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This is not about a people’s liberation organization or a political party.

It is what we, Princess and I, enjoy doing.
Pain, Love and Passion.

Princess and I are still growing and the way we play has changed over the course of the last few months. Mind you, I use the same ingredients, but the way I cook is different.

More than before Dominance has now an important part in the way I play with Princess. It makes our scenes more intense and Princesses’ body language, her response to my Dominance, both unmistakable passionate and very submissive.

I think this is why lately we get some very positive reactions in the Dungeon. I don’t just spank Princess or tie her or whatever it is I do. I think of it as a cat and mouse game. I take my time, observe, give pain, observe, give love, pleasure and Princess, my love, reacts in a way I cannot describe except that her emotions are pure.

What most Dominants do in the Dungeon is spank and that is it. I rarely see the interaction I have with Princess. They could as well be spanking a love doll.

I do not want to brag but we, Princess and I, give a genuine show, more than those whom choose to spank for the pleasure of spanking. Don’t get me wrong, I do not look down on these people. Hell, we live in an apartment too and noise travels far. It can be liberating to go for harsh impact plat knowing you are not disturbing anyone. Having the cops knocking on the door.

At home there are the ropes, the Shibari ring and a 3 anchor points I made in the walls surrounding the play space. One overhead, for the arms, and two for spreading Princesses’ legs.

So I can tie Princess in several ways. I can do floor suspension or full suspension or have her stand up, hands tied to a horizontal bamboo bar. Have her lying down and spread open, ready for use.

The cane has become my tool of preference when it comes to pain. I also use wooden clothes pins and they also deliver very intense local pain stimuli. Candle wax is something that does wonders too.

I am still amazed when I make Princess orgasm with only pain.

When I Dominate Princess sexually I feel so complete, so one with my love.

Pain, Love and Passion is our mantra.

Waiting for Princess (2016) Olympus OM-2n with 28mm f3,5 and loaded with Ilford HP5+
Waiting for Princess (2016)
Olympus OM-2n with 28mm f3,5 and loaded with Ilford HP5+

Another hot weekend – Sunday

Sunday, December 06, 2015

I get out of bed, walk to the bathroom and do what I have to do. Walk back and crawl back in bed.
“I have to go too,” Princess sighs.

I close my eyes. Sleep, where are you?

We are walking though a long hallway, Princess and I. At one side huge paintings. Portraits of noblemen, knights, clergy. Lit moonlight falling through huge windows opposite the paintings.
I hold her hand, Princess in a gorgeous evening dress, me black tie.
Footsteps behind us.
“Come,” I whisper and pull Princess into a recess.
I hold Princess’s, her back towards me. Quickly I slide a blindfold over head.
“Make no sound,” I insist.
The footsteps stop.
“Is she hot?”
“Yes,” I answer.
“Good.” The voice is deep, very masculine. “But I want to make sure.”
“Be my guest.”
I kick against Princess’s ankles, opening her legs. Princess shivers when I grab her hair and pull her head back, her ear near my mouth.
“Lift up your dress,” I hiss, my voice hoarse in excitement. “But do it sl

Found on http://uncommondominator.tumblr.com/
Found on http://uncommondominator.tumblr.com/

“Mmmm,” Princess mumbles when she gets back in bed.
Her body is warm, soft and delicious.
I am hard. I am aroused by what trickled in my imagination just before embracing sleep.

Princess’s phone beeps. She sighs, checks it then crawls as close as she can against me, falls asleep. I feel my cock press painfully against the small of her back. The bedroom is filled with the smell of sex. It is still dark outside.

Oh fuck it, I think and push Princess on her back, push her legs apart with my knee and slide in her. I move ever so slowly.
“Oh, Milord, this is simply delicious,” she says with a sleepy voice.

I fuck and fuck and Princess laces one orgasm after another. I go on for ten, maybe fifteen minutes.

“Sleep,” I tell her and lie next to her, spoon her, my hands around Princess.

It is about ten.
We wake up.

“Good morning, Princess,” I say with a smile while sliding my hard cock in her hungry and wet core.
“Good morning, Milord.”
Once again we make love and fuck and make love.
I can’t stop.
This feels so good.
I could go on fucking Princess till I drop dead.

After her thirtieth-something orgasm I roll of her. Lie on my back.
Princess kisses me, sitting on all fours.
I reach out, between her thighs. She is wet. We kiss, I slide my finger in her, then two while my thumb teases her clit.
She moans, whimpers, sighs and I notice how all what I do has a maddening effect on Princess.

“Imagine,” I say, “pushing my fingers even deeper, “being fucked by a stranger? Can you feel his hands on your hips while you kiss me?”
Princess closes her eyes, bites her lips. My words torment her fantasy.

“Can you imagine how I would enjoy feeling his movements trough your body, your breasts bouncing? Your lips on my slightly moving on his rhythm? Do you feel his fingernails in your skin?”

I feel her pussy tightening round my fingers.

“Would you enjoy sucking my cock while being doggy fucked by a stranger, slut?” I grunt.

The effect is instantaneous.
I feel her juices run along my fingers, forearm.
Then Princess collapses next to me.
Breathless she is, Princess.
Exhausted she is, the poor thing.

I go on and on. Fucking and mind playing Princess.

Finally, I pleasure myself while Princess licks my nipples. I cum, she drinks it with pleasure and love.
We kiss and I taste myself. So fucking hot.
Yet is it not the same anymore.
Pleasuring, torturing, pushing Princess to her limits, is far more pleasurable and satisfying than my orgasm.

We get out of bed and shower.

Little A. is already studying in the living room.
I make coffee.

Then we leave, I have to drop Princess at her place. But first we go shopping. It has been a while since we did this very mundane thing.

I love every second of it.
After all I am with Princess.
She is my life, my world.
Princess is my Holy Grail.
My everything.

Found on http://deccadent.com/ (c) Marc Dorcel
Found on http://deccadent.com/
(c) Marc Dorcel

Another hot weekend – Saturday

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I pick Princess up at her place. It is 18:30. Princess looks stunning. She always does.
We kiss, I lead her to the car.

“Drinks somewhere first,” I say.
She smiles. Princess likes surprises.

I take her to ‘t Schipke, a restaurant/cafe, in the middle of nowhere, near a river. We have dined there before.

We are given a table in a corner, near the Christmas tree. I order two glasses of white wine.

For a while we chitchat, Princess and I. She has always a lot to tell about her Saturday at home with the kids, with Little Star.
I love listening. Her voice is enthralling. Her stories told with passion and love.

Princess also confirmed that Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 January are okay. All I need is confirmation from Little A’s mom that my youngest won’t be with me or that we can switch weekends. Alas not an easy task.

That weekend Princess and I are driving to a small town in The Netherlands, near the German and Belgian border. We are expected in a 4 Star hotel where we will meet K. and J. for an evening of intense BDSM-play and maybe some sensual, erotic and/or sexy interaction between Princess and J., K’s submissive.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more about the hotel because Princess reads my blog too and I do not want to spoil the surprise. But I am sure Princess will be flabbergasted and blown away by the place.

Princess and I are so looking forward to this new experience and Princess is continuously fantasizing about what could or might happen.

I already somewhat decided what I want Princess to wear when we arrive.
I have chosen for a cliché yet a very hot outfit.

High heels of course.
Black silk stockings. I don’t know yet if I’ll go for the black ones of those with a red rim. A matching black suspender belt, black thong and black lace corset.
We we enter the hotel Princess will be hiding all this under a fur coat,  an heirloom and not something that was shot or recently butchered.

I pay, we leave and drive home.

We watch a movie and it is a very interesting one.
A Dangerous Method (2011) gives us a look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.
Surprisingly there is some spanking and BDSM in it.

After that we go to bed where I fuck Princess very hard and violently. Princess loves the face slapping, my hand squeezing her throat, my teeth in her shoulders or extreme fierce nipple pinching.

“Please can I cum, Milord?” she moans.
“No, you can’t. If you do I’ll have to punish you.”
“And if I can’t hold it?”

“I’ll have to punish you and believe me, then you’ll be very sorry you were not able to be a good girl,” I growl.

I kiss her knowing I am pushing one of her many buttons and sure enough she comes.

“Thank you, Milord,” she whimpers, a little afraid of what her punishment will be.

She knows it won’t be something noisy like a good spanking as Little A. is staying with us.

I grab some rope and quickly tie Princess’s ankles to the bedposts. When I get the TENS-unit out of the drawer I notice some uneasiness in her eyes.
I smile and leisurely place the Barry Bite body clamps on her outside labia.
“OMG,” Princess whispers.

I connect the device and then turn up power, choose a pulsing program and then bend over Princess and look in her eyes.
“Are you enjoying this?”
“Yes, Milord,” she whispers.
Up goes the power dial.

She moans, closes her eyes. Princess is clearly enjoying her punishment so up goes the power again.

I notice how Princess dances on waves that are neither pure pain or pure pleasure.
Very enjoyable to watch.

I use a ribbed glass dildo as an extra and push her to another orgasm.

After that I untie Princess and hold her in my arms.

I pleasure Princess over and over and then, finally, I turn off the lights.

Found on Tumblr
Found on Tumblr

Biting her Dom

I have a bruise on my left forearm, just under the joint with the upper part of my limb. Not worth a photograph (yet) but I am proud of this mark.
Princess made it.
I guess somewhere between Tuesday late night and Wednesday morning.

Noisy she was, Princess.

Pushed her face against my arm. Desperately trying to muffle her shrieks and moans while on the road to yet another overwhelming release.

“Bite, slut,” I hissed.
Princess sank her teeth in my soft flesh.
Hell, she meant it.
A jolt of deep pain fired through my arm. To my surprise it made me even harder.

Pushed her legs over my shoulders and pushed deeper. And harder.
“More, I want more. Bite harder, slut,” I groaned.
In my mind’s eye I saw how Princess’s teeth broke my skin.

It did not happen though. But it was enough for me to understand I really do like this biting. And the memories that linger for days on my arm.

For some reason Princess held back, she needs some more training to get rid of these last remnants. Whatever they are.

Then Princess came, gushing, moaning and very, very noisy.

Bite mark
Bite mark