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Princess’s birthday

Past Tuesday I took Princess to our local Sushi restaurant. After all it was her birthday. The private rope tuition did not take place because the instructor had broken his hand and sawed in his thumb a few days earlier.

Just before being served two young men, in their late twenties or early thirties, occupied the table next to ours.

It did not take long before they asked us about our Sushi Boat making it quite obvious it was their first visit to a Sushi joint.

I explained them how to mix some Wasabi with the soy sauce and that the marinated ginger was used to wash the mouth between two different types of Sushi.
The owner of the restaurant smiled in agreement and took their order.

We enjoyed our meal and talked about a zillion things. We noticed the guys has ordered enough to feed a small family.

Then our boat was finished and our table cleaned. Our neighbours were visibly stuffed and one of them asked if we wanted their leftovers.

We said no and then we went home and I showed Princess the short movie Kinbaku.

She did not like how the movie started or ended at all. I myself had not really paid notice as I had been much more interested in the story about Kinbaku and how this relates with the Japanese society today.

“This is not how I want to be identified with as a submissive,” Princess told me and of course she was right.

The movie Kinbaku starts and ends with a Shibari model explaining how she had found pleasure in the rope, in being a submissive, after a long period of cutting herself. In fact, one of the best BDSM-movies ever made, Secretary, has the same approach where the would be submissive is also into self-mutilation but finds her catharsis in being a submissive.

It insinuates that being a submissive implicates there is something (mentally) wrong with you.
That is simply not true.

Princess liked the scenes with Osada Steve and found what he said to be very intense and deep.

After the short movie we did some rope ourselves but after the wine we had with dinner we kept is simple.

Then we went to bed and made love. We slept well.

The next morning I woke up early and very horny. Princess was still asleep but I took her. Hell we fucked like animals and I slapped her face a zillion times squeezing every possible orgasm out of her gorgeous body.

Princess also told me a fantasy she had in the Sushi restaurant the evening before and I smiled because I had the same one.

“What if,” Princess asked, “you would have invited those guys over to our place to enjoy the Sushi leftovers?”
“You would be the plate,” I smiled.
“And then…?”
“You would have been a dessert for the three of us.”
“Oh yes,” Princess sighed with sensual delight.

Just thinking about this fantasy made me even harder and I fucked Princess into subspace.

Soon enough it was noon and with pain in my heart I dropped the love of my life off at work. Princess was still trying desperately to connect with the real world.



Thoughts – January 27, 2016

“All other activities, like stage shows and most video work, I’d describe as Shibari. To me, Shibari is merely doing bondage in the Japanese style, producing ties according to Japanese aesthetics. For a rope session to qualify as Kinbaku you need to go inside the woman, touch her soul.” – Osada Steve

In less than a week it is Princess’s birthday. I have been mind fucking her for weeks now, making her believe The Stranger-scenario would be her present. For those whom lack imagination, it is about a hotel room, Princess blindfolded, me and an unknown man. Hence The Stranger.

It went from oh no to wow, really? and then I’m nervous but I’m liking the idea to bring it on, baby. So finally I felt bad about it, making Princess believe and looking forward to an event most ignorant people would qualify as an ordinary threesome.

This morning, during breakfast, I finally came clear and told Princess I had organized private rope tutoring at our place.
I cannot say she was relieved that The Stranger thing was off, but she liked the idea of the private workshop.

I’m thinking she is defying me, thinking I don’t have the guts to go in the direction of The Stranger scenario. What Princess does not know is that doing so she is fueling my will to make it happen.

Of course it is not a game, not a goal, but Princess and I know one that one day The Stranger will happen because we want to experience the thrills that go with such an event. I also know we are both ready and are fully aware it will only intensify our relation.

Yesterday I did another full suspension and it was better that the previous one. I filmed it so Princess could see for herself. The suspension had 4 anchor points. One originated on her shoulder, hooked on the TK, and then three one-column ties: ankle, thigh and hip.


Then I moved back to floor suspension, playing with rope, movements, Dominance and pain. Whipping, candle wax, pinching and mental play, pushing Princess deep into subspace.

It is Princess whom asked and pushed to do more rope bondage and I am happy she did. Using rope adds so much intimacy, artistry and sensuality to the scenes we play.

Just for fun I tied a quick corset using a cane as a support. It is not perfect but it was just fun to do. Princess is dressed in rope and the cane on her back supports it.  She liked the feel and warmth of the rope on her skin.

Cane & Rope
Cane & Rope

With one swift move of the cane the rope dress falls on the ground revealing Princess’s gorgeous body. Like I said it is a very simple tie but very effective. Fun for the model and fun for the audience.

If you love rope there is this beautiful documentary about the British Rope Scene, The Pleasure of Rope. It is money well paid.

Then this documentary “Kinbaku” (2010) will also pleasure you. Enjoy Osada Steve’s performance.

Osada Steve & Iroha

Osada Steve(長田スティーブ)is recognised within the worldwide Shibari community as an undisputed Master. In his work he emphasises the spiritual and emotional connection with the model, while giving absolute priority to the model’s well-being and safety. He also emphasises discernment of the values of Japanese culture, which are embodied in the rope work.

Source of this video Umanka Japan