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Jizz, cum, spunk et al

Unless we are standing at someone’s deathbed we are blessed with not knowing when that final last time of something occurs.

A goodbye kiss before leaving work could very well be the last one. ‘Talk to you soon’ could be a wish never granted.

One evening, one morning, that I don’t remember, in January 2016 was the last time I ejaculated while having sex. The subsequent orgasm was mind-blowing. I remember the shivering, the gasping, the goosebumps and the tears of sheer happiness. Yes, the French say it correctly… la petite mort.
The little death.
It would be the last one for a very long time.

At that time ejaculating was already something that happened sparsely. On the other hand not ejaculating gave me divine powers. Hell, I can fuck for hours because I lack sexual relief. That is something good too. It is like a never-ending roller coaster. Princess loves to be fucked to kingdom come.

Sure, after the fucking I would lie next to Princess and jerk off. I would then ejaculate and Princess would drink me lustfully. Then Princess stopped drinking me. Not that she did not like it. Digestion was an issue and it took us some time to find out sperm was the reason why shortly after sucking me dry she had to…

So after the lovemaking, Princess exhausted after countless orgasm’s, holding her close against me, maybe a knee between her legs so she could ride me, I masturbated. Exploding on my belly, sometimes with such intensity I almost shot in my mouth.

As it had always been about pleasuring Princess I did not mind not being able to ejaculate. I considered my orgasms of minor importance. My pleasure was/is pleasuring Princess.

Don’t be fooled though. Let me put it this way, comparing it to whisky.
Masturbating is like drinking a blended whisky. Like J&B, just to name my favorite blend in that category.

Orgasming, ejaculating while having sex is like enjoying an exquisite and rare single malt whisky. An Islay Laphroaig Quarter Cask springs to mind. Or an Ardbeg Ten Years Old.
Pure of course. Maybe I’ll add a few drops of water to help and explode the flavors.

I cannot deny I do miss that kind of orgasm because sometimes it is good to think about your own pleasure too.

Almost April 2017.
Albeit still difficult, so not after 10 minutes or even half an hour, I have been experiencing the intense and mind-blowing pleasure of orgasming during intercourse again. For some reason I cannot comprehend my cock has become sensitive enough again to be able to ejaculate.

This morning, this Wednesday, March 29, I experienced an incredible orgasm and oh boy, have I missed this experience.
Big time.

I could not find my breath.
My body felt like it had become weightless.

Every nerve enjoyed the goosebumps.

I screamed.
I cried.
Yes, I felt the tears burning in my eyes.
Then I tasted how salty they were.

Thank you, Princess.
Oh boy…
You made me die and then I was reborn in your arms.
Such a gorgeous experience.

Bronica ETRSi with a 200mm lens and an Ilford HP5+ film


Terrific Truman by Mystim – A preview

I do not receive toys for free nor am I asked or paid to review a toy. Links to the manufacturer of a toy or a company that sells them is only for your information and are not affiliate links.

SirFrancoBolli.org is not sponsored in any way.

After a fantasy Princess started I found myself buying a vibrator. I choose for the Mystim Terrific Truman in the form of a ‘real’ cock.

I did not choose for a (Hitachi) Magic Wand because I do not want to rely on an outlet and I love pushing stuff in Princess’ vagina.

I own a small and relatively powerful Magic Wand. It came cheap and eats batteries. It does the job though. Yet I do not like the idea that a toy with a new set of batteries does not perform the day after. It means there is an electronic malfunction and this could eventually harm Princess. Never dealt with a defect condenser did you?

There are a zillion vibrators on the market.
I hesitated between the Terrific Truman and Sizzling Simon. The latter adds electrical stimulation for the pelvis floor. Sounds interesting but not enough to splash the extra 50 Euro.

First of all I am on a budget and I can’t exactly say to Little A. she has to sleep under a bridge for a month because I was not able to pay for boarding school due to an excessive investment in sex toys for Princess.
Little A. loves Princess but then again not that much to sleep in a cardboard for a month.

Then I have the Mystim Tens-unit and they have a Don Juan anal/vaginal probe to enjoy deep stimulation.
I think the Don Juan would make an awesome gift for under the Xmas Tree. Yeah, I am convinced it would be a winner.

Terrific Truman promises 8 vibration programs and 5 intensity levels.
After the VW scandal we can’t be sure anymore.

I did not shove the darn thing up my ass but instead held the glans in my hand and switched trough the programs. One thing I can tell you for sure. Princess is going to have a blast. And a lot of homework (washing the bed linen).

It trembles, bites and moves and I cannot imagine anyone going to the top-level of the program.
Well, except Princess. Sometimes I think she invented the saying curiosity killed the cat.

Terrific Truman and USB-charger.
Terrific Truman and USB-charger.

The unit comes in a well build carrying case and two free samples of lube. Bonnie and Glyde and The Goldfather. This proves the sex and porn industry still are very silly when inventing names.

Charging the unit is very simple. There is an USB-cable that plugs into your computer and the other end connects magnetically on the unit.

Clip-on magnetic USB-charging
Clip-on magnetic USB-charging

I am looking forward to an era where connecting the toy to your computer adds data. How many orgasms, how intense and so on are recorded and exportable to an Excel Spreadsheet.

The Mystim Terrific Truman comes in a handy packaging
The Mystim Terrific Truman comes in a handy packaging

Imagine the fun having your sub count her orgasms and check it against reality. It would add a whole new dimension to punishment.

Selfie by Terrific Truman
Selfie by Terrific Truman

TENS – Preview

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It uses low-voltage electric current for pain relief.
Do no use one couple of electrodes on each side of the heart or temples.
Do not use this device on somebody who is pregnant, has a heart condition or wears a pacemaker, a portacath or metal joints.

The unit can be set for different wavelength frequencies. You can choose from a steady flow of electric current to bursts in different variations. It effectiveness as a pain reliever has not been proved and therefore should be considered as a form of alternative therapy.Please note that one should never drop conventional medical treatment for any alternative therapy.

mystim Tension Lover - Tens unit
Mystim Tension Lover – Tens unit

As I test every toy on myself before using it on Princess I have been playing with this device during the bigger part of this afternoon. I like what it does very much.

The Mystim Tension Lover comes in a small hard plastic case so it is easily transportable. In the box there are 4 self-adhesive electrodes, cables, a 9-volt battery and the controller itself. The manual is very comprehensive and comes in several languages. The controller can use 2 channels meaning it controls two pairs of electrodes. You can use them on your body or share a couple with your partner. You can use only one channel or both at the same time. In this case the intensity of the channels can be controller independently from each other.
The controller also has a belt clip.
You can find the English manual HERE.

First I read the manual and then used one pair of electrodes. One I placed on my nipple and the other on my thigh. I browsed through the 7 programs and played with the impulse frequency and pulse width setting.

Then I changed the electrodes, placing one on my penis and one on my perineum. Played with the different standard programs and changed some of the options. Loved the feeling very much.

mystim - Tens controller
Mystim – Tens controller

Then I moved to 4 electrodes. One on the thigh, one on the nipple both each pair of electrodes on the same side of the body.  It was intense. Depending on the mode I used I felt a prickling, buzzing, stroking, throbbing or rhythmic beat. The sensation was great and completely different from the one I experienced when using my fingers on Princess while being a human electrode with the Neon Wand Power Tripper.

Placing the electrodes is very important and helps to get the most of this kind of electro play. I’m guessing I will need some time and experimenting before I get it right.

I am sure this TENS-unit will help Princess orgasm and over time, when I get good at placing the electrodes, maybe it will be enough to make her cum.

What I learned playing with the toy, even during a short time, is that it will add to our BDSM play. Turning the intensity up turns pleasure in pain. I myself experienced a needle-like sensation as strong as getting a tattoo.

An other advantage is that is does not leave bruises, something I am always afraid off. It is not about the bruises themselves but what others, Princess’ kids, might think.

I am not sure when I will be able to introduce this toy to Princess. But in due time I will write a user based review.

I bought this toy myself. I did not receive a discount or any other gift in exchange for a review.

What is in the box
What is in the box

Looking back – Saturday July 18th, 2015

Past Saturday I saw her looking eagerly at a single tail whip hanging at the wall in the Fetish Café. Floggers don’t do the job anymore.
Princess watched a couple play and loved the sound and the reaction of the leather paddle hitting the subs’ ass. I read ‘I want this too’ in her beautiful eyes.

I am sure Princess is open for some real hardcore SM but is afraid or shy to ask for it.
Trust me baby, I am ready and waiting. I for sure want it.

After leaving the Dungeon we had to walk to the parking lot. Princess was wearing a black and sexy wet look dress. She mentioned something about feeling slutty in the dress.
I smiled.
“Yeah”, I told her, “you are.”
“My slut”, I added, tasting the words and enjoying the sound of them.

Pain and lust is a road I want to discover with you, Princess.
I want to be your sadistic Beethoven, creating delicious overtures with pain, longing, arousal and lust using your beautiful body.
You are my slut, my orgasm slut but I want to add pain slut to the equation too.
I know I need it.
I am sure you want it too.

* * * *

Wow, it was one hell of an evening in the Fetish Café.
Not only playing with Princess was hot.
There was a lot of eye candy too. For a while we enjoyed watching two subs, attached to the winch, facing each other, being whipped and caned. The two women found strength and comfort with some very hot French kissing.  Then one of them climaxed, her juices splashing on the floor.

Imagining Princess kissing a woman is a maddening thought. I am sure I would cum by the sheer excitement of watching my love kissing a woman. Seeing her play, touch, caress, enjoy.

Then there was the hot interaction with the stranger too.
Our evening in the Fetish Café was a memorable one.

Back home I fucked Princess rough and hard and we fell asleep way past 2 am.
Somewhat before 8 am I was pulled out of a deep sleep when I felt Princess’ hand playing with my hard cock.

Seconds later I pushed her away, on her back, grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs apart. My tongue found the sweet stickiness and Princess moaned while I teased her bringing her to an intense climax.

I fucked her, relentlessly, barely noticing her barely audible “thank you Milord”. I was building up my orgasm, welcoming it, wanting it. Yes, it had been too long.

Then I came.
Oh my god, what a release it was.
I shivered, I cried and wept.
I screamed while filling my Princess with my cum.
Her hands were all over my face, wiping away my tears, holding me, loving me.

It was delicious, it felt like dying and being resuscitated.

I looked at Princess, sweat and tears dropping on her hot body.
We smiled and we knew it would be like this forever and one day.

File 20-07-15 08 58 09


Past Saturday Princess and I visited the Dungeon. We had an appointment with Sir A. and his partner to talk about my part in their Rose Ceremony.

Princess and I had a wonderful evening with them, just having a few drinks and talking about the things we love. Not your everyday conversation one can have with family or vanilla friends.
After our friends left, it was already past midnight and thus Easter, Princess wanted to play but I did not feel like it. We had to get up untimely (08:30) so I could drive Princess home early. She and her kids were invited for an Easter fest with family.

This Easter Sunday was a sunny one and I took Little A. with me to a little place in Wallonia I knew and wanted to show her. It is well-known for its hollow roads and a protected area. We were alone, Little A. and I, and we enjoyed walking, the silence and the gentle warmth of a timid sun on our skin.
I took a few photographs too with my film camera loaded with black and white film.

His Monday I spend the bigger part of the day in front of my computer scanning 2 films. It is a tedious job but that is a part of the analogue film process.

Little A. is staying with me since Wednesday and this has of course an impact on my special time with Princess.

March was Orgasm Month and it was not about numbers or performance or whatsoever.
I love playing with Princess’ body. I love to inflict pain and then wash it away with lust and desire. Or vice versa.
Most of her buttons I know already and I love to push them even further. Princess is sheer beauty but when she is on the verge of orgasming she glows, becomes almost ethereal and her gorgeousness mind-blowing.

How can one not find intense pleasure in pleasuring his/her love?
Her moaning and sighing or the words she whispers, barely audible, while I feel Princess’ body contract. When I feel or taste her delicious juices flow and our bedroom gets filled with the delicate fragrance of rough and limitless sex I am perfectly happy.

Oh how her words sing to me when she mutters thank you Milord after another intense orgasm, her voice breaking, her beautiful body shivering with delight.

Yet I wanted to have an idea about how many times Princess really comes and I chose the past month for that.

In March Princess was ill for a few days and she had also some events to attend to so our nights together were less than normal.
Yet we got 16 nights and she orgasmed about 158 times meaning an average of almost 10 each night spend in our bed.

There were nights with only one or a few orgasms but on a few nights I counted 15 to 20 with 21 as an absolute peak.

What did I learn? Nothing I did not know already.

I love Princess beyond reason and I love to play with her delicious body. We like it rough and SM has an important place in our lovemaking.
We are still growing as a couple and as lovers.
I adore Princess orgasm until she begs me to stop.

Mechanical stuff does not do a hell of a job at all.
The more personal touch like my fingers, my tongue, pain or some mind fucking give the best results when making Princess cum.
So I almost never use battery operated machinery.

Princess is so breakable after orgasming and I so love to hold her in my arms and caress her.

Yeah, I like that very much as it makes me feel so close to Princess.
After all she is the love of my life and in every sense my first one.

Enjoying Sushi
Enjoying Sushi


Making love again

Yesterday evening Princess and I played. The last time was a couple of weeks ago. We had kind of missed it very much.

Although I used only the rubber and the leather whip, my hand and a wooden spatula, it was intense. Using a bamboo stick I introduced the art of caning too. It was much appreciated.

Of course I visited all Princess’s attractions. She loves to be taken while leaning over the back of our couch. My hands on her hips, my hand pushing her lower back down to fit my needs or my fist entangled in her hair pulling her head back while I’m pounding her ass or pussy are extra sexual spurs.

Princess came abundantly while I fucked her deliciously thigh ass and her cum splashed over the flagstone floor.
She kneeled and rested her head on my naked chest while I stroked her hair and we found our breath again.

“Serve me,” I asked.
Princess took my hard cock in her mouth and pleasured me until I had enough. Then I dragged Princess to the back of the sofa again.
I caned and fucked and caned and fucked and, well, you get the picture.

Soon I felt her pussy quiver around my cock. I knew she was close and ready to ask for authorization to come.

I had this sinister smile and before Princess could ask for permission I bend forward and grabbed her breast pinching the nipple.
Yes, that is a sure way to heaven for Princess.

Princess squirted and fell on her knees while gasping a few zillion thank you’s.

We lay down on the soft foam floor tiles.
“Ride me,” I told her.
Princess straddled me.
“Fuck yourself a few orgasms, girl. I want to feel your hot juices run over my belly and balls,” I snapped.

Princess went for it.
Holy cow, she went berserk.
Princess moved her hips in a relentless pace, her breasts dancing in front of my eyes. I held my hands on her buttocks, occasionally spanking them.

It is so arousing when I feel her cum run over my belly, thighs and balls. The sounds her soaked pussy makes while fucking me is maddening.

She came and, breathless, tried to lie down on my chest but I pushed her back.
“Get yourself another one, girl.”
I saw despair in her eyes and started moving again.
Soon another thank you Milord.

“How many?”, I growled.
“4 Milord.”
“I want another one.”
“Please Milord, not the Germany thing.”
“Just one. For now.”

She started moving again.
Hell it was awesome.
It was even better.
It was mind-blowing.
We came together.

I hollered wolfish when I came deep inside Princess.

Princess dropped in my arms and we kissed.
I moved an arm around her and then her cellphone started ringing.

Shit happens.
It was Stella and Princess talked for some 10 minutes with her first-born while I took a shower.
I must admit that I was a little disgruntled.

In bed I went down on Princess and gave her another one.

We slept but not that deep though. Princess was and is not feeling well and due to her sore throat she snored a little. It is a sound I am not used too.
But rest assured, I still love her.

This morning we woke up much to early but we had no choice.
I had an appointment at the garage and she had to pick up Stella and drop her at work, take care of Star and fetch Kay, her youngest, at camp so they could all commemorate their father.
Before we got out of bed I fucked Princess. I could not help it.
I kissed her, pinched a nipple or two and bit her lip while I rhythmically speared her.

Trust me, it did not take long before Princess thanked me.

Post Scriptum.
The Germany thing happened on the evening of September 19th, 2013, in Monschau, Germany. The events really took place and it is not an Urban Legend.
That evening I was a man with a mission and asked Princess to count her orgasms. I made love to Princess for almost two hours and it all about her pleasure.
It was all by all a festive moment as the day after we were going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Boy was I happy we took the mattress protector with us.

Princess thanked me eleven times before she begged me to stop.


Princess in Red #ASMSG #EroticRomance #Dominance #submission

A few evenings ago I went for a short walk. Picked up a few cold beers at the night shop and chitchatted for a while with the Pakistani owner.
I passed the show window of a clothing store and there I saw this beautiful red dress.

For a moment I closed my eyes and imagined Princess in it. It was a picture-perfect.
Besides, Princess looks great in red.

Later that night I told Princess on the phone about what I had seen and asked her when she could find some free time to go with me to the store. I desperately wanted to see Princess in it.

Princess left our apartment early this morning arriving early at work enabling her to leave early.
So this afternoon I took Princess to the store.

I was right. She simply looked great and glamorous in the short-sleeved dress. It emphasizes all her goodies and makes Princess shine.

“Do you feel comfortable in it?” I asked.
“Yes Milord,” she nodded.
“Do you like it? Do you feel great in it?”
Once again she said yes.

I like Princess to be honest. In the end I have the easy part as I just have to lay back and enjoy the view. Princess must feel okay wearing it.

“This is really a beautiful dress. You have great taste and you know what suits me, Milord,” she whispered.

“It is yours, Princess”, I smiled.

I had it gift wrapped and handed my credit card over to the saleswoman.
We left the store and walked to another store where I threw in a black leather handbag for my love.

I love Princess you know.
I care for Princess and I try to protect her and help her grow and transcend herself.
I want her to be beautiful too.
I adore emphasizing her natural beauty and I love to show her body off too.

Back home she showed the dress to Little A.

Then we went to our bedroom for some cuddling and kissing and Q-time.
We held each other and kissed and, well, kissed some more.

“I am going to miss you,” she told me.
“Tomorrow night you are all mine again,” I whispered sliding my hand between her legs. I gave her another orgasm and it was very intense one.
Hell, I gave her pussy a harsh spanking in between the rubbing and all. Princess moaned and under my fingers I felt the fabric of her panty wetting quickly.

“Thank you Milord”, she said and kissed me.
We do kiss a lot.

On the parking lot I kissed (see?) Princess and wished her a nice afternoon and evening.

Princess will be back in my arms tomorrow.
Tomorrow seems an eternity away.

The Red Dress
The Red Dress

I offer you this Orgasm by Princess

The Project contained one gift voucher for one orgasm. Using it or not was up to Princess. I also explained her an assignment was linked to the usage of the voucher. I wanted her to write about her experience and or emotions.
She used the voucher past Wednesday evening while taking a bath. It was one of the rare moments Princess had some privacy.
I love what Princess wrote.

Desire fills my stomach with what seems like a zillion butterflies.
My head is spinning at the thought of being with you.
I want to feel you deep between my hungry thighs.
Your hands grab me and take possession of what is yours.
Your cock a sword that touches my heart making me feel as if I’m going through the gate of life and death.

I miss you so.

I embrace myself and imagine it are your arms that make me feel so safe.
My hands stroke my nipples and I imagine you softly grazing them before sinking your teeth hard in my sensitive teats.
I want you, the yearning is maddening.
I want you so much, Milord.

My fingers slide deep between my greedy lips yet it is you I taste, my Love.
My fingers, wet, glide towards my yearning nipples.
Impatient fingers brush down over my warm belly aching desperately for your touch.

You lead my hands down to my oasis that is yours.
I’m floating on a cloud of lust and surrender to desire.
Your soft touches make my wet core pulsate until it takes over my whole body.
Yes, I want you, Milord.

I close my eyes and see you standing there looking at me.
My Dom, observing your creation while pleasuring herself with dancing fingers.
You, my Dom, enjoying the view and the sounds I make.

Dark clouds cast a shadow over my skin. Your hands reach for the sky and tear them apart. I see your smile when a bolt of lightning hits my soul. I shiver, moan, whimper, scream and whisper…

Thank you, Milord.
Thank you a thousand times.
I miss you.

Copyright Scot Kinbaku (https://www.facebook.com/scot.kinbaku) Rigger: Gorgone Model: Uchuu Uchuu
Copyright Scot Kinbaku (https://www.facebook.com/scot.kinbaku)
Rigger: Gorgone
Model: Uchuu Uchuu


Yesterday evening, as on all Thursdays, Princess arrived at my/our place around 22:00 to spend the night with me.

We like to talk for a while before going to bed and more often than not we make love before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Princess and I sat on the couch and at some point she asked me for a kiss.
“Sure”, I told her, grabbing Princess by her hair and pulling her face close to mine.
I am still astonished with Princess’ reaction when I do this. Princess is almost instantly in total submission mode.
It is delicious kissing my love like that, holding her head by the hair. I can tell she is already on her way, preparing herself to climb the high cliffs of intense gratification.

When we make love, Princess and I are two entangled bodies, lying on our sides facing each other. My hand buried in her hair.  Pushing Princess away or pulling her close against me while I relentlessly pound her wet core.

Maybe just holding her face a few inches from mine so I can watch the gaze in her beautiful eyes change when I fuck her to a climax.
“Don’t”, I hiss, feeling how her womanhood clamps around my dick. She is so close to orgasming.

I stop for a moment and start again, driving myself in and out of what is mine.
Her juices now running abundantly over my thighs are soaking the sheets.

I have found something new and it drives Princess crazy. It almost immediately sky-rockets her into the oblivion of an extremely intense orgasm. Her convulsions surge around my cock.
Yes, Princess loses it when I push a finger or even two in her mouth.
“Suck”, I order her, my voice low and deep.
“Make me proud girl and suck!”
While I move them slowly in and out her tongue flicks around my fingertips.

Like a hot fist her core closes firmly around my cock.
Princess trembles, shakes and whines as her sweet juices splash against my belly and thighs.
Her body relaxes while she emits long groans, her mouth searching mine.
“Thank you Milord” she sighs.
We kiss.
We hold each other close.
We become one.
We are one, Princess and I.

Photo by Manako - Model : Yuliya - Rigger : Oleg Gerasimov Via Shibari in Russia on Facebook
Photo by Manako – Model : Yuliya – Rigger : Oleg Gerasimov
Via Shibari in Russia on Facebook

The Orgasm Diaries – Revisited #ASMSG #feb #EroticRomance #BDSM

Yesterday evening Princess and I went dancing in the Cohibar and to our big surprise the place was very crowded.

The Cohibar - Lounge Courtesy of http://www.feestzaalcohibar.be
The Cohibar – Lounge
Courtesy of http://www.feestzaalcohibar.be

In the dim lighted and very cozy lounge youngsters were enjoying cocktails while in the second space, the dance floor, a DJ entertained the dancers with a mix of Salsa, Bachata, Latin and pop.


The Cohibar - Dance Floor Courtesy of http://www.feestzaalcohibar.be
The Cohibar – Dance Floor
Courtesy of http://www.feestzaalcohibar.be

Princess and I sat down next to the dance floor and sipped from our wine. We danced too of course although they didn’t play very much Salsa.
Being with Princess is such a delight and makes me so very happy and being at her side makes even the dullest moments a feast. Whenever we are together sunshine sings in my heart and races through my veins.

Shortly before midnight we went home. It is only a short walk as we live just around the corner.

In bed we made love and it was rough, intense, all-consuming and so hot.
Before Princess gluttonously drank me I brought her to three exhilarating orgasms while I bit her nipples, breasts, shoulders and thighs while tugging her hair and holding a hand on her throat. The latter brings Princess to instant ignition.

We slept very well and when we woke up this morning I felt horny as hell again.
It was 08:50

“Good morning”, I whispered while slowly pushing my hard cock in her.
Princess moaned. She loves being woken up this way.
We didn’t have much time. Princess had to leave at 9:30 to pick up Kay for music school.
While pinching her nipples, pulling hair and kissing the love of my life I relentlessly fucked her, growling I wanted her to cum.
Princess gave me five with orgasm 2 and 3 extremely intense and vicious as she couldn’t stop her beautiful body from shivering from sexual pleasure.

I pulled the plug on the “Orgasm Diaries” project a few days ago. Princess is in no way to blame for this. My love simply does not have the time to write. After coming home from work she has The Boy and Kay to feed and to take care off.

Stella is incredibly demanding even if she lives alone and in fact spends lots of her time with baby Star at her mother’s house too. Princess drives around for all of them and then there are Bo and Ar too who want a piece of her time when they are at home.
When Princess and I phone each other in the evening, around 22:00 or so, she is simply mentally and physically exhausted.

Motivating and stimulating Princess so she can unleash her creativity must remain a fun thing and not an obligation.

Princess promised me she’d do her best to write one post for this blog every month.

The “Orgasm Diaries” project has given me one month’s worth of wonderfully written pieces by Princess. I’ll cherish this notebook as a rare and precious jewel. And of course Princess is still free to write for the notebook whenever she feels like it.

Nine hours to go before I can fetch Princess.
Little A. is staying her too so I think my love and I will watch a movie.

I have no idea which one yet.
I would prefer a David Lynch movie. Mulholland Drive or,
 why not, Lost Highway?

We could also see The Hours, Lucky Number Slevin or Seven Psychopaths.

Later on today Princess and I  will be making love again. Fucking like newly weds and I’m pretty sure it will be extremely rough again.

Photographed with a cheap CCTV-lens wide open (f1,4) mounted on my Olympus E-PM1. Journal entry made on January 23, 2014 by Princess.
Photographed with a cheap CCTV-lens wide open (f1,4) mounted on my Olympus E-PM1. Journal entry made on January 23, 2014 by Princess.