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Morning bliss

I am awake and feel lazy in a sensual way. I turn on my side and watch Princess, still deep asleep. This is one of my preferred moments of the day. Just looking at her, seeing how, in her slumber, she feels safe and very at home at my side. It makes me so joyful.

“Mmmm”, Princess mumbles and slowly opens her eyes. She smiles, happy to see me.

I lay my hand on her temple, she loves that. Princess finds it is an incredible soothing gesture.

For a while we simply look at each other while I observe how Princess climbs out of the deep ravines of her sleep and dreams.
She is not a morning person.

We kiss and I slide my hand over her naked body. Princess shivers, our kisses deepen. I feel her nipples, erect and hard, press against my chest.

I push my leg against her thighs and feel her moistness. She sighs and moves, grinding my knee with her wet and longing core.
Her breathing increases, eyes closed and goose bumps appear.

I let my fingers walk over her side and, just above her hipbone, I close my hand, let my fingernails crush her soft skin.
Princess throws her head back. She is enjoying it so much. With my free hand I grab her hair.
I knead her skin, pinching as hard as I can and find intense pleasure-giving Princess pain.

Her orgasm is intense.

“Thank you, Milord”, she whispers.
I smile.
“I want more, please”, she begs.

I roll her over, on her back and push her legs apart with my knee. Princess gulps for air when I spear her in one swift move.

We fuck, we make love and fuck again. I lie on her, with all my weight, moving my hips up and down. Biting in a nipple and pinching her sides while my breath caresses her neck makes her cum and tremble and sigh.
Princess is so wet and I keep going on and on.

“Stop please, Milord”, she suddenly whimpers.
“I can’t any more”, she whispers, eyes shyly cast down.

I roll off her and then we lie on the bed. Princess’ head resting on my chest. I can feel my heart race. The air in our bedroom is filled with the scent of hot sex.

We kiss.
And kiss.

We get up.
Then we start our day.

Morning Bliss (2015) Pinching and scratching drives Princess mad.
Morning Bliss (2015)
Pinching and scratching drives Princess mad.

Thoughts on SM – revisited

It never ceases to amaze me what pain does with Princess. I myself enjoy giving her that pain. My pleasure is more cerebral than physical albeit it sometimes helps me getting even harder to the point where it hurts (no pun intended).

I love to bite Princess and I used to do so in her upper shoulders. This leaves traces and combined with bruises on her upper arms because of me holding her firmly down on the bed made her kids think I abuse their mom.
So I stopped the biting altogether.

Flogging is a good start. Spanking even more and caning is a hit, again no pun intended,  when it comes to pleasuring Princess with pain.
Impact play on its own can and will push Princess to an orgasm and more often than not it is accompanied by intense squirting.

When lovemaking/fucking I reach this same level of powerful orgasming by pinching and scratching Princess’ sides, just above the hipbone. This gives her homework meaning Princess has to wash the mattress protector.

Pinching her nipples or even biting them makes her horny but not enough to cum.

There are occasions where Princess begs for pain. These are the moments I savor because they give me immense cerebral satisfaction.

Inflicting pain during a scene is one thing. Having Princess beg for pain is firework for my brain.

I do not engage in mental sadism. I do not think I have what it takes. We do not live together so I can’t control the effect when we are not together. But mostly because for some strange reason I connect mental sadism with abuse. That is me, only me and I am in no way pointing a finger to those who find gratification in this kind of play.

Now I have new means of giving pain. Not so much the Neon Wand but the Power Tripper is something has so much possibilities. Experiencing a part of the sensation when I use my body, my hand, my tongue while being a human electrode is part of the fun.


Thoughts on SM

I am a sexual sadist and Princess a sexual masochist.

With one eye on the DSM-IV classification, or ICD-10 which I prefer, and without any formal education on psychology, I am not some kind of Dr. Phil,  I would state the following:

Princess is a Class III sexual masochist meaning she had minimal sadistic tendencies. She prefers pain or humiliation facilitating orgasm without the necessity to have one.

I am a Class II sadist meaning that I pleasure my sadistic urges with a consenting partner. Deep down I know there is not that much that separates me from a Class III sadist and that is at times a frightening thought. Know yourself means I would be open for consensual non-consent play.

Fortunately, Princess offers me all the satisfaction I need.
Yet it is a part of me that I find troubling.

Sadism comes in many flavors. I prefer the physical one.

I am not good at barking orders or humiliate Princess albeit deep down I would not mind doing so.
Maybe it is because I am aware I am walking on a thin line, Class II and II and do not want to push my luck.

Princess is a pain slut. And I love to bite, to pinch so hard my fingers start to hurt. The spanking, the flogging and the caning are so much fun. Yet these actions do not arouse me sexually.

I am way too concentrated on administering pain, on making Princess cum, on pushing her far over the edge.

Seeing Princess’ buttocks reddening, enjoying the change of color of her bruises pleasure me so much. But it is not a sexual pleasure per se. It is about power. About being able to do what I do. The consent and acceptance of the results.

Princess and I always discuss the things we do. What it does to us.
I love the power. I love doing the things I do. It is not about sex, not entirely, but more about trust.
Yet it is the aftercare that gives me the most intense satisfaction. Administering pain, enjoying giving pain. Then the soothing, the aftercare. Being close, having shared something intense.

Maybe aftercare is also about power.



Great Bolts of Lightning

I have been fascinated by a Violet Wand for ages. The light that seemingly flows as water through the glass electrode.
The sparks and the crackling. The distinct odour of ozone. As a kid I had this plasma globe and I found it fascinating. Made me think of Dr. Frankenstein’s enthusiastic “it’s alive”

It is a treat for the eye, the violet waves of energy, the minuscule bolts of lightning when approaching the skin.
Yet I wondered about the added value to the scenes I create.
Except for the visual pleasure of course.

I have a masochist to pleasure and hitting her with a straw won’t do the trick.
Princess needs the real thing and I am her favorite dealer. Trust me, I want to keep it that way.
Being the number one dealer I mean.
And while we are at it, I want also to be dealer number 2 and three and four and so forth.
I want to be all she’ll ever need.

When I am looking for a new toy that inflicts pain I’ll try it on myself before splashing the dough. Just to have an idea of the impact. I do not experience pain the way Princess does though, but it helps evaluate it.

So what do you buy for someone who only orgasms when you squeeze her nipple(s) with a bench-vice?

I know Princess very well. I know her as if I made her myself. There is pain of course, lots of it and I know exactly which buttons I have to push/squeeze/torture.
Yet there is more.
One intensifies the experience by ingraining the right images in Princess’ mind’s eye.

Lucky me, I am very good at doing just that.
Planting an image, a situation and watching it grow while I play with Princess like a cat with a mouse.

During love-making Princess adores sucking my fingers, deep throathing them.
One, two, three… the thicker the better.

Maybe I’ll push her head up and down my fingers, my fist firmly in her hair. I don’t think this needs to be explained.
My upper wrist hitting her chin with the same rhythm as I am fucking her.

“You like to suck cock while I fuck you?” I like to hiss.
“Can you feel the balls hitting your chin?”
“I just adore looking at you sucking dick while I fuck you”, I whisper.

This pushes Princess to the verge of another intense orgasm.
I pull my fingers our her mouth and kiss her, telling her how I can taste the cum in her mouth. These words are very often followed by a new orgasm.

In the shop I was able to try the Neon Wand. Fun to look at, certainly when there is not that much light in the room.
Yeah, it stings depending the body part you use it on.

I was not convinced this was the toy we needed though.

Maybe I just wanted it for myself big time. Like Daddy buying an electric train for his boy hoping he can play with it himself.

Having Princess blindfolded and tied up (box-tie and leg spreader, hog-tie, whatever) and some storytelling makes the Neon Wand a powerful toy though. It mostly depends on the story I am telling her.

Rubbing body lotion on the more sensitive spots of Princess’ body intensifies the experience. The Neon Wand, albeit seemingly innocent, is the only toy that has made Princess ask to pause my acts.

It is also the first toy that helps her relax after an intense scene.
I am happy I finally decided to get this toy.

Bolt of lightning between the Neon Wand and my knee. Olympus OM-D M-10 with 25mm f1.7 CCTV lens
Bolt of lightning between the Neon Wand and my knee.
Olympus OM-D M-10 with 25mm f1.7 CCTV lens

Scorching Love

I have been busy the bigger part of the day with preparing a play scene for tomorrow evening.
August 15th is kind of an anniversary.

I have been thinking about what I want Princess to wear. Clothing or the lack of is a starting point for a scene. Every step you take depends on what your sub is wearing when you start playing. Wearing a jump suit or a robe or a dark blue skirt and a white shirt and white stockings and low shoes, it makes a difference in how you play
In the end you have to get rid of the textile and doing so is an important part of the scene.

As it is an anniversary scene I asked Princess what she wanted to be included in it.
“Pain, Milord,” she said spontaneously.
That’s my girl.
That is what I want too.

Yesterday you came Princess, and squirted abundantly while I did no do anything else than torture your nipples.

Hell, I am still trying to figure you out, Princess, if you are an orgasm slut of a pain slut. Maybe both.
But you smiled and like the idea of being my sex slave too.

You want hot wax/candle play. Mummification. Electro play.

(c) Unknown but I wish I could give you credit.
(c) Unknown but I wish I could give you credit.

I have warned you. Do no challenge me. You get what you ask for and as a bonus you will thank me for it.

Yesterday you came, Princess, while I did nothing else than torturing your nipples, cursing the fact my fingers weren’t exactly a bench screw.
You squirted against my leg while my knee was pushed firmly against your clit. Yes, I felt your hips move. Did you think you could deceive me into stealing an orgasm?

It is unfortunate I cannot go the whole nine yards. I cannot leave bite marks on your body, or traces of intense caning. Your kids can walk into your shower at your home and see what I have done.

I do not care a bit for what they think or feel but, Princess, think about what you are missing. Think about me holding back to make people happy whom finally hate me. I crave to leave my marks on you.
To make you mine.

I want you, Princess.
I want to be able to sink my teeth in your body, Princess.
I want to whip you far beyond sub space, Princess.
I want you on your knees, Princess.

I want you to know, to feel, to experience and to inhale the purest love in the world.
My Love.
For you, Princess.
Only for you.

(c) Unknown but I wish I could give you credit.
(c) Unknown but I wish I could give you credit.

You and me, Milord

By Princess

Our fortuitous encounter one evening at our kids’ school gave me butterflies in my stomach. Your phone number in my pocket made me feel like a teenager in love.
I was unaware that I had finally found my God.

I remember, long ago, our relation was only six or so months old.
That first time when you grabbed me by my hair while kissing me fiercely, making the adrenaline rush through my body.

Yes, I was surprised, pleasantly surprised.
My reaction, I noticed, seemed to be a huge turn-on for you too. Oh boy your erection!

A real man, was my first thought. Not a macho but a man who gives you goose bumps by simply touching you.

You talked about hedonism. Now I enjoy every second we share at its fullest, its deepest. You own my body, my sexuality and all my orgasms.
What you give me in return are overwhelming and maddening sensations.

Source http://onlyyouthinkitsasecret.tumblr.com/
Source http://onlyyouthinkitsasecret.tumblr.com/

I am completely addicted to you and the sexual pleasure we share but also to the intense pain stimuli you enjoy inflicting on me.
They give me kicks that surpass every drug.

When you lead me into subspace I feel like a Native American in trance ready to meet the Gods.

Milord, I trust you with my soul, my body and my thoughts. I rely on you, ask for you advice and help.
No one has ever been so important to me as you, Milord.
Complete trust and open communication are some of the foundations of our relation.

At times you have given me hot and red ears. Step by step we explored our want, our needs. You make me blossom into a real woman. I enjoy my sexuality to the full.

I feel how I am still growing in my longing for more pain stimuli and I am so grateful to know how you are growing with me, enjoy giving me my much-needed pain. Your pleasure gives me so much satisfaction.

You guiding me and your control make me mad with desire.
Being so curious I crave for new adventures, love discovering new toys, opening myself to mind games and edge play, wish for more contact with the like-minded. You lead me in all this.

Where are we heading to?
Never before was I so madly in love. Our D/s relation is obviously a secret for my family, colleagues and acquaintances. Yet I notice how they are all a tad jealous and sometimes even amazed by the way we interact with each other: focused, respectful, loving, thoughtful.

It seems as if we discover each other over and over.
Yes, that is what we do and it is an amazing experience.

August 10th, 2015

Source Tumblr
Source Tumblr


To share or not to share

Last night sleeping was difficult. These past few days have been very warm with heath steadily accumulating in my apartment.
So I had all the time of the world to fuck with my brain, with my thoughts.

Past Wednesday morning, after lovemaking, our sheets were soaked with our sweat and Princess’ juices. It felt good though, feeling the wetness and stickiness, being enveloped by the remains of hot and rough lovemaking. So very carnal and primal.

We have a very open communication, Princess and I, and we don’t hold back anything.
Our conversations are held on different levels though.

There is your 101 regular normal talking with complete body language underlining what we say.

When we don’t spend the time or the evening together we talk through the phone before going to sleep. These conversations are mostly about the stuff we don’t find important enough to waste our time with when we are together. Sometimes we talk about recent experiences, plan an evening out or whatever.

Past Wednesday during lovemaking, I shared a fantasy with Princess. It was about a recurring fantasy of mine. Something that has been popping up in my head on quite a regular base.
Princess was quite astonished. Not only because of the fantasy and because I admitted I had been reluctant to tell her about it. It was about knocking on one of our hard limit’s doors too.

At one moment I asked her if it wouldn’t be better to rephrase our hard limits.
As a matter of a fact we only have one hard limit.
Thou shalt not share.

It is one of the first things we agreed up, more than 3 years ago. Lately I have been wondering if it was about fear more than about personal integrity.

Princess and I both agreed a while ago that it would be acceptable, under the right circumstances, for Princess to have a one-on-one woman experience during play. I would of course be tangibly present.
This decision could be considered as a tiny fracture in our hard limit.

I love to question myself because it helps me evolve.

Questions Princess asked me about our experiences in the Dungeon and our play evenings at home were often about she wanting to know how I perceive what is going on.

Last night, while waiting for sleep to embrace me, it dawned to me.
I like to think I am an exhibitionist and a voyeur. This is not true and yet it is.

When we play in the Dungeon I act as an exhibitionist. I am seen, Princess is seen and so is what we do.

Yet I do not find any personal satisfaction in this knowledge. When we play I am so focused on Princess that I am unaware of what is happening around me.
Are people masturbating because what I do with Princess is arousing?  I have no idea as I am zoned out completely to place where only the two of us exist.

So am I an exhibitionist? If the definition would be ‘I am not bothered with the fact my (sexual) acts are seen by others’, then I would be an exhibitionist.
Unfortunately that is not the correct definition.
One of the more accurate definitions of exhibitionism would be ‘the act or practice of deliberately behaving so as to attract attention’.

That is me as I do not get any (sexual) gratification of being watched. During play I am totally unaware of the presence of spectators.

After playing in the Dungeon Princess and I go to the bar and enjoy drinks while discussing the scene we played. After that we go back to the Dungeon to see what is going on.

Mostly it is eye candy. Whipping, torture, sometimes, if we are lucky, some woman-on-woman play incited by their Doms.

Watching these scenes is a massive turn-on for me. Imagining Princess in a woman-on-woman scene would be a maddening experience.
Even more if were to be the devious Dom pulling the strings. It comes without any shadow of a doubt that Princess would be, in every given scenario, the alpha-slave.

Then other images started trickling into my mind.
What if the imaginary woman would be replaced by a man?  (in this scenario Princess would be blindfold the entire time)

I remember, quite some time ago, a staff member of the Fetish Cafe told us that in most cases finally all hard limits are torn down.
At that time the idea freaked me out.

I remember, several years ago, how I felt uneasy and threatened when, during Salsa dancing class, a guy asked me if he was allowed to dance with Princess.
Now I know it was about feeling insecure but that is a feeling I do not have anymore.

It is about pushing our limits, about mental manipulation, about sizzling moments and not about giving some guy a home run on Princess.
It is about being a voyeur and for me it is a turn-on beyond words.

So this is what I proposed to Princess, past Wednesday morning:
There are no hard limits, we accept and embrace and grow. But let us promise we will never ever do something groundbreaking simply because we want to pleasure the other without wanting it for our self.

All of this is not a conditio sine qua non but more about enjoying our sexuality (not love) at its fullest. It is not about full-blown sex either, but about the thrills, the suspense and mostly about Trust.



Looking back – Saturday July 18th, 2015

Past Saturday I saw her looking eagerly at a single tail whip hanging at the wall in the Fetish Café. Floggers don’t do the job anymore.
Princess watched a couple play and loved the sound and the reaction of the leather paddle hitting the subs’ ass. I read ‘I want this too’ in her beautiful eyes.

I am sure Princess is open for some real hardcore SM but is afraid or shy to ask for it.
Trust me baby, I am ready and waiting. I for sure want it.

After leaving the Dungeon we had to walk to the parking lot. Princess was wearing a black and sexy wet look dress. She mentioned something about feeling slutty in the dress.
I smiled.
“Yeah”, I told her, “you are.”
“My slut”, I added, tasting the words and enjoying the sound of them.

Pain and lust is a road I want to discover with you, Princess.
I want to be your sadistic Beethoven, creating delicious overtures with pain, longing, arousal and lust using your beautiful body.
You are my slut, my orgasm slut but I want to add pain slut to the equation too.
I know I need it.
I am sure you want it too.

* * * *

Wow, it was one hell of an evening in the Fetish Café.
Not only playing with Princess was hot.
There was a lot of eye candy too. For a while we enjoyed watching two subs, attached to the winch, facing each other, being whipped and caned. The two women found strength and comfort with some very hot French kissing.  Then one of them climaxed, her juices splashing on the floor.

Imagining Princess kissing a woman is a maddening thought. I am sure I would cum by the sheer excitement of watching my love kissing a woman. Seeing her play, touch, caress, enjoy.

Then there was the hot interaction with the stranger too.
Our evening in the Fetish Café was a memorable one.

Back home I fucked Princess rough and hard and we fell asleep way past 2 am.
Somewhat before 8 am I was pulled out of a deep sleep when I felt Princess’ hand playing with my hard cock.

Seconds later I pushed her away, on her back, grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs apart. My tongue found the sweet stickiness and Princess moaned while I teased her bringing her to an intense climax.

I fucked her, relentlessly, barely noticing her barely audible “thank you Milord”. I was building up my orgasm, welcoming it, wanting it. Yes, it had been too long.

Then I came.
Oh my god, what a release it was.
I shivered, I cried and wept.
I screamed while filling my Princess with my cum.
Her hands were all over my face, wiping away my tears, holding me, loving me.

It was delicious, it felt like dying and being resuscitated.

I looked at Princess, sweat and tears dropping on her hot body.
We smiled and we knew it would be like this forever and one day.

File 20-07-15 08 58 09

Where we are now – July 20th, 2015

In two months from today Princess and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary.
Wow. Time flies.
That evening, little over 4 years ago, when we first met, Princess, is engraved in my memory. The first four months were not easy. You had your doubts, Princess, and a few issues you were not sure if they had found closure in your mind. All of them very understandable.
Yes, I remember these few long talks very well. Patiently I listened to you, trying to help you sort out your feelings and doubts, doing my very best to forget my own emotions. I guess there lies the source of one of our greatest strengths: communication.

We made it though, you and me. That is what finally counts.
You and me.

From September 14th till September 19th we will be staying in B&B “La Ferme de la Gronde” in the little town of Magny-en-Bessin, not far from Arromanches, Normandy, France.

Princess makes me extremely happy and complete and everything is just great between us.

Since Stella’s admittance in psychiatry several months ago, Princess has the care of Little Star. Now she is legally a foster-mother Princess is able to work 4/5 and is home on Wednesday. Whenever possible my love spends the morning with me and leaves just before noon so she can collect The Boy and Kay from school.
In September Little Star will attend kindergarten.
Yeah, time sure flies.

The relation between Princess’ kids and me is still non-existent and, looking back, has even worsened. Since September last year I haven’t been able to be at Princess’ side when she visits her family for birthdays and so on. The kids simply do not want me to tag along. I can understand Stella’s issues with me, they are created by her illness. The others have no excuse anymore to show their disapproval though.
Sometimes I wonder if they want their mother to be unhappy.
Anyway I have a very negative image of each of them and I don’t think that is going to change anywhere in the future.
I have been able to put it mostly behind me though but it has not been an easy task.

* * * *

Princess and I are really embracing the BDSM-part in our love life. We experiment, talk and discuss and find new ways to pleasure each other.

My soft floggers are gathering dust.
Princess gets more pleasure and satisfaction when I use the heavier and fiercer leather floggers.
My hand though is what she prefers above anything else. And when her butt is  deep red and scorching hot (and my hand very painful) she gladly takes some caning just to top it off.
Caning is something Princess is just starting to find pleasurable. I use a thin and very flexible bamboo stick, about 1m (3 feet) long.

Our lovemaking has become much rougher too. I pin her arms down with my hand, pull her hair with the other.
I mount her and take what is mine in one swift move. I like to hold a hand on her throat. There is the biting in her ear lobes, shoulders, breasts and nipples.
Sometimes it feels like I am raping Princess and that is an extremely pleasurable sensation.

When I squeeze Princess’ nipples as hard as I can, pulling them, I feel her pussy pulsate around my cock. Some moaning or a high-pitched scream usually precede her juices flowing over my balls, thighs or belly, and soaking the bed linen.

Barking a “cum for me slut” while slapping her cheek once is a sure way to another gushing orgasm.
Simply talking dirty gives almost the same effect.

What else?
Oh yes, torturing Princess while we fuck is a sure way to some formidable squirting. Pinching her buttocks, sides, breasts and nipples for example, or biting certain spots.
Using a bunch of clothespins on her sides, just above the hips, while fucking her, making the wooden pegs dance gives her an extremely high amount of pain.
I am constantly looking for new ways to torture her body yet making sure I don’t leave marks. I wish I could though but it is much too dangerous. Imagine one of her daughters entering the bathroom when she showers!
Some time ago a few bruises on her arm, not even my work, made her kids ask if I was abusing her.

I like to tie her to the bed spread-eagled, making it almost impossible for Princess to move. Her body open and exposed for me, a delicious sight.
Then I like to use another kind of torture. Circling her nipples with my tongue, gently sucking and then teasing the sensitive spots with the tip of my tongue leads her to an intense orgasm.  The road leading to such an orgasm is a long and titillating one as I occasionally pause for a minute or so breaking down what has been building up.

There is of course the pussy eating too. Oh boy, that is one of my favorite actions. I  go very slow making her suffer until Princess begs for release.

When I have driven Princess to a points where she desperately needs release I tell her to ride my leg. I push my knee against her wet core and let her move and rub and I harden while I feel her heat against my leg and the warmth of her sticky wetness.

Sometimes Princess is really nothing more than a needy little slut.
Mmmm… I am so madly in love with Princess.
She is my woman, my best friend, my slut, my biggest love ever.
Princess is my life yet I would die for her.
Princess, my lovely and horny slut.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Back to the Dungeon – Part 2

I am not very sociable and Princess knows this. Yet I address the guy whom is giving me the impression he is trying to get in Princess’ panties.

I ask him a few questions. He is bisexual, lives in Antwerp, is a switch, loves aroused women (Princess is hot and aroused) and prefers young women. Yes, I talked to the guy. I made contact and that is not something I find easy.

We talk more. Princess is sitting on a bar stool. I am pinching her right nipple through the tin fabric of her dress.

Yes, we talk while Princess moans. Eyes downcast. She is the perfect sub, enjoying the pleasures her Sir gives her.

It has become a game now and I like the idea. I know I will win.

He looks at Princess, eyes focused on my fingers playing with her nipple.

The man moves his head, closing in on the movements. He and I talk and I move Princess to an orgasm simply by playing with her nipple.

“Do you enjoy what he is doing?”, he asks Princess.
“Mmmm yes”, she answers, eyes still cast down.

Then he finds my eyes again.
“Mind if I touch her?”, he asks.

I smile. Make him clear Princess is off-limits.

His request is arousing though.

I am wondering what would have happened if I said yes.

We are in this crowded bar. I have a fan. I tease Princess’ nipple. Pinch. Give pain.
He is observant while I led Princess to an orgasm. Well, almost.

It is hot talking to a man whom is obviously turned on by my beautiful submissive while I play with her denying him his wishes.

Back home at 01:15 and then some hard fucking. Princess telling me I am much more violent at home than at the club. We kissed and said goodnight at 02:25.

We sleep well, Princess and I.

I wake up at 08:15 when I feel her hand on my dick.

Fucked and raped her silly and then I finally I am able to cum deep in her core. A rare and very intense moment.

Maddening it was and I had the impression I was losing myself in a cascade of intense emotions.
Princess wiped the tears out of my eyes and I was so very vulnerable.

Now there is one question that remains… could I accept a man touch Princess simply to, visually, pleasure me?
I am sure, Princess, you know the answer to this question. Past Saturday,  you were a very good girl and I am very proud of you.
After all it is about trust.
I know your hard limits and respect them.
Everything else goes.

Maybe you should renegotiate our limits?