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Back to PDN – June 10, 2017

Past Saturday evening Princess and I went to PDN again. Many moons had passed since our last visit.
We were nervous and excited.

Princess was so very sexy and a happy smile made her shine with incredible beauty. I felt proud being at her side as her man and her Dom.

It was great to reconnect with those we see and talk with when we are the club. Some of them we even like to think of as friends.

Finally, for the first time in over 4 or 5 months, we played too, Princess and I.

I did not overdo it. Coconut rope mixed with clothes pins and pussy spanking and mind play. No spanking or flogging or whipping.
Not yet.

Nancy and Frank where there too. They live in a nearby town. We hadn’t seen them in months.
We watched them play.
Frank likes to go hard.

Princess shivered when Frank took out his huge hunting knife. He caressed Nancy’s back with its tip.

Then Frank did some interesting stuff with barbwire. He finished by blowing flames towards Nancy with a spray can filled with rubbing alcohol.

While Nancy was packing the toys we talked with Frank. He showed us how he used the self-made barbwire “whip” on my Princess. He and I carved a few lines in Princess’s back with the hunting knife. It is true, the bigger the more intimidating. Holding this knife is a whole different experience. I cannot compare it with my small but razor-sharp Puma Tec. David and Goliath spring to mind.

Then Frank said something to Princess, I couldn’t understand what. To my surprise I saw her drop her knickers in a swift move. Then standing naked in front of him

Holy cow I thought with a smile, I must keep a close eye on Princess.

Soon Frank was playing with a flaming torch. Its tip covered with Kevlar and moistened with rubbing alcohol.

Princess was having a ball. I tend to forget she finds fire play fascinating. Made a note on my mental to-do list.

Then we left. Princess felt weary. In the car she told me she would not mind playing with Frank and Nancy. She also fantasized about Nancy dominating her. Frank is Nancy’s Dom but they told us Nancy likes to play with women.

I liked the idea yet I have second thoughts about playing with a couple. Not exactly the playing part but what might follow. I don’t have a problem with Princess having sex with a man or a woman but I’m not so keen on having sex with another woman. I’m not interested. I have everything with Princess already.

During our many visits at PDN we have seen male Doms with one or two subs. We enjoyed watching a male D/s couple playing. There is this Domme that does some visual appealing stuff with her hubby. Her play is very hot and their interaction intense.

I told Princess I would love to play with her and a male slave at PDN at least once. Stay overnight. Have sex. Whatever.

I wish I could to this with The Stranger. It would be a hell of an evening, night even. Memorable I’m sure.
Sadly it won’t work.
The Stranger is shy. We tried this before. I do not think this will change any soon. I respect how he feels and if I can help him overcome his issues I’ll be happy to. I don’t know how though.

It is also possible The Stranger finds his rare gem, his Domme. Our adventures would, no doubt there, also be over.

I’m guessing I should search for a second The Stranger. To go out with, the three of us. Play in the club.
Who knows, play at home, Princess, two The Strangers and I.

Princess, the light of my life and fire of my loins. Princess, my sin, my soul, my everything.
What adventures lay in front of us, I’m curious to know.

I’ll answer that one when looking at the future makes no sense anymore.
When the past is the only thing that’s left.
I intend to make our life, Princesses’ and mine as deep and as rich as possible.

Being together, walking, hand in hand, over the remaining road of our life is such a huge gift.
Thank you, whomever you might be.

We slept well, Princess and I.
Sunday morning we made love.
It was that time of the month so we made a bloody mess of the sheets.
I loved every bit of it.