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This is not about a people’s liberation organization or a political party.

It is what we, Princess and I, enjoy doing.
Pain, Love and Passion.

Princess and I are still growing and the way we play has changed over the course of the last few months. Mind you, I use the same ingredients, but the way I cook is different.

More than before Dominance has now an important part in the way I play with Princess. It makes our scenes more intense and Princesses’ body language, her response to my Dominance, both unmistakable passionate and very submissive.

I think this is why lately we get some very positive reactions in the Dungeon. I don’t just spank Princess or tie her or whatever it is I do. I think of it as a cat and mouse game. I take my time, observe, give pain, observe, give love, pleasure and Princess, my love, reacts in a way I cannot describe except that her emotions are pure.

What most Dominants do in the Dungeon is spank and that is it. I rarely see the interaction I have with Princess. They could as well be spanking a love doll.

I do not want to brag but we, Princess and I, give a genuine show, more than those whom choose to spank for the pleasure of spanking. Don’t get me wrong, I do not look down on these people. Hell, we live in an apartment too and noise travels far. It can be liberating to go for harsh impact plat knowing you are not disturbing anyone. Having the cops knocking on the door.

At home there are the ropes, the Shibari ring and a 3 anchor points I made in the walls surrounding the play space. One overhead, for the arms, and two for spreading Princesses’ legs.

So I can tie Princess in several ways. I can do floor suspension or full suspension or have her stand up, hands tied to a horizontal bamboo bar. Have her lying down and spread open, ready for use.

The cane has become my tool of preference when it comes to pain. I also use wooden clothes pins and they also deliver very intense local pain stimuli. Candle wax is something that does wonders too.

I am still amazed when I make Princess orgasm with only pain.

When I Dominate Princess sexually I feel so complete, so one with my love.

Pain, Love and Passion is our mantra.

Waiting for Princess (2016) Olympus OM-2n with 28mm f3,5 and loaded with Ilford HP5+
Waiting for Princess (2016)
Olympus OM-2n with 28mm f3,5 and loaded with Ilford HP5+

REBLOG – The Puzzle of Sadomasochism

I stumbled across a blog, Travelling on a Planet Called Power Exchange, by TheOchreMuse. It is an interesting blog with well written, interesting articles and very nice artwork.

While browsing the site I found an article titled “The Puzzle of Sadomasochism”. The theory the author describes sounds very familiar and thus goes also largely for me.

Here it goes..

The Puzzle of Sadomasochism

D/s has a way of sneaking up on me and saying, “Here’s the most innocuous bit of power exchange I could come up with, but you’re gonna love it anyway.” Take the fact that SS makes me get naked and wait in position upstairs for him while he drinks a cup of coffee and reads his emails. Any ordinary person would consider that rude. Me? The longer he takes, the hotter it is. Then there’s pain. What, precisely, is so sexy about it? Why is the fact that he likes to hurt me such a turn on? What is it about impact play that’s so intensely sexual?

If you come up with a legitimate explanation, I’ll pay you a jar of Nutella per word for it.

It’s impossible for me to intellectualise about BDSM without seeing the absurdity in the stuff I take pleasure out of, but I’m definitely having more fun than those people on Facebook. Vanillas have about 20 different ways to vary their in-the-dark sex. Us? We probably have 50 000. Cleaning up after play is like tidying after a toddler: toys, toys every-damned-where.

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Another hot weekend – Saturday

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I pick Princess up at her place. It is 18:30. Princess looks stunning. She always does.
We kiss, I lead her to the car.

“Drinks somewhere first,” I say.
She smiles. Princess likes surprises.

I take her to ‘t Schipke, a restaurant/cafe, in the middle of nowhere, near a river. We have dined there before.

We are given a table in a corner, near the Christmas tree. I order two glasses of white wine.

For a while we chitchat, Princess and I. She has always a lot to tell about her Saturday at home with the kids, with Little Star.
I love listening. Her voice is enthralling. Her stories told with passion and love.

Princess also confirmed that Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 January are okay. All I need is confirmation from Little A’s mom that my youngest won’t be with me or that we can switch weekends. Alas not an easy task.

That weekend Princess and I are driving to a small town in The Netherlands, near the German and Belgian border. We are expected in a 4 Star hotel where we will meet K. and J. for an evening of intense BDSM-play and maybe some sensual, erotic and/or sexy interaction between Princess and J., K’s submissive.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more about the hotel because Princess reads my blog too and I do not want to spoil the surprise. But I am sure Princess will be flabbergasted and blown away by the place.

Princess and I are so looking forward to this new experience and Princess is continuously fantasizing about what could or might happen.

I already somewhat decided what I want Princess to wear when we arrive.
I have chosen for a cliché yet a very hot outfit.

High heels of course.
Black silk stockings. I don’t know yet if I’ll go for the black ones of those with a red rim. A matching black suspender belt, black thong and black lace corset.
We we enter the hotel Princess will be hiding all this under a fur coat,  an heirloom and not something that was shot or recently butchered.

I pay, we leave and drive home.

We watch a movie and it is a very interesting one.
A Dangerous Method (2011) gives us a look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.
Surprisingly there is some spanking and BDSM in it.

After that we go to bed where I fuck Princess very hard and violently. Princess loves the face slapping, my hand squeezing her throat, my teeth in her shoulders or extreme fierce nipple pinching.

“Please can I cum, Milord?” she moans.
“No, you can’t. If you do I’ll have to punish you.”
“And if I can’t hold it?”

“I’ll have to punish you and believe me, then you’ll be very sorry you were not able to be a good girl,” I growl.

I kiss her knowing I am pushing one of her many buttons and sure enough she comes.

“Thank you, Milord,” she whimpers, a little afraid of what her punishment will be.

She knows it won’t be something noisy like a good spanking as Little A. is staying with us.

I grab some rope and quickly tie Princess’s ankles to the bedposts. When I get the TENS-unit out of the drawer I notice some uneasiness in her eyes.
I smile and leisurely place the Barry Bite body clamps on her outside labia.
“OMG,” Princess whispers.

I connect the device and then turn up power, choose a pulsing program and then bend over Princess and look in her eyes.
“Are you enjoying this?”
“Yes, Milord,” she whispers.
Up goes the power dial.

She moans, closes her eyes. Princess is clearly enjoying her punishment so up goes the power again.

I notice how Princess dances on waves that are neither pure pain or pure pleasure.
Very enjoyable to watch.

I use a ribbed glass dildo as an extra and push her to another orgasm.

After that I untie Princess and hold her in my arms.

I pleasure Princess over and over and then, finally, I turn off the lights.

Found on Tumblr
Found on Tumblr

Biting her Dom

I have a bruise on my left forearm, just under the joint with the upper part of my limb. Not worth a photograph (yet) but I am proud of this mark.
Princess made it.
I guess somewhere between Tuesday late night and Wednesday morning.

Noisy she was, Princess.

Pushed her face against my arm. Desperately trying to muffle her shrieks and moans while on the road to yet another overwhelming release.

“Bite, slut,” I hissed.
Princess sank her teeth in my soft flesh.
Hell, she meant it.
A jolt of deep pain fired through my arm. To my surprise it made me even harder.

Pushed her legs over my shoulders and pushed deeper. And harder.
“More, I want more. Bite harder, slut,” I groaned.
In my mind’s eye I saw how Princess’s teeth broke my skin.

It did not happen though. But it was enough for me to understand I really do like this biting. And the memories that linger for days on my arm.

For some reason Princess held back, she needs some more training to get rid of these last remnants. Whatever they are.

Then Princess came, gushing, moaning and very, very noisy.

Bite mark
Bite mark


Tuesday, November 17 – 19:55, somewhere in Belgium

“Good evening Milord,” Princess smiles when she enters the living room.

The space is lit with candles and I have selected a playlist with ambient music.
Brian Eno.

“Good evening, Princess. Please go to our bedroom and change. All you need is spread out on the bed. There is also a small present for you.”
“Should I bring it with me when I come back?”
“No, just put it on. When you return you will assume your inspection posture.”
“OK Milord.”

While I wait I open a bottle of red wine, pour two glasses.
Then I sit down on the couch.

Princess comes in and assumes her position. She looks gorgeous wearing only her present. Sexy fish net hold-ups I got earlier at Hunkemöller.

And black shoes. They are sexy in their own right.
No high heels, Princess is not allowed to wear them due to her lower back pains.

I stand up and leisurely walk towards Princess.
I touch her, caress and smell, taste and lick. Kiss teasingly.

“Okay. Come, Princess,” and I point to the cushion on the ground, next to the couch.
We toast, sip our wine, chitchat.

After 4 years I am still proud, still moved when Princess is with me, walks at my side. She is an awesome woman, delicious, intelligent, sexy, sensual and very caring.
Did I somehow win life’s jackpot? Is Princess my Holy Grail?

Fact is I never have been so complete, so in love.
The sex is magnificent, the lovemaking utterly breathtaking.

Kneeling is not something Princess can do for a long time so I help her on her feet and lead her to the back of the other couch.

“How do we say red?” I ask. Princess is so adorable with the black gag ball in her mouth.

Princess raises her right hand. I think it would be a nice touch if she could do the Mr. Spock greeting.

“How do we say red when your weight is on both hands?”
“Uh uh uh,” while moving her head in a visual no.

We are good to go.

A few smacks with my bare hand. My right hand. Generally, I use both, but I’m still suffering from a serious 2nd degree burn wound I got a week ago. The oven dish bit me before I could devour its contents. Did not feel it but the next morning I had a blister, 2cm in diameter, and the surrounding skin deep red. I took care of it myself but it still hurts like hell. If James Bond can defibrillate his dying self (Casino Royale, 2006) I can take care of a minor wound too. After all I am a trained first-aid kind of guy.
Trained, luckily not experienced.

I notice, much to my pleasure, how Princess suffers under my blows.

Soft flogger.
Leather flogger.
Shoulder blades.

Reddening ass.
Oh my, so hot.
I haven’t had sex for a long time. Mm let’s see, that would be 2 days and a half.

Such an inviting ass.
I’m hard.
Ah, why not?

I push her cheeks open and push my cock deep in her wet pussy.
“Ohhhh,” she sighs.
Grab her hips, sink my fingernails deep in her soft skin.
Fuck. Hard.

I want more.
I want it all.
After all Princess is mine.

Slid out, grab a rubber, put it on.
Holy cow, her ass is so ready.
Princess welcomes me.
Oh boy, so tight.

My hands go over her back, I lay them on her shoulders, pulling her up.
Easily my hands go around her throat.
I squeeze while fucking her ass.

Slid out, you are not going to cum unless I tell you to, slut, I think.

Pull off the rubber and push my cock in her pussy.
Use the flogger on her back.

“Ohhhh.” Princess is near an orgasm.

Out I go, grab the cane.
One, two, three. Hard.
Four, five, six. Very hard.
Seven, eight, nine. It hurts, I can see it. I can see it in how her body moves.
My cock hardens even more.

Another rubber.

Hard strokes, hands around her throat again.

Muffled sounds, subdued moaning.
I should use a gag ball more often.
Love the drooling too.
So fucking sexy.

Finally, Princess’s body starts shaking, then convulsing.
A long moan coming from very deep.
Splashing sounds.
I feel Princess’s hot juices spatter on my feet.

She sinks to the floor, legs useless. I grab her and lead her to the couch.

Princess curls up in my arms.
We kiss.
I give her another orgasm with the massager.

We are so close.
Deep, pure love and absolute trust.

Princess and I finish our wine.
Then it is bedtime.
I fuck Princess relentlessly while she soaks the bed linen.

Time to finish it off.
“Drink me, ” I say, my voice coarse.
Princess enjoys every drop.

We kiss and I taste myself in her mouth.

“Goodnight Milord.”
“Goodnight Princess and thank you.”

The lights go out.
Darkness tiptoes in and with it a welcoming sleep.

Way to soon it is the next day.(c)Hunkemoller - sexy fishnet stay-ups

(c)Hunkemoller – sexy fishnet stay-ups

Morning bliss

I am awake and feel lazy in a sensual way. I turn on my side and watch Princess, still deep asleep. This is one of my preferred moments of the day. Just looking at her, seeing how, in her slumber, she feels safe and very at home at my side. It makes me so joyful.

“Mmmm”, Princess mumbles and slowly opens her eyes. She smiles, happy to see me.

I lay my hand on her temple, she loves that. Princess finds it is an incredible soothing gesture.

For a while we simply look at each other while I observe how Princess climbs out of the deep ravines of her sleep and dreams.
She is not a morning person.

We kiss and I slide my hand over her naked body. Princess shivers, our kisses deepen. I feel her nipples, erect and hard, press against my chest.

I push my leg against her thighs and feel her moistness. She sighs and moves, grinding my knee with her wet and longing core.
Her breathing increases, eyes closed and goose bumps appear.

I let my fingers walk over her side and, just above her hipbone, I close my hand, let my fingernails crush her soft skin.
Princess throws her head back. She is enjoying it so much. With my free hand I grab her hair.
I knead her skin, pinching as hard as I can and find intense pleasure-giving Princess pain.

Her orgasm is intense.

“Thank you, Milord”, she whispers.
I smile.
“I want more, please”, she begs.

I roll her over, on her back and push her legs apart with my knee. Princess gulps for air when I spear her in one swift move.

We fuck, we make love and fuck again. I lie on her, with all my weight, moving my hips up and down. Biting in a nipple and pinching her sides while my breath caresses her neck makes her cum and tremble and sigh.
Princess is so wet and I keep going on and on.

“Stop please, Milord”, she suddenly whimpers.
“I can’t any more”, she whispers, eyes shyly cast down.

I roll off her and then we lie on the bed. Princess’ head resting on my chest. I can feel my heart race. The air in our bedroom is filled with the scent of hot sex.

We kiss.
And kiss.

We get up.
Then we start our day.

Morning Bliss (2015) Pinching and scratching drives Princess mad.
Morning Bliss (2015)
Pinching and scratching drives Princess mad.

Princess, TENS and I

Thursday, September 25th.
To my surprise Princess arrived earlier than I had expected.
Play Time!

I lit a few candles in our bedroom and looked for an appropriate playlist. Filled a small bowl with lukewarm water and put it on the night table with some cotton pads.

“Come”, I said, “I have a surprise that you will find awesome.” Princess did not know I had bought a TENS-unit.

I led Princess to our bedroom, undressed her and put on her blindfold and then guided her on to our bed.

“You are not allowed to cum, Princess. If you do I will punish you.”
That would be a first one, punishing Princess. I find it difficult to discipline her because or I cut in my pleasure or she likes it way too much. Now I know what I can use for punishment, something that pleasures the sadist me very, very much.

For a short while we cuddled and kissed. Played with her pussy, teasing it with my tongue. The foreplay kind of stuff.

“Lie on your stomach and relax,” I told Princess.

I moistened her skin a bit with tepid water, without exaggerating, and placed two electrodes on her lower back. It is one of Princess’ erogenous zones.

I guess Princess now became aware of what was going to happen and she became very anxious. The Neon Wand and certainly the Power Tripper electrode is something she likes but fears even more.

“Did you get that thing you’ve been talking about?” she asked with a little voice.
“The only thing you need to know at this moment is that I never had such an enjoyable time testing a new toy on myself. I am sure you will love this.”

Carefully I cranked up the power asking Princess if she felt something yet.

“OMG, this feels so intense and delicious”, she suddenly sighed.

I smiled and took my time switching through the 7 programs. She enjoyed them all but some more and I made a mental note of them.

“You are so nice to me this evening”, she murmured.
What the fuck, me nice during sex?
Well, maybe this evening is an exception then.

On any other play-date Princess’ butt would by now be deep red and she would be halfway between a squirty orgasm and subspace.

“Did you like it?” I asked while switching off the device.
“Oh boy, this is incredible. What are you doing with me, Milord?”
I gently kissed her shoulders (= I am being nice) and asked if she wanted more.

“Please Milord, yes… wow, when did you get it?”
“Picked it up this morning,” I told her, “wanted it for a long time. Turn over on your back.”

This time I used the two electrode pairs. One electrode of each pair on her nipples, the other on her hips.

That too Princess liked very much.
And when I placed the pads on her inner thighs and lips while I tormented her clit with the Rabbit’s ears she liked it even more.

“Stop, stop please, Milord,” Princess yelled.

I cranked up the power for a fraction of a second making Princess jump and scream. That sure as hell did kill the orgasm before it manifested itself. Of course I was pushing Princess to a forbidden orgasm but it was not the right moment yet.

Then I placed the two electrode pairs on her butt, one each about where the butt crack ends and the other lower, near her perineum.

That one was very, very intense for Princess.

Then she came, uncontrolled.
“Thank you Milord and sorry that I could not hold it back.”
“You know this means punishment, don’t you?” I snarled.
“Yes Milord, I do,” she replied with a small voice, eyes cast down.

I turned off the unit, freed her from the electrodes and made her stand up next to the bed.
“Inhale,” I growled and wrapped firmly plastic foil around her arms and upper arms.

Pushed her down on the bed and wrapped some more foil around her lower legs. I made a single column tie around her ankles and tied them to the bedpost. This would make it difficult for her to move.

Took away the blindfold so Princess could see what I was going to do. After cutting holes in the plastic to free her nipples (no pun intended) I got the Neon Wand.

“OMG, please no Milord,” she whispered, reading my mind.

“I spend a lot of energy in making all this pleasurable for you. You on the other hand have nothing else to do than to simply enjoy and withhold your orgasm. Apparently that is way too much to ask.”

“I am really very sorry, Milord,” she sighed hoping it would change my mind.

It didn’t because what I had in mind would be extremely satisfying for my sadistic me. And I know Princess very well so I was sure it would be, in a masochist way, fun for her too.

I mounted the smallest and thus fiercest electrode on the Neon Wand, cranked it up all the way and cheerfully zapped away for about ten minutes. I did not spare her nipples or labia or clit and I found much pleasure in hearing her scream and the knowledge I was really inflicting pain on Princess.

The idea made me extremely hard.

After putting the Neon Wand back in its box I turned Princess on her stomach, attached the two electrodes on her lower back and turned her around once more. I cut away the plastic foil around her legs so I could find my way in her but left her upper body tied up so she could not move her arms.

Cranked up the TENS-unit until she screamed and then turned it down a notch. Lowered the impulse frequency way down to 5 Hz making the unit pulse and then speared her.
Princess could only gasp, shutting her eyes so she could concentrate on what was going to happen next. She is well-trained, Princess. When we make love, when we play, she has to shut everything else out of her mind. I want and expect her total submission.

I changed the impulse frequency to 160 Hz (tickling) and back down, changed programs while I fucked my Sweetheart relentlessly.

I so enjoyed using Princess, pounding in her, making her mad and overloading her with stimuli.

“Please can I come, Milord?”
“No, don’t you dare to.”

“Please can I come, Milord? PLEASE”
“FUCK NO slut”

“PLEASE? PLEASE? I can’t hold any longer…. Please Milord?”

I waited a few seconds before answering. Looked down on Princess.
I seem to have this very sadistic grin, the one that turns Princess on even more.
We looked at each other. I saw despair and lust in her eyes.

Slapped her on the jaw. Hard. It surprised her I could read in the book of her eyes.

“You come for me, you fucking slut. Honor ME with your orgasm,” I barked.
“NOW, slut, didn’t you hear me?” slapping her jaw again.

I brought me to tears when I saw how Princess’ body started convulsing, how she closed her eyes, her face showing intense emotions I, as a man, can only imagine.

Breathless she was, my Princess, her juices flowing over my belly, seeping between my balls and thighs.

I held her for a long time, soothing her, kissing her, loving her, caressing her.

“Wow,” was the only thing Princess could say.

I think the TENS-unit will be the toy I will use the most.
There are so many patterns possible with the unit itself. Add to that the mind play, rope bondage and so on and you have a zillion possibilities for pleasure and/or torture.

If you want to get the most out of this kind of electro play I recommend moistening the skin with tepid water but using a water based lube is even better. The pulsations then go really deep.

I have no idea how long a pair of electrodes last but be sure to have some extra. To keep the used electrodes soft I keep them in the fridge (read that somewhere).

Do not use a TENS-unit near the heart, on a pregnant person, someone with a heart condition or a portacath.

This is not Princess. And not me either.
This is not Princess. And not me either.

Thoughts on SM – revisited

It never ceases to amaze me what pain does with Princess. I myself enjoy giving her that pain. My pleasure is more cerebral than physical albeit it sometimes helps me getting even harder to the point where it hurts (no pun intended).

I love to bite Princess and I used to do so in her upper shoulders. This leaves traces and combined with bruises on her upper arms because of me holding her firmly down on the bed made her kids think I abuse their mom.
So I stopped the biting altogether.

Flogging is a good start. Spanking even more and caning is a hit, again no pun intended,  when it comes to pleasuring Princess with pain.
Impact play on its own can and will push Princess to an orgasm and more often than not it is accompanied by intense squirting.

When lovemaking/fucking I reach this same level of powerful orgasming by pinching and scratching Princess’ sides, just above the hipbone. This gives her homework meaning Princess has to wash the mattress protector.

Pinching her nipples or even biting them makes her horny but not enough to cum.

There are occasions where Princess begs for pain. These are the moments I savor because they give me immense cerebral satisfaction.

Inflicting pain during a scene is one thing. Having Princess beg for pain is firework for my brain.

I do not engage in mental sadism. I do not think I have what it takes. We do not live together so I can’t control the effect when we are not together. But mostly because for some strange reason I connect mental sadism with abuse. That is me, only me and I am in no way pointing a finger to those who find gratification in this kind of play.

Now I have new means of giving pain. Not so much the Neon Wand but the Power Tripper is something has so much possibilities. Experiencing a part of the sensation when I use my body, my hand, my tongue while being a human electrode is part of the fun.


Sex toys and safety

I take very well care of my sex toys. As a matter of fact I take care of all my stuff.
When Princess entered my life I had to buy new toys. I was not going to use my old well, you get my drift.

As with everything quality has a price and even that is not a rule of thumb.

I don’t use vibrators, dildo’s or stimulators that often. Princess likes them but she prefers torture driven orgasms. A magic wand would be an excellent torture device but I don’t have one yet.

Intense pussy spanking, clover clamps, hot wax are very effective and much more fun for me too.

I had a Rabbit Vibrator and used it 7 or 8 times over 3 years. Kept it safe in my chest of drawers, tucked away in its hard plastic shell.
Threw it away a few days ago. The head (glans) was damaged. I have no clue what caused it.





The Namaste Harmony did not live long either.


One of the reasons why I bought the toy was because the battery was an USB-rechargeable one. The form of the toy, a droplet, was useful too. Ideal to sit on it or push between the bound legs of a submissive.

If I am not mistaken the battery started to leak after only a few recharges. There is no way I am going to risk Princess’ health so I disposed of it. Batteries contain a burning acid. Trust me on this, you do not want that near your or your partners reproductive organs.

Laws in Europe state consumer electronics are covered with a 2-year warranty. In Belgium the only company that says fuck you and forces a consumer to pay for that 2nd year warranty is Apple.

Anyway, I cannot imagine sending a dildo back to the web shop, even if is has been used twice. It is not about shame but more about cost/effort/result.
If you care for your play partner, an occasional one or The One, make sure you play safe and get good toys. And even that is no guarantee.

I know it is common practice for subs to clean and take care of the toys their Dom used on them.
Yet I do no agree.

I clean my toys and I check them scrutineously as I want to be 100% sure they are safe to use again.

When I play the health of Princess is my primary concern. I can’t be sure of that if I have not checked my toys myself.

Not convinced? Think about a glass dildo with a crack in it. Are you willing to push that in your loved one’s pussy? Your own ass?
I don’t think so.

New to caning?
A bamboo twig is an excellent starting point. Don’t use it with your full force though. It’s splinters are razor-blade like.


Great Bolts of Lightning

I have been fascinated by a Violet Wand for ages. The light that seemingly flows as water through the glass electrode.
The sparks and the crackling. The distinct odour of ozone. As a kid I had this plasma globe and I found it fascinating. Made me think of Dr. Frankenstein’s enthusiastic “it’s alive”

It is a treat for the eye, the violet waves of energy, the minuscule bolts of lightning when approaching the skin.
Yet I wondered about the added value to the scenes I create.
Except for the visual pleasure of course.

I have a masochist to pleasure and hitting her with a straw won’t do the trick.
Princess needs the real thing and I am her favorite dealer. Trust me, I want to keep it that way.
Being the number one dealer I mean.
And while we are at it, I want also to be dealer number 2 and three and four and so forth.
I want to be all she’ll ever need.

When I am looking for a new toy that inflicts pain I’ll try it on myself before splashing the dough. Just to have an idea of the impact. I do not experience pain the way Princess does though, but it helps evaluate it.

So what do you buy for someone who only orgasms when you squeeze her nipple(s) with a bench-vice?

I know Princess very well. I know her as if I made her myself. There is pain of course, lots of it and I know exactly which buttons I have to push/squeeze/torture.
Yet there is more.
One intensifies the experience by ingraining the right images in Princess’ mind’s eye.

Lucky me, I am very good at doing just that.
Planting an image, a situation and watching it grow while I play with Princess like a cat with a mouse.

During love-making Princess adores sucking my fingers, deep throathing them.
One, two, three… the thicker the better.

Maybe I’ll push her head up and down my fingers, my fist firmly in her hair. I don’t think this needs to be explained.
My upper wrist hitting her chin with the same rhythm as I am fucking her.

“You like to suck cock while I fuck you?” I like to hiss.
“Can you feel the balls hitting your chin?”
“I just adore looking at you sucking dick while I fuck you”, I whisper.

This pushes Princess to the verge of another intense orgasm.
I pull my fingers our her mouth and kiss her, telling her how I can taste the cum in her mouth. These words are very often followed by a new orgasm.

In the shop I was able to try the Neon Wand. Fun to look at, certainly when there is not that much light in the room.
Yeah, it stings depending the body part you use it on.

I was not convinced this was the toy we needed though.

Maybe I just wanted it for myself big time. Like Daddy buying an electric train for his boy hoping he can play with it himself.

Having Princess blindfolded and tied up (box-tie and leg spreader, hog-tie, whatever) and some storytelling makes the Neon Wand a powerful toy though. It mostly depends on the story I am telling her.

Rubbing body lotion on the more sensitive spots of Princess’ body intensifies the experience. The Neon Wand, albeit seemingly innocent, is the only toy that has made Princess ask to pause my acts.

It is also the first toy that helps her relax after an intense scene.
I am happy I finally decided to get this toy.

Bolt of lightning between the Neon Wand and my knee. Olympus OM-D M-10 with 25mm f1.7 CCTV lens
Bolt of lightning between the Neon Wand and my knee.
Olympus OM-D M-10 with 25mm f1.7 CCTV lens