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Thoughts – November 2, 2017

It has been quite a while since my last post. Not much did happen. Princess and I went out to the club a few times. We’ve also been playing a lot at home.

I have the feeling we are moving more and more to s&m play. Rope of course. Tight binding as it creates quite some emotions for Princess. Helplessness but also coziness.
A blindfold.
Always a blindfold.

The tying done with domination. It helps pushing Princess in a mindset I want to plant on.
Utter submission.
Adding a slight touch of fear for what is coming.
Mindfucking is such a powerful tool.

Lately I have been using the cane almost exclusively. Just letting the tip trail over her body makes Princess shiver with delight and fear.
That is a very fruitful mixture.
So caning is an interesting opener for an intense play evening.
Wooden clothespins are always a success. Princess’s sides, her groin or the sensitive skin an inch or so below her belly button.
Holding a vibrator against the tips of these clothespins make them dance. It makes them hurt as hell and the mere idea makes me hard.

But mostly I use candle wax. I have a collection of candles with a low or medium melting point.
Belly, thighs, sides are very painful but on Princesses’ back it gives a more soothing effect.

The mindfucking, the caning, the clothespins, and the hot wax all work together to bring Princess into deep subspace. In between I might push Princess a few times to the brink of an orgasm.
When the scene ends Princess is floating. Closed eyes, a smile. I cover her naked body with a fleece and hold her. Give Princess something to drink.

These are moments we are so close it feels like we are two hearts, two souls in one body.

Image found on Pinterest. Source unknown

Thoughts – February 20, 2016

Past Tuesday I accompanied Princess to Brussels, our capital. She was invited, with a few other colleagues, for breakfast with the CEO of the company she works with.

The 2 hours I had to myself I used well. I visited a few tourist hotspots and had breakfast. It was sunny yet cold and I was happy I wasn’t hindered in walking by my lower back-pains. It can become very painful when I slander.
Another good thing happened. I had a digital camera with me and found myself being creative again. For those whom follow my blog know I have a love/hate relation with photography. Tuesday was the first time I picked up a camera in months, except to shoot some rope bondage images to show Princess how she looks dressed only in rope.

I picked up Princess at the HQ and then we visited the Taschen bookstore. Great art books, well-printed and very cheap.
I bought a coffee table photography book, another good sign, with work by photographer Bettina Rheims.

In a jewelry story we saw a beautiful necklace that would suit perfectly as a collar for Princess. In yet another store with African Art we saw this claw, beautiful artwork and I think a dream to use and play with.

Princess and I took the train back to our hometown and then I dropped Princess off at work.

Back home I finished an article on Mindfucking I wrote for the Dutch informative site “Stichting Info BDSM“. They liked it and put my article online. In the text I make for myself the distinction between mindfucking and mindplaying.

On Tuesday evening Princess came back, we played and we fucked ourselves mindless the morning after. On Thursday evening we played again and it was intense and we felt so very close.

The way we play and interact has changed considerably over the past few weeks. More on this in a soon to follow post.

Thursday I also browsed a website with second-hand material and found a lens for my analogue Olympus OM camera’s. I made an offer, it was accepted and I picked it up this morning. Another good sign, even more that I even checked if I had still chemicals left in order to develop my film.

There is a lot happening and I am embracing it with pleasure and eagerness.

No hot picture this time but a gallery with a few photographs I made in Brussels.