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REBLOG – The Puzzle of Sadomasochism

I stumbled across a blog, Travelling on a Planet Called Power Exchange, by TheOchreMuse. It is an interesting blog with well written, interesting articles and very nice artwork.

While browsing the site I found an article titled “The Puzzle of Sadomasochism”. The theory the author describes sounds very familiar and thus goes also largely for me.

Here it goes..

The Puzzle of Sadomasochism

D/s has a way of sneaking up on me and saying, “Here’s the most innocuous bit of power exchange I could come up with, but you’re gonna love it anyway.” Take the fact that SS makes me get naked and wait in position upstairs for him while he drinks a cup of coffee and reads his emails. Any ordinary person would consider that rude. Me? The longer he takes, the hotter it is. Then there’s pain. What, precisely, is so sexy about it? Why is the fact that he likes to hurt me such a turn on? What is it about impact play that’s so intensely sexual?

If you come up with a legitimate explanation, I’ll pay you a jar of Nutella per word for it.

It’s impossible for me to intellectualise about BDSM without seeing the absurdity in the stuff I take pleasure out of, but I’m definitely having more fun than those people on Facebook. Vanillas have about 20 different ways to vary their in-the-dark sex. Us? We probably have 50 000. Cleaning up after play is like tidying after a toddler: toys, toys every-damned-where.

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