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Thoughts – March 15, 2017

I’ve been cleaning up the folder DigiFot 2016 on my computer. Making sure the files are properly named following my naming conventions. Then I made 3 backups on different disks so I have a total of 4 copies of the same folder. One of those disks will be stored in my locker at work. You see, an old negative can be stored somewhere safe. It can burn, be stolen or whatever.

Yet I believe a digital file will evaporate much easier into oblivion. Faulty drive, faulty memory card. I have quite a collection of faulty memory cards by the way. I use them to prove to people nothing is forever. Not even state-of-the-art technology.

I still own negatives and slides my father took. He passed away 45 years ago. As an IT professional I can tell you 4 decades are an eternity in digital life.  I am pretty sure your digital files won’t live that long. In the event they do it might happen there is no software available anymore that reads that “prehistoric” file-format.

In January 2016, more than a year ago, Princess and I were discovering the pleasures of rope suspension. Then we stopped and I can’t remember why.
I only know it was not because something bad occurred.
I guess it just happened. We simply moved to floor play and floor suspension. It is safer albeit floor-suspension can be dangerous too.

Yesterday, like the week before, I trained on tying the hip harness and the Shinju chest harness for suspension. I’ve got both almost in my muscle memory so I hope I’ll be tying them without any visual aid very soon.

Princess patiently let me tie. The I moved to the suspension. It all went well. Yet I felt quite nervous because I don’t want anything to happen to the love of my life. I tend to squeeze her hands, feel her feet, her skin to make sure everything is going well.

After a while a part of her butt became deep purple.

I pinched Princesses’ butt asking “do you feel this?”
“What do you mean?” Princess replied.
“Do you feel me pinching your skin?”
Princess did not reply immediately so I felt panic invading my mind. Princess dodged my direct questions and soon, due to my panic, my tone changed.

“Are you talking about the rope pinching me?”
Oh fuck. Why can’t a simple question be met with a yes or no?
Going into a discussion about what I was precisely talking about made me mad.

I love doing a suspension and when I’m finished Princess is quite happy hanging in space. But for now it gives me a huge amount of stress. Correct and to-the-point feedback from the expert, the one hanging in the ropes, is essential.

This is an image I took during a suspension, January 2016.

Yesterday I simply videotaped the suspension so Princess could enjoy seeing herself experiencing it in real-life.

Suspension, January 23, 2016