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Full Suspension

“What I would love to achieve is to master as much of the technics as possible in order to be creative without the need of thinking about the tying itself. I want to concentrate on my interaction with Princess.”

I wrote the above a few days ago in an email. I’ve been corresponding with X. for some time now. Gradually we connected and I am pretty sure he now knows what I want from him.

The ties themselves can be learned from a book.

How one ties, the caveats and shortcuts, advantages and disadvantages of the materials used, can only be learned from someone who knows what it is about, has experience and knows how to teach. What is tight? What is snug? In a book these words have no real meaning, they have to be faced, shown, discussed.

We are getting there, X. and I and I am sure spending time with him will help me find the road I am seeking.

There is nothing wrong playing with a bunch of different toys. Erotic asphyxiation, pain, submission, impact play, electro play, humiliation, cupping among others, they all bring pleasure. The real art lies in combining them, resulting in a pleasurable, intense and memorable session.

It feels good though to want to master at least something. After tying Princess on occasions, I finally fell in love with rope bondage. This is the domain in which I want to excel.

Princess knows that when I get hooked on something I’ll go the whole nine yards to master it.

* * * *

Yesterday I received the wooden 9” Shibari ring I had ordered little over a week ago at Esinem’s store.
It took some time to tie the ring to a carabineer in order to get the correct distance from the floor. Sometimes I can lose myself in insignificant details.

Then it was time to pick up Princess at her place and once back home we were excited to use the ring. (I’ll need to tie it again as the ring still hangs to low)

We broke in the ring and it went so natural and so easy. It felt as if I had done rope all my life. I am aware it is not the case. I am still very much a rookie.

Anyway I started with a box-tie and it went well. Tight above the breasts, a little looser under Princess’s breasts. I finished the tie with a Mt Fuji halter neck tie.

I attached a safety rope to the box-tie, at the shoulder, made sure the tie was secured and then up, through the ring, down, up and then securing it with a few half-hitches.

The second rope was used as a single column tie around Princess’s thigh, about 6” above the knee-joint, a safe zone. I pulled the rope up and then Princess was standing on one foot. As I wanted to find out how this felt under more stress I lifted Princess’s other leg.

“Still feels good, Milord, but this finally makes no sense as you are still supporting my weight.”

Fuck it, I thought and grabbed another rope, tied it around Princess’s other ankle, lifted and tied the rope around the ring.

OMG, there she was, my Princess, hanging in our living in a full suspension. She felt very comfortable. No tingling, pain, numbness or whatever.

Oh boy, my very first full suspension just happened like that, in a few easy and well calculated moves. I made a photograph. Sorry for the chaos and ugly background, it is my living room as it is.

Gently I pivoted Princess checking constantly if she was well and nothing was feeling bad or uncomfortable.

While writing this I am still amazed. Princess was happy as a clam; it has been her wish since we started doing rope.

I untied Princess after some 6 or 7 minutes air time. The rest of the evening we spent with intense floor-suspension and some teasing with a cane, a massager and the TENS-unit. The latter was a mistake as it brought Princess out of her Zen-like state.

After that we went to bed and surprisingly we did not feel the need for hard fuckery. Pretty soon I turned the lights off. We enjoyed being together in the darkness. I gently made love to Princess and then we fell asleep.

It had been an intense and fun evening and very memorable.

We, Princess and I, are constantly evolving. Yet the common denominator is rope and it is quite powerful. Using rope, the bondage, is a whole new way of connecting with Princess.

My first full suspension. Not a sexy pose or an amazing photograph.
My first full suspension. Not a sexy pose or an amazing photograph.



2015 – The Last Day

It has been a good year. My loved ones stayed healthy and happy and that is what really counts.

I feel I have grown even more as a Dominant.

We, Princess and I, have redefined our limits opening a path to even more titillating, dark and erotic adventures. Of course we are not actively looking for specific situations but when they present themselves we might take advantage of them.

On a lesser note, no more than a few weeks ago we almost broke up. My fault, as it always is, when frustration takes over the better me. Those who follow the blog know what I’m talking about.

At the beginning of this week, Shingles suddenly showed up. I’m taking my medication and it is almost healed. It still hurts though.

Oh yes, the Kinkycafe.net site never really kicked off. I still own the domain for another 7 months or so. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll start a new blog written in Dutch. We’ll see.

So yes, 2015 was a very good year for us.

This evening we’ll be celebrating the death of 2015 and the rise of 2016 with a festive gourmet. Us are Little A., Princess, probably Little Star and myself.

A well-groomed Milord, will pick up Princess at her place at 17:45 sharp. One of my fantasies is an environment with men in suit and naked women and I will make that happen very soon.

There will be no nakedness or play this evening except for when we hit the sack and I’ll fuck Princess hard and rough into the new year.

So with a little help of Little A. I got a beautiful classic looking vest, dark grey, with a dark blue satin breast-pocket handkerchief. In an other store I bought two shirts, one white, one black and a matching dark red tie. I already have my thigh fitting black jeans.
I am not sure which shirt I’ll be wearing this evening. I’m thinking white but I am afraid the eosin I’ve been smearing on the rash will make stains on the shirt.

On Saturday Princess and I are going to the Dungeon. It is obvious I’ll be a well-groomed Gentleman Dom. Maybe I’ll have Princess naked at my side, like in my fantasy.

I don’t have many New Year’s resolutions. I would like to lose a few stones and get a little slimmer around the waist. I would love to travel to Princess’s boundaries, explore and play with them. I want to do more rope bondage.
I course I want to keep my loved ones safe and happy.

In 2015 this site received 11,420 page views with December 23 a top day with 171 views. Visitors came from 105 different countries with the United States at the top followed by Belgium and Australia. I added 141 new posts.

A big thank you!

Princess and I wish you all, my Readers and Friends, a healthy, happy and very sexy 2016.

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Another hot weekend – Saturday

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I pick Princess up at her place. It is 18:30. Princess looks stunning. She always does.
We kiss, I lead her to the car.

“Drinks somewhere first,” I say.
She smiles. Princess likes surprises.

I take her to ‘t Schipke, a restaurant/cafe, in the middle of nowhere, near a river. We have dined there before.

We are given a table in a corner, near the Christmas tree. I order two glasses of white wine.

For a while we chitchat, Princess and I. She has always a lot to tell about her Saturday at home with the kids, with Little Star.
I love listening. Her voice is enthralling. Her stories told with passion and love.

Princess also confirmed that Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 January are okay. All I need is confirmation from Little A’s mom that my youngest won’t be with me or that we can switch weekends. Alas not an easy task.

That weekend Princess and I are driving to a small town in The Netherlands, near the German and Belgian border. We are expected in a 4 Star hotel where we will meet K. and J. for an evening of intense BDSM-play and maybe some sensual, erotic and/or sexy interaction between Princess and J., K’s submissive.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more about the hotel because Princess reads my blog too and I do not want to spoil the surprise. But I am sure Princess will be flabbergasted and blown away by the place.

Princess and I are so looking forward to this new experience and Princess is continuously fantasizing about what could or might happen.

I already somewhat decided what I want Princess to wear when we arrive.
I have chosen for a cliché yet a very hot outfit.

High heels of course.
Black silk stockings. I don’t know yet if I’ll go for the black ones of those with a red rim. A matching black suspender belt, black thong and black lace corset.
We we enter the hotel Princess will be hiding all this under a fur coat,  an heirloom and not something that was shot or recently butchered.

I pay, we leave and drive home.

We watch a movie and it is a very interesting one.
A Dangerous Method (2011) gives us a look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.
Surprisingly there is some spanking and BDSM in it.

After that we go to bed where I fuck Princess very hard and violently. Princess loves the face slapping, my hand squeezing her throat, my teeth in her shoulders or extreme fierce nipple pinching.

“Please can I cum, Milord?” she moans.
“No, you can’t. If you do I’ll have to punish you.”
“And if I can’t hold it?”

“I’ll have to punish you and believe me, then you’ll be very sorry you were not able to be a good girl,” I growl.

I kiss her knowing I am pushing one of her many buttons and sure enough she comes.

“Thank you, Milord,” she whimpers, a little afraid of what her punishment will be.

She knows it won’t be something noisy like a good spanking as Little A. is staying with us.

I grab some rope and quickly tie Princess’s ankles to the bedposts. When I get the TENS-unit out of the drawer I notice some uneasiness in her eyes.
I smile and leisurely place the Barry Bite body clamps on her outside labia.
“OMG,” Princess whispers.

I connect the device and then turn up power, choose a pulsing program and then bend over Princess and look in her eyes.
“Are you enjoying this?”
“Yes, Milord,” she whispers.
Up goes the power dial.

She moans, closes her eyes. Princess is clearly enjoying her punishment so up goes the power again.

I notice how Princess dances on waves that are neither pure pain or pure pleasure.
Very enjoyable to watch.

I use a ribbed glass dildo as an extra and push her to another orgasm.

After that I untie Princess and hold her in my arms.

I pleasure Princess over and over and then, finally, I turn off the lights.

Found on Tumblr
Found on Tumblr

Tuesday, November 17 – 19:55, somewhere in Belgium

“Good evening Milord,” Princess smiles when she enters the living room.

The space is lit with candles and I have selected a playlist with ambient music.
Brian Eno.

“Good evening, Princess. Please go to our bedroom and change. All you need is spread out on the bed. There is also a small present for you.”
“Should I bring it with me when I come back?”
“No, just put it on. When you return you will assume your inspection posture.”
“OK Milord.”

While I wait I open a bottle of red wine, pour two glasses.
Then I sit down on the couch.

Princess comes in and assumes her position. She looks gorgeous wearing only her present. Sexy fish net hold-ups I got earlier at Hunkemöller.

And black shoes. They are sexy in their own right.
No high heels, Princess is not allowed to wear them due to her lower back pains.

I stand up and leisurely walk towards Princess.
I touch her, caress and smell, taste and lick. Kiss teasingly.

“Okay. Come, Princess,” and I point to the cushion on the ground, next to the couch.
We toast, sip our wine, chitchat.

After 4 years I am still proud, still moved when Princess is with me, walks at my side. She is an awesome woman, delicious, intelligent, sexy, sensual and very caring.
Did I somehow win life’s jackpot? Is Princess my Holy Grail?

Fact is I never have been so complete, so in love.
The sex is magnificent, the lovemaking utterly breathtaking.

Kneeling is not something Princess can do for a long time so I help her on her feet and lead her to the back of the other couch.

“How do we say red?” I ask. Princess is so adorable with the black gag ball in her mouth.

Princess raises her right hand. I think it would be a nice touch if she could do the Mr. Spock greeting.

“How do we say red when your weight is on both hands?”
“Uh uh uh,” while moving her head in a visual no.

We are good to go.

A few smacks with my bare hand. My right hand. Generally, I use both, but I’m still suffering from a serious 2nd degree burn wound I got a week ago. The oven dish bit me before I could devour its contents. Did not feel it but the next morning I had a blister, 2cm in diameter, and the surrounding skin deep red. I took care of it myself but it still hurts like hell. If James Bond can defibrillate his dying self (Casino Royale, 2006) I can take care of a minor wound too. After all I am a trained first-aid kind of guy.
Trained, luckily not experienced.

I notice, much to my pleasure, how Princess suffers under my blows.

Soft flogger.
Leather flogger.
Shoulder blades.

Reddening ass.
Oh my, so hot.
I haven’t had sex for a long time. Mm let’s see, that would be 2 days and a half.

Such an inviting ass.
I’m hard.
Ah, why not?

I push her cheeks open and push my cock deep in her wet pussy.
“Ohhhh,” she sighs.
Grab her hips, sink my fingernails deep in her soft skin.
Fuck. Hard.

I want more.
I want it all.
After all Princess is mine.

Slid out, grab a rubber, put it on.
Holy cow, her ass is so ready.
Princess welcomes me.
Oh boy, so tight.

My hands go over her back, I lay them on her shoulders, pulling her up.
Easily my hands go around her throat.
I squeeze while fucking her ass.

Slid out, you are not going to cum unless I tell you to, slut, I think.

Pull off the rubber and push my cock in her pussy.
Use the flogger on her back.

“Ohhhh.” Princess is near an orgasm.

Out I go, grab the cane.
One, two, three. Hard.
Four, five, six. Very hard.
Seven, eight, nine. It hurts, I can see it. I can see it in how her body moves.
My cock hardens even more.

Another rubber.

Hard strokes, hands around her throat again.

Muffled sounds, subdued moaning.
I should use a gag ball more often.
Love the drooling too.
So fucking sexy.

Finally, Princess’s body starts shaking, then convulsing.
A long moan coming from very deep.
Splashing sounds.
I feel Princess’s hot juices spatter on my feet.

She sinks to the floor, legs useless. I grab her and lead her to the couch.

Princess curls up in my arms.
We kiss.
I give her another orgasm with the massager.

We are so close.
Deep, pure love and absolute trust.

Princess and I finish our wine.
Then it is bedtime.
I fuck Princess relentlessly while she soaks the bed linen.

Time to finish it off.
“Drink me, ” I say, my voice coarse.
Princess enjoys every drop.

We kiss and I taste myself in her mouth.

“Goodnight Milord.”
“Goodnight Princess and thank you.”

The lights go out.
Darkness tiptoes in and with it a welcoming sleep.

Way to soon it is the next day.(c)Hunkemoller - sexy fishnet stay-ups

(c)Hunkemoller – sexy fishnet stay-ups

To Share or Not to Share – Revisited – 2

Long before I met Princess I dabbled a while with the swinger’s world. I was an extra, not a player. I learned a few things though.

Long before Princess met me she dabbled in the same world, the swinger world. It was not entirely a free choice but more about saving a marriage. Yet a few meetings pleasure her.

Princess told me about these meetings and I listened. Did not question. I just listened. Talking is often about listening.

In this swinger’s world I was invited and with me 4 other guys. Finally, it was me, a guy and the husband. The host told me men often kick on the idea but do not show up. For whatever reason (small dick, thin dick, other issues).

So there I was and watched a good-looking woman being fucked by her husband and an invitee.
I myself had been unlucky and most of my ex-girlfriends had an issue with sucking dick. I did not fuck this woman, I enjoyed the BJ’s she gave me way too much.

And I loved watching this middle-aged good-looking woman being fucked by two men.
Eye candy, you know.

I ejaculated spontaneously while getting rid of my undies and watching the guy sinking his cock in her.

Then hubby took a seat and watched his wife being used by two men. Safe of course, both mouth and cunt.

Hell, at that time I would have given a testicule for a girlfriend like that.
It never happened though.
I am happy it didn’t yet I do not think bad of swingers.
Yet I learned a few things.

I am a voyeur.
I thought I was an exhibitionist and I still think I am. I would not hesitate to fuck Princess while people watch us. But I know I would forget the audience because I would be concentrated on fucking Princess.

Would I let a blindfolded Princess be touched by a stranger in a controlled environment? Would he be allowed to finger her? Make her orgasm, but Princess would thank me, as the guy would be but a tool and I the Puppet Master?
I knew the answer was Yes. I hid that for Princess till this morning.

I never told Princess about my deepest fantasies, except for the women/women kind of stuff. You share ideas, dreams, but some of them stay unspoken because you are afraid your partner could misinterpret them.

Then there was this mail K & J send us. It made the discussions we had with one of the Fetish Cafe’s members, finally all hard limits fade, a reality.


Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Oh boy, this was what we had been waiting for. An evening at home, just the two of us.

An evening of carnal pleasure, love, intimacy and BDSM.

I pick Princess up at 19:15 and back home, at our place, we sit down for a while, some talking, sipping red wine, closing the day.

I have a present for Princess. The Dorr Avond is a very powerful massager. Cordless and rechargeable with a magnetic charging tip and USB cable. It has 6 vibration patterns and 5 different speeds.

It comes, like all high-end toys, in a well crafted box and is a pleasure to unpack.

I have also two new floggers. A small one with suede strands, very soft, and a leather one, the same I already own. I’ll be doing some Florentine flogging in the near future but I have to exercise first.
Click HERE for a demonstration by John Brownstone.

I want to start the evening with a good spanking.

With some rope I tie Princess’s wrist together and lead her to the back of our couch.

I make her bend over and then I pull down her undies.

For a short while I sit behind her looking at what is mine. Softly I stroke her labia with the soft tip of one of my riding crops.
She moans. She is wet.
Princess is ready.

“No orgasming,” I warn her.
I get up, unzip and push my hard cock in her core.
Guess she did not expect that.
I fuck Princess, hard, and grab her hair, pulling her head back.

Then it is spanking time.

Suede flogger for some warming up. Then my hand and I alternate with the leather flogger and finish it of in beauty with some harsh caning.

Princess is a good girl as she did not come.

But she has enough and I want to hold her close to me.
I lead her to the couch, sit down and pull a drowsy Princess on my lap and hold her, stroking her softly.
This is one of my favourite moments. The aftercare brings us to close, as if we become one.

Later on she loves the massager and I let her cum. Then I use both the massager and the vibrator, searching for alternating vibration patterns. Princess screams when she orgasms and I am happy I laid a mattress protector on the bed.

Then I mummify her upper body, wrapping plastic foil around her arms, leaving her breasts free. Tie her ankles to the bed post and finally blindfold her.

I use Princess and she loves it. She comes abundantly.

Yet, during our feedback session she tells me she found it strange no to be able to touch me. It felt distant but not in a bad way or a good way.

After that we sleep well.
There is nothing more soothing in the world than crawling against Princess’s warm and soft body.
And falling asleep.


Next to the massager a Waterman pen engraved with the date of our first, well, date and, on the other side, our names. A gift from Princess for our 1st anniversary
Next to the massager a Waterman pen engraved with the date of our first, well, date and, on the other side, our names. A gift from Princess for our 1st anniversary


Thoughts – November 6th, 2015

These past few weeks’ things haven’t been sparkling between us. We both suffered from autumn blues yet experienced it differently. I questioned the future of our relationship and that, unconsciously, led to some distance between us.

Princess had the shingles on the left cheek of her delicious behind so spanking activities were put on hold. Furthermore, she had lower back-pains resulting in, among other symptoms, a painful leg. All this led to not enough night’s rest. Leading to my wrongfully impression Princess was taking a distance from me.

Little A. stayed at my place for two weekends and an extra half a week so Princess and I did not have to privacy we are used to.

Yesterday evening, Thursday, November 5th, and for the first time in weeks, Princess and I played. Not for long, after all we had to get up early for work.

While I prepared I ordered Princess to go to the bedroom and prepare herself.
When I entered the room Princess was waiting for me, holding her leather dog collar in her hands.

I helped Princess up, led her to the bedroom door and helped her lean forward, holding her hands against the door.

For a while I spanked her, gently, using a few different floggers. Princess loved it, it had been a while.

When I finally stopped she was on the brink of orgasming.

I ordered her down on the bed.

Using rope, I tied her ankles to each bedpost. I did not engage in foreplay but attacked her pussy right away. Licking it at first, then some rubbing before using the vibrator pushing her to intense orgasms.

Just the simple fact of being tied adds so much to Princess’s experience. Using rope instead of leather cuffs seems to make it different. Knotting and pulling rope is a more intimate way of playing.

I pushed her near an orgasms, backed off, and started again.
And again.

Untied Princess and took her, savagely, pressing her down with my weight.

It did not take long before she reached a very intense orgasm.
Princess thanked me.
We kissed.

Everything was okay and that was one hell of a great thought.







Thoughts – July 9th, 2014

It’s Wednesday and my free day.

I am not feeling well today.
During the night very intense lower abdominal pains, like being stabbed with a knife a zillion times, woke me up. I got out of bed, trying not to wake Princess, and spend half an hour in the bathroom.

Got back in bed and crawled close to Princess’ warm body but I kept shivering.
Finally I fell asleep again.

I woke up feeling very emotional. While watching Princess wake up I could not hide my tears. It was a very strange sensation. It felt like it were my last living minutes, some kind of ending.

Until now, noon, I’ve been feeling like this with the occasional weeping, feeling sad and missing Princess so much.

Princess went to work and I picked up Stella at her place and dropped her off at work. Then I drove to Princess’ bank with the sales contract so she can get her loan and gave them the old number plate.

Back home I watched “Source Code” with Jake Gyllenhaal. It is an excellent, entertaining and exhilarating movie. It did not make me feel any better though.
Got an email from Big A. who’s in Italy as an au pair. Everything was okay she wrote and asked me if I would correct an English translation she made from an Italian text.

In half an hour I’m going to pick up Stella at her work and bring her home.

I’ll try to some more writing this afternoon if I feel like it.

These strange waves of melancholy overflowing me are paralyzing.
Is this happening to me because I can let go now that Princess is back and safe?
Is it the stress, worries and the missing that have been building up these past week and a half and has now found a way out of my system?
Do I finally understand how close I came to losing Princess forever?

True, I have missed her so very much I do not know how to describe my feelings.
It was awesome, magical and intense holding her in my arms when she finally arrived at home. Our home.
Feeling her warmth, her love.
Being finally complete again.
Having Princess next to me where she belongs.
My love, my fiancé and the woman whom one day I’ll ask to marry me.