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Thoughts – January 19, 2018

Recently the guy I selected to become The Stranger 3 wrote me a mail informing me politely he was not interested anymore.  His lack of experience with BDSM and threesomes was the cause for his concern.
I respect his decision and I’m still following him on Fet.

Princess and I have a playdate with The Stranger 1 on February 13 at his place. The Stranger wants to discover and explore his Dominant side. I’ll make sure the scenario will offer him enough opportunities to do just that.

The Stranger 1 also expressed his wish to accompany us to Club 78. That’s great.
On our very first date with The Stranger 1, over a year ago, we took him to PDN. He enjoyed the visit but he was too shy and insecure to play with us in public.

In Club 78 we can move to the Upper Floor and play in a more private setting.

I’m happy with The Stranger 1. We don’t meet often and that is okay for the three of us. But he makes himself gladly available when Princess and I want to play.
He’s single so this could change over time. On the other hand, I know he would love to meet somebody in the lifestyle. So who knows, maybe one day we’ll be 4 playing together.

This time it was Princess who asked me to set up a playdate with The Stranger 1. I’m perfectly okay with that and it does not make me feel insecure or threatened in any way. Besides, when we visit a swingers club it mostly is because Princess proposed it. After all, as she is the active player, I prefer going when Princess really hot and good.

At the moment I’m working very hard on a collection of eBooks based upon our blog.

I self-published “Princess and I, The Early Years” less than a year ago. The free e-book has been download 141 times already.

It is quite some work so maybe I’ll charge like 0,99$ or so, I’m not sure yet.

Tomorrow in the early evening my Ex invited both our daughters and me at her place. It about my Ex moving. This will/could mean Little A., soon to be 18, will be living almost full time with me during the remainder of her studies. That would be quite nice.

This will have a huge impact on me as I’ve been living alone for the past 11 years. Well except for the 2 weekends a month and the half of the school holidays. My daughter and I will surely have to adapt.

Another very important impact and probably the most important will be the lack of privacy at my place for Princess and me to play.

I have come up with a few possible solutions. But for now, the meeting hasn’t happened yet so I have no idea what will be discussed.
More on this topic in later posts.

Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

Club78 – Such a Night  

We arrived early, Princess and I and had to wait until the doors opened.

Eager we were, Princess and I. Pleasure, love, SM. Being amidst kindred spirits.

My bag weighed like a zillion tons. Rope, whips, candles, fleeces, clothes pins, carabineers…

Portrait of Princess.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

At the bar we had a few drinks. Then we went to the Upper Floor. It is a collection of rooms on the first floor. A confessional chair, a “hospital room”, a gynaecological chair, cells…

I locked Princess in on of the cells while I prepared the room I had chosen.

Then I grabbed her. Pushed her on her knees. Tied a box-tie. Used rope to attach her ankles to the base of the St Andreas cross.

I played with clothespins. Then did another tie. Princess loves rope. And I love to tie her up. I moved to some intense whipping with my new toy, a horsetail’s flogger. It stings, it hurts, it bites. The flogger gives quite a lot of sensations. I know, Princess whipped with it the next morning.

TK or boxtie.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

There were other people playing on the Upper Floor. A young dude with two cat-looking girls. Lucky bastard.

I noticed an elderly man whom regularly came watching while he masturbated. I don’t care as long as he does not ejaculates near us.

It was an intense SM-play I did with Princess.
Pain. Suffering. Love. Pain. and more love.

We played for over 2 hours, Princess and I.

Before we went back to the bar Princess sat down on the gynaecological chair.

Wow. Hot.

I could imagine us being at a swingers club. So many possibilities.

But we weren’t.
So I slid her panty to one side and started licking Princess.

The masturbating guy showed up again and played with his cock near Princesses face.

Princess orgasmed and then we went back to the bar.

I do understand that when you accept single men to your club some of them can become a nuisance.

Princess and I thrive on those men when we are at a swingers club but in a BDSM-scene I don’t like that kind of attention.

Shortly before midnight we left, Princess and I.
We had a great evening.

Back home we made love and then we slept well.

This morning we made love again while we fantasized about The Stranger, about us, about swinger stuff.

Wax Play.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

Princess, two men, a woman, and I

Saturday evening, December 23.

Christmas is lurking around the corner.
Princess felt like going to a swingers club. It will be our second visit.

Around nine we arrive at Club A. Cars enter the parking lot in a steady pace. Single men, couples.

We change, have a drink. The place isn’t that crowded yet so it is clear there are more men than women. That’s okay. This is not a couples swingers club. It is for active couples, read active women.

We enjoy our drinks. The music is great. Eighties and nineties stuff.

Then I see this man standing at the bar. He seems okay.
I lead Princess to him.
I say hi and ask him if he likes her.
He does. I am not surprised.

“Feel her, touch her,” I encourage him and I stand behind Princess and grab her arms pulling them back. I put my other hand around her throat.

His hand slides under her dress. Princess moans, sighs. Grabs my cock and with her other hand his dick.

There is this woman standing next to us. She smiles, watches us.
“Your wife is so beautiful, you are a lucky man.”
I nod.
“May I join in?” she asks.
Without her noticing I check wordless with Princess. She sighs yes.

She touches gently Princesses’ breasts, kisses her. Then crouches and starts licking Princess.
Princess is about to lose it.

After a few minutes the woman stops, smiles and turns around giving her attention to her partner.

“You want to fuck her?” I ask the man.
“Oh yes,” he stammers, “she is so beautiful, what a body.”
“Come,” I command and grab Princesses’ hair.

I lead her to a spot in the club that is more lit that the others corners and alcoves. There are 4 mattresses.

I push Princess on the bed.

“No kissing and safe sex,” I tell them man.
“Of course, that is quite obvious” he says.

He is fingering her, I am kissing Princess while I squeeze her breasts.
He grabs a rubber and then he is fucking Princess.
The man goes hard and rough.
The way my love likes it.
Princess comes. Comes and then again.

She has lost all control and is enjoying the fuck very much.

Not only the three of us are having a ball.
At least 15 men and a few couples are watching us.

Princess has noticed too. It is interesting to see how it changes her demeanor. She makes more sexy noises, spreads her legs, grabs her stiletto’s.
Princess is now a porn star, giving a show while enjoying the fuck.

She pushes the guy away, smiles at me and with a quick kiss on my lips she turns around.
Princess is now on all fours. Waving her ass to the men watching.

Most of them are masturbating. Hell, I would too if I were watching.

The guy grabs her hips and pushes himself deep in Princess.
My love has now lost it completely.

Then he decides to finish off in her ass.

Princess screams, sighs, moans and comes for a zillionth time.

He thanks us and we stay on the bed, Princess and I and we kiss and I caress Princess.
We go to the shower and then back to the bar.

There is this guy who walks over. He has seen us when we visited the club for the first time a few weeks ago. He tells me how lovely he thinks Princess is. It is clear he’s hitting on her.

I’m willing to let him fuck Princess. Then he becomes a little pushy, puts his hand on her behind.

So I tell him maybe I’ll ask him later on and make clear his presence isn’t required anymore.

Princess starts dancing.
The woman who has been licking her comes to me and tells me how beautiful Princess is.

It is her first time at the club. She tells me she is into 24/7 extreme BDSM. I tell her our dynamic is BDSM too. She asks a few questions. It is clear that what we do is child’s play to her. Hell, it is not a contest.
Then she tells me she doesn’t see me as a Dom kind of guy.
I couldn’t care less what she thinks.

Princess is dancing with two women. It is hot and sexy as hell. They are hitting on each other just for the heck of it.

It is so great to see how Princess is enjoying herself, free and sexually liberated.

Later we hit on the guy whom came with the woman who licked Princess.

Shortly after we are in a room. He is sucking one breast and fingering Princess and I am kissing her and then sucking her other breast.

Princess orgasms.
She is very wet and the guy likes that.

Princess grabs his cock and wants to suck him. I tell him to grab a rubber and he is flabbergasted by the request.
Okay, suit yourself, suck you own dick, I think.

Then the woman joins us. Soon Princess and she are kissing, then the woman licks Princess.

It is hot. She also takes my cock in her mouth. I don’t like that though. I want to be in control and I have no desire to fuck other women.

So I pull Princess on top of me. She rides me.
I tell the guy to get a rubber so Princess can fuck him too. Surprisingly he can’t get it hard.

The woman moved behind Princess and licks her ass.

Moves back and kisses Princess while she rides me. Everybody in the club is standing around watching us.

The it comes and I orgasm. Princess smiles, kisses me, gets off me and starts licking and fingering the woman.

Wow, this is extremely hot and I could never have imagined Princess going that far with a woman.
Oh boy, I’ve got the hottest and most sexy woman in the whole world. No, make that the Universe.

Then the woman invites Princess to help her suck another cock. There are no rubbers used so I tell Princess. So nothing happens.
I need to keep an eye on Princess. She doesn’t see well went lights are dim and I know she does not want to practice unsafe sex.

We take a shower, enjoy 15’ in a hot sauna and then the Jacuzzi.

Shortly after one we leave.
We had a great evening.

We sleep well, Princess and I.

This Sunday morning we make love. Then I grab a cane an punish Princess for being a dirty little slut. She loves every blow with the cane and I push her deep into subspace.
Then I make love to her again.
Her orgasms are intense and very wet.

At noon I drop Princess at her place.
Princess will be back around 5 or 6 this late afternoon with Little Star. Little Star is her grandchild and foster child.

We’ll be celebrating Christmas eve, the three of us.

Merry Christmas, dear Readers.

Shinju style chest harness variation.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

Sometimes shit happens

Saturday, December 9.
For this evening I had planned a play evening with Princess at The Stranger’s place. He and I had exchanged ideas by mail.

The scenario I had created was scorching hot. Princess would be dominated and used. Spanking, rope, cock sucking, crawling, begging, fucking and finally a threesome. The works.

This morning I packed my bag with a few floggers, the fuck stick, a few vibrators, some rope and rubbers. Of course I did not forget Princesses’ red kneeling cushion, collar, and leash.

Then I texted The Stranger asking if 21:00 would be okay. In fact I hadn’t heard from him since Monday when I mailed him instructions. He had answered me he hardly could wait.

Half an hour later The Stranger texted me back. He could not receive us because past night he suddenly had become ill. He told me he was very sorry but we could meet on another weekend.

It would have been our fifth play evening.
Sure, shit does happen.
Yet I was almost certain this would happen. It was not the first time he cancelled a play evening on a last-minute notice.

I needed to reschedule and texted Princess a few options. 
We both felt very unhappy as we were really looking forward for some hot action.

This evening I am taking Princess to a sauna we visit quite often.
Yet I would have loved going to a swingers club. For some reason though I did not put in my list of proposals for Princess.
I don’t know why and now I’m kind of regretting it.

Ah well, sauna is great too.


Thoughts on next Saturday, December 9

It has been a long day. A day of cleaning and making sure his place is shining and neat. It takes his thoughts away from what is about to happen. Hell, he would be masturbating all day by the mere idea.

He hasn’t though. Now he is hot as hell and his throbbing cock painfully hard. Deep in his balls the jizz feels like scorching hot magma. His cock is in desperate need to erupt.

Finally it is evening. Almost nine o’clock.
The doorbell rings.
The Stranger smiles. Franco is a man of many qualities. Being spot in time is one of them.

He opens the door.
Franco extends a greeting hand.
Their shake is firm and warm.
“Please do come in.”

Franco enters. Princess follows him. Franco has her on a leash. She keeps a submissive posture, eyes down. Doesn’t say a word.

Inside Franco takes off her coat. Princess is wearing cuffs on her ankles and wrists. High heels, black stay-ups, a dark green skirt with an edge of black lace. A white blouse with buttons all the way down.

No bra The Stranger notices. Her nipples are hard and very visible through the thin fabric.

With a short yank of the leash Franco directs Princess to the sofa.
“Drop your cushion here,” he says.
He sits down and positions the red pillow.
“Yes Master,” she says. Since some time now Princess has expressed her wish to be not only his submissive but also his slave.

Princess complies. Her behind on her heels, hands on her knees. It is a position she can hold for quite some time.
Princess rests her cheek on Franco’s thigh. It is so cozy. It makes her feel safe.

Princess is so very happy. Over the years her Master has opened a whole new world for her. BDSM and sex is a huge candy store in which she enjoys tasting everything. A world where is as free as a butterfly.

She feels his soothing hand on her head, caressing her with deep love and care.

A year ago, after delving deep in her most secret fantasies, her Master had unearthed another box.

All her adult life Princess had been aware of its existence. She had stored that box in an almost unreachable place. It was her Pandora’s box and it held unlimited sexual freedom. Nobody had found it because she would not let it.
Until a year or so ago.

Deep down she knew her Master would be the worthy finder and owner of this treasure. Princess knew he would lead and protect her with respect and love.

So she let her Master find it. Unearth it and open it.

And as Princess had hoped with some fear, he had unleashed her sexuality. He had helped her discover and explore that new-found freedom. It was an arousing sexual freedom and it liberated the slut in her.

It had taken time though. Princess always had known being used made her very hot and did things to her body and mind she could hardly explain. Obviously she had to overcome a part of her upbringing that stood in the way.

Her Master had been patient and respectful. Her Master had guided her, letting her take one step at the time.

Little over a year ago Princess had experienced the joy of sex for pleasure and lust with another man.

Her Master had introduced The Stranger. She had sucked his cock and he had fucked her while her Master watched and then participated.

Princess had seen the pleasure and lust in her Master’s eyes while he read the same in hers.

After that he made her discover the pleasures of a threesome. Being fucked while sucking dick had been a maddening experience.

After that he had introduced yet another man, The Stranger 2. He too had fucked and used her hard while her Master gave directions and simply enjoyed watching.

Then her Master had taken her to a swingers club. Princess discovered a new kind of candy store. That evening he let two men, not together though, fuck her and she almost lost her mind. It was a mind-blowing experience.
It had brought them closer than ever and their trust became absolutely unbreakable.

Princess closes her eyes and enjoys the warmth of her Master’s thigh on her cheek.

“Drinks?” The Stranger asks.
The evening is about to start. Princess knows her Master and The Stranger will use her as the slut she is. She will do her very best to please them both and obey every order her Master gives.

The thought makes her wet already.
She can hardly wait.





The Stranger – 5th installment

 My youngest daughters decision with whom she stays for the weekend can be a last-minute one.
This has an influence on our plans. It is particularly true when I want to invite a 2nd man like The Stranger.
I hate to cancel last-minute.
So why not organise a play evening at his place?
I visited The Stranger at his place a couple of weeks ago. We talked and made plans and finally decided we would play at his place.
Those who follow my blog know The Stranger is a submissive man.
The Stranger surprised me when he told me he wanted to discover his Dominant side too. The Stranger has a huge collection of BDSM comics where women are sex slaves. Think Erenisch Comics for example.
So I’ll be coaching him and I like that idea. It is a honour to do this and have his trust.
I liked the idea of creating a scene at his house as it offered quite some erotic possibilities. Princess wants to discover her fuckslut alter ego. I am more than happy to guide and lead Princess.
Saturday, December 9, we’ll be playing at The Stranger’s place.
My scenario for that evening will be loosely based on the older and better clips of The Upper Floor by kink.com.
It will be about BDSM but I’ll present Princess as the ultimate fuck slut. Two very horny men and a tied up woman is a great and hot combination.
I can’t tell more because Princess reads my blog and I want to keep the evening a secret.
On December 9 I will ring the bell at The Stranger’s apartment.
I’ll have Princess with me. Collared and on a leash.

First Swingers Club Visit – Post scriptum

Yesterday it dawned on me I had forgotten a detail in my account of the swingers club visit.

An important detail as a matter of fact. We haven’t turned into swingers overnight. Princess and I are still hard-core BDSM lovers.

Back home from the club I made love to Princess. It was very intense, caring and loving but also hard and rough. The way Princess and I like it.

We had to take 5. We needed to catch our breath.
Princess and I kissed, our hearts pounding as mad.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Milord?” Princess sighed.
I hadn’t a clue and told her so.
“Maybe you should punish me. Haven’t I been a very bad girl?” she smiled.

This one of the many reasons why I am so much in love with Princess. She has it all. Princess is pure and perfect.

I knew what Princess wanted. I got out of bed and grabbed my cane.
“Turn around, on your belly,” I growled.
I started with some teasing and a few gentle blows.

“You have been a very bad and dirty girl, fucking around like that,” I told her, increasing the impact of the blows. I made sure I hit her on the same spot over and over. Then I moved half an inch and started again.

Soon Princesses’ delicious behind was deep red. She looked at me with a deep smile, eyes half open. For the zillionth time this evening Princess was enjoying deep sub-space.

I called it a night and covered Princesses’ naked body. Gently I kissed her neck and shoulder blades.

Princess moaned and was asleep before I killed the lights.


First Swingers Club Visit – Thoughts

Our first visit to a swingers club left Princess and I with a jumble of sensations and stimuli.
I needed a few days to separate all my impressions and put them in order.
So did Princess.

Princess told me she enjoyed herself so much it had staggered her.
It came as no surprise to me.

The many mind-fucks, finally leading to The Stranger(s) and the threesomes, revealed Princesses’ dark fantasies about being used.
With a few threesomes at our place, a safe and controllable environment, I gave Princesses’ desires a manageable shape.
I discovered that watching Princess having sex with another man is a hot and mind blowing experience. Simply organizing such an event makes me very horny already.

Furthermore it brings us even closer and deepens in some crazy way the intense connection we already have. I don’t feel jealous or threatened.
Seeing how Princess enjoys being fucked and used convinced me to explore this more in-depth.

Princess told me she was feeling so sexy, desired, and horny she could have fucked the whole club that evening.

The first man that evening alternated licking and fucking. I remember him asking at a certain point what she wanted most: licking or more fucking.
“More fucking,” she whispered barely audible.
While he started thrusting again, Princess found my eyes.
“I love you, Milord,” she sighed smiling, and sank her teeth deep in my shoulder.

She floated in what seemed like a continuous state of sub-space.

Princess told me she had been looking forward visiting a swingers club for some time. She added the experience had been overwhelming. It had astonished her how much she had enjoyed it. How she had learned something unexpected about herself.
Princess added she wanted to repeat the experience.

For me visiting a swingers club had been on my wish list for a few decades.

Sharing this with Princess was an honor.
The experience exceeded my fantasy. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Presenting Princess to another man as a fuck toy made me so horny it drove me almost crazy. The power of being able to do that gave me indescribable pleasure.
Watching Princess being fucked maddening.
I felt self-confident.
Turning Princess into a fuck slut, an ongoing process, extremely satisfying.
Seeing how men reacted to Princess, with distinct lust, made me very proud of the love of my life.

Princess and I felt like ducks to water.

On the negative side I found the dim light took some of my visual pleasures away.

On our way back home the longing to make love to Princess was painfully unbearable. The thought of making love to Princess, with the smell and taste of sex all over her, maddening to an extent my brain felt like exploding.

This adventure brought us closer than anybody can be. The level of trust between us even more absolute. I don’t think one can do something like that and not trust each other.

My love for Princess has deepened even more. Our bond now exceedingly unbreakable.

It was a totally positive experience for the both of us and it left us hungry for more.

First Swingers Club Visit – Part 2

There we were, Princess and I, lying next to each other in a dark alcove. Princess was sighing and moaning while a man was licking her.
Princess grabbed my hand. In the dim light I could see her looking at me. She squeezed my hand, arched her back and came mumbling thank you.
“Oh…” and came again.
And again.
On the way back home she told me this guy was fingering her ass while licking her. A maddening experience she added. Duly noted my dear. 
“Can I fuck your girlfriend?” he asked.
“Sure,” I told him, “be my guest.”
He grabbed a condom and swiftly penetrated Princess.
The man fucked her hard. Very hard.
At the sound of it he seemed to have a very good time.
“Ain’t she a great fuck? ” I asked.
“Oh yes,” he growled, “oh god, her pussy is so tight. You are a lucky son of a bitch, having such a delicious girlfriend.”
My question had encouraged him even more. He was pounding Princess harder and harder.
Princess screamed and sighed while trying to kiss me.
After a short while he pulled out and started licking again. It made Princess come and then some more.
Licking & fingering ass.
The man went on and on, insatiable it seemed.
Then he pulled out again.
“What do you want,” he asked, “being licked or fucked?”
“Fuck me,” Princess whispered.
Her words made me rock-hard with desire.
The man went on. Alternating the fucking with licking and fingering her ass.
His breathing intensified.
He started moving slower.
Then he pushed his pelvis forward, penetrating Princess as deep as possible.

I kissed Princess while he came.


Then it was over.
He thanked us, got rid of his condom and disappeared. Throughout the evening though he was always in our immediate surroundings. Winking, giving a thumb up, smiling. He even held Princesses’  hand unsolicited while she was having sex with another man. I had to chase him away.

Back at the bar we ordered new drinks. Went to the small movie theater. On the silver screen a happy looking rastaman was fucking a big breasted woman. She had a lot of dark pubic hair and we both found it rather erotic.


Single men were running around, hard cocks in their hands, masturbating.
Some glory holes had penises sticking out of them. Nobody cared. Princess told me if one of these nameless cocks had a condom around it she would have sucked it.
That’s my girl.
Back at the bar we enjoyed observing the dance floor.
hen I noticed him.
A middle-aged man sitting at the bar. He looked okay albeit somewhat nerdy.
“I promised I’d pick a guy for you to fuck, ” I told Princess.
“Yes, you did and a promise is a promise, ” she smiled.

“Come,” I said and we moved to the other side of the bar, next to where the guy was sitting.
I ordered two cokes.
I started kissing Princess, turning her back towards him while I moved my hand to her buttocks.

Then, in one swift movement I turned Princess and myself around. She was now facing the guy and I was standing behind her.
“Isn’t she a doll?” I asked to the guy.

“Oh yes,” he stuttered, completely taken off guard.


“Touch her, feel how soft and warm her ass is,” I encouraged him, turning Princess around once again.
Hesitantly he put his hand on her hip and then moved to her ass.
“Take it slow now,” I smiled, “enjoy, don’t be greedy.”
Princess started kissing me while the man’s hands explored her buttocks.
I turned her around again so she was facing the man.

We chitchatted and he told us it was his first time. He divorced after 20 or so years. Blah blah blah…
I lowered a cup from her bra and he bent forward, licking her nipple.
Princesses tongue danced around mine. I was having a ball, playing with this man’s desires.
From the corner of my eye I noticed how Princesses’ hand found its way in the man’s boxer. She pulled out his dick and started playing with it.
Soon he had his hand in her pantie. He was making the right moves as Princess held me tighter and closer.
I noticed how we had the full attention of another couple. I guess for a first time Princess and I were doing very well.
For a moment I hoped this couple would in some way connect with us later on as I fancied the woman. That did not happen though.
The man was now completely swept away with what was happening.
Then I covered Princesses’ breast.
He looked at me, astonished. Princess still had his cock in a firm grip, moving her fist up and down in a very slow, teasing pace.
Before he could say something I asked him if he enjoyed eating pussy.
He said yes, stumbling over his words, the poor man.
I turned to Princess.
“It is your lucky evening,” I smiled.
I grabbed her hair and told the man to follow us.
Most of the private booths were already taken. One had two beds and there was an unoccupied mattress. .
I pushed Princess down on the bed and removed her string. I spread her legs and told the man to make her cum at least two times. I promised he could fuck her after accomplishing the task.
I held Princess in my arms and she played with my cock while the guy did his very best.
Then Princess came.
And then a second time.

It was not as intense as with the ass-fingering guy but it were good ones she told me afterwards.


He looked at me.
“Grab a rubber”, I told him.
Soon he was fucking the love of my life.
Princess and I close, eyes locked in each other.
I felt every stroke.
Then he came.
Thanked us.
I started fingering Princess.
Then guy number one appeared out of nowhere. Dropped his boxer hoping Princess would suck him.
“Go away,” I said.
“Okay. Sorry.”
Another guy was caressing Princesses leg. He looked okay.
For a moment I hesitated.
I almost told him to grab a rubber and fuck Princess.
But it had been enough for a first visit.
I wanted to make sure Princess was okay.

It was almost midnight. There was the loud music. The disco ball. People having fun.


“Let’s go home, ” I told Princess. “I am longing for you. I want to make love to you. I want to make you mine again.”


“I want to be yours only, ” Princess whispered.

“Back home you’ll get in bed immediately,” I growled. “No showering, understand? I want to make love with while I taste and smell the other men on you. You hear me?”
Princess shivered and grabbed my hand. Kissed me for what seemed like eons. 
It was the  perfect answer.
To be continued
Illustration via Wikimedia Commons

First Swingers Club Visit – Part 1

I picked Princess up at 7 pm. She looked gorgeous in her red coat. A broad and happy smile.
Princess is a natural beauty. She does not need make-up. Yet she had used some in a very discrete way. It made Princess even more beautiful and radiant.
Earlier that day I had texted Princess telling her what I wanted her to wear. Also, if she had the time, polishing her nails red would be great. I added the goal was for her to feel very sexy and desirable.
I hadn’t told Princess where I was talking her but later that evening she told me she had a hunch. Adding that she had hoped it would be, finally, the swingers club.
When I first met Princess, over 6 years ago, I sensed she was a submissive, impatient to be born.
I had and have the incredible honor to introduce and guide Princess in the world of BDSM.
Later, preparing The Stranger fantasy, I became quite sure Princess was open for far more.
Princess liked the idea of visiting a swingers club but only in some kind of D/s dynamic. Like me choosing a guy for her and so on. She did not like the idea of going for sex only.
Yet deep down I was sure Princess would enjoy just that: being used, the sex.
We arrived at the club at little past 9.
On the parking lot quite some Dutch license plates. The Netherlands are only a few miles away.
We entered the club.
Entry fee was 40 Euro for the both of us.
Drinks included.
The guy asked if we were first time visitors.
He gave me a key for our locker and a short explanation.
Also he told us to warn him if we encountered a pushy man. Such behavior was not tolerated at the club.
This I found on the website of the club :
This is not a couples only club. Couples are supposed to mingle with the single men. The club would make sure single men did not overcrowd. Couples whom have a problem with that are better of in other, couple only, clubs.
Couples where the man is more active than the wife are not welcome.
The club’s niche is threesomes and group sex.
That’s why I chose this club.
Princess and I got ready.
I was wearing only a black boxer-shirt.
“It seems to me the tables have turned,” Princess chuckled.
I smiled.
In BDSM clubs Princess is the one being naked most of the time.
Now I was almost naked while Princess was wearing sexy lingerie.
At the bar we ordered wine. There was a pole, a disco ball and seventies & eighties music. Lots of people of all ages except for very young people.
We walked around the place.
There was a small cinema with a few chairs and a huge bed in front, under the silk screen.

They projected old porn flicks. Hairy cocks and pussies and natural looking women. Blacks with huge cocks.


I closed my eyes.
For a moment I imagined Princess there, on the bed, with a few men and me.  A gang bang maybe.
People watching.
Men jacking off.
Princess wet and horny, moaning, panting and being fucked and fucked and then some more.
Oh boy.

We continued our visit of the place.
Glory holes, a jacuzzi, showers, small rooms and bigger rooms. Cupboards with towels and like a zillion condoms.
Not that much light.
I felt good and comfy and so did Princess. For me this was a very old fantasy/dream finally coming true.
Back at the bar a man came to us.
He grabbed her hand.”I like you,” he told Princess, “you look gorgeous. Can I touch you? If you and your friend are okay with that of course.”
Princess looked at me.
I nodded yes.
Before entering the club I had told Princess I wanted her to have a ball. To enjoy the evening. Go with the flow and simply be herself.
I had no restrictions whatsoever except for our few rules.
No kissing.
Sucking and fucking with a rubber.
We stay together. No solo activities.

Princess  was free to have no sex or fuck every living soul in the club and anything in between.
I pulled down a cup of her bra and told the guy to enjoy himself.
Soon Princess was kissing me with fierce intensity. Her tongue flicking in and out my mouth with deep desire and sexual hunger.
This was a different Princess. An assertive woman in total balance with her sexuality, ready to enjoy the total freedom I had given her.
The man was playing with her breast while fingering her.
I noticed Princess had pulled out his cock and was jerking him off.
Way to go, I thought and I smiled. I felt proud of my Princess. It was clear she was self-confident and having fun.
Princess almost went trough her knees when she came.
I looked at the guy.
“You like eating pussy?” I asked.
“Oh yes, you have such a gorgeous woman,” he sighed.
I grabbed Princesses’ hair and said “come with me.”
In one of the corridors I pushed her up a few stairs. There was a small alcove.
“Lay down and enjoy,” I told her pulling down her panties.
I held Princess in my arms. I noticed how she spontaneously spread her legs in a welcoming gesture.
Hungry the man went down on her.
“Ohhhhh…. ” Princess moaned, pressing her mouth against my shoulder. Soon I felt her teeth sink in my flesh while she was swept away on a roller-coaster of orgasms.Our first evening ever in a swingers club had taken a flying start.
To be continued