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Deviant Edge Stupid Cupid Party and then some more

It felt so good to be back at the Dungeon. The Dungeon Master gave us a warmhearted welcome. At the bar Princess and I enjoyed a glass of red wine. The place wasn’t crowded yet but it felt cozy and familiar already.


Shortly before we left for Antwerp I had given Princess the Hunkemoller body. She looks stunning in it!

Then we moved to the Dungeon and watched a couple play. Most of the scenes we witness are built around impact play and often it feels like the more/harder the merrier. There is not that much rope bondage to be seen albeit the environment is quite inviting.

I helped Princess out of her dress and took a few steps back so I could look at her beautiful body enclosed in the black sexy lingerie.

“Undress,” I said, “and do it slowly.”

Princess complied and gave me some delicious eye candy.
Then Princess stood naked in front of me, well, not completely as she was still wearing her stay ups and high heels.
I extended my hand.

Princess grabbed my hand and I led her to the hoist equipped with a vertical bar. Leisurely I fixed the leather cuffs around her wrists and using carabiners hooked them to the hoist.
Blindfolded Princess.

There I was, well-groomed with a black costume, black shirt and a black tie with small white dots, the latter a present from Princess.

I put on my black leather gloves and grabbed a riding crop.

I watched Princess waiting in anticipation for what would happen next. I took my time, I really did. Then I blew gently in her neck and she jumped.

For the following 45′ minutes I played a refined game of dominating Princess. It was not about harsh spanking although I landed a few hard smacks on her bottom. I was rough and then gentle, and rough again. Giving pain and then caressing her. A simple soft slap with the cane was enough to make her jump, squeezing a breast making her squeal. I slapped her jaw, grabbed her hair when I wanted to kiss her.

I gently unfastened her and with Princess on my lap I sat down. My love was very deep in subspace and I held her, kissed her and rubbed her warm. Quite intense moments.

Not that later we sat at the bar again. Princess having a glass of red wine, I water with bubbles.

Suddenly we noticed the Dungeon Master walking toward us.
“I have something to say to you,” he announced.
Holy shit, for a moment it felt like I had done something wrong, maybe even endangered Princess.

Then he smiled, extending his hand.

“Wow,” he said, “I watched you both and your scene was so intense and so beautiful and full of emotions. I really enjoyed it.”

Then he smiled again, turned around and walked back to the Dungeon leaving me feeling like a million. What a compliment! Holy cow, I was happy as a clam and thanked Princess because it is she who makes it all happen.

We enjoyed being there. The Fetish Cafe feels like home and we feel safe and comfortable there.

We had a chat with Ligatio, the rope guy and his beautiful partner. He told us about the sawing accident ravaging his thumb but he promised us he would be able to give the private tuition in a month or two. They are nice people and very passionate about rope.

Little past midnight we were on our way home. Princess still feeling dozy and I on the top of the world.

It had been a memorable, unforgettable and intense evening.
Most of all though we found ourselves back, we reconnected, syncing with what really matters.
Princess and I.

Yes, we are back on track. I am so relieved!


This Sunday morning I fucked Princess to kingdom come.
I devastated Princess’s body, scratching, biting and pinching her. The more I hurt her the more I felt her pussy clench around my cock. The more I gave her pain. And then some.
It was mind-blowing and so very intense.

When we finally got out of bed it was almost 11 so we had an hour left before I had to drop Princess off at her place.

We took a much-needed shower and had some coffee. Sitting on the couch I felt the adrenaline fade away and started to feel sleepy.

Little did we know we were up for a surprise. A good one.

At noon I dropped Princess off at her place. Her car was gone, it was cold and dreary. Little Star needed to be fetched at Stella’s place because Princess’s eldest daughter had to catch a train in order to get back at the hospital. I also knew she had a male friend staying with her. We are not sure what his role is for the moment but fact is he spend a whole weekend with her. He must have a beneficial effect on Stella as even a few hours with her own daughter are often to much of a stress.

“I’ll check if Stella wants us to come over and get Star,” Princess told me.
To my big surprise Stella accepted, knowing I was coming with Princess.

I ended up entering her apartment for the first time in 2 years. I met her male friend, a friendly young guy with, I imagine, loads of patience. As always Stella was stressed so Princess and I killed the waiting time washing Stella’s dishes, also something so very familiar. Little Star was joyful, begging for my attention, then that of Princess.
I cannot recall if Little Star showed any connection with the young man.

Then we all got in my car. I dropped Star and Princess off at her place and then I drove to the railway station of my town dropping off Stella and the young man.
She immediately ran to the other side of the street but that’s Stella. The guy got his luggage out of the trunk and thanked me. We shook hands and that was it.

A memorable weekend indeed.




Tomorrow is Princess’s birthday. Weeks ago I started planning a private Shibari tuition at our place. I was lucky Ligatio had time as he and his partner in the middle of moving house.

I kept it a secret for Princess and used The Stranger scenario and the subsequent threesome as a smokescreen. It was mind fucking at its best because doing so I learned a few interesting things by simply observing Princess when I, on a regular basis, unfolded a few details of what I was planning. You know, just checking, I told Princess, to ensure myself she would enjoy the event.

I ended up not only knowing such a scenario was acceptable but also feeling guilty as Princess was looking forward, with obvious reservations, to what I had planned.

So a few days ago I told her I had planned private tuition. I still don’t know if Princess was relieved The Stranger thing was just a smokescreen.

Princess was thrilled and we were looking forward to the workshop. It is not really the way I do things but I did not even bother making a backup plan.

This morning I got a text message from an unknown number.

Apparently he had a sawing accident that not only injured badly his thumb but also broke his wrist. He hoped we could get together in 6 weeks or so. I wished him well, told him I was still looking forward in getting tuition from him. I was at work she I kept it short but wrote a lengthier email when I arrived at home. To show there were no hard feelings I asked for 4 hours instead of 3.

Shit happens and I really hope he will be fine with no consequences for his fingers or hand.

There I was with no backup plan.
Think Franco, think.

It did not take long for inspiration to visit me. On Esinem’s Shibariclasses I enrolled in a hip harness tutorial so I can start doing something new tomorrow with Princess.

We’ll have dinner first, Sushi of course, then back to our place for some intense rope bondage. I’ll show her the short movie Kinbaku and I also got a little present for Princess.

Meanwhile I got the 6mm hemp rope and the Japanese Tsubaki Oil. During the weekend I boiled 2 meters, dried and stretched it to find out the difference.

The hemp is much softer but I have no experience using it yet. I’ll be preparing some rope and treat it with the Tsubaki Oil. The rope’s breaking strength is about 285 kilos’ so I’ll probably use it for suspension and not for the bondage. I prefer the thinner jute rope for tying. Maybe I’ll also get some 4mm hemp rope.

Bulk 6mm hemp rope and a bottle of Tsubaki Oil
Bulk 6mm hemp rope and a bottle of Tsubaki Oil











Our future plans with rope bondage

Princess’s birthday is coming up, it is in less than a month. This year her birthday falls on a Tuesday, our regular evening and she’ll probably stay till Wednesday, leaving at noon for work.

I want to do something special, like last year when I organized a weekend.

I know Princess digs rope and finds different forms of pleasure in being bound.
Since I had a plug installed in the ceiling of our living room, I find rope bondage more fun as I have more possibilities to be creative.

I am not into suspension. After all I am still a newbie but I do some simple floor-based suspension. I also read about the art and take great care not to harm Princess in any way.

I have been looking for an ‘intermediate’ workshop and wanted to wrap it in a weekend. Even if the workshop itself is quite manageable, financially speaking, traveling to London (Esinem or WykD Dave), Berlin (Steven James aka DasFalke) or Kopenhagen (Scot Kinbaku) is not.

Keep it simple, stupid, I thought.

In December 2013 we followed a basic workshop in The Dungeon and it was excellent. The trainer and his girlfriend took their time and explained everything with lots of passion and patience.

I contacted him a year ago and got some information and prices on private tutoring. I cannot remember why, but I finally dropped the whole idea.

Now I notice how Princess’s eyes twinkle when she looks at the hook and how she enjoys rope play with intense pleasure.

A few days ago I enrolled in an excellent Shibari tutorial by Esinem  and there is also some free stuff like a class on Bondage Safety. Check it out, it is free.

This evening I emailed the guy who did the workshop in Antwerp and asked more information.
A 3-hour session of private tutoring will be my anniversary present for Princess.

I am also waiting eagerly for some Japanese jute (Asanawa) I ordered a few days ago.

Jute rope
Jute rope