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Thoughts – December 20, 2017

A desolate place.
An attic.
A prison-cell.

A blindfolded Princess lies on a small mattress. She has no idea where she is. She has no idea how she got there. Princess has lost every track of space and time.

Vaguely she hears distant chatter, some laughter. It sounds subdued but she is pretty sure there are people somewhere in the building.

She is still clothed, a reassuring thought. This means she hasn’t been raped. Then she adds deep in her mind the word yet.
She calls for help but there is no answer.

A few minutes later, but it could as well have been an hour, she hears footsteps. They come closer on what seems like a stair.

A door opens with a creaking sound.

“I’m keeping her in one of our cells. I hope you like her. She’s very pretty.” The voice sounds familiar but she can’t place it.
“Great. I’m in for a good and hard fuck.” The second voice is much lower.
“Good. Then you came to the right place. I’m sure you’ll have a ball with her. I’m sure she’ll please you in any way she can.”
Two men are now near the cell. She lies still.
Her heart races, her breathing shallow.

This is what I told Princess yesterday evening before we played.
She shivered by the mere thought.

It could be the start of a scorching hot play evening with The Stranger 3 in a BDSM club like Fetish Club 78.

Then we played, Princess and I and it was intense. It always is.
I did some rope bondage and then tortured Princess with clothespins and dripped hot wax over her belly. I did it slowly, taking my time. I wanted her to feel everything as clear as possible.

This time I did not give her any pleasure. It was about Domination. About SM.
I played her. Mentally and physically.

Clothespins, after party.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

We went on for what seemed like ages but in reality only 2 hours went by.

I made several images and I am quite happy with the results. I added them to my Fetlife profile. I’ll be using these photographs for this and the next couple of posts.

These images are not set up, they are made while we play.

Past Saturday, when we visited Club 78, I bought Princess a Russian cold-war gas-mask. I’ll be using it mainly for breath play but I could not resist making a picture of Princess wearing it.

When we finally went to bed Princess was exhausted but feeling very happy and complete.

“Please Milord, I’d love some caning,” she whispered.

I used my cane, gradually increasing the impact. Trying to hit the same spot.
Occasionally I used a flogger.

Mainly the cane though was what I used.

Finally Princess lay still.
Eyes closed, a glorious smile. I knew she was in deep subspace.

I covered Princess and crawled close to her. I held Princess, caressing her gently.
She sighed with contentment.

Shortly after we made love.
The combination with pain works miracles.

Princess came abundantly.
When we were completely wearied we changed the sheets.
I love it when Princess ejaculates. Her warm and sticky wetness dripping over my thighs and belly makes me horny and so happy.

Princess and I.
We are complete and still madly in love.
Princess and I.
Two bodies, one heart, one soul.

Breath Play.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

Thoughts – March 18, 2017

I’m preparing our evening later on today.
I’ll be picking up Princess at 19:30 or so and bring her home.
Where she really belongs and should be.

It’s that time of the month so I’ll adapt the evening in order to fulfill Princesses’ needs.
My studio will be ready. The idea is to do some artistic bondage, make some photographs. I have a few ideas and hope to make some compelling images. If they are okay, I’ll contact the Fetish Café in Antwerp to see if my pictures fit in their art project. Every whatever few months a new erotic artist is presented in the café.
I’d love to be featured as this is a project we are doing as a couple.

The camera I use is a Nikon D2h. It is a 4-megapixel camera that hit the market 14 years ago. I bought it second-hand 10 years ago. Measured to today’s standards it is a fossil. I love the look ‘n feel of the images this camera delivers. It is not about detail, sharpness or whatever today professional camera’s deliver. It is about the timeless, almost analogue feel. At 1600 ISO the grain is gorgeous.

I could write more about this camera, why I love it so much for my studio work but in the end this is not a photography blog.

This morning I went shopping for some bamboo. Got a few stick with a plus/minus diameter of a centimeter.
Candles and some other stuff.

Also I am looking forward to next weekend.
I have invited The Stranger.
He’ll be presenting himself with a chastity device.
My slave will be serving us drinks. He’ll be bound.
On my command Princess will be pushing his buttons.
He’ll be preparing Princess for me.
I’ll be playing with him. Yes, I do enjoy wrapping my fingers around a hard cock.
Maybe there will be some rope.
Princess will be kneeling in front of me and giving head to me and my slave.

Finally I’ll lead my slave and Princess to our bedroom in order to enjoy a threesome.

But that’s for next week…

Coconut rope
Nikon D2h with 24-120

Saturday, January 21, 2017 – Part Two – The Boy and I and a couple of camera’s

Saturday, January 21.

I drove Princess back to her place. It was still early, 8:30 or so, and I felt nervous. In little over half an hour I would take the train to Antwerp. I was going to take the train with The Boy. It would be our first moment alone ever and the goal was for him to shoot enough photographs for his exam.

Ping said my phone.
It was a message from The Boy.
I’ll catch the train, you will too?

It was his way to check if I hadn’t forgotten or was still asleep.

I texted back

I dropped Princess of at her place and noticed his car was still parked at the house. It made no sense to ask if he would hop in my car as he had made it clear he would be at the station.

We kissed, Princess and I, and then I drove to the train station where I parked my car. Bought a ticket. It was 8:40 and I had plenty of time as the train would arrive at 09:01.

At 8:51 I informed The Boy
I’m at the station

8:54 The Boy texted
Could you get a ticket for me already?

I knew paying for him, a drink, lunch, was something he would not like because it would make him feel too close to me.

8:59 and from far I could see the train approaching. No sign of The Boy though.

9:00 and some seconds
The Boy arrived at the station running like a madman.
“Hold the train,” he yelled. He made a move as if he was going to cross the tracks.
“Don’t you dare,”  I hollered.

The ticket inspector grabbed his whistle.
“Please, hold the train for 30 seconds, please,” I asked him.

He smiled.
The Boy and I got on the train, the door closed and we found a place to sit.

Opposite directions (2017)
Ricoh GR II

Our adventure had begun.

We chatted about nothing in special but I sensed he felt okay being with me and so did I. He told me due to the cold weather his car did not start well and he had to scrape the ice from his windshield.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at Antwerp Central. He wanted to shoot on a market were more exotic fruit and stuff is sold. The light was great but it was freezing cold.

Hey there (2017)
Ricoh GR II

I was happy being on the street again shooting with the Ricoh. He did his thing, at some occasions he showed me what he had made, asked a few questions.

After an hour he got bored. I understand. He is not into photography but he needs the pictures to get his diploma.

He also needed a city-scape so we walked to the MAS, a well know museum in Antwerp. I watched him make a photograph from a spot I knew every year a zillion tourists use to make the same image.

MAS, Antwerp (2017)
Ricoh GR II

I told him so, told him to look around, try something different, look for an angle. It was no use really so I did not insist.
We went to the roof terrace of the museum. One has a beautiful view over Antwerp and its surroundings.

After that we walked back to the station where we grabbed a bite to eat. Then on the train and half an hour later we were back home.
I said goodbye, he thanked me and that was that.

I had a blast. I like him very much. Actually we did talk a lot. He wanted to know where I was born, what I had studied and so on. The Boy talked about his projects, his future.

He wanted to know if my daughters like Princess and I told him they did. He smiled and made some wisecrack about the situation with Princesses’ kids and me.

We did not discuss photography.

Did we bond? Hard to say. It is kept secret by the future.
It was a first one, our field trip. I admit, I was feeling quite a bit nervous the evening before the event.

It enabled me to connect with photography again. I enjoyed shooting again very much.

Anyway, this morning, it is now Wednesday, I loaded some of my professional studio flashes and other gear in Princesses’ car. The Boy also needed to make a few studio shots.

Looking back I had a great morning and he is really a funny and swell guy.
Yeah, I like The Boy.
I really do.

Alone (2017)
Ricoh GR II




Thoughts – December 28, 2016

Little A. stayed almost for 2 weeks with me and I enjoyed every moment. Obviously Princess and I were not able to play. My youngest daughter left yesterday.

Christmas is over already and 2017 is literally knocking on our front door.

I do hope you all had a great Christmas.
Little A., Princess and I spend Christmas Eve at our place. It was fun albeit looking back it lacked something I am not able to pinpoint.

Princess and I woke up early on Christmas Day and we made love. Unfortunately Princess made a wrong move and something shot into her right hip. It was very painful.

At noon Princess left, she had Christmas afternoon planned with her kids and family and Little A. and I were expected at Big A’s place.

When we arrived at my eldest daughter, she lives in the same street as I do, about 700 meters from me, Princess texted me. She was at the doctor already. I felt very bad I could not be there with Princess.

We had a great time, my daughters, The Boyfriend and me. Back home I got a text from Princess. She was in quite some pain but with her family and kids and they were having fun.

So Little A. went to her mother yesterday and an hour later Princess arrived. We had the apartment for ourselves but unfortunately we could not play. I did not want to take any risk regarding Princesses’ health. So I took her out for dinner instead. The poor thing could hardly walk. Back home we made, very carefully, love.

This morning Princess had an echo and some other imaging made and I picked her up this evening to visit her doctor.

Princess has an inflammation of the muscle-attachment at the top of the femur.

Overburdened the doctor explained and asked Princess if she was sportsmanlike.
Bed sports.
But that we did not say.

Due to the fact I don’t ejaculate during intercourse we are able to fuck for hours.

Princess needs some physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory drugs but it will take a few weeks before it is completely healed.

So no spanking, flogging, whipping, suspension, difficult positions for normal rope play for some time.
I’ll have to find new stuff.

We learned one thing though… the rough and hard stuff is something we do miss very much because if it not only a part of who we are but it is also a big part of our lovemaking.

But in the end it is only for a couple of weeks.
I am thinking of our dear friends Sir K. and J. whom haven’t been able to play for almost a year due to a very ugly leg fraction his wife J. is still recovering from.

Princess likes to be photographed in BDSM settings. I have all the necessary gear yet we don’t take pictures often.
When we play I rarely grab my camera because I want to stay in the moment.

Maybe now is the time to concentrate on taking photographs. It is fun too and it is not a great strain on Princesses’ hip/leg either.

I also want to be able to use my own images for this blog rather than search for something good online.

Me holding a wheel of pain

Thoughts – April 8, 2016

Everything is fine over here. Princess and I are doing well.

Lately most of our Saturday and Tuesday evenings have been taken by other events or people. This means we haven’t been able to play much let alone go to the Club or discover new BDSM places.

We are though, looking for a day collar for Princess.

This means there has been little to write about and posting just for the sake of posting, well, it ain’t my style.

We visited Princesses’ family on two birthday occasions and to my great surprise her kids, except for Ar, were also present although they came with a different car. Except for The Boy they did as if I wasn’t there but hey, it is a start.

I have been proofreading a novel and it was the second time I did this. It is about finding typos and incoherent data.
For some reason I am good at it.
While people look at a bush in a garden and see the bush I immediately spot a tiny crab spider sitting on a leaf. I tend to notice anomalies very quickly. I found it awesome how a type just jumped at me even before I read the sentence.

I’ve also been working on my photography blog. Having made the choice to shoot on film makes my photography a craft and thus time-consuming. Developing, scanning and digital darkroom takes up quite some of my time.

In two weeks I’m following a workshop on street photography. I subscribed for this about 9 months ago and still don’t know why. In fact I feel awkward around people and feel that pushing a camera in their face is an intrusion of their personal space.

Yet I have been talking with Princess about a project about social documentary photography. Belgium (and Europa) has been inundated by refugees. That could be an angle but I am not really interested because it is way to easy. I would prefer to make a documentary about the poor or the underprivileged  natives as I believe it is a forgotten problem.
A few days ago I saw a can of tuna in Stella’s apartment. It was white with blue lettering and clearly relief goods from Europe. I remember being struck as I imagined this stuff in a war zone, in a refugee camp but not in my country.

Then there was my The Kinky Cafe project. It did not flower and I shut it down a few months later.

Now The Kinky Cafe is officially dead. Today I purchased a new domain name for that account and I am starting a new personal photography project.

Tomorrow, Saturday 9, Princess and I are talking her sister for dinner, a late birthday present. We are going to an excellent Indian restaurant not far from Brussels.

Take care.

Statue (2016) Nikon F5 with Nikon 24-120mm and loaded with Kodak Tri-X
Statue (2016)
Nikon F5 with Nikon 24-120mm and loaded with Kodak Tri-X

Thoughts – February 20, 2016

Past Tuesday I accompanied Princess to Brussels, our capital. She was invited, with a few other colleagues, for breakfast with the CEO of the company she works with.

The 2 hours I had to myself I used well. I visited a few tourist hotspots and had breakfast. It was sunny yet cold and I was happy I wasn’t hindered in walking by my lower back-pains. It can become very painful when I slander.
Another good thing happened. I had a digital camera with me and found myself being creative again. For those whom follow my blog know I have a love/hate relation with photography. Tuesday was the first time I picked up a camera in months, except to shoot some rope bondage images to show Princess how she looks dressed only in rope.

I picked up Princess at the HQ and then we visited the Taschen bookstore. Great art books, well-printed and very cheap.
I bought a coffee table photography book, another good sign, with work by photographer Bettina Rheims.

In a jewelry story we saw a beautiful necklace that would suit perfectly as a collar for Princess. In yet another store with African Art we saw this claw, beautiful artwork and I think a dream to use and play with.

Princess and I took the train back to our hometown and then I dropped Princess off at work.

Back home I finished an article on Mindfucking I wrote for the Dutch informative site “Stichting Info BDSM“. They liked it and put my article online. In the text I make for myself the distinction between mindfucking and mindplaying.

On Tuesday evening Princess came back, we played and we fucked ourselves mindless the morning after. On Thursday evening we played again and it was intense and we felt so very close.

The way we play and interact has changed considerably over the past few weeks. More on this in a soon to follow post.

Thursday I also browsed a website with second-hand material and found a lens for my analogue Olympus OM camera’s. I made an offer, it was accepted and I picked it up this morning. Another good sign, even more that I even checked if I had still chemicals left in order to develop my film.

There is a lot happening and I am embracing it with pleasure and eagerness.

No hot picture this time but a gallery with a few photographs I made in Brussels.



Thoughts – August 20, 2015

I have two blogs.
One is about analogue photography, the second is the one you are reading, Princess and I.

I write under my real name on the photography blog. The topics are sometimes a tad technical but I try to add a personal touch too.

Then there is this Sir Franco Bolli blog. It is a very personal account of my life with Princess and not always about kinky stuff.
I would say that this blog comes very close to a very private diary.

Photography is one of my biggest passions yet I have an intense hate/love relation with it. I don’t understand the mechanisms behind it though. I only know there are moments when I don’t touch a camera, look at a photography blog or spend time on YouTube watching interesting vlogs. I don’t feel like expressing myself with images and these periods can last from anything between a few weeks to several months.

I am in such a period. Writing has, momentarily, taken over the image making process completely.

This results in the fact that I find it near to impossible to write for both blogs at the same time. So when I’m active with photography this Sir Franco Bolli blog gets neglected and vice versa.

Yet writing will always prevail on anything else.

There is even more to it. I would love to write short stories. I done so before, ages ago, with some success. In that pre-Internet period I had the pleasure to see some of my stories published in a literary magazine.
At that time I wrote in Dutch, my mother tongue.

The only thing that holds me back from writing more short stories is because I want to write them in English. There is a substantial hiccup though. Although I consider my written English to be acceptable it is not good enough to write stories.

Nobody is impatiently waiting to read something that is filled with a zillion grammatical errors.

Green Pencil (2015) iPad Air with the photography app 'Manual'
Green Pencil (2015)
iPad Air with the photography app ‘Manual’

The BDSM Photography Project

Let’s go back to June 2012.
Friday, June 1st to be exact. We are at the Cultural Center of my hometown. The hour is 20:30.
A municipality representative is making a speech. Princess is at my side and she is proud because it is me whom is lauded.

Sparkling wine is served. There is a crowd and lots of noise and babbling. My hand is taken and shaken a zillion times.
I smile and enjoy the moment.

We are at my photography exhibition. Landscapes and naughty macro photography as the reproductive organs of flowers look like vaginas and penises.

Having my work shown here, in the Cultural Center, in my hometown, is an old dream of mine and another item to cross out on my list.
Deep inside me I know this is my 5th and last exposition.

Don’t get me wrong. As an artist I like opening nights. Horney women whom throw themselves at my feet hoping some of my fame will rub off on them. There is of course the buzz, the money, the mentioned sleazy & hot sex and lots of free blow.

Sounds familiar? I’m happy for you as you must be much more famous than I’ll ever be.

I love making photographs and negotiating for a gig even more and it feels great reading my name in a newspaper, seeing advertising for the show. Being interviewed.
Everybody needs a few moments of your time. For 15 minutes that is.

And after opening night?
You are already forgotten because somebody new is being programmed. It is like that and that is the game and that are the rules. You play or you don’t.
I like everything about it though except loading my car and hauling with heavy frames and being stressed about the parking restrictions near the exposition room.

* * * * *

I have about 3000 BDSM related images on my computer. I like looking at them but it is so abundant I feel I myself, as a photographer, have nothing to add to the genre.

Princess though is not convinced at all.

The Dungeon wants to expand and show fetish and BDSM related art.
And when I told Princess about it sure enough she pushed me into it.

Princess 1
Princess 1

So now Princess and I have a photography project.

I cannot play and take images at the same time though so I need another way in.

Princess has been pushing me and we made a few BDSM photographs and yes, I like them. I believe the way I/we see things is different. It is not entirely staged so it stays genuine.

There is something in it for Princess too. When she prepares, the make-up and so, she transforms into somebody else and I feel she becomes even a better submissive than when we play.

Princess 2
Princess 2

Princess adores playing a role, becoming somebody else and maybe this project will help me, us, bring us even closer to what D/s really means for her, for me.

A few days ago we got mail from The Dungeon. They liked our work a lot but we do not have enough photographs yet for an exposition.

Past Saturday we worked on an idea Princess had developed about peeing. We worked for a few hours, making about 30 shots. Princess’ input is really important. She is not spoiled by 3000 BDSM images and therefore can be model and art director. I create, make it technically possible with the little tools we have and try to add something of myself in our images.

Princess 3
Princess 3

Without any further delay Princess and I present 4 images in this post build around the peeing setup. Please tell us what you like and don’t like. One of these four will be used for the exposition.
Please be honest. Give us critique. Tell us what works, what doesn’t.

What Princess and I are presenting end 2015 or maybe 2016 will we built for a part on your input.

I am looking forward to this exposition.
It is something very private and extremely intimate.
Most of all it is something we, Princess and I, are doing together.
That is enough reason for me to engage in this adventure.

And Princess is a great model.

Princess 4
Princess 4


The Last One

This is the last entry I will make for the Thursday’s Photograph. The reason is simple. SirFrancoBolli.org is our erotic diary and tells our story, what makes us tick, what happens in our lives.

I started the Thursday’s Photograph as a way to make me write for this blog every single week. It is in some sort a deadline.
But posting something about photography, my second passion next to Princess, every week soon became not enough.

Recently I decided to take a few steps back and started with analogue black and white photography. Back to my roots as it were.

That too is enough to write about so I decided to start a blog about my adventures with analogue film photography. You can find it at bwfilmdiaries.wordpress.com

It became obvious this weekly post would soon become obsolete. That moment has arrived. This is my last entry about photography on this blog.

I am happy to announce that from 2015 the Thursday’s Photograph will be replaced by a weekly erotic photograph and is a joint venture of Princess and I.

It is Princess’ idea and I support it completely albeit we are not yet on the same track about its contents yet.

For me this new project is about discovering what erotic photography really means to us both. It is about working together, brainstorming and building ideas into photographs. Where Princess was a loose contributor to this blog she now will become much more involved in its contents. I am really looking forward to this new venture and I am curious where it will take us.

Today’s shot symbolizes it all and was taken somewhere between 2007 and 2008 with, I guess, a Nikon F100. The film used a 400 ISO Ilford HP5 Plus.

For those who are interested in my photography and my reflections and ideas, please visit me at bwfilmdiaries.wordpress.com.

As from January 2015 you’ll find a weekly erotic images Princess and I made on this blog.


Thoughts – November 16, 2014

I am aware I haven’t been writing much for this blog these past few weeks.

Everything is okay though. Princess and I are still enjoying kinky BDSM sex and we are still growing.

Yet how many times can I write a post about our playdates before you all start to yawn.
Read that before, yeah, Franco is repeating himself. Poor chap he is.

There is not that much happening in our life except for the kinky fuckery, a visit to the sauna or a night in town.

We are not moving towards living together, there is no opening towards Princess’ kids or vice versa.
So for the moment we are going nowhere and that will stay like that for several years to come.
This means no extra items to write about on this very personal blog.

So how many times can I write about having sex?
I’ll write a post when I feel I have something to tell.

I am happy to announce Princess has written something for the blog too. I simply need to translate it.

There is one thing I have been doing faithfully and with pleasure though.

Thursday’s Photograph is something that enables me to write about my second passion next to Princess. I find it easy to write about photography too and I’m thrilled for what lays in front of me while walking the path of analogue black and white film.

So it may sound strange that I have decided to stop the weekly “Thursday’s Photograph”. Seriously, I gave it a great deal of thought.

After all this blog is an erotic one and in my opinion this is not the right place to post more mundane stuff like photography.
Besides, I have a bunch to write about and it would be sad to see this blog become something else.Yet Thursday’s Photograph won’t disappear completely.

Princess had a great idea.
Why don’t we replace it with a weekly erotic photograph that we, Princess and I, make?
Yeah, this is really a swell idea and I’m going to work out the idea further. Thank you Princess.

I killed Franco Bolli on Flickr and on Instagram. Sorry mate, but I had to do it. I had to make place for myself.
Then I created a new account on Flickr and on Twitter using my real name.

So there you have it, dear Readers. I will still write for this blog when I feel like it or if Princess and I experience something new or if something happens that is relevant enough to document.

Everything about photography, including the Thursday’s Photograph, will move to a brand new blog I’ve started a few days ago.
This new blog is called The Film Diaries. It will be mostly about my adventures with analogue black and white film. I hope it will inspire people to look back and embrace old technology and its possibilities by means of creativity.

I will be signing my images with my real name and Princess will be a part of the story too.
After all she is my muse, my wife-to-be, my goddess, submissive and my Love. In fact Princess is my everything and the sole reason I was conceived so many decades ago.I am aware not all of you are interested in photography and that is no problem at all.

Yet I hope that those who do will visit my new blog, The Film Diaries, from time to time.

Hogweed (ca 2008) Bronica ETRSi with Ilford HP5+ film.
Hogweed (ca 2008)
Bronica ETRSi with Ilford HP5+ film.