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Another evening at PDN

Saturday, November 2017.
It had been a while since our last visit to PDN.

We arrived in the early evening, after the fabulous feet & high heels afternoon.

It was so great to be there again. The owners greeted us with a big and happy smile. G & M are kind, great, and generous people.

Sid, The Stranger 2, was there too. I was glad to see him as I knew he had gone through some rough times. I listened while he told me about those difficult weeks.

Paul and Mary, a swingers couple connecting with BDSM, said hi and with them too we chitchatted.

We met new people from the foot lovers scene. Princess was very interested and wanted to know everything about it.

All I know is that I used to give a foot massage to Big A. and she loved it. Yeah I know, it is another setting entirely.

It made me think though, about including some foot loving stuff in our scenes.

Princess and I watched Marcus doing a beautiful bondage. We hadn’t seen him in ages and it is always interesting to see him work with rope.

It was cosy and fun and there were many people and they were playing or watching and enjoying themselves.

So did we, Princess and I.

I tied Princess to a bench and gave her a good and intense spanking. Used a cane mainly. And clothespins. And mind play.

We spend some more time enjoying being at PDN. We talked with Steven.
Frank and Nancy were there too. Princess talked quite a while with Nancy while Frank introduced me to Marcus.

It was that time of the month so we didn’t make it late. Princess felt tired and I knew she hadn’t slept well these past few days. She is also more emotional.

When we left I felt touched. People waved at us, yelling stuff like have a safe trip home and see ya soon and so on.

On our way home I told Princess, not for the first time, how I tought about PDN as my, well, our favourite place. I told her I felt at home there, safe and surrounded by kind and fantastic people.

“I feel the same way,” Princess smiled.
I grabbed her hand and for a while I steered with one hand.

Outside it was dark and there were stars but no moon.

At home we made love and then fell asleep.

Life is simple and beautiful with Princess.
With Princess I am complete and so very happy.

I have never loved so true and so deep and so much.
Princess redefined the word love for me.
It is truly an amazing experience.
Thank you, my Love.


Karada Workshop – August 19, 2017

We had a blast, Princess and I. For us it was one of those memorable afternoons/evenings that make this lifestyle shine as gold.

The workshop was organized at our favorite club PDN and given by Marc Van Vlaanderen. Marc has a huge experience in multiple domains of BDSM. He is accessible and one of his many gifts is the ability to pass a message, help people learn.

Princess and I arrived before 3 PM and were rewarded with a beer to take home. It is a Meestereske (Domina),  a 9,5% blonde triple. Thank you, Marc, for this much-appreciated attention.

So we learned the Karada. Not a simple Karada but one for all kinds of (floor)suspension. PDN’s dungeon hosted a huge frame, a small one-person frame hoisted so it could flip over and a huge wheel.

First I did a simple Karada floor suspension with Princess in a cage. I used a 12-meter rope that was made available. No natural fiber and a little elastic and it burned my fingers. I did swear quite a few times pulling through all that rope.

I did not like the result though, it wasn’t all that great and not beautiful either. But Princess and I had fun and learned a few things.

Karada floor suspension in a cage.

There was this huge wheel and I knew Princess was fascinated by it. So I asked Marc if he would help me suspend Princess in that construction. Sure enough he was more than willingly to help and soon his team-member were tying up Princess. I watched, did not feel secure enough to do this alone. So I stole with my eyes and learned.

Princess in a Karada based suspension.

Needless to say Princess enjoyed the experience.

Later that afternoon and evening even more people arrived. Princess and I enjoyed watching what was going on. We talked with friends too, yes, it was really a memorable evening.

Sid was there too. We connected even more. He is a great guy and I was happy he found a rope bunny for that workshop.

Later, later, I tied Princess to a wooden pole and gave her a harsh spanking. She almost came while I almost drowned in my sweat. It was way to warm there for me albeit most of the time Princess felt cold.

We watched people play. It was fun. It made me so very happy to see how some of them were able to enjoy being (almost) naked in spite of being very far from the what the fuck ideal body.
We are all human beings and the diversity on so many levels makes us so rich. Here, at least at PDN, we could all be just that. Human beings without being judged for whatever some think others need to be judged for.

It was past midnight before we came home.
Princess and I went to bed. Exhausted but we made love nevertheless.

We got up early this morning as Princess had to be home early to take care of Little Star.

Mostly she stays till noon. Not this morning though.

Later this afternoon I phoned Sid.
We’ll be seeing him this week.
It will be sizzling hot.

Meeting Sid

Past Saturday we went to our favorite club. It had been a while since our last visit. The club feels like a second home. We talked with friends. In the dungeon I tied Princess to bondage horse for some harsh impact play. It gave her an intense orgasm and shot her deep into subspace.

It was also a very exciting evening because we were going to meet a candidate.

When I placed the ad a few weeks ago my idea was to meet and look for a mutual connection. Princess was not concerned because she would wear a blindfold when we would play with. It would increase Princesses’ sensation of being used. Besides, finding a connection between two is difficult already let alone with three.

Sid was one of the men who reacted to the add. His reply was respectful and his profile interesting. He is a newcomer to our lifestyle. Sid had also put the results from bdsmtest.org on his profile. Albeit I take such results with a grain of salt it is useful. Sid scored pretty high on the non-submissive stuff indicating he is a Dominant.

Being a regular visitor of PDN he asked if we could meet there, have a few drinks, see if there was a vibe and take it from there.

This meant Princess was going to meet him too. We talked about it and she liked the idea. Being presented like that, checked out visually felt also very much as being used she told me.

So we met Sid.
I liked taking with him. It felt like we knew each other already. I told him what his role would be. He told me his expectations. He is respectful and that I like. Princess felt okay too.
Then Sid asked Princess if she liked sucking cock, being eaten, fucked hard and long. She smiled and say as much as possible on everything.
Hell that was hot. This man asking Princess how she wanted to be fucked by him.

She smiled. He smiled.
Then, with some hesitation, he asked Princess if she liked anal. She smiled again and assured Sid she loved being fucked that way.

Oh god, I had the impression my cock was going to burst out of my pants.

A handful of kinksters had taken seats around us and it was clear they were enjoying what Princess described as an interview. It pushed all her buttons and I am pretty sure she felt very slutty.

On our way home Princess and I talked about Sid and she was okay with the idea of him having sex with her. I had still some reservations though. His Dominant side but mostly because he smokes.

In bed we talked about it some more and it made me mad with desire and I fucked Princess hard.
We slept well and the next morning I mounted her while she was still half asleep.

The sex was great and Princess came and orgasmed and squirted over and over. We ended up with soaked bed linen.

Somewhere between two fucks Princess told me she fantasized about being gangbanged. Sucking off a bunch of men was another of her fantasies. Just fantasies mind you. Well, for the time being anyway.

Then Princess mounted me. Rode me while she licked my nipples. In my mind’s eye I saw her being used by 4, 5 men and the idea drove me mad with desire for Princess.

I screamed when I shot my seed deep in Princess.
It was a very intense orgasm.

This morning I messaged Sid and proposed a few evenings next week. I told him I have a very hot BDSM-scene in mind.

Past Weekend

The Stranger called off our date for Saturday due to a cold. Sad because Princess and I were looking forward to a pleasurable play scene and a hot threesome.

So instead Princess and I went to PDN, our favorite club.

We enjoyed a fantastic evening talking with friends, having a drink and playing. I gave Princess two very intense spanking sessions.-

Both session brought the love of my life into deep sub-space.

I had also an interesting conversation with the owner. In fact he and his wife have no real connection with BDSM specifically but they have a lot of  experience with the nightlife.

In fact they host PDN just for their pleasure and as long as they turn brake-even they are happy. I did not have the opportunity to ask why they invest in BDSM as it became busier at the bar.

Nevertheless I told the owner something he had to think about for a few seconds.

“So you are in fact some kind of a Maecenas,” I said.
“I never looked at it that way,” he answered after a short hesitation, “but I guess you have a point.”

I love PDN. It is one of my favourite places to spend time and it is a place where Princess and I feel at home, safe and cozy. The owners are very generous and the people we meet are friendly, sociable and respectful.

Back home we slept well albeit it was a very short night as we changed from winter to summer time thus losing one hour.

Sunday morning we made love. It was delicious, intense and rough and at noon I dropped Princess off at her place.

A few hours later I picked her up again and then Stella who lives nearby. About 45 minutes later we arrived at Princesses’ parents home to celebrate her mother’s anniversary.

Immediately upon our arrival Princesses daughters Kay and Ar left without setting eyes on me but Bo gave me a warm-hearted hug. That felt good.
She showed us a picture she had made of her grandparents with her Fuji Instax and it was an amazing photograph.

We sat in the garden, ate cake and had a good time. Then it became chilly and we went inside. It was fun and warm and cozy. I really do love Princesses’ parents and her siblings.

Then we left, Princess, Stella, Little Star and I.
Dropped them off at their places.
Said goodbye.

An hour later I was home.
And alone.
The bed was empty and I missed my Princess.
This is my life.
This is as good as it will get.

Antwerp Central Railwaystation
Olympus OM-D M10 with a 45-150mm lens.

Thoughts – January 29, 2017

Yesterday evening we went to PDN. We had a great time. We always do. It’s true.

The owners told me they like my writings very much. I post some of my blog-posts on Fetlife and PDN has a profile too.
It made me feel even more happy.

The cafe was not very crowded and the Dungeon almost deserted. We enjoyed intense rope play, mixing rope with pleasure and pain. I did only floor play as I am still not sure about Princesses’ hip. Soon more couples were doing rope sessions.

Two men were playing and we enjoyed watching them. It was clear they were a couple and there was hard play but also lots of tenderness. I did find the Dom quite attractive by the way.

After enjoying watching others play I grabbed my bag, got out some tools and pleasured Princess with some great impact play. I did not exaggerate, building everything up slowly as it had been quite some time since we did this.

We left shortly after midnight and back home we made love and I gave Princess what seemed like a zillion orgasms. I give the best orgasms, it true. They are simply the best.

This morning I woke up at eight thirty feeling horny as hell. Princess was still sound asleep but that could not stop me.

Soon we were making love and then some more. It was maddening, hot, intense, passionate but most of all it was love.

Around noon I dropped Princess at her place. Then I drove back home feeling gloomy. I feel like that almost every Sunday. Maybe it is Dom drop.

I spend the afternoon watching a movie, checking my Fetlife and Franco Bolli FB-account and then wrote a mail to The Stranger.
Yep, you did read correctly. The Stranger, our slave.

I have invited The Stranger to come over to our place this Tuesday for a play evening with Princess and me.

It is gonna be a great evening, it is going to be absolutely fantastic. It really will.

There will be bondage of course. Lots of bondage.

Hell, I have the best rope, its true, and I am going to grab them by the fibers.

Like the last time I’ll be topping The Stranger.

There will be fun stuff for him and lots of fun for Princess.

In order to tie up The Stranger I made a batch of 6mm hemp rope. It’s rope I’ll be using exclusively with other people. It will be washed more so the lifespan of this rope will be rather short.

In fact I am hoping to find people whom are willing to come over to my studio for some tying up and portrait photography. Something like the way I photographed  Princess during my session on January 17.

Also the batch of Semenawa rope I bought via Bruce Esinem arrived.

Semenawa ropes are more for sadistic sessions. Here the desired qualities are quite the opposite to the usual Shibari rope criteria. Fibres such as palm hemp and coconut are chosen specifically because they are scratchy, prickly and generally uncomfortable… especially in sensitive areas.

I haven’t used it yet but the rope feels great in my hands. And it is surprisingly light too.

Semenawa rope, close-up

Thoughts – December 19, 2016

Past Saturday Princess and I visited PDN, our favorite BDSM-club and once again we had a swell and intense evening.
We talked with Paul and Mary whom had brought another couple with them.

After that we ordered drinks at the bar and talked with Serge and Jane. I do like Serge a lot. After many years of marriage Serge discussed his submissive/slave needs with his wife Jane. At first she was very reluctant but it is great to see how they evolved over only not more than 6, 7 months. Serge and I do write quite a lot via Fetlife and I feel a friendship developing. It is also very clear to me that Serge is topping his Mistress/wife from the bottom and that is quite an interesting dynamic.

The we played, Princess and I. Like I do most of the time I tie wrists against a horizontal bar attached to a hoist.

Mary told me she liked Princesses’ body very much, a clear hint for more. I thanked her but did not reply to the unspoken question. First of all Paul and Mary had another couple with them, also into both BDSM and swinging. I did not want Princess and I to be pulled into their scene. Secondly I prefer exploring The Stranger thing more in-depth before moving to another scenario.

I remember discussing with Princess what we did not want to do. Have unprotected sex and kiss other people. Not even two weeks later Princess and I were both tonguing the same woman. So much for limits.

I used my new whips extensively and did not hold back really so after a while Princess got into some pre-subspace. I untied her, led her to the couch and pulled a fleece over her and held her close to me while she sighed and moaned.

Finally I have Princess a much-needed release using a vibrator in combination with the nipple grabbers.

The evening was quite different from what we are used to. There was far more explicit sexual activity. It did not bother me at first. But after a while the moaning, the exhibitionist sex could not be neglected. I do understand exhibitionism but if you want to go further, the club has a separate space for swinging.

We watched a Domme do her thing with her male slave. Interesting as I made a few mental notes on how to play with a male slave.

* * * * *

These past few weeks Princess and I have also been discussing The Stranger event. Are we swingers? What about monogamy? What do we have that is still ours? How do we feel about it?
It has been interesting and philosophic.
More on these topics later.

* * * * *

I am not sure if I already mentioned it but Princess and I are spending New Years Eve at our favorite BDSM-club. We are so looking forward to this event. The organized a dinner party for a limited group of people.

* * * * * *

Lately Princess has been calling me Master instead of Milord. There is a world of difference between those two titles but I must admit I like Master. It is quite a different approach albeit we are not talking 24/7. We are not interested in that kind of dynamic.

* * * * * *

Princess told me she was looking forward to a new scene with The Stranger. Princess told me also she is open for much more. Even though I will protect our boundaries, even though there is a huge difference between fantasy and real world stuff, I am thinking our sex live will become even more intense over time.

* * * * * *

Occasionally adding a third person to a scene has nothing to do with our, Princesses’ or my reputation. It is nothing more than a deliberate choice emphasizing the trust and sexual freedom we give each other.

* * * * * *

Princess is not a slut. She is at all times a lady and only MY slut when I wish or want her to be a slut.
My slut that is.