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Saturday, April 8

At 18:30 I picked up Princess at her place. It as a beautiful and sunny early evening so we went for a walk in the nearby woods. Ideal for Princess to subside after a busy day with demanding kids and Stella.

After that we went home where sake and spicy sashimi were waiting.

Spicy sashimi

I told Princess to go to our bedroom and change.
There I pushed her on the bed, pushed up her skirt, pulled down her panties and mounted her.
Just to show I am in charge.
I ordered her to ask for permission to orgasm which I denied when she asked.
Waited for half a minute and fucked her again till she asked for the relief I did not permit.

I pulled back and threw the kimono on the bed.
“Pull yourself together”, I growled, “get ready and wait till I come and get you.”

I set the table and then fetched Princess grabbing her hair and leading her into our living room.

She is mine

It was Princesses’ first experience with this Japanese rice based beverage. She did not like its fragrance and did not connect with its taste either. While we enjoyed the sashimi, way too spicy, I chilled the sake in the deep freezer. It affected the taste in a way Princess enjoyed it more.
Not an experience to be repeated in a near future.

Then we played.
I had planned a floor based rope session.
After blindfolding Princess with a tenugui I tied a simple chest harness, then bound Princesses’ wrists together wrapping the working end around her body so her hands caressed her cheek.

Each leg I bound tightly with a futomomo so Princess ended up completely helpless.

Then I played using the fuck stick, a leather flogger, clothes pins and hot wax.  It was an intense dance between lust and pain.
Princess came intensely.

A delicious squirting orgasm

When it was over I covered Princess with a fleece, soothed her, made her feel comfortable.
Aftercare is so important and I love taking care of the love of my life.

Princess rewarded me by mounting me, riding me like the hot cow-girl she is and way too soon I came, exploding deep in her.

Needless to say we slept well.

The next day, Sunday, we woke up early.
Made love.
Enjoyed a cup of coffee.
Picked up Stella and Little Star for a walk in the woods.
Stella was doing great like in as good as it will ever get.

Little Star grabbed my hand and we ran for a while until I was exhausted.
Her high-pitched enjoyment sounded  like a crystal waterfall.

The forest smelled like paradise, there was sun and birds were singing.
Nature was ready to be born again after a long winter’s recess.
There was love, joy and laughter.

Then I dropped Princess at her place and I was alone again.

The Suffering

Thoughts – April 7, 2017

Nothing much has happened lately. As I am a man who does not speak when he has nothing to say I don’t write when there is nothing to tell.

Little A. spend quite some time with me so obviously this affects Princess and my ability to play.
This weekend I am alone so tomorrow evening, when it is “us-time”,  we’ll play, Princess and I. There will be rope and SM and I’ll be combining them.

And a surprise for Princess. It is something I’m sure she has never tasted.

I’ll be serving Hakushika Junmai Ginjo.
Serve Princess. Then she has to serve me.
“Kampai!” I’ll cheer.

I think I’ll serve the sake chilled. It is not the best sake in the world but it ain’t no shit either.

To add to the fun I’ll order some spicy Sashimi. There is an excellent Asian Kitchen Restaurant just around the corner.

Then there will be rope, pain, suffering, lust and pleasure.

And after all that Princess and I will be traveling through the night, safe and cozy, spooning, or just connected by the merest touch of skin of a leg, an arm, a hand.

More sex on Sunday morning.
Till noon, when our time is over again and I have to drop Princess at her place.