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Thoughts – November 23, 2017

 Past Monday they replaced the boiler in my apartment. The constant chilliness, candles, a small heater, and hardly any warm water were over.
Tuesday we played, Princess and I.
The room was warm and cozy.
A few candles lit.
Rope, pain, hot candle wax and pleasure.
Princess had a ball.
So did I.
We did not make love that night. Instead I held Princess in my arms while we waited in the darkness for sleep to creep in.
The next morning we made love. Showered with hot water. We drank coffee and went to the woods for a walk.
Way to soon it was late and almost noon.
We kissed and then Princess stepped into her other life.


Karada Workshop – August 19, 2017

We had a blast, Princess and I. For us it was one of those memorable afternoons/evenings that make this lifestyle shine as gold.

The workshop was organized at our favorite club PDN and given by Marc Van Vlaanderen. Marc has a huge experience in multiple domains of BDSM. He is accessible and one of his many gifts is the ability to pass a message, help people learn.

Princess and I arrived before 3 PM and were rewarded with a beer to take home. It is a Meestereske (Domina),  a 9,5% blonde triple. Thank you, Marc, for this much-appreciated attention.

So we learned the Karada. Not a simple Karada but one for all kinds of (floor)suspension. PDN’s dungeon hosted a huge frame, a small one-person frame hoisted so it could flip over and a huge wheel.

First I did a simple Karada floor suspension with Princess in a cage. I used a 12-meter rope that was made available. No natural fiber and a little elastic and it burned my fingers. I did swear quite a few times pulling through all that rope.

I did not like the result though, it wasn’t all that great and not beautiful either. But Princess and I had fun and learned a few things.

Karada floor suspension in a cage.

There was this huge wheel and I knew Princess was fascinated by it. So I asked Marc if he would help me suspend Princess in that construction. Sure enough he was more than willingly to help and soon his team-member were tying up Princess. I watched, did not feel secure enough to do this alone. So I stole with my eyes and learned.

Princess in a Karada based suspension.

Needless to say Princess enjoyed the experience.

Later that afternoon and evening even more people arrived. Princess and I enjoyed watching what was going on. We talked with friends too, yes, it was really a memorable evening.

Sid was there too. We connected even more. He is a great guy and I was happy he found a rope bunny for that workshop.

Later, later, I tied Princess to a wooden pole and gave her a harsh spanking. She almost came while I almost drowned in my sweat. It was way to warm there for me albeit most of the time Princess felt cold.

We watched people play. It was fun. It made me so very happy to see how some of them were able to enjoy being (almost) naked in spite of being very far from the what the fuck ideal body.
We are all human beings and the diversity on so many levels makes us so rich. Here, at least at PDN, we could all be just that. Human beings without being judged for whatever some think others need to be judged for.

It was past midnight before we came home.
Princess and I went to bed. Exhausted but we made love nevertheless.

We got up early this morning as Princess had to be home early to take care of Little Star.

Mostly she stays till noon. Not this morning though.

Later this afternoon I phoned Sid.
We’ll be seeing him this week.
It will be sizzling hot.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I loved how the late afternoon sunlight fell on the bamboo carpets and the rope I had prepared.
Golden light, touching what I, what we love.

Then I fetched Princess.
Immediately I sensed her vulnerability, unrest. Princess was close to that moment of the month. Lately she needs more care, more hugs, more love, more tenderness. But mostly Love.

Back home I took Princess to the bedroom, undress her and pushed her backwards on the bed. For a while I concentrated on her nipples. Pinching, licking, sucking, gently biting and then licking again. It did not take long before she was drifting on a cloud of sensuality where every pore, every nerve’s end had become one extremely sensitive entity.

So I worked my way down, slowly, until I tasted honey and a delicious odor of sandalwood pleasured my senses.
Soon I brought Princess to a much-needed orgasm. She melted in my arms, floating into oblivion.
I teased her some more, playing with her delicious and luscious body A body I know so well.


After a while I grabbed her hair and led Princess to our living room where rope was waiting. I did an intense session. It was not about making pictures, it was about dancing, about loving, Princess and I.
We were wearing our new kimonos. I feel great in mine. I love wearing it. It adds something to my mind, making me act different like in more Dom.

I have a new playlist too. God Is An Astronaut and Explosions In The Sky help me create a wonderful atmosphere.

Princess loves the rope. She loves it when it caresses her skin. Princess loves it when it I tie tight. When I manipulate her. When I give pleasure and pain, a tasty cocktail, different every time we play.

Then I made sure her kimono was out-of-the-way, as mine, and I covered her thigh with hot wax while a vibrator pleasured the love of my life.

Tiny drops of wax splashed on the bamboo rug and dug in the black cotton of my kimono.

I noticed it after playing and the mere fact brought me slightly out of balance. It digs in my mind and make me feel very bad. It has lost its virginity and it becomes a more important issue than it should be. But hey, that’s me.

We moved back to the bedroom, Princess and I, and we made love.
Then we fell asleep.
Princess suffered from hot flashes and night sweats and I had a few surrealistic dreams.

When we woke up it was Easter.
Princess was suffering from a headache and muscle pains.
Yeah, that time of the month it was.
I kissed her. No, we don’t brush teeth beforehand.

We made love, Princess and I.
We fucked too. Hard.
Then made love again.

Then I dropped Princess off at her place. She and her kids will celebrate Easter with the parents of her ex/late husband. Obviously I am not invited.
Hell, I don’t give a rat’s ass.

I’m writing this and posting this.
Then a bag of chips, a glass of wine and a fleece. A movie.
Stephen King’s It is an awesome book and film.
I am looking forward to the new version that is going to hit the theaters over here pretty soon.

Hell, whom on earth does not like a bad-ass clown? I can’t wait to see the new version.

This Sunday I ironed most of the wax out of my kimono. That is a relief.

This is Princess wearing her beautiful red kimono and a simple chest harness emphasizing her yummy breasts.

A simple yet decorative breast harness


Rope Bondage The Smart Way – Book Review

I’ve been tying rope on and off for over 3 years now. We largely prefer floor play over suspensions. For me it is all about using rope to tease, manipulate and dominate Princess. Or for SM.

I don’t apply rope as a technical exercise. It is about being one with Princess. Like dancing the tango, sensual and erotic.
Workshops, online courses and clips helped form my skills. And books of course. They are all about the technical aspects. One needs to know the building blocks. Exercise, building muscle memory, does the rest.
Do I consider myself as an experienced “rigger”? By no means and that is a good thing because I do love the learning process that goes with every skill you want to make your own. It makes you still feel the thrill of finding out something new.

There are some awesome websites that learn the art of Kinbaku. Rope Connections, by Peter Riggs, is one I discovered recently.
Albeit one can find some interesting articles on the technical aspects of rope, this website, this blog, is more about Peter’s personal journey and his experiences with rope. He ties a lot of people so he has quite some experience with the interaction between a rigger and a rope bunny.
Since a few months I visited his site on a regular base reading about his adventures in the world of Kinbaku.

So when Peter announced his first book, Rope Bondage The Smart Way, was ready to be published on Amazon I did not hesitate and pre-ordered.  

I received the book in my Kindle app a few days ago.

I enjoyed the case studies Peter included in his book. They are very valuable because they help you reevaluate your scenes, the way you do the rope.
Other parts of the book made me aware of stuff I am taking for granted and forced me to look at them again.
Obviously I picked up a few tips and tricks about the tying itself.
Based on some case studies I looked into new music to use while doing rope.

For those whom are new to rope this book is invaluable. You won’t learn a bunch of ties, but you’ll look through the eyes of an experienced rigger and learn something more important. You’ll learn how to interact, how to use rope to create a wide variety of emotions when you are tying somebody up.
There are don’ts and do’s before, during and after a rope scene that will help make the scene an unforgettable experience for the model.

Indeed, most books I read were about how to tie this and that knot or combination. Rope Bondage, The Smart Way, gives you the much-needed insight to get the most out of rope bondage. It will increase your ability to do more than just knot and it will help you make your rope bunny feel awesome and happy and safe.

Topics include:

– a guide to effective practice
– strategies for planning your rope bondage session
– case studies to illustrate points and serve as examples
– cheat sheets on positions and the best way to apply bondage for those
– a practical guide for making the session even sexier
– detailed information on “drop” and aftercare
– ideas around getting good photos without having to spend a lot on equipment

Rope Bondage The Smart Way is well written and contains useful links and videos. For those into rope bondage this book contains priceless information.
You can find the book on Amazon but I prefer linking to Peter’s site so you can discover the rich content Rope Connections has to offer.
Highly recommended.

Saturday, April 8

At 18:30 I picked up Princess at her place. It as a beautiful and sunny early evening so we went for a walk in the nearby woods. Ideal for Princess to subside after a busy day with demanding kids and Stella.

After that we went home where sake and spicy sashimi were waiting.

Spicy sashimi

I told Princess to go to our bedroom and change.
There I pushed her on the bed, pushed up her skirt, pulled down her panties and mounted her.
Just to show I am in charge.
I ordered her to ask for permission to orgasm which I denied when she asked.
Waited for half a minute and fucked her again till she asked for the relief I did not permit.

I pulled back and threw the kimono on the bed.
“Pull yourself together”, I growled, “get ready and wait till I come and get you.”

I set the table and then fetched Princess grabbing her hair and leading her into our living room.

She is mine

It was Princesses’ first experience with this Japanese rice based beverage. She did not like its fragrance and did not connect with its taste either. While we enjoyed the sashimi, way too spicy, I chilled the sake in the deep freezer. It affected the taste in a way Princess enjoyed it more.
Not an experience to be repeated in a near future.

Then we played.
I had planned a floor based rope session.
After blindfolding Princess with a tenugui I tied a simple chest harness, then bound Princesses’ wrists together wrapping the working end around her body so her hands caressed her cheek.

Each leg I bound tightly with a futomomo so Princess ended up completely helpless.

Then I played using the fuck stick, a leather flogger, clothes pins and hot wax.  It was an intense dance between lust and pain.
Princess came intensely.

A delicious squirting orgasm

When it was over I covered Princess with a fleece, soothed her, made her feel comfortable.
Aftercare is so important and I love taking care of the love of my life.

Princess rewarded me by mounting me, riding me like the hot cow-girl she is and way too soon I came, exploding deep in her.

Needless to say we slept well.

The next day, Sunday, we woke up early.
Made love.
Enjoyed a cup of coffee.
Picked up Stella and Little Star for a walk in the woods.
Stella was doing great like in as good as it will ever get.

Little Star grabbed my hand and we ran for a while until I was exhausted.
Her high-pitched enjoyment sounded  like a crystal waterfall.

The forest smelled like paradise, there was sun and birds were singing.
Nature was ready to be born again after a long winter’s recess.
There was love, joy and laughter.

Then I dropped Princess at her place and I was alone again.

The Suffering

Thoughts – March 18, 2017

I’m preparing our evening later on today.
I’ll be picking up Princess at 19:30 or so and bring her home.
Where she really belongs and should be.

It’s that time of the month so I’ll adapt the evening in order to fulfill Princesses’ needs.
My studio will be ready. The idea is to do some artistic bondage, make some photographs. I have a few ideas and hope to make some compelling images. If they are okay, I’ll contact the Fetish Café in Antwerp to see if my pictures fit in their art project. Every whatever few months a new erotic artist is presented in the café.
I’d love to be featured as this is a project we are doing as a couple.

The camera I use is a Nikon D2h. It is a 4-megapixel camera that hit the market 14 years ago. I bought it second-hand 10 years ago. Measured to today’s standards it is a fossil. I love the look ‘n feel of the images this camera delivers. It is not about detail, sharpness or whatever today professional camera’s deliver. It is about the timeless, almost analogue feel. At 1600 ISO the grain is gorgeous.

I could write more about this camera, why I love it so much for my studio work but in the end this is not a photography blog.

This morning I went shopping for some bamboo. Got a few stick with a plus/minus diameter of a centimeter.
Candles and some other stuff.

Also I am looking forward to next weekend.
I have invited The Stranger.
He’ll be presenting himself with a chastity device.
My slave will be serving us drinks. He’ll be bound.
On my command Princess will be pushing his buttons.
He’ll be preparing Princess for me.
I’ll be playing with him. Yes, I do enjoy wrapping my fingers around a hard cock.
Maybe there will be some rope.
Princess will be kneeling in front of me and giving head to me and my slave.

Finally I’ll lead my slave and Princess to our bedroom in order to enjoy a threesome.

But that’s for next week…

Coconut rope
Nikon D2h with 24-120

Thoughts – March 15, 2017

I’ve been cleaning up the folder DigiFot 2016 on my computer. Making sure the files are properly named following my naming conventions. Then I made 3 backups on different disks so I have a total of 4 copies of the same folder. One of those disks will be stored in my locker at work. You see, an old negative can be stored somewhere safe. It can burn, be stolen or whatever.

Yet I believe a digital file will evaporate much easier into oblivion. Faulty drive, faulty memory card. I have quite a collection of faulty memory cards by the way. I use them to prove to people nothing is forever. Not even state-of-the-art technology.

I still own negatives and slides my father took. He passed away 45 years ago. As an IT professional I can tell you 4 decades are an eternity in digital life.  I am pretty sure your digital files won’t live that long. In the event they do it might happen there is no software available anymore that reads that “prehistoric” file-format.

In January 2016, more than a year ago, Princess and I were discovering the pleasures of rope suspension. Then we stopped and I can’t remember why.
I only know it was not because something bad occurred.
I guess it just happened. We simply moved to floor play and floor suspension. It is safer albeit floor-suspension can be dangerous too.

Yesterday, like the week before, I trained on tying the hip harness and the Shinju chest harness for suspension. I’ve got both almost in my muscle memory so I hope I’ll be tying them without any visual aid very soon.

Princess patiently let me tie. The I moved to the suspension. It all went well. Yet I felt quite nervous because I don’t want anything to happen to the love of my life. I tend to squeeze her hands, feel her feet, her skin to make sure everything is going well.

After a while a part of her butt became deep purple.

I pinched Princesses’ butt asking “do you feel this?”
“What do you mean?” Princess replied.
“Do you feel me pinching your skin?”
Princess did not reply immediately so I felt panic invading my mind. Princess dodged my direct questions and soon, due to my panic, my tone changed.

“Are you talking about the rope pinching me?”
Oh fuck. Why can’t a simple question be met with a yes or no?
Going into a discussion about what I was precisely talking about made me mad.

I love doing a suspension and when I’m finished Princess is quite happy hanging in space. But for now it gives me a huge amount of stress. Correct and to-the-point feedback from the expert, the one hanging in the ropes, is essential.

This is an image I took during a suspension, January 2016.

Yesterday I simply videotaped the suspension so Princess could enjoy seeing herself experiencing it in real-life.

Suspension, January 23, 2016

Thoughts – March 6, 2017

I’m at home today and probably the whole week. It depends on how I feel. Lately it has been stormy in my head. Nothing to worry about really. It will pass, clear up.

I am an experience expert so I know when to take necessary action in order to control these storms.

Today I found an intense level of mindfulness while playing with rope.

First I tidied up my bamboo box filled with rope. Coiled them again and bundled them by type in a cloth.

I have still quite some untreated rope, both jute and hemp, 6 and 5 mm so I did a few 8 meter lengths. Boiling them for about 5 to 10 minutes and then untwisting the rope and hanging them to dry.

Then I unrolled one of my tatami mats, grabbed my iPad and some rope and sat down. I had some incense burning and choose Miserere by Italian composer Gregorio Allegri from my playlist.

I grabbed some rope and closed my eyes while the music enveloped me. Bit by bit, like a snake whose old skin peels off, I relaxed and felt how the storm in my head calmed down.
Then there was only me, my personal space, the rope and the music. Everything else had faded into oblivion.

Earlier today I had watched a video on YouTube on how to tie a suspension enabling foot harness.

Suspension enabling foot harness – trying it out

I used my left foot to make the tie using about 5mm jute rope.
My first attempt was to tight and  thus uncomfortable. The second attempt felt very okay.
Just for fun I did the tie again. Then I suspended myself to the point where I supported myself only on the back of my head. It felt comfortable, even after 5 minutes.
Made a few photographs.

Then I did the tie again, with 6mm jute. It did feel a little more comfortable.

I had a pretty swell afternoon and I do feel more relaxed already.

Suspension enabling foot harness


I need to stay focused and do whatever I love to do in order to compensate for the stuff I don’t like to do (anymore).

Even though I got it all, love, a good job, friends, no real worries, demons out of the past are catching up with me again.

I’m taking some time off at work to concentrate on what I really love. That’s Princess, BDSM, Dominance, rope. I like to add some photography and writing to this already titillating mix of pleasurable stuff.

I believe I am quite good at tying a simple gote. Obviously there is still much room for improvement but there are other ties too.

So these past few days I have been studying the futomomo tie. It is a leg binding tie that can be used on the ground or in suspension and handy for sex. The nice thing about the futomomo is that the way you tie it may vary and thus offering quite some creativity.

Princesses’ feet

Yesterday evening, Tuesday, I tried it on my model, the godly Lena Rogerdottir.

Made a few variations, then tried the 6mm jute I recently bought and treated, then ended the evening with a limited floor suspension using the coconut rope.

I made some photographs. They are great, they really are. I make the best photographs in the world.

This afternoon, checking the images in Lightroom, I can see my errors, both in tying and in taking an image. Some of the latter can be solved with Photoshop albeit that is not the way I generally work.

I post my images in a close Facebook group matching myself with newbies like me and the best of the world. Intimidating but I’m getting there too. It is nice to see that my work is appreciated.

Then my model, Lena Rogerdottir, and I subscribed to an Esinem training on the hip harness. Indeed that tie is still missing in my repertoire.

After that we went to bed and we talked for a while and then dozed off.

She was awake before me and then I woke up. We made love and it was ferocious and Lena ravenous for yet another orgasm. I spanked her, flogged her and fucked her to kingdom come.

In the late afternoon I downloaded a few chapters of her new book Maggie Carpenter mailed me. I read her work for typos and inconsistencies. I love doing this kind of stuff as I do learn new expressions and other writing stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll be trying the hip harness. After that I’ll be taking, with my model,  classes on suspension.

Playing with the futomomo

Rope photography

Princess is getting better every day. She can walk better, stand longer but still suffers from intense pain during the night.

Blinded by rope.
Nikon D2h with 35-70 lens and 1 softbox.

Yesterday, January 17, I decided to do some rope bondage photography. Princess loved the idea.
So I set up a little studio in our living room and used one studio flash with a 70 x 70 cm soft-box and a huge reflector.

We had a great evening. Having fun, talking, enjoying the pleasure of rope.

Princess, Box-tie.
Nikon D2h with 35-70 lens and 1 softbox.

I did a few different scenes and took about 100 images. I enjoyed every bit of it. Obviously I am still evolving in the art of rope but finally it is about having fun.

The images can also be found on our image website, nsfw.hopto.org.

I hope we’ll be able to do some more shooting very soon.

Nikon D2h with 35-70 lens and 1 softbox.