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REBLOG – The Breakup Protocol

I feel this subject is often overlooked. Here is an excellent article on how a submissive  experiences a breakup. I found this on The Ochre Muse, a blog I highly recommend visiting.

As submissives, we arrive in relationships as blank slates, ready to be drawn all over in whichever shades and shapes our dominants choose. We grow (or cut) our hair for them. We change the way we dress. We change where we dress and how we go out. We have (or don’t have) X number of orgasms when they’re not around. We wear (or don’t wear) the red French knickers and ben wah balls on Mondays between two and four. Our vanilla time without our dominants is often filled with protocols. Our entire lives become all about them.

Essentially, subs do what vanillas are advised against: never change for your lover. Never let them change the way you live your life or what you wear because when they’re gone it will feel as though the earth has been pulled out from under you. Try getting that right as a sub. It just ain’t happening.

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