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Thoughts – November 2, 2017

It has been quite a while since my last post. Not much did happen. Princess and I went out to the club a few times. We’ve also been playing a lot at home.

I have the feeling we are moving more and more to s&m play. Rope of course. Tight binding as it creates quite some emotions for Princess. Helplessness but also coziness.
A blindfold.
Always a blindfold.

The tying done with domination. It helps pushing Princess in a mindset I want to plant on.
Utter submission.
Adding a slight touch of fear for what is coming.
Mindfucking is such a powerful tool.

Lately I have been using the cane almost exclusively. Just letting the tip trail over her body makes Princess shiver with delight and fear.
That is a very fruitful mixture.
So caning is an interesting opener for an intense play evening.
Wooden clothespins are always a success. Princess’s sides, her groin or the sensitive skin an inch or so below her belly button.
Holding a vibrator against the tips of these clothespins make them dance. It makes them hurt as hell and the mere idea makes me hard.

But mostly I use candle wax. I have a collection of candles with a low or medium melting point.
Belly, thighs, sides are very painful but on Princesses’ back it gives a more soothing effect.

The mindfucking, the caning, the clothespins, and the hot wax all work together to bring Princess into deep subspace. In between I might push Princess a few times to the brink of an orgasm.
When the scene ends Princess is floating. Closed eyes, a smile. I cover her naked body with a fleece and hold her. Give Princess something to drink.

These are moments we are so close it feels like we are two hearts, two souls in one body.

Image found on Pinterest. Source unknown

Thoughts – January 15, 2016

Friday, January 15th

Temperatures have dropped considerably and traffic this morning was chaotic and dangerous. We kind of welcomed the first snow since last winter.

Lovemaking yesterday evening was hot and extremely intense. I had cuffed Princess’s wrist and fastened them to the ring on the side of the bed. I did not use rope but a piece of chain. Heavier it makes also a different noise. Even though it are small details they push different buttons.

After blindfolding Princess I grabbed her ankles, pulling her towards me while mounting the bed and spearing her moist and longing core in one swift move.

“You wanna be used, don’t you, little slut?” I hissed in her ear.
“Uhum, yes…”
“Hungry for cock are you?”
“Oh yes, please, Milord.” A barely audible whisper it was.

While roughly manhandling Princess I fucked her without any consideration.
“More?” I growled, jumping off the bed, then getting on the bed again from the other side, trying to move differently.
After a few hard ones I got off the bed and then on it again, trying to move differently again, mindfucking Princess in thinking she was fucked by multiple men.

“You like to be fucked like this, slut? I love it when you are a bad girl,” I growled.
“Mmmmm,” she moaned.

I could tell she loved it by the intensity of her orgasms, the squirting while I used some more words to enhance the make-believe.

Seconds later the magic broke when Princess’s iPhone started ringing. Kay, her youngest daughter had lost her cell phone, wanted her mom to check the car and if it was not there drive to the open air sports field where she had attended an athletics meeting. It was after 22:00, dark and raining.

I untied Princess. She got dressed, checked her car and fortunately found the damned thing.

Princess got undressed again and hopped in bed where I was eagerly waiting. We made love, kissing and stroking and enjoying our bodies and the intense sensations they gave us. We talked about “The Stranger” fantasy some more and then turned off the lights.

We slept well but 05:55 came way too soon.

It is obvious we are ready to explore and expand our sexual boundaries and we feel comfortable with the idea. I know Princess has still a bunch of unexplored buttons waiting for me to be pushed. I am more than ready, more than motivated to lead her and help her discover and explore her deepest desires.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we plan to go to the Dungeon in Antwerp. There is a Fetish 35+ party for couples and singles. I checked their Fetlife event page. The party will be well-attended.
That is great because it makes these kind of events even more fun.
I’ll be dressed well for the occasion with my new vest and black shirt and tie. And I’m looking forward to show Princess in the most tiniest of sexy dresses.

Princess and I are still growing, as a couple, as lovers and it feels so great.



To pee or not to pee

We had an awesome Saturday evening/night and Sunday morning, Princess and I. It was hot, wet, sexy, sensual, erotic and ground breaking.
Hadn’t Princess told me past Tuesday she also wanted to open up to my special needs? How she wanted to know she was pleasuring me instead of us both? Be used for my private pleasure?

I had given it much thought and had picked one of my fantasies. I would finally make it happen and I knew it would make me extremely happy, this intense act of humiliation.
And I would not breach a hard limit.

In fact we don’t have that many. Needles, poop and sharing are the only ones that spring to mind and I’m pretty sure the first one won’t be an issue if I ever decide otherwise.

We started the evening at our place with some wine while I showed Princess a Shibari performance I particularly like. Wykd Dave and his Clover do it on music by Philip Glass. It is simply awesome and their emotions so very genuine and intense.

Then I ordered Princess to stand. I blindfolded her and started fondling her, squeezing her tits and buttocks. Running my hands over her body and making sounds of approval.

I helped Princess out of her dress and bra. The first thing I did was a basic tie to bring her in the mood. I made a two-column tie at her ankles and then laced up to her waist where I secured the rope and continued with a box-tie.

After untying I stood behind Princess and pushed my knee in the hollow of her knee. It is a sign for Princess to kneel. A rough one and even more when I hold her by her hair.
But that is the way we both like it.

I helped her on her back and tied Princess’s ankles to a bamboo pole. It is a quick and very effective tie and an ideal leg spreader.

A two-column tie around her wrists was finished of with a carabiner through the bight and attached to a rope tied around the leg of our table.
I use the carabiner simply for safety reasons.

The only thing I could not do was attach the bamboo pole to something. Princess could still move her spread legs up and down.
Then I pulled her panties halfway down her thighs.
What a delicious sight, my love lying at my feet, tied up so very helplessly.

Princess trusting me a zillion%.

I was glad she could not see my devious smile though.

There is nothing I like more than playing with her body. Playing with pleasure, with pain, making intense compositions.

Of course the harsh pussy spanking made her cum.
Spanking her breasts seemed a very enjoyable experience too leading her to orgasm two.

The fingering and pinching of her womanhood gave her a third orgasm.

She was ready but unaware what she was ready for.

“I am going to pee on you. It is something I always wanted to do.”
“Oh my!?”
“Trust me, I’ll target your belly but some drops may get in your hair or on your face.”
“Are you okay with this?”
“I want to serve you Milord. I want to pleasure you. Use me at your will.”
Princess is a good and obedient girl.

I got up and positioned myself over Princess’ lower body making sure she was aware of my feet pushing at each side of her body.
“Are you ready?”
“Uhu Milord,” Princess replied hesitantly.

It splattered on her body and I made all the right noises and I noticed how her whole body got goose bumps.

Cunning as I am I moved up to her breasts and I noticed her fear for getting it on her face.
Or even worse… in her mouth.

With a few last drops I finished peeing and kneeled down next to Princess and dried her with a bath towel.
Princess is an open book and I could read her mind. O my god… my hair. And he dried me but there is still pee under my back.

I thanked her giving her an intense orgasm.
“I would like another go,” I told her.
“Must you Milord?”
“Okay then.”

Once again I made sure she felt my feet at both sides of her waist and there was not so much pee of course. I am not a superhuman.

I thanked Princess with a harsh whipping of breasts, thighs and pussy (and an orgasm) before untying her and holding her in my arms. The poor thing was shivering and clearly overwhelmed with emotions.

We discussed the peeing aspect of our play. Finally she didn’t find it that awful. Hell, it had pleasure me and that was enough to make Princess happy.

The idea having pee in her hair and under her back did not make her happy but overall she liked the experience and it had turned her on more than she had expected.
Or wanted to admit.

It was my first attempt to mind fuck Princess and I succeeded with a straight A+.

I brought her in the right mood.
Then I created an expectation.
Pushing my feet against her body underlined I was standing over her.
She knew I wanted to pee over her body.
So when I tilted my Ikea glass carafe filled with body temperature tap water moving it so it seemed the falling water was, well, pee. And Princess bought it.

Mindfucking is awesome and very powerful.
As with everything in BDSM one should be very cautious.
Know your partner and never, ever, do stuff that heats up their phobia or other fears.
Things can go very wrong.
If used right the sky is the limit.