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To Needle Play Or Not

Tuesday, January 9.

Not so long ago Princess experienced her first needle session. She liked it but still has mixed feelings about it. Read about it HERE

Princess arrives early, it is 7 pm. She is eager to be here. It is our play evening.

We talk, enjoy a glass of cava.
Then some floor suspension.

Then aftercare before I change the setting. I make sure Princess notices the flask with rubbing alcohol. The presence of latex gloves puzzles her.

I tie Princess spread-eagled in the centre of our living room. I make sure her movements are very restricted.
Before I blindfold Princess I ask her for her safe word.

“Do you trust me, Princess?” I ask.
“Yes Milord, I do.”
“What is your safe-word?”
“No heroics, do you understand? ”
“Promise, Milord.”

I open the flask with rubbing alcohol and move it quickly in front of her face so Princess knows what I’m going to use.

I use a cotton pad to rub the alcohol on her lower belly.

I grin when I notice how her body becomes very rigid. I’m sure Princess knows what is going to happen. I can imagine her trust is battling with anger.
Needle play is something she did not agree on.

The first one goes in quite easily. It hurts for a second but then Princess is okay. When I push the second pin against her skin she becomes even more tense. But then it goes in and I ask if she is okay.
“Yes I am, Milord,” she says.
“Do you feel something already?”
“Yes, it feels… good.”

“I’m going to cross the two other needles,” I warn her.
Her body is even more rigid. I can imagine she is thinking about saying red. What I am doing is okay enough for not going that far.

Two more go in her skin.
“Are you okay?”
“Yes Milord.”

“Great, 4 more then?”

I notice how she relaxes and the 4 other needles go in easy. Well, except one because I’m nervous for my first time doing needle play and one sticks more vertically.
“I’m sorry,” I say, and reposition the needle.

“Done,” I tell Princess while I gently push on the needles.
“Are you feeling something already?” I ask again.
“Oh yes,” she sighs, “it feels great.”

After a short while I pull out the needles.
Use other cotton pads to disinfect. I make sure she smells the rubbing alcohol. Tell her about the drops of blood. Use new cotton pads, more rubbing alcohol. Cover Princess with a fleece.

Then I pull back the fleece and seconds later I cover Princesses’ body with hot candle wax.

She enjoys the experience but, later, tells me it puzzled her I dropped wax on her needle wounds.

Later I clean her up using a sharp knife to remove the wax.
Once again I cover the love of my life with a fleece.
I let her remove the blindfold.

Immediately she sits up to look at her belly.
I smile.

Princess looks at me, astonished, flabbergasted. There are no puncture wounds.

“I mind-fucked you, Princess,” I tell her. “I kept the cotton pads in the freezer. You saw the  rubbing alcohol and the latex gloves. Cold cotton on your skin, the effect of rubbing alcohol. Wooden toothpicks did the rest.”

Princess was convinced I used real needles on her. It was about giving just enough information to make her belief. To make her think that… A few well-chosen words as mind play did the rest.

Princess smiled. The make belief was perfect. The preparation, my nervousness, me being a little clumsy. Her anger because I did something we had not agreed upon.

Two things gave me somewhat away. Princess did find her lower belly to be an odd place for needle-play. It was one of the few places where I could have my toothpicks lay on her skin without rolling away. Also she found it pretty irresponsible of me dropping hot candle wax on fresh puncture wounds.

We had a ball and mind-fucking is such a pleasant way of playing.











Injection needle

A few weeks ago Little A. was ill. She needed to mix the prescribed antibiotics herself. The box came with four small flasks filled with a fluid and two flasks filled with white powder. And a syringe in order to get the correct amount of liquid.

When Little A. ended the treatment I threw it all away but kept the syringe.

You see, I am quite fascinated with needle play. Not the kind of needle play that involves nipples or genitals though. That goes further than what I have in mind.

I am not the kind of man who forces his sub to submit to anything just to pleasure himself.
Princess had made pretty clear needle play wasn’t something she wanted to experience.  That is okay with me. I have a body too. I can try it on myself. I was just waiting for a sign.
Little A. being ill was that sign.

I found the necessary information on the Net. Obviously it was mostly about disinfecting stuff and what not. Watching the needle go through the skin seemed like a walk in the park.

I put if off. I was too tired, then Little A. was here and then this and that.

Just an hour ago I told myself I should be a man. It was like now or never.

I used rubbing alcohol to disinfect the needle.
Where should I stick it was an interesting question.

My arm or shoulder was not an option as I was not able to pinch the skin while holding the needle and pushing it through. For some reason my thigh did not feel suitable either.

I ended up disinfecting a part of my belly.

Fuck, I had almost forgotten the most important part. So I grabbed a piece of paper, wrote down my last will and testament, slid it in an envelope and wrote “To whom it concerns” on it, licked it closed and put it against the screen of my computer.

Disinfected my belly again. Grabbed the needle. Made sure the opening of the needle was pointing outwards. It was something that was stressed in the information I read. It would avoid the needle to go inwards.

I pinched a piece of my skin, took a deep breath and pushed the needle through. I’m pretty sure I heard the skin break, an almost unnoticeable sound and then that was it.

Like Shakespeare wrote albeit I’m pretty sure he did not have needle play in mind : Much ado about nothing.

There it was and it looked pretty neat. I made a photograph and then gently pulled the needle out. It stung a little when I disinfected the skin again and a few drops of blood appeared.
That was it. End of story.