wanted to return to the hospital.

“Do you mind having Star with us?”
“Not, not at all,” I told Princess truthfully.

I cleaned up the living room, storing the rope and toys back in our bedroom.

So it happened that not much later I not only picked up Princess but also Little Star (3). There was a bag with Star’s clothes, some food and a few toys. I loaded the collapsible cot in the trunk of my car and installed the child’s seat.

Star was exuberant and so happy to see me and looking forward in spending time at my place with Princess.

Star did not stay up long than evening and putting her to bed went surprisingly easy. After that Princess and I drank wine and talked and then went to bed.
We fucked for about 2 hours and I pushed every of Princess’s buttons and doing so I found a few new ones.

One of the things I like to do during rough fuckery is name Princess “slut” or “my slut”. The word has a meaning to me but it is more cerebral than anything I can explain with words.

The other day I found this interesting post on The Ochre Muse titled “I’m a Slut and That’s Okay“. This amusing post is worth reading.
SpanishRed’s definition of the word is:
Slut: (noun, c. 2015) A woman who sees consensual sex as healthy, clean, and principled, regardless of how crazy-ass kinky and obsessive it is.

I like SpanishRed’s definition very much albeit it does not cover 100% what I feel or think when using the word.

Princess and I did not bother changing the soaked sheets and slept very well.

What I feared the most did not happen and except for a short intervention by Princess early in the morning, Star slept till 8:30. Yes, she is known to be completely awake at 5:30 or 6.

The three of us had breakfast, watched a few Pingu clips on the iMac, played and then went out to buy new socks for Star.

I lured Princess into a jewelry store and made her try some earrings. One pair she liked very much and I did too. She looks even more stunning with these big, round and jagged edged ear jewels.
“Please gift-wrap them,” I told the saleswoman.

Princess looked very surprised and did not know what to say.  She smiled and gave me a kiss and her eyes shined with intense love and happiness.

Then it was almost noon so I dropped Star off at Princess’s place, the kids are at home, and drove Princess to her work.

Later that afternoon Little A. stopped by and baked a cake for Princess and me. After that I picked up Princess and dropped her off at her place. Then I went shopping for groceries and some booze.

Yes, I’ll be cooking Christmas Eve dinner for Princess and me. Under the Xmas tree are a bunch of gifts waiting for my little slut. Some of them hot toys I’m sure she will enjoy.

For the second time Princess will be spending Christmas Evening at our place and I am so thrilled and indescribably happy.

After dinner we won’t be singing Christmas carols though. It is going to be a hot and very kinky evening.
You can take my word for it!

About Sluts by Australian stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies.

Christmas 2015

Only 4 days and then it is Christmas.
Streets and shop windows are decorated. People are shopping for expensive gifts and food.

There is no snow. Temperatures are a 51,8°F at 06:10 in the morning. No snow is expected and yes, it is unusually warm.

Some specialists say it has nothing to do with global warming. They are contradicted by other experts.

To be honest I do not give a fuck. There are hidden agenda’s everywhere.

I simply close my eyes and I am back in the early sixties. Waking up in my bedroom at my grandparent’s place. Anxious and thrilled I jump out of bed. Look through the window. Hell, a white Christmas. Snow. A fucking lot of it.
Pleasure. Warmth. Loving and caring parents and grandparents. No sister yet. The world, Xmas, is mine.

A real tree. Gifts. A stocking. Plum Pudding. Crackers. The red glow of coal glowing and a clock ticking on the mantelpiece.
I close my eyes again. I can see the clock, feel its texture, hear the sound. Oh boy, I wish I had that clock. I cursed my mother when I found out she gave it away when her parents, my grandparents, were gone.

So Christmas, the early sixties. My mother, my father, my grandfather and grandmother.
Warmth and Love and Laughter.
The works, you know.

One evening, sleepless, getting out of bed and catching my parents filling Christmas stockings. Feeling the embarrassment of my father. I was six or seven, fuck, who cares.
After that I still believed. Like a wife believes her husband loves her even if he beats the shit out of her on a regular base.

1972 – No real Christmas. My father is gone. The decade that follows is not a happy one. My grandmother dies. Grandpa lives with us. It is hard because he is becoming senile.
Christmas in the late seventies is about drinking. Me drinking.
My mom says nothing. She likes booze too.

My first real relation. Xmas is okay but has lost its magic. My sister outs herself and my mom is devastated.

For 4 years it will be a burden and my first love fucks around and I am unhappy. I leave her and find a place of my own.

Christmas changes once again. Now I am a guest, invited by my mother. First she and me, then, finally, with my sis and her girlfriend.

I get married. Christmas the Italian way, the Sicilian way. I hate it. Every year again I fucking hate it. A bunch of noisy people yelling in a language I do not understand. It is not about gifts or pleasuring anymore. It is about showing off.

Ex notices that I am unhappy but she thinks it is because I don’t like her parents.

Ex is gone. I am alone with Christmas. And alone and alone and then there is M. For the next 4 years Christmas is about not being festive because breast cancer and alcoholism are now a part of my life. Don’t ask why please.

I am living alone since December 2006 and only these past 2 years I have set a small, 16″ high Christmas tree.

It is not the real stuff and I am aware that the sixties are long gone. Yet I am sure Princess will, one day, be able to give me a very valuable Christmas present.

I am convinced Princess will give me back the Christmas I am so longing for.

But until then, let there be no mistake. I hate the Christmas spirit more than I hate the annual IRS shit.

By the way, horny Santa Claus has only hot and sexy presents for Princess.

Anyway, I am cooking for Princess. Xmas eve will be a blast, culinary and BDSM wise.

Christmas 2015

3 New Riding Crops – revisited

These are the 3 riding crops I recently bought for Princess. I haven’t had the chance to use them yet. Past Saturday Little A. was staying with us.  I used each of them for a gentle touch so Princess could kind of taste them already.

We go from right to left.

The double keeper of this riding crop is made of heavy rubber.  The handle itself is not only long but also heavy.
In the shop I tapped my arm and the sting was, due to the heaviness of the keeper, very intense and localized. Used gently I am sure this crop will be perfect for pussy spanking.

I’m thinking the red whip will be much more fun. It is not only beautifully crafted but also very light. The long, thing and flexible tress makes a double whooshing sound due to the fact the rod is extremely flexible.
This crop will certainly sting extremely hard and leave some welts if used to hard.

The one on the left is not so flexible and the whooshing sound less noticeable. I’ll use this one as a part of the warming-up ritual.

3 Riding Crops
3 Riding Crops





Not about Shakespeare – Part 2

We know what we are, but know not what we may be.
William Shakespeare


I do not receive toys for free nor am I asked or paid to review a toy. Links to the manufacturer of a toy or a company that sells them is only for your information and are not affiliate links.
SirFrancoBolli.org is not sponsored in any way.

I take my time collecting what I need.
Princess’s leather cuffs, 4 pieces of rope, two carabiners.

First I cuff her wrists, then tie her ankles to the bed-legs. Enjoy watching Princess lying on bed, legs spread, fully exposed.

Then I tie her wrists to the eye-bolts I added to our bed.

Princess is now firmly tied to our bed and she likes it.

“Now for you present, Princess. You have a glass dildo, a vibrating dildo…”
Unhurriedly I unwrap and show her the oval dildo.
Her eyes open wide, shocked. It is indeed big and imposing.
With a smile I show her the cord that goes to the TENS-unit.
“That’s right, Princess, here is some more electro stimulation fun waiting for you.”

The Mystim O(h!)-thello is an oval dildo suitable for vaginal as well as anal use. It’s very smooth curves provide an intense stimulation that already begins with the first oval. Its taut form teases with every move and at even the smallest motion of the muscles.

In deep penetration, O(h!)-thello creates a low comfortable tingle that can be enjoyed for hours or lead to new, unexpected orgasms.

O(h!)-thello is made of medical aluminum and polished neatly by hand. For extra kicks, it can be warmed on the heater or cooled in the refrigerator: it is designed to retain the temperature for an extended period of time.
from the Mystim website

Princess is so wet I do not need lube to insert it.
We play and I am carefully adjusting the setting on the TENS-unit.

“Do you feel it?”
“No,” she answers.
“No Milord.”
“And now?”
“Mmm, not sure.”
“Yes, I feel something……… ohhh, that is so good…. wow.”

I end up with the TENS at its highest setting. Compared to the Barry Bite where I use it at 50% there is no latitude with this dildo. I find it to be a bummer.
Changing the modes on the unit does the trick though and moving the dildo does too.

I use some expensive Goldfather lubricant. It intensifies the experience quite a lot.

Goldfather is a high-quality conducting gel containing pure 23-carat gold. It is 100% safe to use with latex condoms, has an optimal PH balance, is water-soluble, and fat-free. It’s skin-friendly properties have been dermatologically tested. The lubricant is perfect for playing with electrosex toys, as its gold and electrolytes optimize the conductivity. (from the Mystim website).

Princess gets an intense orgasm.

I get rid of the eStim toys, now it is MY-time.

I fuck Princess hard and violently.
And again.
And more.
One for the road.
Then another one, for the same road.

I cannot stop, I am in some kind of fucking frenzy.

Princess gets one orgasm after another.
The mattress protector is soaking wet.
I have to stop though. I can’t go on forever.

I untie Princess, we cuddle, kiss, hold.
Then there is Barry Bite and eStim on her nipples while, I can’t help myself, fuck Princess again.
Yes, and then again.

Just before midnight I blow out the candles and we fall asleep.
We sleep very well.

Then it is Wednesday morning, 9:45.
I am awake.
Princess is still asleep though.
I look at her.
She is gorgeous, and Princess has a stunning inner beauty.
I am so touched I can’t help myself and cry.
I am so happy.
I am so complete with Princess.
Yeah, Princess and I.

Although cheesy this is for you, Princess.
Barry Bite Barry White  and Luciano Pavarotti.
Only for you.


Not about Shakespeare – Part 1

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life, is rounded with a sleep.
William Shakespeare

Before picking up Princess I gift-wrapped the O(h!)-thello eStim dildo.

“I have a present for you, Princess,” I said.
“Wow, thank you Milord,” Princess smiled, “what is it? It feels so heavy.”
“You are not allowed to open it and you are required to make sure it is always in the same room as you are. You can ask only one question about what it might be. Understood?”

“Yes Milord.”
We talked about our day on our way home. I could sense her curiosity.

“Just a little tip, Princess. Shakespeare.”
Princess looked even more puzzled now.
“Shakespeare? WTF?”

The first thing Princess did when we came home was put down her stuff in the living and walk over to our bedroom to take off her shoes.

“I am exhausted,” she sighed stretching out on our bed.
I kissed her.
“You are not very good with assignments, are you, Princess?”
I looked at her and said nothing.
She closed her eyes in despair. “OMG, I forgot to bring the present with me, it is still in the living.”
“I’ll have to punish you,” I told her, “and I will do so later this evening. Try to be a good girl though. If not, I’ll have to punish you twice. And trust me, with what I have in mind, you’d better not upset me. One punishment will be more than enough.”

We kissed some more and then I undressed Princess, letting her keep her tank top and panties.
I slid her panties aside and pushed myself deep in her.
My slut was already soaking wet.

I fucked her, teasingly slow, telling her she was not permitted to cum. Being disobedient would increase the punishment.

I pushed all Princess’s buttons hoping she would break and orgasm but then she screamed “orange” and seconds later “red” so I had no other option than to stop.

“Now go to the living room and take you spanking position. I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

When I leisurely walked into our living room, about 5 minutes later, Princess was eagerly waiting for me. Bending over the back of the couch, tank top pulled up over her breasts, legs spread, panty down to just above the knees.

“Good girl,” I told her.

I have quite an extensive collection of impact play toys, some soft, some harsh and some very intense. The latter leave traces but I rarely go that far except if Princess is staying with me for a few days.

Princess loves being spanked. Her orgasms are very powerful and mostly accompanied with squirting. She does not need to be touched sexually, the spanking is more than enough to get release.


I whipped, spanked and caned Princess for about 15 minutes when she asked if she could cum.
“No you can’t,” I growled, intensifying the spanking.
“Please? ……..please, please…”
Princess begged for release.

“On all fours then. NOW.”
“Yes Milord, thank you Milord.”

I caressed her back and sides with a riding crop and then kneeling next to her. With my left hand I grabbed her long, blonde hair and pulled her head back while fingering her wet cunt with my right hand. I moved my fingers in a quick pace and felt how she started dripping. I felt her hot juices trickle over my hand.
“Ohhhhh,” and the delicious sound of liquid spattering on the stone floor of our living room.

“Thank you Milord, this was so delicious.”

“Don’t move, Princess.”
I dried her pussy and her thighs with paper towels, used some more for the floor.

“Come,” I said and led her to the couch. I sat down and pulled her on my lap.
I held Princess close against my naked chest, kissed and soothed her.

After some more cuddling Princess asked for more.
I gave her more and I was relentless.
Princess screamed under the blows of the cane and almost cried when I used the single tail bullwhip. Then the poor thing had another squirting orgasm.
I held her and she told me a zillion times how much she loved me. I could have enjoyed her saying it a zillion more times.

There was aftercare and red wine of course. Talking, whispering, chitchatting, kissing.

Time for bed.

Princess made sure she took her present to our bedroom. It was still gift wrapped.

Princess lay down on our bed and waited for things to cum come.


Thoughts while modifying our bed

I do not think of myself as a Handy Harry. For that I lack self-confidence, think of myself as having two left hands.

Yet I do not think this is entirely true. Not being a Handy Harry that is. I believe it is because I lack practice.

Let me give 3 examples in order to make you understand where I am coming from. It is not about throwing mud, just facts. After all the person I am referring too can’t defend herself anymore.

Decades ago I liked to go fishing. It was not so much about catching fish but more about just being out in the open and the solitude that goes with it.
One day I caught a few eels, with a regular fishing line, mind you. After cleaning them I put stored the fish in the deep-freezer.

I was still living at home, with my mother and younger sister. When she came home from her trip to Egypt, I told her about the eel I had caught, still residing in the freezer. My mom could make one mean “Paling in ‘t groen” (Eel in green).
Sadly enough she never believed I had caught, cleaned and deep-frozen the fish. She was convinced I was pulling her leg, that the eel came from the store.

Also decades ago I left my adulterous first big love with whom I had lived for 3 years. For a few weeks I stayed with my mom while I searched for an apartment.
Then I hired a van and took my mom to Ikea and got everything I needed for my new home. Kitchen gear, furniture, plants and so on.

A few days later I invited my mom over for dinner as a thank you for her help.
“Who’s your new girlfriend?”
“She cooks very well. Kind of her to do this for us and not be here. Hope I’ll meet her soon.”

Later that evening I gave my mom the grand tour. She was awed and so happy I had such good friends willing to put the Ikea stuff together for me.

Not so many years ago I helped my mother move. On evening, after work, I stopped by and connected her washing machine to the water supply system using Teflon tape.
My mother was grateful and then I left and drove home.
A few days later I visited my mother again.
“You did a great job with my washing machine,” she told me.
“I called a plumber, you know, just to make sure, after all we know you have two left hands,” she smiled, sipping from her Port. “He told me it was a job well done.”

A thought just occurs. My mother always compared me with my father. He was an intellectual and according to my mom, he and I absolutely inept.

I remember my father’s hobby though. He loved to renovate old furniture and as I child I was awed by the way how he could repair an old sitting. So he was an intellectual and handy at the same time. For some reason my mother forgot that fact.

These past few days I have tied Princess on several occasions to our bed.
I use rope and a single column tie for her ankles, tying it off with a hitch around the supports of the bed. No big deal.

What I have been missing though is tying her arms down in order to get a spread-eagled Princess.

Today, after work, I went to the local DIY store and got the necessary materials. Back home I measured and marked. Took my drill and used a 4mm for starters and an 8 mm to finish it off.
Fixed the bolts and voila.

It is an easy job.
You see,  even I can do it. Me, double left-handed Sir Franco

Now I can also tie Princess’s wrists to the bed.
She’ll be at my complete mercy.
Mmmmm… love the thought.

I think it is a good thing I can tie Princess this way and restrain all her movements.

After all there is some intense SM gear coming her way.  Her pain, my pleasure.

All this can be found under my Christmas tree.

Modifying out bed

Another hot weekend – Sunday

Sunday, December 06, 2015

I get out of bed, walk to the bathroom and do what I have to do. Walk back and crawl back in bed.
“I have to go too,” Princess sighs.

I close my eyes. Sleep, where are you?

We are walking though a long hallway, Princess and I. At one side huge paintings. Portraits of noblemen, knights, clergy. Lit moonlight falling through huge windows opposite the paintings.
I hold her hand, Princess in a gorgeous evening dress, me black tie.
Footsteps behind us.
“Come,” I whisper and pull Princess into a recess.
I hold Princess’s, her back towards me. Quickly I slide a blindfold over head.
“Make no sound,” I insist.
The footsteps stop.
“Is she hot?”
“Yes,” I answer.
“Good.” The voice is deep, very masculine. “But I want to make sure.”
“Be my guest.”
I kick against Princess’s ankles, opening her legs. Princess shivers when I grab her hair and pull her head back, her ear near my mouth.
“Lift up your dress,” I hiss, my voice hoarse in excitement. “But do it sl

Found on http://uncommondominator.tumblr.com/
Found on http://uncommondominator.tumblr.com/

“Mmmm,” Princess mumbles when she gets back in bed.
Her body is warm, soft and delicious.
I am hard. I am aroused by what trickled in my imagination just before embracing sleep.

Princess’s phone beeps. She sighs, checks it then crawls as close as she can against me, falls asleep. I feel my cock press painfully against the small of her back. The bedroom is filled with the smell of sex. It is still dark outside.

Oh fuck it, I think and push Princess on her back, push her legs apart with my knee and slide in her. I move ever so slowly.
“Oh, Milord, this is simply delicious,” she says with a sleepy voice.

I fuck and fuck and Princess laces one orgasm after another. I go on for ten, maybe fifteen minutes.

“Sleep,” I tell her and lie next to her, spoon her, my hands around Princess.

It is about ten.
We wake up.

“Good morning, Princess,” I say with a smile while sliding my hard cock in her hungry and wet core.
“Good morning, Milord.”
Once again we make love and fuck and make love.
I can’t stop.
This feels so good.
I could go on fucking Princess till I drop dead.

After her thirtieth-something orgasm I roll of her. Lie on my back.
Princess kisses me, sitting on all fours.
I reach out, between her thighs. She is wet. We kiss, I slide my finger in her, then two while my thumb teases her clit.
She moans, whimpers, sighs and I notice how all what I do has a maddening effect on Princess.

“Imagine,” I say, “pushing my fingers even deeper, “being fucked by a stranger? Can you feel his hands on your hips while you kiss me?”
Princess closes her eyes, bites her lips. My words torment her fantasy.

“Can you imagine how I would enjoy feeling his movements trough your body, your breasts bouncing? Your lips on my slightly moving on his rhythm? Do you feel his fingernails in your skin?”

I feel her pussy tightening round my fingers.

“Would you enjoy sucking my cock while being doggy fucked by a stranger, slut?” I grunt.

The effect is instantaneous.
I feel her juices run along my fingers, forearm.
Then Princess collapses next to me.
Breathless she is, Princess.
Exhausted she is, the poor thing.

I go on and on. Fucking and mind playing Princess.

Finally, I pleasure myself while Princess licks my nipples. I cum, she drinks it with pleasure and love.
We kiss and I taste myself. So fucking hot.
Yet is it not the same anymore.
Pleasuring, torturing, pushing Princess to her limits, is far more pleasurable and satisfying than my orgasm.

We get out of bed and shower.

Little A. is already studying in the living room.
I make coffee.

Then we leave, I have to drop Princess at her place. But first we go shopping. It has been a while since we did this very mundane thing.

I love every second of it.
After all I am with Princess.
She is my life, my world.
Princess is my Holy Grail.
My everything.

Found on http://deccadent.com/ (c) Marc Dorcel
Found on http://deccadent.com/
(c) Marc Dorcel

Biting her Dom

I have a bruise on my left forearm, just under the joint with the upper part of my limb. Not worth a photograph (yet) but I am proud of this mark.
Princess made it.
I guess somewhere between Tuesday late night and Wednesday morning.

Noisy she was, Princess.

Pushed her face against my arm. Desperately trying to muffle her shrieks and moans while on the road to yet another overwhelming release.

“Bite, slut,” I hissed.
Princess sank her teeth in my soft flesh.
Hell, she meant it.
A jolt of deep pain fired through my arm. To my surprise it made me even harder.

Pushed her legs over my shoulders and pushed deeper. And harder.
“More, I want more. Bite harder, slut,” I groaned.
In my mind’s eye I saw how Princess’s teeth broke my skin.

It did not happen though. But it was enough for me to understand I really do like this biting. And the memories that linger for days on my arm.

For some reason Princess held back, she needs some more training to get rid of these last remnants. Whatever they are.

Then Princess came, gushing, moaning and very, very noisy.

Bite mark
Bite mark