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Thoughts – March 18, 2017

I’m preparing our evening later on today.
I’ll be picking up Princess at 19:30 or so and bring her home.
Where she really belongs and should be.

It’s that time of the month so I’ll adapt the evening in order to fulfill Princesses’ needs.
My studio will be ready. The idea is to do some artistic bondage, make some photographs. I have a few ideas and hope to make some compelling images. If they are okay, I’ll contact the Fetish Café in Antwerp to see if my pictures fit in their art project. Every whatever few months a new erotic artist is presented in the café.
I’d love to be featured as this is a project we are doing as a couple.

The camera I use is a Nikon D2h. It is a 4-megapixel camera that hit the market 14 years ago. I bought it second-hand 10 years ago. Measured to today’s standards it is a fossil. I love the look ‘n feel of the images this camera delivers. It is not about detail, sharpness or whatever today professional camera’s deliver. It is about the timeless, almost analogue feel. At 1600 ISO the grain is gorgeous.

I could write more about this camera, why I love it so much for my studio work but in the end this is not a photography blog.

This morning I went shopping for some bamboo. Got a few stick with a plus/minus diameter of a centimeter.
Candles and some other stuff.

Also I am looking forward to next weekend.
I have invited The Stranger.
He’ll be presenting himself with a chastity device.
My slave will be serving us drinks. He’ll be bound.
On my command Princess will be pushing his buttons.
He’ll be preparing Princess for me.
I’ll be playing with him. Yes, I do enjoy wrapping my fingers around a hard cock.
Maybe there will be some rope.
Princess will be kneeling in front of me and giving head to me and my slave.

Finally I’ll lead my slave and Princess to our bedroom in order to enjoy a threesome.

But that’s for next week…

Coconut rope
Nikon D2h with 24-120