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The search for an extra man continues…

I received quite a few reactions. Almost all tasteful. A few were beyond the scope, seeking for a Dom/sub relation. Maybe that is my fault, it is not easy to write an  ad. I don’t want to give false hopes or engage in something I know I don’t really want.

The basic idea is simple. The man, or men, I select, will help me play with a blindfolded Princess. I’ll be in charge of everything, concentrating on the SM part and give orders to my sidekick when and how to pleasure Princess sexually. This will lead to a threesome, something Princess and I enjoy. It would be great to explore my heteroflexibility even more but it is not the main goal.

Princess will be blindfolded mainly because it will intensify her experience. Being used during the threesome by an unknown man will be a maddening experience for the love of my life. Also I know that if I offer her to this unknown man in exchange for a fistful of Euro’s she’ll go berserk for sure.

As exceptions tend to prove the rule we’ll be meeting a man tomorrow evening at our club. Just a meet ‘n greet. But Princess will see that man so not only does he have to like us, I have to like him and she has to like him enough to have sex with him.

All the other candidates I’ll meet during the next few weeks.

We won’t be having threesomes every weekend. It will be a once in a blue moon event. I enjoy watching Princess having sex with another man. The idea she’ll be having sex with somebody different I like even more. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to organize an evening with 2 or 3. Oh boy, that would be grand.

Princess is supposed to write a short post about every encounter but I know she doesn’t have the time. I’ll be interviewing Princess on a regular basis and write it down for the blog.

So let me invite you. If you have a question for Princess, don’t hesitate. I’ll ask her.

Princess and I would love to interact more with you.


Thoughts – August 2, 2017

It was only somewhere in the beginning of June Princess was well enough again to play. It had been a rough 6, 7 months for her. A physical therapist did some good stuff. But starting a fitness program changed everything for Princess. Princess is building a harness of muscles around her hypermobile (hip)joints.

Past Friday, July 28, Princess and I went paddling in The Netherlands. On the Veerse Meer. Lake Veere is a huge lagoon in the province of Zeeland. In 1961 the Delta Works dam system partially cut it off from the North Sea. The Delta works were an answer to the 1953 flood killing 1836 in The Netherlands.

Princess and I kayaked some 4 hours and had a great time. Princess loves the fact I am now documenting our life on video.

Even if we can play hard again we can’t really. Little A., my 17-year old daughter, spends quite some time at my place. These past 2 weeks she has been continuously with me so Princess and I don’t have the quality time we used to have.

Yesterday she left for her mom and in a few days Little A. will be on a 10-day holiday in Croatia. I am really looking forward to have some very private time with Princess.

So we played, Princess and I and it was intense. I started with a good barehanded spanking. Moved to floggers and a cane. Tied her down. Used the fuck stick and the 13,500 rpm wand to pleasure her while tormenting her body with hot candle wax and clothes pins.

There was more like dirty talking, fucking and then some.

This morning we fucked again, over and over and over. Slept, woke up little before noon. The good old days of D/s and SM are finally coming back. I can’t speak for Princess but hell did I miss the playing, the SM, and the D/s. Like mad I did.

Thoughts – May 16, 2017

Just for the record, I love and respect Princess deeply.
My love, trust and respect for Princess is absolute.
What we have and share is beyond words.

I love what it does with my mind, my body when I take Princess. Her gaze, her body language, her submission when I spear her is pure beauty. It is something I never experienced before. Every single time we fuck and make love is a unique and mind-blowing experience.

Lately SM and rope have become more important and are replacing spanking, whipping and flogging as it is something we need to be careful with.
Well, except pussy spanking.

Inflicting pain and seeing Princesses’ reaction is a huge turn-on for me. The SM part is slowly evolving.
I like that.
I love giving pain.
I love creating a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Sometimes Princess begs me for pain. I like that very much.
There is something else though that pushes my buttons really hard. It is difficult to admit because on a simple level it might conflict with my deep love and respect for my wife to be. Ah, let’s cut the crap, Princess is my wife already.

I love to watch Princess being fucked by another man.
There, I said it.

Mind-blowing does not start to describe what I feel when I hold Princess and watch her being fucked by The Stranger. Feeling his thrusts go through Princesses’ body, her breasts dancing on his rhythm. He goes hard and deep and relentless, her moaning, sighs and pleasure of being used as a slut, make me hard and mad with desire. I feel no jealousy, just pleasure and a kick no extreme sport or drug would ever give me.
Stopping him, changing place, a few hard rips, then we swap places again.

Pain and rope

It is the second best thing I ever experienced. It pushes buttons I never knew existed. It is something I am barely able to describe.
Princess feels the same albeit for her it is about being used and reacting to my assignments.

If all goes well The Stranger will be our guest this Saturday. My slave will wear his cock cage. He’ll be serving me, he’ll be serving Princess. There will be rope and more.

After a while Princess will set his cock free.

We’ll end the evening with a threesome, our second one. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll do a double penetration. It will be a first for the three of us. I know it is one of Princesses’ most deepest fantasies. Mine too and I’m pretty sure my slave can’t wait either.

Next week, Tuesday in the late afternoon, Princess and I are going on a mid-week in the Belgian Ardennes.

We’ll be back Friday afternoon as Little A. is with me that weekend.
Saturday, Little A., Big A. and M. are invited at our place. Princess will be cooking one of my favorites: chili con carne.
We are going to celebrate the gift of live I received 58 years ago.

Soon after Princess and I will be exploring uncharted territory. It has been something we’ve been talking about for quite some time.

Princess agreed with desire and lust to visit a swingers club.
It will be a first for me. In her previous life Princess visited such a place a few times but for nothing more than watching.

I’ve already picked a club. It is in The Netherlands but not that far from where we live. They offer quite some interesting theme evenings. Unfortunately the hard-core swingers/BDSM evening is on a Friday evening. Our evening is Saturday but maybe we can find around that.

We told each other it is about a visit, watching others, being looked at ourselves. You know, the old voyeurism and exhibitionist stuff.

Yet Princess and I know that is not entirely true.

I would enjoy seeing Princess having a great time. With a woman, with an extra man or men.

What I’m not looking for is me having some kind of sex with another woman. I prefer being the puppet master, playing and creating a scene with Princess and others.

I prefer being in control. I am not interested in a fuck because it won’t push any of my buttons and besides, I only want to fuck Princess.

It is something I haven’t cleared my mind on yet. But that is exactly the fun of visiting uncharted territory.




Jizz, cum, spunk et al

Unless we are standing at someone’s deathbed we are blessed with not knowing when that final last time of something occurs.

A goodbye kiss before leaving work could very well be the last one. ‘Talk to you soon’ could be a wish never granted.

One evening, one morning, that I don’t remember, in January 2016 was the last time I ejaculated while having sex. The subsequent orgasm was mind-blowing. I remember the shivering, the gasping, the goosebumps and the tears of sheer happiness. Yes, the French say it correctly… la petite mort.
The little death.
It would be the last one for a very long time.

At that time ejaculating was already something that happened sparsely. On the other hand not ejaculating gave me divine powers. Hell, I can fuck for hours because I lack sexual relief. That is something good too. It is like a never-ending roller coaster. Princess loves to be fucked to kingdom come.

Sure, after the fucking I would lie next to Princess and jerk off. I would then ejaculate and Princess would drink me lustfully. Then Princess stopped drinking me. Not that she did not like it. Digestion was an issue and it took us some time to find out sperm was the reason why shortly after sucking me dry she had to…

So after the lovemaking, Princess exhausted after countless orgasm’s, holding her close against me, maybe a knee between her legs so she could ride me, I masturbated. Exploding on my belly, sometimes with such intensity I almost shot in my mouth.

As it had always been about pleasuring Princess I did not mind not being able to ejaculate. I considered my orgasms of minor importance. My pleasure was/is pleasuring Princess.

Don’t be fooled though. Let me put it this way, comparing it to whisky.
Masturbating is like drinking a blended whisky. Like J&B, just to name my favorite blend in that category.

Orgasming, ejaculating while having sex is like enjoying an exquisite and rare single malt whisky. An Islay Laphroaig Quarter Cask springs to mind. Or an Ardbeg Ten Years Old.
Pure of course. Maybe I’ll add a few drops of water to help and explode the flavors.

I cannot deny I do miss that kind of orgasm because sometimes it is good to think about your own pleasure too.

Almost April 2017.
Albeit still difficult, so not after 10 minutes or even half an hour, I have been experiencing the intense and mind-blowing pleasure of orgasming during intercourse again. For some reason I cannot comprehend my cock has become sensitive enough again to be able to ejaculate.

This morning, this Wednesday, March 29, I experienced an incredible orgasm and oh boy, have I missed this experience.
Big time.

I could not find my breath.
My body felt like it had become weightless.

Every nerve enjoyed the goosebumps.

I screamed.
I cried.
Yes, I felt the tears burning in my eyes.
Then I tasted how salty they were.

Thank you, Princess.
Oh boy…
You made me die and then I was reborn in your arms.
Such a gorgeous experience.

Bronica ETRSi with a 200mm lens and an Ilford HP5+ film


This evening

Saturday, 12:30

I went shopping this morning. Well, it is something I do every Saturday.  Yogurt to take with me at work, bananas and other stuff.
I rarely make a list of what I need. So I forgot to get some sugar for my coffee. Not a drama, I can do perfectly without it.

I got a bottle of excellent red wine, a Merlot. Oh yes, and a box of 12 rubbers. Durex Feel Sensual with extra lube. Princess does not need that extra lube but, well, I have something special in mind. Like in double penetration.

The young female cashier, obviously a student worker, blushed when she scanned the product and avoided eye-contact. It made me smile.

Back home I lifted the heavy mattress from our bed. Fastened some screws but was unable to find out why that damned bed is creaking that hard when we fuck.

Lowered the mattress again, jumped on the bed making some fuck-movements. Not sure if the squeaking is gone though.

I emptied the living room dinner table. It has the perfect height for some hard fucking.

Just received a call from my slave. He’s sneezing and his voice coarse. He works outside mainly and this past week has been cold, warm and cold and then false warm like sun but a chilly wind.
What a bummer.
He can’t come.
He tells me he is sorry. I understand. No problem albeit I was, we were, looking forward to this hot evening. And a second threesome.

So it is plan B for this evening.
We are going to the club for an intense play evening. Meet with some friends, have a few drinks. Do some spanking and flogging, you know, the kind you can’t do at home if you don’t want the local SWAT-team busting your door.

Thoughts – March 25, 2016

I haven’t been writing much for this blog lately. Princess and I still enjoy playing, being together, the D/s and especially the BDSM.

How many posts can I write about a good fuck, an intense spanking, a zillionth orgasm before repeating myself?

Sure, every time we play, Princess and I, it is a different experience for us. Yet not necessarily one that is interesting enough to write about.

I believe Princess and I excel in the way we talk and have an open and honest communication. I value that very much. Once in a while though being truthful can lead to a certain degree of disappointment. This is not a bad thing; it simply indicates you are not in perfect phase with the other person. Talking about it puts everything back in perspective.

Decades ago, it feels like another life, I somewhat dabbled with the world of swingers and, as a single man, had a couple of experiences. They were with a couple who occasionally invited a few men at their home to enjoy the wife. More than the fucking itself I enjoyed watching the others do their thing. The sexual freedom, sex in “public”, the hotness of swapping were also aspects that at that time I found very appealing.

At that time, I wished for a girlfriend that was also into swinging and the idea of visiting a swinger’s club with her gave me an instant boner.

It never happened though, not the girlfriend, not the clubs.

My life then went in another direction and I got married. It was (sexually) very dull and soon I sank in an almost constant state of depression. The birth of my two daughters the only lights in those dark years. After recovering from a burnout my life started to take form again. It would take another 5 years before I finally found the strength to break free from the dungeons of my marriage.
When I broke the chains I also killed the dark beast of depression that had been lurking in my head for almost two decades.

I lived alone for some time, had a relation and then finally met Princess. The path that brought me to Princess had been a hard one, but it was more than worth it.

Over the years my short-lived swinging “experience” faded to a point I did not want to pick up the remainders.
I had moved on and embraced, with Princess, the BDSM part of our sexuality.

The only memory that remained unspoiled and still extremely strong was the image of that woman being fucked by her hubby and the other visitor. The thought still sends hot and tantalising shivers through my body.

Countless are the fantasies I had where Princess was under my control in the presence of another man, also under my control. I imagined a thousand scenarios, one even hotter than the other.

I never told any of them to Princess.

Somewhere in the last months of last year our friends, K. & J., contacted us to see if we were open for a woman/woman scenario. Princess is not even bi-curious but the idea kind of tickled her fancy.

Princess and I did our homework and talked about it, what it would mean. About the impact on our relation.
About limits. I somewhat surprised Princess when I told her that for me, in a woman/woman situation, she was free to explore as much as she wanted and the limits only set by her curiosity.

A few days later I came clean with Princess and told her I would not say no to a BDSM based scenario with an extra man albeit with hard limits like 100% safe sex. I guess she was flabbergasted by what I told her but I felt great as I finally was able to talk about my most well guarded desires and fantasies. I felt relieved and even closer to Princess.

I also told Princess that if it where my call I would prefer a man/Princess scenario over a woman/Princess scene.

Princess and I looked forward to the w/w moment very much. Sir K. and I met and discussed a scenario and then all was set.

Unfortunately, J. had an accident a week before the event so it was called off. J. is still revalidating but getting there.

I am still not sure but I think Princess was somewhat relieved we didn’t go trough with it.

It did not keep me from fantasising about what became “The Stranger”. In short I would take Princess to a hotel room or something. Before entering the room, she would be blindfolded and we would play. Princess would be unaware of his presence until the right moment where he would touch her and so forth.

Over the months I build this scenario based on Princess’s reactions on the dirty talk I often use when we fuck.

We talked about this scenario on other occasions and Princess told me she would be uneasy and nervous but liked the idea exploring her sexuality even deeper. Princess agreed when I said I was sure it would even bring us closer and deepen our relation.

A few weeks ago Sir K. told us J. was doing well and they were looking forward to a new attempt.

Recently I got an invitation for a Spring Party based on the tales of Boccaccio’s the Decameron. I talked about it and told Princess I was pretty sure it was not a BDSM party but a swinger’s party. I did not want to waste money on buying a dark costume or renting a tux for the occasion. On the other hand, I wanted to go, finally witness a swinger’s party and I told Princess I would be open for more if the situation would be favorable for a variation on my “The Stranger” scenario.

As a matter of a fact I had already started setting up a hot and thrilling BDSM variation of “The Stranger” scenario, working on an add ensuring me to find a perfect dick.

A few days ago we talked again about the party on the phone. It is a whole different way of communicating and it has its place depending on the subject being discussed.

We talked about the party and about expanding our sexuality. I told her I preferred by far ‘The Stranger’ of woman/woman scenario over a visit to a swinger’s party.

Then Princess told me again she felt no need for such ventures and was quite happy with how things are. The occasional visit to the club, the playing at home, maybe finding another BDSM club.

We talked some more, looked at it from different angles and it became very clear to me Princess indeed felt no need to explore that part of our sexuality.

I respect her point of view and I am happy she came clear on this after giving me the wrong signals (or was it me interpreting them the wrong way?) I would hate myself forever if Princess did things more to please me than for her own pleasure.

Princess was honest yet I feel slightly disappointed but I am sure that will fade soon.

Here are a few images I took after a very intense scene at our place. It was one of the first times I used only the cane and a few warming up slaps with my hand. The second is biting.


February 27, 2016 Caning
February 27, 2016


February 27, 2016 Pinching
February 27, 2016

Almost bye, bye 2015

Yesterday, Tuesday, December 29th, I picked up Princess at her place. Ar and Bo are studying very hard. Their university exams closing in on them.
So Little Star tagged along. She liked Little A. , felt at home at my place and going to bed was not that hard.

The three of us then watched a movie. The Tourist with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.
Princess and I enjoyed her Christmas gift. A delicious Islay meets Speyside  ‘Two Cask’ Single Malt. To die for but after adding a few drops of water simply a divine drink. Princess and I adore a good whiskey.

Before going to bed we moved Star’s bed out of our room into the living room. We then made love, fucked rough and hard, and made love again. Several over Princess’s orgasm were given to her by cunnilingus. Hell, it is something I am addicted too and when Princess shaves her pussy completely my mouth and tongue simply go mad.
I turned the lights off at 23:50.

I slept rather well but Princess didn’t. She has a cold. Sniffing and coughing and sneezing.

At 6:15 the next morning Star was awake.
Fuck it.I got out of bed too, not that I needed to.

I had forgotten how tiring a preschooler can be. And then, wanting all the attention.
I am used having Princess exclusively to myself. With Star this is different, she sucks all the attention up. Mind you, she is adorable.

But my time with Princess, when Star is with us, is completely different and I find it difficult to handle. I am not used to share my time when I am with Princess.

Then again, Star keeps me young.
We’ll see.




Another hot weekend – Sunday

Sunday, December 06, 2015

I get out of bed, walk to the bathroom and do what I have to do. Walk back and crawl back in bed.
“I have to go too,” Princess sighs.

I close my eyes. Sleep, where are you?

We are walking though a long hallway, Princess and I. At one side huge paintings. Portraits of noblemen, knights, clergy. Lit moonlight falling through huge windows opposite the paintings.
I hold her hand, Princess in a gorgeous evening dress, me black tie.
Footsteps behind us.
“Come,” I whisper and pull Princess into a recess.
I hold Princess’s, her back towards me. Quickly I slide a blindfold over head.
“Make no sound,” I insist.
The footsteps stop.
“Is she hot?”
“Yes,” I answer.
“Good.” The voice is deep, very masculine. “But I want to make sure.”
“Be my guest.”
I kick against Princess’s ankles, opening her legs. Princess shivers when I grab her hair and pull her head back, her ear near my mouth.
“Lift up your dress,” I hiss, my voice hoarse in excitement. “But do it sl

Found on http://uncommondominator.tumblr.com/
Found on http://uncommondominator.tumblr.com/

“Mmmm,” Princess mumbles when she gets back in bed.
Her body is warm, soft and delicious.
I am hard. I am aroused by what trickled in my imagination just before embracing sleep.

Princess’s phone beeps. She sighs, checks it then crawls as close as she can against me, falls asleep. I feel my cock press painfully against the small of her back. The bedroom is filled with the smell of sex. It is still dark outside.

Oh fuck it, I think and push Princess on her back, push her legs apart with my knee and slide in her. I move ever so slowly.
“Oh, Milord, this is simply delicious,” she says with a sleepy voice.

I fuck and fuck and Princess laces one orgasm after another. I go on for ten, maybe fifteen minutes.

“Sleep,” I tell her and lie next to her, spoon her, my hands around Princess.

It is about ten.
We wake up.

“Good morning, Princess,” I say with a smile while sliding my hard cock in her hungry and wet core.
“Good morning, Milord.”
Once again we make love and fuck and make love.
I can’t stop.
This feels so good.
I could go on fucking Princess till I drop dead.

After her thirtieth-something orgasm I roll of her. Lie on my back.
Princess kisses me, sitting on all fours.
I reach out, between her thighs. She is wet. We kiss, I slide my finger in her, then two while my thumb teases her clit.
She moans, whimpers, sighs and I notice how all what I do has a maddening effect on Princess.

“Imagine,” I say, “pushing my fingers even deeper, “being fucked by a stranger? Can you feel his hands on your hips while you kiss me?”
Princess closes her eyes, bites her lips. My words torment her fantasy.

“Can you imagine how I would enjoy feeling his movements trough your body, your breasts bouncing? Your lips on my slightly moving on his rhythm? Do you feel his fingernails in your skin?”

I feel her pussy tightening round my fingers.

“Would you enjoy sucking my cock while being doggy fucked by a stranger, slut?” I grunt.

The effect is instantaneous.
I feel her juices run along my fingers, forearm.
Then Princess collapses next to me.
Breathless she is, Princess.
Exhausted she is, the poor thing.

I go on and on. Fucking and mind playing Princess.

Finally, I pleasure myself while Princess licks my nipples. I cum, she drinks it with pleasure and love.
We kiss and I taste myself. So fucking hot.
Yet is it not the same anymore.
Pleasuring, torturing, pushing Princess to her limits, is far more pleasurable and satisfying than my orgasm.

We get out of bed and shower.

Little A. is already studying in the living room.
I make coffee.

Then we leave, I have to drop Princess at her place. But first we go shopping. It has been a while since we did this very mundane thing.

I love every second of it.
After all I am with Princess.
She is my life, my world.
Princess is my Holy Grail.
My everything.

Found on http://deccadent.com/ (c) Marc Dorcel
Found on http://deccadent.com/
(c) Marc Dorcel

Broomsticks and dildos

Using my leather gloves is fun and not only for spanking. As I wrote in a previous post : “The distance they create, making the acts much more sexual, has some kind of a positive effect on me I don’t understand yet.

I still don’t understand why I find the distance so sexy but I created a new toy using the same principle : distance and impersonal sex.

Yesterday I went shopping and found a fancy looking broomstick. It is 130 cm (51.1811 inch) and creates quite a distance.

Back home I took an old anal/vaginal vibrator I don’ use much. Screwed off the cap that seals off the battery compartment and drilled a hole in it.
I attached it to one end of the stick with a screw and then I mounted the vibrator back on the cap.

Checked if it was safe to use.

Now I have a long fucking stick for very impersonal actions.

Wow, imagine Princess on all fours, me sitting on the couch behind her and pleasuring Princess.

Hell, I could even pass the stick around on some occasion with a blindfolded Princess being the center of all attention.

If we both like it I’ll get a penis shaped dildo to replace what  I’m using now.

The "Fuckstick" - Princess's side
The “Fuckstick” – Princess’s side
The "Fuckstick" - My side
The “Fuckstick” – My side

Table Lamp

Our bed had at least 4 pillows. Princess took her own special one with her so finally there were five of them.

The room itself was situated under the roof and had a few old wooden beams.

On one of our first evenings, I tied Princess’s wrists together and then pulled her arms up and tied the rope to one of the beams.

Room 22 with the table lamps. This photo of La Ferme de la Gronde is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Room 22 with the table lamps.
This photo of La Ferme de la Gronde is courtesy of TripAdvisor

After a few minutes of flogging and caning, I did not dare to use my hand for spanking because of the noise it generated, Princess used her safe word. She did not feel well and when I untied her I noticed how her skin felt damp and hot.

For a while we rested on the bed. Then Princess kissed me and I kissed her back. Soon my hands were traveling over her delicious body.

I moved, pushing her legs apart with my knee, pinning Princess down with my hands on her upper arms.
I wanted her to feel, to know whom was in charge and pushed myself deep in her longing core.

She gasped when I speared her savagely.
Princess buried her mouth against my left upper arm to muffle her shrieks. Sucked and bit while I ripped her apart with my hard cock.

My upper arm a few days after Princess made a hickey or bit in my flesh.
My upper arm a few days after Princess made a hickey or bit in my flesh.

For a moment we were distracted when one of the pillows slid from the bed, hitting the table lamp. It fell on the ground and broke in two pieces.

“Oh my”, Princess whispered.
“Don’t worry”, I growled.

Then I slapped her jaw and ordered her to cum.

Princess is a good girl and she did just that. I felt her juices run over my thighs.

What a hot feeling.
I went on and on.
Princess came and then came again.

Boy was I happy I had spread the mattress protector on the bed.

We fucked for what seemed a zillion years.
My hand on her throat, choking Princess, she came.
I kissed her, Princess came.
I slapped her jaw, Princess came.
I simply ordered her to come and Princess came.

Later on that evening or was it already night, I don’t remember, we took a shower and went to bed and slept, like we always do, very well.

The next morning I told the landlord we broke the table lamp by accident.
“Okay”, she said.
The next few days, during breakfast, we could see the lamp standing on a table in the kitchen. Almost as a reminder or a punishment, kind of look what you have done.

Way to soon our holiday was over. We had breakfast one last time.
Then we packed, Princess and I.
Entered the B&B for one last time to pay our bill.
They added 20€  for the lamp.
“You can take it with you if you so desire”, the lady said.
I opened my mouth but Princess was very ad rem that morning.
“Nous prenons la lampe”, my love replied.

So this afternoon I glued the two pieces together and gave it a place in our bedroom.
On the chest of drawers filled with our toys.

It is not the most beautiful table lamp of the world but it is a part of our story.
A souvenir.

Something to tell her grandchildren on a drunk evening.
“That hideous table lamp? Well, we broke it, years ago, in France, while I was fucking your grandma silly.”

Yeah, I like that kind of stories.

Table Lamp
Table Lamp