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Rope Bondage The Smart Way – Book Review

I’ve been tying rope on and off for over 3 years now. We largely prefer floor play over suspensions. For me it is all about using rope to tease, manipulate and dominate Princess. Or for SM.

I don’t apply rope as a technical exercise. It is about being one with Princess. Like dancing the tango, sensual and erotic.
Workshops, online courses and clips helped form my skills. And books of course. They are all about the technical aspects. One needs to know the building blocks. Exercise, building muscle memory, does the rest.
Do I consider myself as an experienced “rigger”? By no means and that is a good thing because I do love the learning process that goes with every skill you want to make your own. It makes you still feel the thrill of finding out something new.

There are some awesome websites that learn the art of Kinbaku. Rope Connections, by Peter Riggs, is one I discovered recently.
Albeit one can find some interesting articles on the technical aspects of rope, this website, this blog, is more about Peter’s personal journey and his experiences with rope. He ties a lot of people so he has quite some experience with the interaction between a rigger and a rope bunny.
Since a few months I visited his site on a regular base reading about his adventures in the world of Kinbaku.

So when Peter announced his first book, Rope Bondage The Smart Way, was ready to be published on Amazon I did not hesitate and pre-ordered.  

I received the book in my Kindle app a few days ago.

I enjoyed the case studies Peter included in his book. They are very valuable because they help you reevaluate your scenes, the way you do the rope.
Other parts of the book made me aware of stuff I am taking for granted and forced me to look at them again.
Obviously I picked up a few tips and tricks about the tying itself.
Based on some case studies I looked into new music to use while doing rope.

For those whom are new to rope this book is invaluable. You won’t learn a bunch of ties, but you’ll look through the eyes of an experienced rigger and learn something more important. You’ll learn how to interact, how to use rope to create a wide variety of emotions when you are tying somebody up.
There are don’ts and do’s before, during and after a rope scene that will help make the scene an unforgettable experience for the model.

Indeed, most books I read were about how to tie this and that knot or combination. Rope Bondage, The Smart Way, gives you the much-needed insight to get the most out of rope bondage. It will increase your ability to do more than just knot and it will help you make your rope bunny feel awesome and happy and safe.

Topics include:

– a guide to effective practice
– strategies for planning your rope bondage session
– case studies to illustrate points and serve as examples
– cheat sheets on positions and the best way to apply bondage for those
– a practical guide for making the session even sexier
– detailed information on “drop” and aftercare
– ideas around getting good photos without having to spend a lot on equipment

Rope Bondage The Smart Way is well written and contains useful links and videos. For those into rope bondage this book contains priceless information.
You can find the book on Amazon but I prefer linking to Peter’s site so you can discover the rich content Rope Connections has to offer.
Highly recommended.