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Last Night I Screamed – Revisited

June 29, 2014

I post a poem I have written. Last Night is the title and it is about missing Princess but also about loneliness.

A few years later I experiment with the spoken word for a blog a dear friend of mine started. There is a forum and interaction and chat-options. I’m asked to be a part of this venture. To do some IT-stuff and set up a forum.

Unfortunately the hosting company she used is not very reliable. After a while the project is abandoned.

I take The Kinky Café over but after a few months there is not enough interest to continue this project.

What is left over a memories. I loved the idea being a part of something bigger. I loved investing my time in this project. I loved the interaction.

So all that remain are a few poems I recited and recorded for that blog.
My English is awful and the sound quality nonexistent.
Maybe I should try to record it again, with better material.

Yet I want to share this with you. It is one of my poems I love the most because it describes the focal point of my life. It is about Princess.

So here we go… Franco Bolli reading “Last Night I Screamed”



I miss you, Princess – revisited

I wrote this poem 2 years ago and when I look back I don’t find it all that bad, yet now I would rewrite it in a slightly different way. Of course it does not work that way. Imagine having 5 versions of the same book because now and then the authors changes something.

This time I did not use the iPad to record but my iMac and an external, cheap mic.

I recorded it in Garageband and added a discrete soundtrack. I am not sure if it works but I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Hope you’ll enjoy.

For you, Princess revisited

One of the things I have in mind is adding some kind of podcast thingamabobs to this site.

I have no idea yet about how to do this.

The technical stuff should not be a huge problem. A good mic, some software and other shit and we are good to go.
Well, not really.

My first attempt was installing some recording software on my iPad. No big deal.
Creating an account at Soundcloud was easy too.

Then I needed to record something.

I am home alone so I decided to read a poem I recently posted on this site.
Okay, how does one read a poem?
Five times? Ten times?

At first my voice broke. Damn, I was so touched by my own words I could barely cite myself.

After that I sounded stupid, lifeless, horny, funny with lots of overacting.

I did 22 takes before I was somewhat happy with the result. Please bear in mind that I am not used to talk English and my accent is horrible.

What did I learn?
I need a (good) mic. I need good software that enables me to add background stuff. Like layers in Photoshop.

Anyway, I know my poem, For you, Princess, by heart now. I learned poetry can be read in different ways. One’s recorded voice is different from what we hear when we are just talking.

I used my iPad Air and the Dictaphone App and WavePad on my iMac.

It was fun to do so I’ll be doing this kind of stuff more often.

This is for you, Milord by Princess

Burning slowly, a languishing candle, 
I feel the want. 
If only you could be here. 

Every second feels like a raindrop
Shatter on my skin.
I miss you. 

I still feel your hands, 
Kneading my body.
Till I go mad from 
Pleasure and 
Endless love. 

My soul screams,
That nothing else exists 
Except you and me.

You are my God.
I adore you, 
Every day more and more.
I need you so much.

My lips still taste
The passionate kisses. 
They crave more,
Much more.

I miss you.


Gift by Princess

More than I ever wished and wanted, even in my wildest dreams, You give me.

What I needed lay hidden under a layer of fog on a shadowy secret place. Far away from the consciousness and traditions of my soul.
Yet You found it.

You read my deepest desires and passions, so carefully tucked away I thought, in my eyes when we had barely met.

Guide me. You know what I need and You help me surpass myself.
Lead me as You pulverize my demons and caress my angels.

When I kneel for You and offer You my collar as a token of my complete submission there is only our symphony.
There is only You and me.

(c)Princess, 2014

Opal Coast - long exposure. 20" - 24mm/f22
Opal Coast – long exposure.
20″ – 24mm/f22

About Princess’ Corner

Princess does write too. Not that much as I do. After all Princess has a family of 5 kids to care for. There is work and housekeeping and cooking and so on. When Princess has some spare time she is with me.

Princess writes very well and I like her poetry very much. It is raw at times but so very pure, intense and strong.

You can find Princess’ writings under the category “Princess’ Corner“.


I Give You My Heart, Princess #ASMSG #poetry #poem

My heart feels
Like it’s covered
Under a veil.
Not a black or a
Red one.
Not even
Joyful yellow
For that matter.

It simply is
A colourless one.

Merely a thin mist.
So very fragile.
Early morning
Fog alike.

You are
Unreachable far
From me,

I cannot touch
Not with my
Or with my

Yet I know
You feel
My soul,
My love,
As I feel
In each
Of my


Last Night by Franco Bolli

Last night
I screamed your name.
In vain it was.

My hands sliding
Over the cold bed linen.
My fingers
Searching for you
In the empty space
Enveloping me.
My vision
Impaired by darkness.

I whispered your name
Last night.
In a dream it was.
I could feel your body
And the warmth of
Your soft skin
Fuelling my

Yes,  I screamed
Your name out loud.
In the middle of
The night it was.
Yesterday, and the
Day before.
Tomorrow too,
I’m sure.

Till you return
And fill up again
The emptiness
I live in
With your Love,

Nikon + Skywatcher 130/650

Nikon + Skywatcher 130/650


The Project Revealed #ASMSG #EroticRomance #BDSM #Dominance #submission

Yesterday, Thursday evening, I gave Princess what I’ve been calling “The Project”. I have been teasing Princess with it for the past few days challenging her to find out what “The Project” could be.
Wednesday evening, on the phone, while guessing she came very close but I quickly changed the subject.

Even in her wildest dreams Princess hasn’t seen this kind of surprise coming.
My love was not only flabbergasted but moved and delighted at the same time.

The Project consists of 7 sealed envelopes, one for each day she is gone, plus an additional one labelled “The Joker Envelope”.

So each day Princess gets to open one at a moment of her choice. They are not numbered so she gets to pick one randomly.
Most of them are addressed to “For my love” a few are for “Princess”.

One of the few rules we have in our D/s relation states that Princess is not allowed to orgasm when I am not at her side.

That’s what the Joker Envelope is for. If Princess decides to open it she can only use it once though and there is an assignment linked to its use.
Quid pro quo.

Split over these envelopes are letters, a poem, photographs, notes and some other stuff I have put together. One of the envelopes contains a surprise too, one I’m sure she’ll appreciate very much.
I am not going into much detail for obvious reasons.

This morning I gave Princess a kiss and left our home for work. I’ll see Princess briefly this evening.
Then it will be 8 long nights without Princess.

I’ll miss Princess very much but I am starting a new project to keep myself busy.
Two years ago I wrote a short story, illustrated and printed it out and then assembled the pages into a small hard-cover book.
Princess was delighted with “Carte Blanche” and particularly liked how the story ended.
This new project is about translating “Carte Blanche” in English.
Guess I’ll need some help on this one in a near future though.


The Project

There is no cry of pain without an echo of joy at its end.
Ramón de Campoamor

It is one of my favourite quotes because of its universality. If I would consider another tattoo this line would be a strong contender.

A good spanking makes Princess whimper but at the end she often enjoys an intense climax.

Let’s think out of the box for a moment.
I experienced joy when the large prints of my landscape photographs came out my printer. It was the sum of enjoying the solitude on the beaches of the Opal Coast, creativity and lots of work in my digital darkroom.
All of this culminated into the immense pleasure of having several solo art exhibitions, being interviewed and what not.

But where was the pain?

It was in the loneliness, the longing for someone special that made me cry, gave me pain yet fueled my creativity.
Countless were the moments during my visits at the Opal Coast when I felt so sad, so lonely.
Countless were the evenings when those beautiful sunsets were blurred by tears.
My tears.

I wanted to share my emotions with that special person whom I doubted existed but in my dreams and fantasies. Finally I found her, that special one, my Grail, and she stood at my side during my very last exhibition.
My pain was loneliness and solitude.
Princess took it away and replaced it with another one… the pleasurable pain of intense, true and deep love.

This Saturday Princess will be gone for a whole week. She will be driving to the South of France with her kids except for Stella and baby Star. It is their first holiday together in ages and I am very happy for Princess that she is able to do this.
It will do them good. They need the reassurance that their small family is still safe.

I know I am going to miss my dear Princess big time. We’ve already set up our tablets so we can Skype but even then it won’t be the same.

So there you have it, once again a cry of pain and the joy, at its end, The Project.

I started thinking about the concept of The Project about two months ago. Material was gathered or bought and slowly The Project took form.
One question remained though. Should The Project be experienced randomly or in a predefined form?
This weekend I started assembling everything and yesterday a naughty idea popped up in my head making The Project definitively a random experience.
I worked on it way past midnight and I am sure Princess will enjoy The Project very much.

What is it about, this The Project thing?

Let me put it this way.
If I tell you, dear Reader, Princess will know too.
But let me lift a very small part of the veil.
The Project is a surprise for Princess.

More on The Project next week.