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Another hot weekend – Saturday

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I pick Princess up at her place. It is 18:30. Princess looks stunning. She always does.
We kiss, I lead her to the car.

“Drinks somewhere first,” I say.
She smiles. Princess likes surprises.

I take her to ‘t Schipke, a restaurant/cafe, in the middle of nowhere, near a river. We have dined there before.

We are given a table in a corner, near the Christmas tree. I order two glasses of white wine.

For a while we chitchat, Princess and I. She has always a lot to tell about her Saturday at home with the kids, with Little Star.
I love listening. Her voice is enthralling. Her stories told with passion and love.

Princess also confirmed that Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 January are okay. All I need is confirmation from Little A’s mom that my youngest won’t be with me or that we can switch weekends. Alas not an easy task.

That weekend Princess and I are driving to a small town in The Netherlands, near the German and Belgian border. We are expected in a 4 Star hotel where we will meet K. and J. for an evening of intense BDSM-play and maybe some sensual, erotic and/or sexy interaction between Princess and J., K’s submissive.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more about the hotel because Princess reads my blog too and I do not want to spoil the surprise. But I am sure Princess will be flabbergasted and blown away by the place.

Princess and I are so looking forward to this new experience and Princess is continuously fantasizing about what could or might happen.

I already somewhat decided what I want Princess to wear when we arrive.
I have chosen for a cliché yet a very hot outfit.

High heels of course.
Black silk stockings. I don’t know yet if I’ll go for the black ones of those with a red rim. A matching black suspender belt, black thong and black lace corset.
We we enter the hotel Princess will be hiding all this under a fur coat,  an heirloom and not something that was shot or recently butchered.

I pay, we leave and drive home.

We watch a movie and it is a very interesting one.
A Dangerous Method (2011) gives us a look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.
Surprisingly there is some spanking and BDSM in it.

After that we go to bed where I fuck Princess very hard and violently. Princess loves the face slapping, my hand squeezing her throat, my teeth in her shoulders or extreme fierce nipple pinching.

“Please can I cum, Milord?” she moans.
“No, you can’t. If you do I’ll have to punish you.”
“And if I can’t hold it?”

“I’ll have to punish you and believe me, then you’ll be very sorry you were not able to be a good girl,” I growl.

I kiss her knowing I am pushing one of her many buttons and sure enough she comes.

“Thank you, Milord,” she whimpers, a little afraid of what her punishment will be.

She knows it won’t be something noisy like a good spanking as Little A. is staying with us.

I grab some rope and quickly tie Princess’s ankles to the bedposts. When I get the TENS-unit out of the drawer I notice some uneasiness in her eyes.
I smile and leisurely place the Barry Bite body clamps on her outside labia.
“OMG,” Princess whispers.

I connect the device and then turn up power, choose a pulsing program and then bend over Princess and look in her eyes.
“Are you enjoying this?”
“Yes, Milord,” she whispers.
Up goes the power dial.

She moans, closes her eyes. Princess is clearly enjoying her punishment so up goes the power again.

I notice how Princess dances on waves that are neither pure pain or pure pleasure.
Very enjoyable to watch.

I use a ribbed glass dildo as an extra and push her to another orgasm.

After that I untie Princess and hold her in my arms.

I pleasure Princess over and over and then, finally, I turn off the lights.

Found on Tumblr
Found on Tumblr

New horizons

With K & J we rented the Dungeon a couple of times for private play. No mixing, just playing.

Princess told me afterwards she found it a shame we did not interact with each other, submissive play between our women, assignments for example, given by us, their Dom’s.

We were one of their witnesses when K & J held their Rose Ceremony.

A few days ago we got a mail from K & J. K. wrote they had been experimenting a little and his wife, J., had enjoyed playing with another submissive a lot. They wanted to deepen this experience and, based on a few posts I did, asked if we were open to explore this woman/woman play with them.
It is about touching a breast, a nipple, a kiss maybe.

They trust and respect us completely and vice versa and K. and I are much alike when it comes to fantasies and how we play with our women. Traveling along this road with people they/we know, appreciate and trust, would be more pleasurable and safe.

Past Tuesday, during dinner, Princess and I talked, discussing our hard and soft limits.

My trust in Princess is absolute. My love for Princess is unconditional. My respect for Princess also absolute.

After 4 years I am quite sure what she likes, desires, fantasizes about. Our communication is completely open. We have no secrets.

We discussed our limits before our very first visit to The Dungeon. We discussed them about a year later preceding our first private play-date with K& J and another couple.
A few days ago we discussed them again.

It is a shame I did not write them down when we talked about our limits the first time. I am sure we would smile reading them today.

We are on an amazing journey, Princess and I.
Our limits are now defined in a different way. It is not about what we can and can’t do anymore. It is about respect and trust, knowing nothing is forced, no pressure. Spontaneity. Excitement. Eye candy.

Let us be clear though. It is not about sharing Princess with others (men) if you think of sharing as in full-blown sex in group or a threesome or whatever. It is not about sex just for the sake of it.

Princess is not bisexual but just a little curious. I have no problem with Princess exploring this during play scenes without forcing a situation. I want to guide her, help her explore that part of her sexuality but respect her boundaries when or if they occur.

I am not saying we are actively searching but we are open for it if it suits Princess/us and it has an added value to the play situation and not just sex for the act itself.

I will be meeting K. in the next few day. Will discuss and probably come up with some hot scenario’s.

When I have finished doing some self-assessment I’ll do a post on how I experience playing with Princess and, more important, what I get out of it.

Found on Tumblr. No credits found.
Found on Tumblr. No credits found.