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Our BDSM Photography

Princess would love me to make more kinky photographs with her as my model. When we do Princess changes, I see that look in her eyes, a different pose, stuff telling me she has transformed into somebody else.

Over time we made some stuff but when we play I don’t think of grabbing my camera. I am way to concentrated when we do a scene.

Also there is so much stuff on the Net already. I think it is very hard to find an original angle.

Rope is different because than I can pause, take a step back and look at what I have created.

I promised Princess I would do my best and use an evening a month or so for rope and photography.

These past few days I spend making a website and adding a few photographs I like. Over time the content of the site will change so come and visit use on a regular basis.

Let’s overview the technical details real quickly.  If you are interested and wish more in-depth information feel free to contact me.

I use Koken. It is a free content management and web site publishing tool for photographers. You can add stuff like a web shop and more but those plugins are not free. For a basic, yet powerful and slick portfolio, the basic software is already more than you need.

I installed it on my hosted website, the one where this blog is running on. I found it to be very slow and needed another solution.

I have a few Raspberry Pi 3. They cost about 40 bucks, run Linux and are rather powerful. I use one as my multimedia center at home, running web content, my movies and music using Kodi.

So I grabbed a Raspberry and installed it with a minimal Linux configuration.
Installed a web-server and everything that goes with it like PHP and MySql with a few commands. Downloaded and installed Koken. Installed a firewall and secured the system.

Created a free account on No-IP. It is a service that links a dynamic IP-address to an Internet Link. Opened up a port on my router at home for the No-IP service and installed a client on the Raspberry.

That’s is, well, almost.

So when you visit my photography website on the Internet you are basically visiting a very small, lightweight computer that is running at my home and made accessible on the Internet.

I am not expecting hundreds of visitors per hour so this is a perfect solution for a blog or a portfolio that does not get that many visitors. I would not recommend this as web shop solution either.

If my computer breaks down everything is gone, if the power drops, the site is not accessible. I have a backup running on another computer though.

But for this purpose I do think this is an elegant solution.

So without further ado you can check out the Princess and I photography website by clicking this Princess & I Photography

Variation on the double column tie











Holiday 2016 – Denmark

For those not interested in tech stuff and computers jump to Denmark

I’m writing this while sitting in a small corner of my living room. In front of me an old Samsung Syncmaster P2370 monitor in high-definition. An even older Dell keyboard, very noisy. And a mouse.

On my right side, on my desk, my iMac 27” with all the whistles and bells needed to write and work on my photographs.

I’m listening to my favourite CD, Push The Sky Away by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It is playing on the same computer I’m writing on and I’m using VLC.

A cheap 20$ single speaker gives an acceptable quality but pushing the sound through my very old amplifier and equalizer would give a better sound. But these analogue devices are hooked up to my iMac.

No fancy Microsoft Word but LibreOffice Writer. I’m not even sure if there is a spellchecker available.

In fact I am writing this on a 35 $ computer (screen, display, SD-card and mouse not included). I wanted to reconnect with Linux and decided to get a Raspberry Pi 3b. Although it cannot be compared to the sheer power of my iMac for normal work this configuration has not let me down yet. I am pleasantly surprised but on the other hand Linux does not have a huge footprint either.

So the Raspberry Pi is just a side project but also a plan B whenever my main system should die.


Princess and I enjoyed our holiday very much. It was Princesses’ first flight. All went well except that her luggage ended up in Portugal. An error at the luggage check-in. She got her suitcase the next day. Princess loved seeing the sun coming up above the clouds. It was magical.

A new day (2016) Ricoh GR II
A new day (2016)
Ricoh GR II

We had great weather. Sunny and not to warm. The rental Renault Clio okay. The hotel cosy and well situated at walking distance of the station of Helsingør, the ferries to Sweden and the centre of the town.

Food was delicious but very expensive. People friendly. Culture and art seem to be very important as there are museums and cultural centres everywhere. Higher incomes are taxed up to 65% but wealth is redistributed. School system is different, there is more space for personal development. Alcohol is extremely expensive and there is a rightful zero tolerance for drivers.

We arrived at 08:20 at Copenhagen airport on Saturday, September 17. When it became obvious Princesses’ suitcase was not travelling with us we picked up the car and on our way to the hotel, 47 kilometres from Copenhagen, we shopped for some basic stuff for Princess. I had chosen for the coastal road.

After checking in we visited Helsingør and its castle used in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Helsingør Castle (2014) Ricoh GR II
Helsingør Castle (2014)
Ricoh GR II

On Sunday we drove along the coast and on Monday we took the boat to Helsinborg, Sweden. A whole different city when we looked at the buildings and the general architecture. Shops selling only wine, beer and liquor. A stand on the street was an alcohol bar.

Unfortunately Stella was not feeling well, texting Princess with a zillion messages. Shortly after I held a crying Princess in my arms. It was only the 2nd to 3th time I saw her crying.

In the afternoon the lower grades did not have school but the parks were filled with their joy.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch. On a huge public square with flowers and pergola’s the underprivileged were drinking and shooting drugs. Princess gave me some space so I could do some street photography. I was spotted quickly though and was confronted with an aggressive drunk so i backed off.

Despair (2016) - Helsingborg, Sweden Nikon D300 with 24-120mm
Despair (2016) – Helsingborg, Sweden
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm

Between Helsingør (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden) lies 7 km of water. Somewhere in between the border. So while the ferry is in Danish waters you can buy as much booze in the tax-free shop as you can carry. When the boat crosses the border you are not allowed to buy any alcohol any more but you can spend all you dough on tax-free tobacco.

On September 20, our 5th anniversary and the start of our 6th year we took the train to Copenhagen. It was very cheap because the ticket was 24 hours valid and gave access to bus, tram and metro.

Near Central Station, Copenhagen (2016) Ricoh GR II
Near Central Station, Copenhagen (2016)
Ricoh GR II

Copenhagen is cold but beautiful. Gorgeous architecture like the Opera or the Black Diamond (Royal library). A zillion bicycles who won’t stop even if you want to try to get off a bus.

Reading Room (2016) - Black Diamond Royal Library, Copenhagen Nikon D300 with 24-120mm
Reading Room (2016) – Black Diamond Royal Library, Copenhagen
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm

We walked for a while and then Princess suggested taking a hop on/hop off bus. So we visited the Danish capital by bus and then by boat (included in the price).

Later that evening we had dinner, found our way to the station and took the train back to Helsingør. I guess we had another 2 stops before arriving when the train stopped. Something was said through the intercom but we do not understand Danish. Everybody got off. Then an official saw us sitting there, puzzled. He made us clear we had to leave the train.

Copenhagen by night (2016) Ricoh GR II
Copenhagen by night (2016)
Ricoh GR II

While we walked to the other side of the station a voice said “the train to Helsingør is going nowhere”. There we stood, waiting in the dark. It was cold and it was raining. About 20′ later a train arrived an another 30′ we were at out hotel.

Opera, Copenhagen (2016) Nikon D300 with 24-120mm
Opera, Copenhagen (2016)
Nikon D300 with 24-120mm

The next day we drove to the other side of the Danish Sealand Isle. The beach there was empty and I made love to Princess while she was lying on a rock. Delicious it was. The sun warming our naked bodies, the wind gently caressing our skin and the gentle sound of small waves breaking on the stones. It was an unforgettable experience.

We did just that, almost every day
We did just that, almost every day

During our stay in Denmark we made love at least 2, 3 times a day. Our room reeked of sex.

Pain (2016 Samsung J5
Pain (2016
Samsung J5

Then it was over. We drove back to Copenhagen and I found an expensive parking space in the centre. We walked to Christianshavn and straight to Freetown Christiania, an 84 acres city within a city. Hippies, own flag and currency and an anarchist community. The smell of hash and weed was omnipresent and we regretted not having visited it earlier but we did not want to get on a plane stoned.

I loved Christiania and its apparent freedom.

Graffiti (2016) - Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen Ricoh GR II
Graffiti (2016) – Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen
Ricoh GR II

Later on I gave the car back and then it was really over. Princess and I enjoyed the night and the world and its small lights.

We landed at 22:50 in Charleroi and Princess phoned The Boy to find out where he was. We walked to the underground parking but we did not find The Boy.

He was waiting for us in Zaventem, Brussels Airport, a miscommunication with Princess. So we waited 45′ minutes before he finally showed up.

Later on we were in bed, Princess and I and I fucked her silly. The we slept and the next morning, when I dropped her off at her place I knew our holiday was really over.

We had a blast. I loved being with Princess. We had an incredible holiday.

Shadows (2016) - Black Diamond Royal Library, Copenhagen Ricoh GR II
Shadows (2016) – Black Diamond Royal Library, Copenhagen
Ricoh GR II