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Gift by Princess

More than I ever wished and wanted, even in my wildest dreams, You give me.

What I needed lay hidden under a layer of fog on a shadowy secret place. Far away from the consciousness and traditions of my soul.
Yet You found it.

You read my deepest desires and passions, so carefully tucked away I thought, in my eyes when we had barely met.

Guide me. You know what I need and You help me surpass myself.
Lead me as You pulverize my demons and caress my angels.

When I kneel for You and offer You my collar as a token of my complete submission there is only our symphony.
There is only You and me.

(c)Princess, 2014

Opal Coast - long exposure. 20" - 24mm/f22
Opal Coast – long exposure.
20″ – 24mm/f22

About Princess’ Corner

Princess does write too. Not that much as I do. After all Princess has a family of 5 kids to care for. There is work and housekeeping and cooking and so on. When Princess has some spare time she is with me.

Princess writes very well and I like her poetry very much. It is raw at times but so very pure, intense and strong.

You can find Princess’ writings under the category “Princess’ Corner“.


Thoughts – February 5, 2014 #ASMSG #feb #EroticRomance

I feel the urge to write but I have no idea what about. So I will let my fingers dance freely over the keyboard and we’ll see where this will lead me.

Today it is Wednesday and almost noon. Outside the sun is shining and the sky is pale blue with white, fuzzy stripes. Soft temperatures too, 8° C (46,4°F), making it difficult we are still in the heart of the winter.

I feel cold though and an indistinct sadness engulfs me while loneliness chills me further down. The music I’m listening to supplies my heart with sweet tasting melancholy.

Yes, this is what I need now.
The music notes carve and cut in my soul and liberate the drabness that seems to have found refuge deep in my core.

What I’m experiencing now is what a friend of mine describes as Dom drop and he wrote an interesting blog post about it. I guess outside the lifestyle one would call this reaction happening after an adrenaline rush differently but do check out the article.

A spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and wistfulness is momentarily fueling my writing so I’ll float further on these sentiments.

Princess has spent the past two nights at my place. Monday evening I started with a cathartic spanking and then Princess and I made rough and very intense love before falling asleep wrapped in bed linen dispersing the odor of primal sex.
The night was followed by a day at work and the promise of yet another evening and night with my love and future wife.

We played yesterday evening and it was so hot and even rougher than the previous evening and we felt so close to one another, Princess and I.

I tied her up and gave my love a good spanking, alternating with some whipping, while a small vibrator in her underpants did its work. It drove Princess almost mad and she came with multiple tidal waves until my love was soaking wet and trembling on her legs.

I held Princess in my arms, soothing her and covered her beautiful face with a zillion soft kisses while we drowned in each other’s eyes. For a moment it felt as if we had, unnoticed, melted together.

The love I feel for Princess is pleasantly excruciating and continuously sets my body and mind on fire.

Never before have I felt so close to someone as with my Princess. She makes me feel so very alive and incredibly happy.

Princess truly is the One for whom I have been waiting for all my life. It took me a 5 decade long road before I finally found my Holy Grail, my Princess.

Princess, even when we are not together you fill my heart with joy, desire, happiness and so much unconditional love.  You warm my soul and enrich every single molecule of my body with your positive stance.

You truly are my raison d’être and I am convinced that at birth we already were predestined for each other.

Thank you, Princes, my love and future wife, for being with me and traveling through life at my side.

A flower

Another Saturday evening #ASMSG #dec

Saturday, December 14.
What an evening and night it was, so rich with emotions, pleasure and lust. Even the following morning was unforgettable.

I collected Princess at 8 pm. After ringing her doorbell and counting for 20 seconds or so, I entered the house.
Princess welcomed me in the doorway and she looked delicious with her black pumps, white stockings and a sleeveless dress that looked great but would not be my first choice for her if we were going out.

I said hi and kissed Princess by just touching her lips with mine. After all her kids are still not ready to accept the fact their mother is dating me and that we are a couple working on our future together.
“Yes,” Princess shrugged after kissing me, “it has been hard with Ar again”, answering my unspoken question.

On the way home Princess told me about the dispute with Ar and how it is so difficult to coop with her mood swings.

At home Princess slipped out of her dress revealing a tight fit white dress.  Short so one can enjoy the ends of the garter belt holding her stockings.
“I couldn’t leave home like that could I?” she smirked while I looked at her in awe.

We just enjoyed each other’s company. I sensed Princess was a little emotional, the quarrels with Ar, fatigue and that time of the month.
I showed Princess some video clips, music she is not acquainted with like ‘The Black Angels‘ and ‘Head Like A Kite‘ while I exercised on knots and some fantasy rope bondage. I did a nice one on her arm, but forgot to make a photo, moved to an ankle wrap and finished with a rather complex harness.

After that we kissed and cuddled and finally I led Princess to the back of the sofa for some intense whipping and then, back on the couch, finished it off with a spanking that made her cum lavishly. Princess thanked me and I held her in my arms for a while, gently stroking her face and body.

She told me how she experienced the whipping, caning and spanking and in which ways they all felt different. Apparently she likes the spanking the most because of the vibrations that ripple through her body and stimulate her pussy at the same time.
It was getting late, past midnight, and we went to bed, Princess curled up in my arms. We were both exhausted.

She got a text message at 2 am and of course it woke us up.
It was from Stella.

With a sigh Princess phoned her eldest daughter.

Stella wanted her mom to alarm the police because there was a man standing in front of her door. She lives on the first floor of an apartment block. There is a staircase leading up to an entryway and her place is the middle one of three flats and single women inhabit all of them.
What does this man do I heard Princess ask.
It seemed he was doing nothing at all except standing in front of her door and, by the sound of it, taking sips from a can because she heard him putting it down. No he hadn’t said anything, hadn’t knocked on the door or rang the doorbell.
No, she had not seen him either but hearing him standing in front of her door frightened her.

Princess stayed calm, explaining she was not going to call the police, there was no reason to do so.
Stella insisted that this man meant bad business.

I had a flashback.
A month, maybe two months ago, and over a period of a few days Stella, turned up and in panic, called her mom several times a night because somebody had just rang her doorbell. She was convinced her ex had finally found her address and was trying to freak her out of her mind. Finally the police came, there was nobody but they found something wrong with the electronics of the doorbell, making it ring at random moments. Yes, I know, why during the night and not during the day.

I was tired, needed sleep and I knew the discussion between Princess and Stella would go on and on. When something creeps into Stella’s mind it stays there until it is replaced with something new.

“Lets drive over there and check it out,” I mumbled.
Princess asked if Stella wanted that, stressing the fact I would come too. Since the dinner date gone bad Stella has erased me completely out of her mind.

We arrived 20′ later and there was of course nobody standing in front of Stella’s door, not even the slightest evidence like a cigarette butt or an empty can.
While Princess calmed Stella I did a quick sweep of the environment, there are a few dark corners, but there was absolutely nothing. Stella insisted the man left seconds before we arrived, heard him running down the stairs.
Standing outside I heard dry leaves being swept over the flagstones and a nearby canvas making low sounds while it was pushed up and down by the wind.
Add to that a bad dream and Stella’s mental state and you have a dark, menacing intruder standing in front of her door and all the fantasies to go with it.

At 3 am we were back in bed, slept well and we woke up at 10, both hot as hell. We spend the next 90 minutes with rough lovemaking, your basic hair pulling, fierce nipple pinching and a few stinging smacks on her behind.
Princess asked me for my permission to cum and I told her yes, by all means, be my guest. My love came 10 times in a row although I am convinced it was only 9.

After pulling of the soaked sheets from the bed I made coffee and Princess ran a bath.
We washed each other and laid back in the hot water and Princess talked about Ar and her worries about her daughter.
It is true that Ar and Stella both bare the inheritance of their father who spent the bigger part of his life in psychiatry. Yes it is worrisome indeed.

I dropped Princess at her home little past noon. She thanked me for the time I took to listen to her worries and discuss it and for driving over to Stella in the middle of the night.

I smiled and kissed her.

I told Princess I am and will always be there for her.
For always and one day.
For better and worse.

Then I drove back home.

Ankle Wrap


Just a love poem by Franco Bolli

A welcoming
A dungeon where
You and I,
Feel at home.
Accepted in a
Lifestyle that
Enriches our life.

The limitless
Imagination the
Apparatus offers.
The Saint Andrew’s Cross,
Rings in thick walls.
The opportunities,
The excitement.
Being who we are.

It is awesome.
This presence
Of kindred spirits.
Doms, subs and slaves.
An inspiration.
Yes, we are at home.

A teacher asks
Our attention.
And 5 mm jute
Rope in my hands.
Soft and rough
At the same time.

We listen
And absorb
Jute on your skin,
The sensuality
I add makes
Even hotter.

A Shibari workshop
This late evening.
You and I
Discovering new
Possibilities and

Nothing changes though.
It only
The way I say
I love you,


A mattress as a chronicler #ASMSG #DEC #erotica

When one puts out the light at night and the room is wrapped in darkness, every hotel room, in its bare essence, is the same everywhere. The absence of light makes the luxury one has paid for invisible. There could be beautifully painted frescos on the ceiling or only cracked paint and crushed mosquitos.

I think it are mainly the sounds one hears lying in the dark, waiting for sleep to come, that emphasizes this impression.

A late guest, slightly intoxicated maybe, stumbling through the corridor, fading steps and then a door slammed closed and silence creeps in again.
The almost imperceptible sounds of the elevator, the regular ticks of the crimping metal elements of a radiator; so many sounds that go without definition only existing in a faraway back office of our imagination.
A squeaking bed above or under ones room and some moaning to go with.
The obvious traffic noises too. Distant and decreasing each hour until two or three in the morning, then swelling again when the first commuters leave for work and vans deliver fresh printed newspapers.
One could easily think of a hotel as a living organism.

There is one element though that is different in each and every hotel room though and the most important object too.
I am referring to the mattress.

Each night in a given room is different as the mattress is used to carry a tired body through the night, or is fucked on, or gets a load of vomit or pee when the guest is sick to the stomach. Maybe one night this specific mattress offers comfort to a guest whose body is already dying without its owner knowing it.

Make up fucks, farewell fucks, conception fucks, hate fucks.

Farting, sweating or spilled body juices after masturbation incited by loneliness or passion of just the painful missing of a loved one.

Sudden death or an accidental murder maybe, a choking game gone sour.
A cold body found in the early morning by a cleaning lady. The mattress is turned over and what happened is forgotten.

But the mattress knows, it is imprinted by the story those who have used it.
The mattress is a patient chronicler memorizing stories. They will never be heard or read. All these stories are written down in the fabric the bed is made of.

That morning in Bruges we had made passionate love, Princess and I. The light falling through the windows illuminated her delicious body and the room filled with the sent of pure and raw sex.

Quickly I made two photographs, trying to catch the sheer beauty of the moment but I only partially succeeded as Princess’ beauty can in no way be immortalized.

She smiled, Princess, and in her eyes I read unconditional love.

A new day lay ahead of us but we did not know its history yet. Breakfast was waiting, that we knew.
Later that day, in the spur of the moment, we would enter a jewelry shop and buy engagements rings and declare our vows.

But for the moment Princess was lying naked on a mattress in a hotel room in Bruges and beaming at me.
I smiled back and felt thankful and ever so happy for her love.

That morning a small part of our history was written down.
It will exist forever, engraved in the mattress of our temporary bed.

Sleeping Beauty


A funeral #ASMSG #nov

This Saturday morning we went to a funeral, Princess and I.
For me it was our first “official” act as a couple, Princess did not agree and found attending to family parties an official act too.  Well, it is not all that important so I gave the matter a rest.

Her brother-in-law’s mother had passed away and if I remember well I’ve only seen her once. It was important for me to attend this service, mostly because I want to be at Princess’ side and also because over the time I have grown fond of her parents, two sisters and a brother and a hand full of children.

I like Princess’ brother-in-law very much, he is a very kind guy, rough but with a heart made of gold. Yes, comforting him by simply being there was very important for us both.

The service was not held in a church but in the funeral chapel of an undertaker’s business. Everything was well organized except for some problems with the sound system.

Of course there was a priest too. It was an old man, huge and intimidating. White hair, a pronounced nose, heavy eyebrows and dark peeking eyes set in a face that seemed chiseled out of stone he had the looks of a wise Indian Chief who has seen it all. Without judging and without being certain skin tone and structure gave me the impression this man has seen lots of bottles.

Like always on such occasions the music sucked and chosen in function of making people feel even sadder than they already are.

We held hands, Princess and I, and I noticed she had some difficult moments and I guessed it had to do with her personal memories.
Hell, it was also hard for me, all these recollections. I had accompanied my father, mother, grand parents and best friend, and with them other people I had liked and who had meant something to me on their last trip.
It is also on moments like this one knows that on a day…

When we left the aula Princess and I hugged and shook the hands of the deceased next-of-kin. Over the years I have learned that a firm handshake and a consoling tap on the shoulder works best. There are simply no words to take grief away so one had to rely on body language.

We drove to Princess’ parents house where we sat around the dinner table, her mother, one of her sisters, her brother and his wife and kid, simply enjoying each other’s company.
The homemade tomato soup with meatballs was simply delicious.

We chitchatted and I enjoyed talking with Princess’ brother very much. He is a swell guy, sensitive and funny and, like me, old school.
I felt great and warm hearted and safe, surrounded by these people I have come to like, to appreciate, to trust. Maybe one day the will even consider me family.
Oh yes, I would like that so very much and I would be honoured.

Later on we drove back, Princess and I.
She smiled, my Love, when I missed two junctions as I had forgotten I had to drop her at home.
Her home and then I had to go to mine.

Fortunately I’ll be picking her up this evening. Salsa course, maybe a movie at home and then we’ll go to bed and I will take her in my arms, my Love, and travel through the night.

Holding and protecting Princess.
Loving Princess.
For ever.
And one day.

Yellow and a spot of light on a churchyard

Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank you, Southern Sir, for nominating this blog with The Versatile Blogger Award. Receiving this award is not only very motivating but also a sign of appreciation and both pleasure me very much.
This is a shared award as Princess is also a contributor to this blog with Princess’ Corner. Princess sends you, Sir, the tiniest of hugs as I keep her on a short leash 🙂

 Versatile Blogger Award

Let me start with telling you 7 things about me/us.

Sharing the D/s lifestyle with Princess has taught me a few new things about myself. Some of them have been dormant, some are discoveries.  I’m a mild sadist and I have voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies too and so is Princess with the difference that she is a mild masochist.

Princess makes a chilli con carne to die for.

I don’t eat sweets or munch from a cake nor do I like chips.

I don’t like seafood but enjoy mussels, smoked salmon and sushi very much.

Princess and I just love de-stressing in a public sauna.

On a few occasions Princess and I briefly had sex in the pool of the sauna we visit. It was a very arousing experience doing so while there was somebody swimming and we stood in a corner of that same swimming pool. We only go in the evenings and the room is sparsely lit.

When I look in my heart and in my soul I can say in all honesty that I have never ever loved someone the way I love my Princess. She is the One I’ve been waiting for, she is my Grail.


Now for my nominees and that is not an easy choice. SouthernSIr has nominated most of those I had in mind and there is so much great stuff that maybe is never mentioned.

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