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Neon Wand Power Tripper – A review

We do not use the Kinklab Neon Wand often but when we do we enjoy it. Recently I got the Power Tripper. It is an electrode for the Neon Wand but it differs from the glass ones. With the Power Tripper the one who wears it becomes the electrode.

It consists of the end you plug into the Neon Wand, a long cable and a slightly rounded panel of metal. The latter is designed to be pressed against the skin. If it does not fit tightly against your body, you’ll feel the electricity needle your skin.

I used the elastic waistband of my boxer short. After turning the Neon Wand on I am the electrode. Do not, I repeat, do not turn the knob on the Neon Wand very high. Just a little after the click will do fine.

Neon Wand Power Tripper
Neon Wand Power Tripper

There are two ways to use the Power Tripper.
You can use your body as an electrode or you can extend your body with metal stuff like a fork or, for the daredevils, the Wartenberg wheel.

When you use your body as an electrode you share the experience with your bottom/submissive.
Gently stroking Princess’ back with the tips of my fingers gave her an intense and pleasurable experience. I felt like I was rubbing over sandpaper, a really special sensation.

Lifting my hand created small orange arcs between my fingers and Princess’ skin and I felt the electricity doing weird stuff in the tips of my fingers.

Touching Princess’ skin with my tongue was very intense for her but not for me. Try pushing your tongue between the two poles of a 9 Volt battery for a similar experience.

Then I approached Princess’ body with my cock and feeling the electricity jump from my glans to her body was not a very fine experience either. Touching her labia with my fingers wasn’t fun for her either.
And yes, feeling the electricity sizzle between my fingers and her skin is a very strange experience. It is in fact electricity and not the static electricity you get using the glass electrodes.

When I used the metal tools I did not feel the electricity anymore. The Wartenberg wheel’s pins have a very small surface so the arc that is generated between the toy and Princess’ skin is a powerful one. It is a beautiful sight though, when you run the wheel slowly over her skin. When a needle approaches her skin an arc is generated.

I quickly moved to a spoon and a fork. Their surfaces as bigger and the effect for Princess less harsh.

Great to use with the Neon Wand Power Tripper
Great to use with the Neon Wand Power Tripper

It is a new toy with effects we are not used too. I guess it will take some more time to see if it will become a part of my kit-bag or not.

Princess seems to like it but using it on her is really dancing on the edge of what she can take pain wise. Princess and I will explore the possibilities of the Power Tripper more in-depth.
It can be used for a sensual back rub but it can be very painful too. The latter sounds very promising. I would love to explore my sadistic tendencies further.

If you are pregnant, have metal implants or a pacemaker or a portacath this toy is not for you!

Please note once again… the manual is very clear on this.
Do not turn the knob very high, just a little after hearing the click. Trust me, it becomes very quickly not at all pleasurable.

I bought the Power Tripper myself. It is not a gift or send to me for free for review purposes.

We are back

September 19, 2015.
After an incredible and fun holiday and a long drive back home Princess and I dined at Restaurant Shokudo.

The Sushi Shokudo Boat was a fest and the accompanying Chardonnay simply delicious. The restaurant offered us the Jasmine tea and Limoncello as an after-dinner digestivo. I had told our waiter how we had enjoyed our very first date, 4 years ago, in this restaurant and since that evening our yearly anniversary started at the Shokudo.

Back home I unwrapped the Power Tripper, an add-on for the Neon Wand. What an experience! I’ll write about this new toy later on.

The lovemaking afterwards was simply maddening.

This Sunday morning, September 20, we started our day with some intense, kinky and rough fuckery to celebrate our 4 years and as a kick-off for our 5th year.

Much too soon it was time to say goodbye to Princess. I drove her home, we kissed and said goodbye. Our time together, 6 intense and wonderful days had simply flown by. It was strange though. None of her kids came outside to welcome their mom or to help her with her luggage because doing so would mean meeting the devil.
That would be me. They waited patiently inside their house until I was gone.

Over the past 4 years Princess and I have grown, discovered new things. Princess makes me whole. I have never experienced such an intense love before. Yet one thing remains unchanged… I am not accepted by her kids. I am still hated, unwanted, a treat. They do not want to have anything to do with me.
Yes, I feel truly sorry for them.

I feel very emotional here in my empty apartment. It is not easy to adjust to the old way of living. I miss Princess so much it hurts and stings. Being together for 6 days was a preview on how our life will be once we’ll be able to live together.

But I’ve some unpacking to do and later on Little A. will drop by. That will change my mind.

There are photos to work on. And maybe I’ll write some more about our holiday too.
I wish I could say it is great to be back.
I can’t though because then I would be lying.

Dining at Restaurant Shokudo (19/09/2015)
Dining at Restaurant Shokudo (19/09/2015)


Thoughts – September 6, 2015

Princess is the last woman I will ever love.
Princess is the best of all things, next to my two lovely daughters.
Princess loves me for who and what I am.
Princess makes me whole.

I trust Princess completely. From where I come these words mean a lot. I have been betrayed a few times in my past and it leaves one with serious trust issues.

When we met, almost 4 years ago, Princess’ life was a complete chaos. The father of her kids, her ex-husband, had taken his own life merely 6 months earlier. Some of her kids had decided to visit him that day as they felt something was wrong.
They arrived to late.

Winning Princess’ love was very hard. It was no about love but more about feeling ready for a new commitment, not being sure what a new relationship should be about.

I fought hard for her heart.
I still believe Princess is my greatest yet most difficult achievement.

Yes, Princess is the last woman I will ever love.
Without her I am nothing and my life would be empty, meaningless.

Yesterday, Saturday, I asked Princess what she would enjoy. Princess does not like that kind of question. When we play we follow my scenario. What happens lays in my hands.
But the day had been a difficult one for my love and I wanted to please her.

“I can choose between what, Milord?”
“You can choose anything. You know what we do, the toys we use.”

Princess took her time.
I was almost sure Princess would ask for a spanking.
I was wrong.
“I would like a rope session, Milord. It has been a long time and I really miss the touch of rope on my skin.”

I smiled, happy with her request.
So I humored her and took my time. Did it slowly, with harsh & sensual movements.
Showed Princess who was in control.

Teased her, made her cum, she likes it when I push her over the edge while she can hardly move.

Enjoy seeing the fear in her eyes when I took the Neon Wand out of its box. The smallest electrode can be very painful on her nipples, labia and clit.
I like knowing that.

After the electro play I gave Princess an intense spanking. Warmed her up with the flogger, then used my hand and a riding crop.

I made her cum intensely.

Then used the heavy flogger on her pussy. It took about 10 minutes of slow and rhythmic touching and slapping before Princess exploded.
Mmmm… liked that one.

Later on, in bed, I made love to Princess. Intense and rough sex it was, pushing her to her limits. Making her orgasm over and over.

After that we slept.
It is so soothing to spend the night with Princess.

This morning we fucked again.
Not for long though.
Little A. texted.
Way too early it was.
She wanted to come over. Needed some help with her schoolwork.
Couldn’t say no.
Little A. brought croissants.
Wow, what a heartwarming present.
She is great, Little A. is.

Then, at noon, I dropped Princess off at her place.
I didn’t like it a bit.
It is, for the time being, what it is.

Source http://alpha-wolf-leader.tumblr.com/
Source http://alpha-wolf-leader.tumblr.com/

Great Bolts of Lightning

I have been fascinated by a Violet Wand for ages. The light that seemingly flows as water through the glass electrode.
The sparks and the crackling. The distinct odour of ozone. As a kid I had this plasma globe and I found it fascinating. Made me think of Dr. Frankenstein’s enthusiastic “it’s alive”

It is a treat for the eye, the violet waves of energy, the minuscule bolts of lightning when approaching the skin.
Yet I wondered about the added value to the scenes I create.
Except for the visual pleasure of course.

I have a masochist to pleasure and hitting her with a straw won’t do the trick.
Princess needs the real thing and I am her favorite dealer. Trust me, I want to keep it that way.
Being the number one dealer I mean.
And while we are at it, I want also to be dealer number 2 and three and four and so forth.
I want to be all she’ll ever need.

When I am looking for a new toy that inflicts pain I’ll try it on myself before splashing the dough. Just to have an idea of the impact. I do not experience pain the way Princess does though, but it helps evaluate it.

So what do you buy for someone who only orgasms when you squeeze her nipple(s) with a bench-vice?

I know Princess very well. I know her as if I made her myself. There is pain of course, lots of it and I know exactly which buttons I have to push/squeeze/torture.
Yet there is more.
One intensifies the experience by ingraining the right images in Princess’ mind’s eye.

Lucky me, I am very good at doing just that.
Planting an image, a situation and watching it grow while I play with Princess like a cat with a mouse.

During love-making Princess adores sucking my fingers, deep throathing them.
One, two, three… the thicker the better.

Maybe I’ll push her head up and down my fingers, my fist firmly in her hair. I don’t think this needs to be explained.
My upper wrist hitting her chin with the same rhythm as I am fucking her.

“You like to suck cock while I fuck you?” I like to hiss.
“Can you feel the balls hitting your chin?”
“I just adore looking at you sucking dick while I fuck you”, I whisper.

This pushes Princess to the verge of another intense orgasm.
I pull my fingers our her mouth and kiss her, telling her how I can taste the cum in her mouth. These words are very often followed by a new orgasm.

In the shop I was able to try the Neon Wand. Fun to look at, certainly when there is not that much light in the room.
Yeah, it stings depending the body part you use it on.

I was not convinced this was the toy we needed though.

Maybe I just wanted it for myself big time. Like Daddy buying an electric train for his boy hoping he can play with it himself.

Having Princess blindfolded and tied up (box-tie and leg spreader, hog-tie, whatever) and some storytelling makes the Neon Wand a powerful toy though. It mostly depends on the story I am telling her.

Rubbing body lotion on the more sensitive spots of Princess’ body intensifies the experience. The Neon Wand, albeit seemingly innocent, is the only toy that has made Princess ask to pause my acts.

It is also the first toy that helps her relax after an intense scene.
I am happy I finally decided to get this toy.

Bolt of lightning between the Neon Wand and my knee. Olympus OM-D M-10 with 25mm f1.7 CCTV lens
Bolt of lightning between the Neon Wand and my knee.
Olympus OM-D M-10 with 25mm f1.7 CCTV lens

August 15th – BDSM Anniversary Play Evening

I am feeling sad, alone, a tad depressed. I have to fight the urge to go to bed and cover myself with a blanket hoping sleep will take it all away.

Nothing new though.
It is something I experience almost every Sunday after dropping Princess at her place. Not to mention the Wednesday’s when Princess is able to stay at our place till noon.

It is called Dom Drop.
Never heard of it?
My friend Southern Sir posted an excellent piece on the subject. Please read his post Dom Drop.

Princess and I enjoyed a very intense evening. I picked her up at 6:30 pm and then we drove to our place.

I told her to change clothes. I had them prepared for her. They were lying on the bed.
While Princess was busy I opened the bottle of wine so it could breath.

Then Princess entered the living room and without me asking she took the ‘Inspection Pose’. Legs spread, hands in the neck, shoulders pulled back a little.
I touched her, sniffed her and caressed her delicious curves safely tucked away under the silk of her black body.
I like to touch, to feel and to embrace what is mine. Smell her too. Princess’ scent is one of the many things about here that drive me absolutely crazy with want.

Gently I took her day collar off and replaced it with the play collar.

She followed me to my desk where she sat next to me, on her knees, while I read out loud my latest blogpost.

Then Princess told me how she had been surfing the Net yesterday evening searching for hot BDSM images and information. She had found this site by slavin jadira. Indeed very interesting and loaded with tons of useful information.

I told Princess how proud she made me with her initiative. It is one of the first times Princess has been looking for information about the lifestyle and I can only laud it. I have always encouraged Princess doing just that but never forced her in any way.

Let us not forget, Princess has a lot on her mind with her kids and Stella in particular. She is not always in the right mood.

I am curious to see what will come out of all this. Princess told me she was fascinated by the protocols, the different slave positions and so on.

I switched to iTunes, picked a playlist and attached the leash to Princess’ collar.
Led her to the church chair.

“Have a seat, Princess”, I said.
Before sitting down on the couch I handed her a glass.
We toasted and drank. Looked at each other. We were alone, there was nobody else. Just the two of us.

“Lovely music, Milord”, Princess whispered.
I smiled.
Is it New Age of so, maybe chill out or lounge or relax. The album Tantric Sexuality by Llewellyn. And something by DJ MNX, Music for Sensual Massage and Passionate Love Making if I am not mistaken.
Picked it up from a BDSM blog but can’t remember which one. I’m sorry, would love give the credit to the one that helped me discover this great music.

“Put you glass down, Princess.”
“Yes, Milord.”

I got up and offered her my hand.

Princess got up.
Helped her our of her silk top.
Blindfolded her.
“Inspection position, girl,” I growled.
Used the flogger with the long strands to warm up her body. Slow blows on her back, behind, using the flogger to embrace her belly and breasts while I stood behind her.

Then I led Princess to the brick counter separating the kitchen from the living room.
Forced up the intensity of the blows, changing floggers, then using riding crops, the single tail whip and ending with the cane.

I was not astonished at all when Princess came, intense while ejaculating in abundance. I heard it splash on the stone floor and the sound made me extremely hot.
Held Princess in my arms for a really long time. Soothing her, petting her, kissing her gently while she travelled through subspace, almost falling asleep.

“Are you up to it?”, I asked later on.
She nodded in confirmation albeit wearily.

I used the plastic foil for the mummification of her upper body. Laid her down and used rope to tie her under legs against her thighs leaving her lying there helplessly, legs spread, her sex fully exposed.

Cut holes in the plastic foil to free Princess’ nipples. Used the Neon Wand, teasing them, then her clit, labia and all those other sensitive spots of her body.
When I was done I found intense pleasure in covering her nipples with hot wax.

Got the glass dildo out of the freezer and fucked her with it while using a Magic Wand on her clit.

Drove Princess mad and then even madder.

Before going to bed I gave Princess once again an intense session with the leather flogger.
In bed I traced the marks on her butt and made a few photographs.

For the first time since we met I used a rubber to make love, hoping it would protect my sore glans and foreskin and the small wounds.
Made her cum that way and told her the rubber wasn’t much help.

We slept well, Princess and I.

This morning I fucked her thoroughly, once again with a rubber. It helped forget the painful irritation enough though.

We got up.
Showered and had coffee.
Talked about us.

About the rest of the day.
Princess told me she was going to miss me big time.
I know.
I will miss you too, Princess.
So much it really hurts big time.

Intense flogging, whipping and caning.
Intense flogging, whipping and caning.

Playing at home – Part II

So we continued and the air got filled with even more ozone. I could smell its sharp odor, reminiscent of chlorine.

I moved the wand over Princess and the toy sparkled joyfully.

“Pause,” Princess suddenly yelled.
I cocked an eyebrow, somewhat in disbelief.

“Sorry Milord, I mean orange.”

I switched off the unit.
“You are all right?”, I asked.
It was only the second time since we started playing Princess used one of her safe words. The first time was ages ago, in the Dungeon, when Princess, covering a flu, suddenly almost fainted while tied at the hoist.
She nodded.

“Must have been pretty intense then,” I said.
“You have no idea, Milord.”

“Come,” I gestured.
Princess sat on my lap, all curled up against my chest. For a while I held Princess in my arms, caressing her hair ever so gently.

Princess told me she thought she would not be able to climax while the Neon Wand tortured her pussy.
I smiled. We’ll see, I said to myself.

* * * * *

“Ready?”, I asked.
“Yes Milord,” she whispered.

“Then be a good girl and go to the back of our couch. Legs spread. You know the position I want you to take.”

I watched her standing there, waiting in anticipation. Leisurely I walked over to Princess’ backside and lifted her skirt over her hips, pulled down the top half too so the dress was merely a waistband.

I dropped my pants and pushed my hardening cock against her ass while I slightly bent over touching and kneading her nipples.
“Ooooh”, Princes sighed, “they are so sensitive.”
I increased the pressure on her nipples making my cock even harder.


“I am going to fuck you. Really hard. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Milord”, she answered, her breathing deepening.
I let my hand slide upwards her back and then grabbed her hair in my fist.
“This is for my pleasure. You are forbidden to cum. Understand?”
“Yes Mi…..”
The rest was a barely repressed scream when I pushed myself in her wet core, at the same time yanking her head back by her hair.
Princess is a good girl. She was already wet and so longing to be speared.

I did what I promised.
Fucked Princess really hard.
Violent, rough and with no mercy. Letting go of her hair and holding her robe, entangled around her waist, as some kind of saddle cord.

Stopped and almost slid out, went in for a few millimeters and then out and in and out, ever so slowly. Then trusted myself deep into her.

Slid out, grabbed the rubber flogger and spanked her delicious ass until it was starting to get red and warm.
Pushed myself in again, grabbed her wrists and pulled back her arms while fucking her relentlessly.

Stopped again and used the leather flogger for an even more intense spanking.
Dropped the toy and speared her again, my hands as claws on her back, pushing my fingernails in her skin and drawing red lines.

Slid out, counted 10 hard smacks with the cane, fucked her again, stopped and gave her sore, bruised and deep red behind a few very hard lashes with the single tail whip.

“Now cum for me, slut,” I barked and gave her one last hard one with the single tail.

I smiled when I saw her hips and legs tremble followed by the familiar sound of her juices splashing on the stone floor of our apartment.

I gently took her with me to the sofa where I spend the next half our holding her, soothing her, kissing her and telling how much I love her.
It had been extremely intense, the spanking and I think we have reached a new level.

Later on, in bed, we played with the Neon Wand some more. Princess used it on me but it did not pleasure me the way it does for her.

I made her cum too, using only the Neon Wand and my fingers.
Do not defy me, girl!
But then I think she does it willingly.
Defying me.
It helps us finding new ways, new experiences. It is her way to lead me to more of the sensations she wants to experience without saying the words out loud. Defying me is a way of communication.

So Princess challenging me is a good thing that I embrace and welcome.