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Thoughts – July 18th, 2013

This afternoon I played mini golf with Little A. and we had tons of fun. It was hot though on this open terrain, no shadows, no wind and the sun relentlessly burning. It was at least 32°C (some 90° F) and after a few minutes I was soaking wet, sweating like a pig.

Playing mini golf

I was happy my back didn’t hurt that much anymore but bending over and picking up the golf ball wasn’t easy and now, sitting at my desk, I feel a throbbing pain in my lower back and my right hip. Nothing some Ibuprofen based drug can’t coop with.

Last Friday, at the Cohi Bar where we take our Salsa lessons, Princess pointed at a small chest-of-drawers tucked away in a corner and told me she liked it. Indeed, it was elegant and nicely sculptured without being to over the top and the owners had painted it in dark red.

I suddenly got an idea but kept it to myself.

Yesterday I visited a local second-hand store where I’ve found some candle holders in the past and I had my mind-set on some more. I am a sucker for candlelight ever since I saw Barry Lyndon, the 1975 movie by Stanley Kubrick. The salon scenes only illuminated by candles were so beautiful and so soft and so damn romantic. Hell, I was 16 and eagerly waiting for Her to come. Little did I know I would have to wait another 36 years before Princess finally appeared in my life.
Trust me, it was worth waiting, oh yes it was!

I did find some candle holders I knew also would please Princess and then, in one of the corridors I saw IT.

The small chest-of-drawers was tucked away between some bigger ones and it drew my eye immediately although not old or antique.

I made a photo with my smart phone and showed it that same evening to Princess and asked if she liked it and if it would fit in her room in a far and distant future, when I would finally move in with her.
She nodded in an affirmative way.
“What are you going to do with it?” she asked.
I smiled because I knew what I wanted since she pointed out the cabinet in the Cohi Bar.

“You know, Princess, I am keeping all our toys in a few black boxes. It would be great having this to store them in a better and more accessible way. A drawer for each type of toy, you know rope, pinch stuff, paddles and floggers.”

She smiled and I knew she loved the idea.
“You have a devious mind, Milord,” she told me.
Princess knows me so well.

So after we played mini golf I took Little A. to the second-hand shop and acquired the chest-of-drawers. Little A. didn’t say much except pointing out she didn’t like it and she did not want me to buy old stuff for the living room.


Fatherly I patted her on the shoulder and assured her it would not be the case and added it was for Princess’ and my bedroom.
“Okay,” she pouted and that was it.
Little A. did well on her exams and ever since a new add-on to the Sims 3 came out, it is called Exotic Island, she hasn’t stopped reminding me it is available on the market.

So after I got the cabinet I took her to a toy-store and even when I halted in front of the computer games Little A. was not aware of my intentions.

“Fuck,” I told her, “I need something to unwind, nerves you know, I need some intense computer game.”

Little A. looked at me in disbelief. She has never seen me play a single game on a computer. It is something I don’t do, I don’t like and I hate. It is a useless way to spend your time.

In a provocative way I pointed at some war games and asked my daughter if she thought they where violent and bloody enough to entertain me.
The poor thing shrugged her shoulders telling me she had no idea.

“Holy guacamole,” I suddenly yelled, “fuck, I want THIS game!” pointing at a certain The Sims extension pack.
“Do you think this is any good for your old man?” I asked.
Little A. beamed at me, didn’t know what to say, hugged me and thanked me a zillion times.

It feels so good, so wonderful making her happy, as it is so incredible doing the same to Princess.

Back home I managed moving the cabinet from my car’s trunk to the second floor where I live using the staircase because there is no lift.
Put it in my/our room and decorated it with two candles and a bowl.
Yes, an antique porcelain and stamped bowl.
One that has a story attached to it.

The discovery – August 15, 2012

I’ve been putting several Picasa albums online for Princess and Stella, her eldest daughter. Mainly baby photos of course. Star is so incredible cute and I have grown very fond of her and Stella whom I consider as my stepdaughter.

I also made and album with photographs of Princess and I, candid shots I took in 2012.
One of these images has a story attached that I’m now going to share.

August 15th, 2012.
Each year on August 15 a village near where we live is illuminated by a zillion candles and tea lights. It is a very old tradition thanking Saint Rochus (1295-1327) for saving supposedly, on numerous occasions, the inhabitants from the Black Death.
It was beautiful and there was no electric light, just the candles. And lots and lots of visitors of course. It is after all a well know event.
We enjoyed several live shows and one in the park, the performers dressed as 18th century noblemen, was noteworthy.

Princess and I were almost 1 year together and we enjoyed the romantic atmosphere of all these glowing candles.
We had discovered we both liked rough sex but we had not yet shared our mutual interest in BDSM let alone talked about any kind of D/s dynamics.

Maybe there was still some holding back; maybe we guessed there was mutual interest without being sure though. It is not always that easy to discuss things such as one’s sexuality.

We floated along with a slow-moving stream of people into a beguinage and entered a church also filled with a myriad of tea lights, a milky way of yellow flames.

In the back of the church hung an enormous chandelier with multiple levels of candles hanging approximately 2 meter above the floor. I estimated its broadest diameter being at least 4 meters or so.
Wow, it was breathtaking.

For a moment I closed my eyes and without any warning I saw, in my mind’s eye, Princess.
Naked, blindfolded and tied to a Saint Andrews’ cross. Lying under the chandelier, moaning and shivering each time a drop of hot candle wax made contact with her skin.
My mouth became dry by the sheer idea. I felt excited and incredibly aroused and quickly hardened and I still was hoping Princess would be more than just the love of my life, which was already more I would have ever hoped for.
I then took a deep breath, opened my mouth to share the image with Princess and thought, no, I don’t want to scare her away.

“You know what?” Princess said all of a sudden, smiling.
“Tell me,” I encouraged her.
“Lying under there, blindfolded, not knowing when the next drop will hit. The fear of anticipation.”

It took a few milliseconds but it could have been hours or even eons before my brain had fully processed the impact of her words. My throat had become dry, my heart was pounding like a madman in my chest.

I grabbed her hand and pulled Princess towards me, kissing her, smiling, and I guess I said some silly things.
The rest of the evening, this amazing evening filled with new opportunities and unspoken promises stayed what it was, a fairy tale.

The unspoken had been expressed in a fun and unexpected way.
We both knew things between us had changed for the better and our love life would never be the same again.

I can say without any doubt that BDSM had added a value I cannot start to describe to our relation and, of course, our sex life.


Thoughts – June 24th, 2013

I am enjoying a day off at work. Little A. arrived on Friday and is staying till Thursday. We are due at her school at 17:00 sharp that day to discuss her school report. I’m pretty sure I will be proud of my daughter. After that I’ll be doing the same with Big A. at her school and I hope I will be proud of her too.

While I am writing this I’m listening to a rather profound piece of music. It is called The Host of Seraphim, performed by Dead Can Dance. I will associate this for the rest of my life with the ending of the movie “The Mist” when choices must be made and, well…
When we saw these final images, this grand music to go along with it, Big A. and I a few years ago, we felt as if an invisible hand dropped ice water along our spines. For minutes after The End had vanished from the screen we remained speechless, touched and completely blow away.
Wow, what a story and boy what an ending!
(mental note: I must see this movie with Princess)

The weekend was once again freaking awesome and wonderful.
Princess and I went to our dance course and stayed for a few more hours more practicing. We take lessons in a very classy Salsa Bar with a real wooden floor.
Then we got tired and all sweaty and we just sat down and observed our surroundings, absorbing the music and drinking our beers. Desperados if you want to know, wondering if we ever drink anything else than exquisite Bin 50 Shiraz.

When Little A. is staying at my place we tend to be very careful, Princess and I. Walls are thin and at night sounds seem to carry a long way and the slap of my hand on Princess’ delicious behind becomes like a gun shot, resonating for what seems hours.
I took a quick shower and when I entered the bedroom Princess was lying on her belly on the bed, texting one of her kids. What a sight, Princess’ beautifully curved ass, the pale skin, so soft and warm and responsive to even the slightest of my touches.

I kissed her buttocks and because I wasn’t allowed spanking, the noise, remember, I did to Princess what she loves and craves on and something new I recently discovered she lusts for.
I sunk my teeth in her warm flesh and it is so effective as Princess becomes wet instantly. This does not produce any noise, anyway, not from me that is, but from the corner of my eye I saw Princess pushing her fist in her mouth while I bit her over her behind.
After a while I found it was time for some more serious stuff so I turned Princess over and spread her legs.
She is delicious and open and wet and I love licking her juices, making her cum.
This time I added some biting too, her inner thighs, labia and, more gently, her clit.
Princess moaned, sighed, enjoyed and did her best to make as less noise as possible. She can be brave and a good girl too.

I had hidden a wooden spoon under my cushion and when Princess least expected it I slapped her clit with it. Once. Twice.
A third time.
Rubbed her clit to make up for the pain.
Hit it again in a quick sequence, like a firing tommy gun.

“Cum,” I ordered.
Princes groaned and pleasured me, ejaculating elaborately.

Did I mention Princess is a good girl?
She ejaculated a few more times for me and the next-to last one, and the last one, I had to ask if she was okay.
Princess had squirted in abundance, her hips shaking, goose bumps covering the bigger part of her skin and I her eyes I read a tale of infinite happiness.
She turned on her side, curled up, shaking, trembling, shivering; at the brink of crying as an emotional reaction.

I took Princess in my arms, covered us and switched off the light.
We slept and waking up next the her, omg, it is a present I’ll never get tired off.

Princess stayed overnight on Sunday too.

Of course we made love yesterday night and I did my best to keep it as vanilla as I could and Princess found it funny.
We made love for almost two hours and I did not pull her hair, pinch her in any way, slap her pussy or ass, scratch her or bite her lips or tongue.

Yes, we had plain vanilla sex and I had to concentrate for keep it that way. So many temptations I was able to bypass.

Did I like it?
Mmmm… just a little.


A letter to Princess


It feels like it was only yesterday when I met you, a beautiful young and self-confident woman. I was so damn nervous when we parted that evening, asking, with a dry mouth and trembling voice, for your phone number.
I remember how you smiled when you wrote it down for me and how lighthearted I walked back home. Yes Princess, I already knew, it was carved in my soul and engraved in my heart, that we were meant for each other.

We dated for the first time two weeks later and I took you to a Sushi restaurant and we talked and talked. And then talked some more.

The first time we touched, when I carefully and very nervously took your hand, it felt as a familiar gesture and it gave me goose bumps as your skin was so warm, so soft and probably already yearning for my touches.
You know I still love caressing you, Princess.

Our first kiss was a passionate one and it tasted for more, so much more.

When we made love for the first time, some weeks later, it was an amazing, intense and wonderful experience. Watching you, caressing you, tasting you, so vulnerable in your nakedness, touched me very deep.
You awakened emotions in me that I had long forgotten of.

Months later we discovered in a leisurely and completely spontaneous way the D/s dynamics flowing between us and our lovemaking became even more intense, even more amazing. I believe it even brought us closer to one another.

We had a few quarrels but I know we wouldn’t have had them if I did not have started them in the first place. I still feel so sorry for these little dark clouds I put on our otherwise pristine blue sky.
And now, Princess, we are only three months away from our 2nd anniversary. I am so looking forward for spending our first real holiday together.

Since a few weeks we are wearing engagement rings and one day we will be living together and then, on some other day we will get married.
Our kisses still taste as the first one did and I am still insatiable.
Making love with you, to you, Princess, is still incredible intense and startling and I can’t get enough of you.
Holding hands makes my heart pound and fills me with tingling pleasure.
Waking up next to you still touches me more than I could ever express in words.
Being with you, looking at you, omg Princess, I am such a happy man.

It is June 20th, we are now 21 months together. I want to thank you, Princess, for everything you have given me. For making me a better man, for making me so happy.

I can say, Princess, without hesitation and to the full extend of these words that I have never, ever, loved someone the way I love you. I can’t start imagining you not being in my life.
With you I want to grow old.
With you and only you I want to walk the rest of the road that lies in front of us.

You and I, Princess,

Soft and beautiful

Laphroaig – the adult version

Sunday, March 17th.

We came home and even before I closed the door Princess was already laying in our bed. Hot and wet she was, longing for a good fuck combined with some pain and love and tenderness. A combination I master so well she never stops to tell me.

I took the time to light some candles and tapped on my Google Nexus 7 tablet starting Nick Cave’s sublime Push the Sky Away.

“Care for a drink?” I asked.
“Yes please,” she nodded. “A sip from your new bottle of whisky.”
“The Laphroaig?”
“Yes, is it tasty?”
“I don’t know,” I told her. “I have been waiting for you to discover it with me.”

I went to the kitchen and poured some gold-colored whisky in our nosing glasses and went back to the bedroom where Princess was eagerly waiting.

We warmed the glasses in our hands, took our time reeking, enjoying the scent and recognizing shreds of hickory, raisin and zest. Don’t forget, we both are beginners, this is new to us.

The whisky exploded in our mouths, a rush of sweetness with a touch of cola syrup and some cereals.
Princess closed her eyes, savoring not only the liquor but also the moment and my presence.
For myself I chose to add some drops of water opening the taste more, softening the fierce attack on my palate.
In the aftertaste I recognized mostly fruit and wood.

“Delicious,” Princess sighed. “I wonder how it tastes…”
I smiled, knowing exactly what she was thinking.

One evening, a few months ago, we enjoyed a delicious 2002 Brothers in Arms Shiraz from Langhorne Creek, Australia. I had opened the bottle some time in advance and had made sure the wine had the correct room temperature.
It was one hell of a red wine yet it tasted even better when I started pouring some on Princesses naked body and licking it up.

She stuck her finger in her glass and dropped some of the whisky on my left nipple, then, carefully, licking it up. Then she did the same with my right nipple.

It felt great, not only her sucking and licking but also the way the whisky interacted with these sensible little knots of flesh and nerves. As a fresh spring breeze with the promise of a hot summer would be my best description.

“Do you enjoy this?” Princess asked.
“Mhhh,” I sighed.
“Okay then. Tada… and now for this moment of sheer horror… tada,” she whispered.
Before I closed my eyes I saw her taking a mouthful of Laphroaig and felt how she pulled my foreskin back.
On her beautiful face I saw the shadow of a crazy smile, then she bent forward and took my gland in her mouth.

God, it felt great, her lips squeezing, the liquor warming my penis with an almost unnoticeable hint of a burning feeling.
Boy she went for it, stopping, sipping some more whisky, taking me back in her mouth, sucking and gobbling.
Princess didn’t get it because I pushed her away in time, like a spoiled kid tired of its new toy. She likes it when I do that, it makes her feel used, an object created only for my pleasure, my lust.

I took my time with the Laphroaig and her nipples in a very teasingly way, playing with the tip of my tongue, my fingers warming her up down there, stopping when she was on the verge of coming.

Finally I dripped whisky on her pussy, on her clit, her labia and she moaned and purred telling me it was hot and burning and I gave her relief with my tongue.
She didn’t want to come but finally did, screaming when I pinched her nipples, ever so sensitive after a bath of pure single malt whisky.

Grabbed Princess, pulling her against me, she lying on her side. Seconds later I was inside of her, fucking her wildly, pulling her hair, pinching her nipples, scratching her back. An act of pure violation, suppressing her screams with my mouth on hers, I, Mylord, taking what is mine.

It didn’t take long before I felt a warm liquid flowing over my thighs and balls.
“I’m sorry,” Princess told me, “I did it again.”
I smiled, feeling extremely happy.

I had never ever made a woman squirt before. I thought it was some kind of an urban legend. An invention males made to impress other males, stories to tell at the fireplace, flames dancing in glasses filled with exquisite single malt. When truth mixes with fantasy.

“It was delicious, so intense,” Princess told me, her voice trembling.

Giving, in the broadest way, is what I live for.

I give everything to Princess.



It was one of those hectic weekends where I drove around as a madman, making sure Big A. was on time in Antwerp where she was a hostess on a fair, a school project, and trying to be on time to fetch her later on. In between I picked up The Eldest One and The Baby and drove them to Princess.

That Saturday, February 23rd, it was freezing cold and in the early afternoon I dropped The Eldest One and The Baby at their mother/baby unit and drove further to Antwerp, stopped on the way at a McDonald’s and parked an hour later near the Middelheim Museum.

Like I said, it was freezing cold but I was dressed for it. I enjoyed the walk, made a zillion photographs with my Olympus E-PM1 and found the work of Per Kirkeby. It is just a building, impressive and huge, made with bare bricks and with multiple door openings.
It inspired me.

Bricks I

While strolling around with a Lumix 14mm prime lens on my Olympus, I made a few images that represented in a way my state of mind.
Princess and I discovered and enjoyed bdsm, mostly the SM part and we still do now and then and we miss this kind of playing.
I am more and more tender while making love to Princess and she likes it very much and yet she misses the rough play too.

What has changed as we miss the mix of pain and pleasure but enjoy the desire of making love in a very affectionate way?

Bricks II

I think I know why and I have been trying to write about this almost unnoticeable and positive shift in our relationship. Haven’t posted it yet because I’m not happy with the way I’m telling the story. Still polishing.

It has to do with The Eldest One and The Baby and the positive impact on our relation, Princess and I.

Bricks III


Sunday, January 6, 2013.

After two weekends and a whole week in between I finally was alone again.
Okay, I admit, when I dropped Little A. early in the evening at her mother I felt very sad.
No Little A. to welcome me at home after a hard day at work, just a cold and dark apartment waiting for me every single evening. For the next two weeks.

She sensed I was on the verge of crying so Little A. put on her glasses she had gotten earlier that day, with flashing led lights in the frame.
It was funny and finally I ended up with tears of laughter instead of sadness.

I drove back home, took a shower and fetched Princess.

It had been a hectic day for her too and we finally had to make a run to be in time for the annual fireworks. Not that we would have missed something substantial. It was okay but not really breathtaking, your usual uninspired firework, a zillion tax euro’s exploding in LSD-like colors against a dark sky.

I had my hand on her behind and I felt she wasn’t wearing undies. Good girl I thought, you know what I want, what I desire.

We walked back to my place, I opened a bottle of Cava and we sat on the couch and we toasted like we always do, on love, on us.

Princess exchanged some text messages with her youngest daughter while I lit the candles and looked for an appropriate playlist on my computer.

“I want it, I need it,” Princess sighed, “it has been so long, please Milord, hurt me.”
Gently I collared her, then grabbed Princess by her hair and pulled her on the floor in a kneeling position.

I unzipped and offered Princess my erection.
Princess loves serving me this way. On her knees, her hands on my hips, my hand in her hair, moving her head in a way I get the most satisfaction of her mouth.

After a while I directed her to the back of my sofa, cuffed her and made her bend over, her arms on the backrest. Positioned her, kicking with my feet against her ankles until her legs where spread enough and her ass was at the good height.

Pulled her T-shirt up and unhooked her bra and lifted her skirt over her hips.
Her ass, her legs in silk stockings, so delicious, I love every inch of Princess’ body.

I caressed her buttocks and hit Princess’ shoulders with the flogger. Then her ass and I enjoyed watching Princess shiver in delight.

“More please, Milord,” she whispered.

Swapped the flogger for a real horse whip and after a few moments I slid my hand between her legs. Princess was wet and I felt her labia open under my touch. She wanted me, badly.

Entered her, my hands on her hips, pushing my nails in her skin, banging her like a madman.

Slid out, played some more with my whip and then moved on to the bamboo stick.
Hell, she sobbed, she sulked, she screamed while I drew red scars on her skin. Then I entered again, violently, fucking her as if I just came out of jail after 20 or so years in solitary confinement.

Saw some spots that weren’t red so I had to make some adjustments with a wooden spatula.

Slid out several times to add some red to her ass and attached the butterfly clamps on her labia while Princess made little sounds, happy, enjoying the pain, the intensity of our lovemaking while I dripped hot candle juice on her back adding an extra.

Finally I took her in the ass, Princess was so open for me it was an easy entry.
Felt how she came; just the idea me sodomizing her was enough to push her over the edge.

Princess fell on the floor, her legs rubber. Took her in my arms and laid her on my sofa. I took off the cuffs, the blindfold and the collar and held her in my arms, gently stroking her with the tip of my fingers.

Princess produced goose bumps, so intense, while I touched her skin gently with a piece of fur.

“Omg,” she said, my Princess, “I have missed this so much. I feel my body, I feel my skin burn, I feel so much alive. So loved by you.”

Unfortunately her youngest daughter got sicker and sicker, texting in despair so I told Princess that she should go back home, we have all the time, her kid needed her.

Princess texted back, I’ll be there in one hour.
Held Princess in my arms, told her she was everything, that I wanted her to be my wife, I wanted to grow old with her.

It was intense this exchange of feelings and words and Princess told me the things I did was sheer torture, her skin so sensitive and when I touch her she dies the little death.

Then it was time and I drove her home and we said goodbye and I drove home and I was alone.

We both felt bad though, how this evening ended as we both wanted to unwind but weren’t able to.

One day, somewhere in the future I won’t be anymore.  Princess will be at my side, every morning, every evening, every night.

I will be happy and complete every single second, every single day for the rest of my life.

With Princess.