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About orgasms and Princess

I regret I didn’t write down when I first touched Princess’ hand or when and where we first kissed.

Two weeks and a half after we met I took Princess to my photography exposition near Antwerp and afterwards we went to my favorite seafood restaurant in the
The Netherlands. We had a great time, the mussels were delicious and later that day we drove back to my place.
When I kissed Princess it came so very naturally and I will never forget the first time we made love.
It was simply wonderful and very intense.

Princess is a gorgeous creature and her inner beauty is simply incredible.

It was by all means pure vanilla lovemaking and I savored her body after intense kissing Princess, undressing her ever so slowly.
I tasted and licked and kissed every spot of her ravishing body. Oh boy, every single square inch was pure ecstasy.

Princess tasted so very good and I couldn’t get enough of licking her warm and wet folds, teasing her swollen clit and then, quite suddenly, the love of my life climaxed and it was a very intense one.

Later, much later, Princess admitted she had felt both shame and surprise during our first time.
Embarrassed because she had orgasmed so easy during. Surprised because she had been able give herself enough to climax.
I smiled and comforted my Love and told her she didn’t have to worry and just enjoy.

Every time we make love Princess climaxes, vaginal or clitoral, depending on how I touch or take her.
This makes me so happy and I love watching the amazement in her eyes, that little smile that goes with absolute and complete gratification. Her convulsing body seeking shelter in my arms and the aftercare I love giving for the absolute intimacy it brings. These are moments where we are so very close to one another.

About a year and a half ago I told Princess about the female ejaculation and I remember how Princess looked at me in disbelief. Telling her I was born on Saturn and moved to Earth after having spend my childhood on Mars would have probably been more credible.

Princess had a zillion questions but I was well prepared and able to satisfy her curiosity. Yet she remained unconvinced, mumbling something about an urban legend.

It took me 4 or 5 months to get there and hot BDSM had melted away the vanilla.

One evening we were making love and Princess was riding me. It is a position I particularly like as I can spank her ass, pinch and scratch her buttocks and back, squeeze and roll or nibble and suck her nipples. But most of all I just love watching her move on and over me.

Princess was very close to exploding and I remember grabbing her hips and pushing my pelvis up in a quick rate.
Suddenly Princess stopped moving, accepting only my hard and vicious thrusts. She then made a strange sound, kind of deep groan. I felt a warm liquid running over my belly, thighs and balls and I knew. I was deeply moved by her trust, her submitting. Simply letting go because everything had fallen in its place.

Princess fell forward, embracing me, breathless, her lips on my face covering it with a million little kisses.
“What happened to me?” she panted. Then a cry of shame “OMG, I have peed.”

I held Princess in my arms, not wanting to let her go.

I soothed my Princess and told her how proud I was of my girl. Felt how the pace of her breathing decreased.

I told her she had experienced that urban legend: a female ejaculation.

Princess was not convinced though, still thinking she had peed in our bed. But nevertheless it was an overwhelming experience and I am sure it made her feelings for me even stronger.

I had a hard time persuading Princess but she held back in the weeks that followed. She explained that seconds before this devouring and all-consuming orgasm engulfed her, it felt as if she needed to urinate.

Every time we made love I encouraged Princess to let go completely, to trust me, to trust her body.

Finally she was able to let loose and ejaculated.
And again.
And again.

Hell, I had created a monster.

Every time we make love Princess ejaculates lavishly and I am aware it sounds unbelievable but it is the truth.

When Princess leans over my sofa and I spank her or whip her she becomes so aroused I just have to touch her longing wetness to make her cum, to make her gush and I adore that splattering sound of her delicious juices on the stone floor of our living.
After playing and fucking in our bed I have to change the sheets protecting our mattress. I don’t mind.

One Sunday morning I had to pull the mattress on the terrace so the huge stain could dry in the sun.

When Princess gives she does so abundantly and I love her for that. Princess is, together with my daughters, a unique and valuable present that life has given me.

I love it when I make Princess climax again and again until she pleads for mercy.

I simply adore pushing Princess from that cliff of arousal and watch her fall in an ocean of pure lust and ecstasy.  I can then be her hero and rescue her and hold my Princess in everlasting aftercare.

After all she is my Princess.
My Holy Grail.
My everything.

On the road

About a collar

A little more than a year ago I collared Princess after of course talking about it first. The only thing I now regret is I just put it on her without any ceremonial proceedings.

Princess had mixed feelings about it though. She found the whole idea rather silly. Using a necklace like one does for pets as a symbol for a D/s relation was beyond her imagination and Princess was sure she would not be able to take it serious but see it rather as a mockery.

I on the other hand did not want to get her a mainstream collar like a dime a dozen to be found on the Internet. Unfortunately I am not that handy so making one was not an option either.

One day I went to a pet shop and bought a very finely crafted collar and leash to match made of dark brown and very soft leather, expensive and of a delicate beauty. When I saw it in the store I knew it had written my name all over it. A perfect match it would be for a sexy and beautiful creature like Princess.

Princess liked it because it was handmade and smelled like leather should but her preconceived opinion and revulsion made it difficult for me those first weeks or so to even suggest putting on the collar. So it took some time for Princess to fully accept the collar for what it meant, a symbol of unconditional respect, trust and love mainly but also a token of her gift of submissiveness when we play.

Now she enjoys the moment when I collar her and it immediately brings her in the right mindset.
Lately Princess has mentioned she felt slightly down when I took off her collar after playing. She describes it as a feeling of desolation and I guess it is a mild form of subdrop that occurs after our sometimes very intense playing.
This is one of the reasons I only admit playing on evenings Princess can stay over for the night so I can be sure she is all right.  It helps sleeping very closely in each other’s arms.

Yesterday evening, after our Salsa dance course, we played and it was, like it always is, very intense. One of the highlights was a very passionate flagellation after I had warmed up Princess’ skin with a flogger.

I whipped the love of my love for about 15′ taking no prisoners and making her butt crimson red, working her shoulders too. These latter are one of Princess’ erotic spots and it makes her wince and moan whenever touched in a way I only know how.

The whipping made Princess cum as she always does, uncontrolled and abundantly and I just love the sound of her wetness splashing on the stone tiles of my floor.
I took her in my arms, preventing her from falling on her knees and I held, soothed and comforted her.

Then I took her to our bed and covered her and told Princess I would be back in a few minutes.
I blew out the candles and quickly mopped the floor in our living. Filled our glasses with white wine, made sure her iPhone was on her pedestal cupboard and slid naked under the duvet.

Princess and I cuddled and kissed and I grew hard and then I fucked her silly and she thanked me for every orgasm I gave her. She is a good girl although now and then I still have to remind her of the thanking part.

It must have been way past midnight when I decided to call it a day and ordered Princess to catch some sleep.  I hadn’t cum yet though. Between you and me, dear Reader, I don’t give a damn about cumming myself.  Pleasuring Princess, watching her while she climaxes and knowing I have the absolute power to do the things I do with her are by all means much more fun and pleasurable than me just squirting sperm in or on her.

My pleasure lays way beyond my desire. I orgasm mentally and intellectually each and every time Princess does and it is much more intense than the lame contractions in my lower abdomen and balls.
I made Princess change the soaked sheets covering the mattress after I had flipped it over.

Blew out the candles in our bedroom and kissed the love of my life goodnight. She didn’t say a thing nor complained and soon we feel asleep.

It was the very first time Princess wore here collar while sleeping.
Like I said, she is a good girl.

Princess' collar & leach

Planning a Saturday evening

I went shopping yesterday. Not in your regular grocery store or whatever springs to mind but in an erotic shop, owned by a friend of mine.


First of all I bought two identical floggers.
A few days ago I read an interesting post on Kayla Lords blog mentioning Florentine flogging.

I clicked through to the article and, well, I immediately liked what I read. It is considered an advanced flogging technique. To get this one right I am sure I’ll have to exercise quite a lot on, for example a pillow.

They didn’t have the kind of flogger I had in mind so in stead I bought two identical whips and will shorten the strands. They are way to long.
I was hoping to exercise today but that won’t be possible as Little A. texted me a while ago asking me if she could spend the afternoon with me.
Yes, of course I answered, it is always great to have Little A. at my place.

I also added another toy to my shopping cart, a Knobby Wobbly Rabbit.
This soft jelly like and knobbed vibrator gives extra clitoral stimulation with its dual motors.
I am sure Princess will enjoy this one and I already imagine her lying on my bed ready and longing, legs apart with my DIY spreader and maybe her arms immobilized with an second DIY spreader. She will not know what to expect from this vibrator but I am sure she’ll orgasm intensely and squirt abundantly. Princess always does since I taught her how to focus and forget her fear of entirely letting go and to embrace what her body is telling her mind.
Yes, Princess is a good girl when it comes to giving herself completely and utterly to me.

Knobby Wobbly Rabbit

This evening we are going to our Salsa Dance course like every Saturday evening but we won’t stick around afterwards. I will be taking Princess home for some extensive playing. Hell, we have really missed this, playing a scene, enjoying the pain, lust and desire. I adore making Princess completely submit to me.

This past week has been very emotional for both of us and then we don’t go much further than intense rough sex like your basic hair pulling, nipple pinching, shoulder biting and bare hand spanking stuff.
All this is enough though to make Princess come in a very wet way a zillion times in a row.

I added a music clip to this post and I hope you’ll enjoy the exciting and goading rhythm.

Pain by Princess

You opened the door,
A very small door,
And I’m not sure
If it has always been there.

You found it,
Opened it ever so careful.
In the dark behind
You saw a tiny flame,
Barely flickering.

This fire desperately
Needed new breath.
It needed
Your gasp.
Making me

I can barely comprehend
What I feel now,
When You give me that
Delicious cocktail of
Pain and gratification.
I drink so greedy,
Too greedy, I’m aware,
As if I have to catch up
With so much
Lost time.

Feed me with pain,
Because I can not live
Without anymore.

Drive me mad
With pleasure
And Lust.
Hear me yearn
And beg
For more.
So much more.
Your hands on
My body
Are now my
Vital breath.
Your hands
Petting and caressing
With love.

Your hands
Hurting me,
And offering me
Everything I want.
Everything I need.
Help me, my Love,
Help me lose
And find You
Time after time after time.
I’m yours
Until there is
Nothing more.

A door

Thoughts – October 23, 2013

It is my free day and I’m sitting here waiting for a guy to show up and put back the kitchen cupboard under the sink. They took it away a few weeks ago because there was a leak in the plumbing.  Every time after washing the dishes the chick that lives on the lower story, just beneath my place, rang my doorbell to complain because the water was running down over her window, luckily for her on the outside.

Past Monday Princess invited me to our local Cultural Center for a theater play in favor of the underprivileged. Although the piece did not transcend the quality of a low-budget school play it was confronting. Poverty can struck anyone. Job loss, illness, a bad divorce and when you are alone you are even more vulnerable.

Another problem is the fact that getting credit for buying that really expensive flat screen TV with that top of the bill sound system is so easy and it is even easier to forget that several small and amortize loans make, at the end, one big one.

Princess had a bad day at work though and was extremely stressed and going out didn’t help unwind her either.

So back home, enjoying a glass of Shiraz, Princess looked at me and I noticed an almost undetectable hesitation before she took a deep breath.

“Would you please spank me? I really need it and it will help me relax. Please?”

I smiled, knowing asking this was a big step for my love and took her in my arms, positioning her over my lap and pulled down her jeans and panty and gave her a good one. Yes, I know what the love of my life needed and I enjoyed every single moment giving it to her too.After a while I stopped and her bum was crimson red and I felt her skin burn and she smiled and kissed me and crawled in my lap.


For a while we sat there, Princess and I and it was such an intimate moment.
And once again I felt her hesitate before she addressed me.
“Please, Milord, I want more and…”, she said.

I waited, stroking her hair, making her feel comfy.
“And…” she continued after a while, “please, hurt me hard. I want to feel pain so much.”

I got up and went to our bedroom and got a pair of nipple clamps and the Wartenberg wheel out of the chest of drawers where I keep our toys.

Seated in the sofa I pulled her over my lap again and started with a new session of bare hand spanking, hard and relentlessly.
I’m sure the clover clamps hurt as hell certainly when I used the wheel of pain on her squeezed nipples.

There is no cry

Princess thanked me a zillion times and then, later, in bed, I took her and made her cum a few times, enjoying how she squirted abundantly against my thighs and belly.
While she cleaned up in the bathroom I pulled of the wet covers from our bed, tipped over the mattress and made the bed with fresh sheets.
We slept close to one another, Princess and I, yet it took some time before I fell asleep.
It had been a memorable night as the D/s dynamic between us had slightly changed in a positive way.  I’ll be writing about this more extensively very soon.

This afternoon I upgraded my iMac with the new OS Mavericks and everything went very smoothly, no surprises there.


Past Friday I got an iPhone 4s from work and I immediately upgraded it to iOS 7.xx but today the thing told me there was a new update and now the iPhone is running iOS 7.03.

iPhone 4s

I’ll be missing my Acer S500 Android phone as I find the Android look and feel much more attractive compared to the iPhone. I spent an hour using Photoshop modifying an Android background so it would fit the iPhone resolution and added a modest BDSM logo making it seem as an extra app 🙂

Later on Princess is coming over and I’m looking forward holding her in my arms again.

I am not sure yet if we will play or watch a movie although I would like us playing very much.



I was resting in His arms, my skin still very sensitive after one of these mind-blowing orgasms He loves to give me.
His warm skin against my back, His breath stroking softly my neck, a hand on my belly the other cupping my breast, I felt safe and wanted and loved.
“Thank you, Milord,” I whispered for the zillionth time.
“You’re welcome Princess,” He replied pressing a tender kiss on my shoulder giving me goose bumps.
We remained silent for a while, floating in post-coital heaven, almost feeling weightless. There was no sound and early morning light started to creep in our bedroom. I felt happy, in balance and so much in love.

“Do you sometimes visit a garden center, Princess?” He suddenly asked. I could almost feel Him grin and knew He was going to explore an idea.
“Why?” I asked and closed my eyes. Stupid me, this was not the answer he wanted to hear.
He pinched my nipple. Hard.
It hurt but I felt how the pain got me aroused again. I’m so sensitive to pain and He knows it, using this knowledge to his advantage.
“A simple yes or no will do,” he whispered in my ear.
“Yes, Milord. Sorry. I do go there often.”
“Good. What do you need if you want to grow a plant?”
“Let me think. Soil of course, a pot. Fertilizer maybe.”
“Okay. And what if the plant has to be supported?”
“A stick?”
“Very well Princess. And what are these sticks generally made from?”
“Bamboo if I’m not mistaken.”

I embrace our bdSM lifestyle. It has without any doubt a very positive effect on our relationship, I feel much closer to Him and our love has intensified.
Yet I’m still finding it difficult to immerse me completely, not that I don’t want to, it’s probably something I should have to work on. Therefore our little conversation didn’t ring a bell and I was still thinking what He was trying to say when He asked me what I thought about the idea.
“Bamboo?” I answered.

Then I finally understood where this was going.
“Yes that would be a new sensation,” I said, rather reluctantly.
“It would leave traces on your behind for days,” he said, His voice low and I felt how His erection started to grow against my back.
Milord gets very horny just thinking about hurting me. And I would like Him to hurt me more than He does now; sometimes I feel how He is reticent to do so. I have my kids at home and He is terrified they would notice traces of our play.

I would love to touch the marks He makes when at night I am alone in my bed, following them with my fingertips, reviving our intense moments, getting aroused and playing with myself. Coming and murmuring His name aloud in the darkness of my room.
“Are you going to get one, Milord?” I asked with a voice trembling in anticipation.
“No Princess, I will not. At your next visit at such a garden center you will look for them, trying one, hitting the palm of your hand. Mind you though, your buttocks are much more sensitive. If you like the feeling you will buy some and bring them with you, a present from you for me.”

I swallowed. It was His first assignment for me, His submissive, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take our D/s lifestyle out in the real world while doing such a simple thing as shopping. And then the sheer idea of buying something He would use to punish me with, something that would hurt so very much. O my god, I already knew we would both enjoy this very much.

Well, He knows I will do it. For Him, Milord, yet also for me, His submissive.
I’m craving for His marks on my skin, His signature for me to feel and enjoy every single moment when He is not in my life.

Ready for punishment


Last Wednesday morning, when Princess was at my place, we played for several hours.
She wanted a good whip and I was more than happy to oblige. Started with my hand, switched to the flogger and ended using my two riding crops, each with a different top.
Princess thanked me each time I made her cum. She is learning quickly and I like it. I don’t want to force, I prefer the natural way Princess is growing.

Later that day, when we phoned, Princess told me she almost used her safe word as the beating had really been very intense.

This morning I woke up and thought, well Princess is ready. So I went shopping and bought a beautiful leather collar. Added a matching leather leash.
“Good choice, sir,” the saleswoman told me. “You’ll be able to take her out in a classy way and the quality of this leather is outstanding.”
I smiled as she was imaging me with a dog while I was thinking about Princess.

This evening I am going to collar my Princess.
Yes, she is ready.


Nipples & Clothespins

I cheap mlb jerseys showed Princess this free image.
“Oh no”, she gasped, “this must cheap jerseys really hurt. My nipples are so sensitive. Never ever do this to me. Please.”
“I can’t promise”, I told her.

A few days later wholesale nfl jerseys she was standing in front Your of me.
Arms tied behind As her back.
She was completely helpless.

Very carefully I attached a clothes pin on her nipple, letting it go ever so slow.
Princess sighes, biting her lips.
Then I did the same to her other nipple.
Saw her grimaces but she didn’t move nor did she use her safe word.
To top it off I pinched a clothes pin on the tip of her tongue.
“I love you”, I whispered in her ear, softly caressing her back, making her feel safe.
“I cheap mlb jerseys love you too” she replied and I sna saw the clothespins wiggle in her mouth.
Then she laid her head on my shoulder by and I felt how she was slightly trembling.
Her warm breath in my neck a so delicious feeling.

After a few minutes I freed her.
“Thank you, My Lord”, she whispered.
I smiled.