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Thoughts – August 23, 2017

Today was one of these days I like to describe as memorable. As unforgettable. One of these days that seem to add something valuable to one’s life.
Because it all felt simple good.

Not 100% perfect but who cares.
Rewind to this morning.

Yesterday we enjoyed doing some rope, Princess and I. She wasn’t feeling very well though. Since July my love suffers, on and off, from cystitis.
I had a few myself so I know how it feels, hurts. How it seems to drain your energy.

We made love too. Fantasized about adding Sid to the equation. I told Princess it would be a whole different dynamic.

If memory serves me well we went to sleep at 2 this morning and woke up at 8.
We made love.
Had breakfast.

Were ready to leave for The Netherlands. For once the weather was great and we wanted to spend it on the water.

Then Princesses’ doctor phoned. The test results were back and she was resistant to the meds she was taking already.

On lake Vere.
GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

So we drove to her doctor, got the prescription for new antibiotics, drove to the pharmacy.

I found it important for Princess to start her treatment asap.

Due to traffic jams caused by accidents we did over 3 hours to reach our destination in The Netherlands. It would take me little over 1 hour to get to Lake Vere on a normal day.

We started our trip at 13:00 and arrived back at Kanoa, our starting point, at 17:00. We paddled a distance of  some 17 km.

At Kanoa we enjoyed some French Fries and then we drove back home.

Enjoying French Fries at Kanoa.
GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

Unfortunately, the day ended as it had started. Enormous traffic jams again. I countered them by using alternative roads cutting down our travel time to about 2 hours.

GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

On the road back home we fantasized about Sid whom would come over to our place tomorrow evening.

I dropped Princess at her place and then drove home missing her already.

On Lake Vere.

There was a message on Fet from Sid. He was sick and could not make it tomorrow.

So I told him to take care of himself. Wrote Princess wasn’t okay yet either.

Anyway, Princess and I had a great and active day on the water.

God, I love Princess so much.

GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

Thoughts – Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This morning we made love, Princess and I. Well, it was more hot fucking and Princess orgasming a lot.
Yesterday evening we went out for a drink. It was so hot on the apartment. Good thing The Stranger called of our sex date. It would have been unpleasant.
We came back at around 22:00 and did some rope, Princess and I. I used two dozen of clothes pins I pinched around her groin. She suffered but a squirting orgasm was her reward.
So this morning we fucked like it was our last day on earth. Then we drank coffee and talked about our trip to Poland. We need to plan this and make it happen.
At noon Princess left. I made something to eat and then I drove to our local swimming bath.
Huge mistake. To much screaming kids in a hall with bad resonance. It made me almost mad. After 40′ I called it a day and went back home.
Had a nap.
Woke up an hour later feeling exhausted, worn out, tired, sleepy. The heath I suppose. Ozon, age, whatever.
I have second thoughts about the kayaking. There is a big discrepancy between what I want and what is possible for the moment.
Let me explain.
I am a lone wolf. Teams sports? Nah, not my thing. Diving, like I did for many years, with a buddy, is okay. You are alone but somebody is watching you back and vice versa.
Group travels? Over my dead body. I rather kill myself than walking behind some guide holding up an umbrella. Being talked to like a toddler and fed with information you forget two seconds later.
It is not for me but, by all means, be my guest.
I want to be able to take my kayak whenever I want to any place I want.
So in my mind’s eye I do stuff you see on Youtube, PaddleTV. Except I don’t live in Canada, the US or whatever. The sceneries over here ain’t  that great. But it is being outside, on the water that counts. Right? Right.
I drove to a nearby town where my future club is. I’m still a trainee.
Got a kayak, threw it in the water and got in. It was the 4th time and it went great. I got in the kayak and started paddling on a river’s arm long about 1 klick (0,6 mile). It was great. For a while the instructors gave me tips. Then there was complete silence. Or I was doing okay or they thought ‘that guy is way to dumb to learn even how to masturbate without help.’
I went up and down the one click river arm. Tried everything I saw on the YouTube clips. Stopping the kayak, turning it around, going backwards, turning using another technique.
Learning to control the kayak. Be one with it.
I had my Denver action cam with me. Learned that after 30 minutes the battery is almost drained. Image quality is okay but I guess there are better options if you splash enough dough.
Ninety minutes later I called it a day. My shoulders hurt and I need some bicycle gloves for the paddling.
I entered my kayak swiftly. Getting out was difficult. I am not able to put enough strength in my arms to push myself out of the kayak.
It is something I need to work on.
I enjoyed paddling. I enjoyed being on the water. I was a part of the world where dragon flies and whirligig beetles and water birds live.
There is so much to see when you are on water level.