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Making Princess almost breathless

Tuesday, October 8, 2015

It is warm in our living room and it is a cozy heath, generated by at least 25 candles.

We enjoy a glass of wine, Princess and I. She looks stunning, as always. I cannot take my eyes off her.

For a while we talk. It is how we end the day before switching to absolute Q-time where nothing else matters but us, Princess and I.

*  *  *  *

Princess stands before me. I undress her but let her keep her bra and panties. I put in her wrist cuffs and above each ankle I make a single column tie.

Princess obeys.

I attach the O-ring of each wrist cuff to the rope’s bight with a carabineer.

My god, Princess is so beautiful. Her eyes cast down, she is at my service, waiting for what is to happen.

I could spend a whole evening just looking at Princess while sipping single malt quarter cask whiskey.  Yes, I am talking Laphroaig here.

I show Princess the Pipedream red bondage tape, the scissors and the bandage scissors.

It is not only about showing Princess I am in control, it is about making her believe I am fully prepared when it goes wrong.
That is a part of the make belief.

I blindfold the love of my life. Then start wrapping the Bondage tape around her head. Making sure breathing through her nose is not a viable option.

I push the mouthpiece of my snorkel where it should go and finish taping.

Princess looks like she is wearing a rubber or a latex hood. Her breathing is limited through the snorkel.

Well, I did not go all the way. Princess can still pull some air through her nose. I did not want to go 100% for the first time. I needed to check her reactions.

Princess stayed very calm. Not much did happen. I looked at her and then pinched her nipples and moved my fingers over her panties. It made Princess jump and she reacted to these touches in a way I liked very much.

Snorkel mouth-piece
Snorkel mouth-piece

I closed the opening of the snorkel and counted till 30 or 40 and then moved my fingers over her pussy. I knew she had air, not much, but Princess was not 100% limited to what I decided to give as air supply.

Yet she came much quicker, much more intense, her panties soon dripping wet.

Princess told me her orgasm was very deep but she still felt safe as she was able to get some air.

Next time I’ll be 100% in control. This was just warming up, Princess.

We played for about 30 minutes.

I loved it but was way to busy to monitor Princess’s reactions to get off myself. But getting off is not my goal. I can only enjoy when I know we, Princess and I, are enjoying the same surf.

So next time I’ll be doing this I’ll be 100% in control and get the satisfaction that goes with it. But for my peace of mind I needed to know how Princess coops with this situation.

Then I slowly released her from the deep red bondage tape.

“Care for a spanking?” I asked.

Princess, being a good girl, said “Yes please, Milord.”

I did it the hard way. Topped it off with caning. Counted 20.
Princess came and dropped on her knees, embracing subspace.

I helped her in bed and made sure she was warm and cozy.
Put the toys aside.

Hopped in bed next to Princess. Fucked her.
And again.
Then there was one last one for the road.

I did not come but fuck it. It is not about me. It is all about Princess. I am the puppet master.
I play.
Wished Princess a good night.

When I opened my eyes again it was Friday morning. Princess was still lying next to me.

Happily, my life is not a dream. Princess, my beloved submissive, wife, friend, mistress,  is real and so very tangible.

Princess being somewhat breathless (2015)
Princess being somewhat breathless (2015)

About sons, brothers and whisky

Years ago, I was still married and all, I left my hairdresser with a clean-cut. I guess that is why one goes to the barber.
Approaching my car I noticed the front, the driver’s side, was slanting a little. Fuck, a flat tire.

It took me about half an hour to fix it. The underground was loose dirt and I was glad to find a flagstone so I could use my jacking equipment in all safety.

While I changed the tire the barber’s son, 6 or 7 then, watched me closely, asking a few questions why I was doing what I did. It was fun and I am not talking about changing the tire. Fuck that.

As far as I can remember that was the only time I ever kind of felt sorry I did not have a son. Trust me, I would have hated taking my kid to football or something likewise. I feel quite at ease surrounded by women. But chicks are what they are and sometimes a man needs a conversation with his son.

Except for my two daughters and an estranged sister I have no family left. It does not bother me.

Well, at times I can become quite emotional when it comes to my father. He died 42 years ago but I still miss him.

Imagine a fairy would grant me 10′ with one of my departed family members I would not hesitate for a second. It would be without a shadow of a doubt my father.

Yes I know, the man is covered with 42 years of good patina. Bad memories are faded into oblivion and only the positive stuff remains.
There is of course more to it. He missed so much and I needed him at my side so many times. Boy do I wish I could hear his approval when it comes to Princess.
Hell, he loved my mother in such an intense way she stayed alone for the rest of her life. She was not abled to betray their love with another man. Isn’t that beautiful?

Although there world vision is very different of mine I like Princess’ parents. She has a few sisters and I like them too.

I particularly like Princess’ brother and I like to think we have a connection.
Tomorrow is his anniversary and we are of course invited.

Ar and Bo are not coming. University and high school second chance exams. Kay, Princess’ youngest dislikes me more than anything so she said no.

The Boy wanted to come but did not like the idea me driving the car, Princess sitting next to me, and he relegated to the back seat. The Boy would have considered tagging along if Princess drove her/my (?) car and I was seated behind.
That my friend is not going to happen.

I find it sad to see how after 3 years Princess’ kids still dislike me so much. I am at a point I don’t care that much anymore though. But it still hurts.

Princess asked me to find a birthday present for her brother. It is not that easy though. It is about pleasuring someone. Not about a budget.

I like her brother very much but I don’t know him that well.
Last year we gave him a bottle of Laphroaig. It was Quarter Cask peated single malt whisky and he loved it.

So I looked around and found a great present.

Belgium has two brewers who are courageous enough to venture in whisky making. Duvel, one of Belgium’s strongest beers has a young whisky but I don’t like it that much.

The brewery with the Golden Carolus  won the silver medallion on the 2014 International Wine and Spirit competition with their Golden Carolus Single Malt whisky.

So Princess and I bought a presentation box with a few beers and a bottle of single malt whisky.

Stella who is of course coming with us has a bottle of Shiraz as a present.

Gouden Carolus

Another (important) first

I’ve met Princess’ parents, sisters and brother at numerous occasions. Most of the time it was the two of us, or Stella & Star tagged along and on one occasion Kay, the youngest daughter who sits in the same grade as Little A. came with us too.

For The Boy, Ar and Bo my presence at such a family reunion was clearly a no. When Princess told them I was coming too, they simply chose to stay at home.

Princess and I share almost two fabulous years together and she found it was time to give a signal to her stubborn kids that she and I are a couple and are working on our future.

After long negotiations and discussions I was never part of, with their mother, The Boy, Ar en Bo finally agreed and this afternoon Princess and I and all her kids are going, albeit in two cars, to the anniversary party of Princess’ brother.

Thank you my love, for making this finally happening. I love you so much!

I can’t hide to fact that I’m really nervous but on the other hand this could be the starting point for The Three (The Boy, Ar and Bo) to ultimately start accepting me as their mother’s partner.

Princess and I bought a bottle of delicious and fine Laphroaig Single Malt as a birthday present for her brother.



Laphroaig – the adult version

Sunday, March 17th.

We came home and even before I closed the door Princess was already laying in our bed. Hot and wet she was, longing for a good fuck combined with some pain and love and tenderness. A combination I master so well she never stops to tell me.

I took the time to light some candles and tapped on my Google Nexus 7 tablet starting Nick Cave’s sublime Push the Sky Away.

“Care for a drink?” I asked.
“Yes please,” she nodded. “A sip from your new bottle of whisky.”
“The Laphroaig?”
“Yes, is it tasty?”
“I don’t know,” I told her. “I have been waiting for you to discover it with me.”

I went to the kitchen and poured some gold-colored whisky in our nosing glasses and went back to the bedroom where Princess was eagerly waiting.

We warmed the glasses in our hands, took our time reeking, enjoying the scent and recognizing shreds of hickory, raisin and zest. Don’t forget, we both are beginners, this is new to us.

The whisky exploded in our mouths, a rush of sweetness with a touch of cola syrup and some cereals.
Princess closed her eyes, savoring not only the liquor but also the moment and my presence.
For myself I chose to add some drops of water opening the taste more, softening the fierce attack on my palate.
In the aftertaste I recognized mostly fruit and wood.

“Delicious,” Princess sighed. “I wonder how it tastes…”
I smiled, knowing exactly what she was thinking.

One evening, a few months ago, we enjoyed a delicious 2002 Brothers in Arms Shiraz from Langhorne Creek, Australia. I had opened the bottle some time in advance and had made sure the wine had the correct room temperature.
It was one hell of a red wine yet it tasted even better when I started pouring some on Princesses naked body and licking it up.

She stuck her finger in her glass and dropped some of the whisky on my left nipple, then, carefully, licking it up. Then she did the same with my right nipple.

It felt great, not only her sucking and licking but also the way the whisky interacted with these sensible little knots of flesh and nerves. As a fresh spring breeze with the promise of a hot summer would be my best description.

“Do you enjoy this?” Princess asked.
“Mhhh,” I sighed.
“Okay then. Tada… and now for this moment of sheer horror… tada,” she whispered.
Before I closed my eyes I saw her taking a mouthful of Laphroaig and felt how she pulled my foreskin back.
On her beautiful face I saw the shadow of a crazy smile, then she bent forward and took my gland in her mouth.

God, it felt great, her lips squeezing, the liquor warming my penis with an almost unnoticeable hint of a burning feeling.
Boy she went for it, stopping, sipping some more whisky, taking me back in her mouth, sucking and gobbling.
Princess didn’t get it because I pushed her away in time, like a spoiled kid tired of its new toy. She likes it when I do that, it makes her feel used, an object created only for my pleasure, my lust.

I took my time with the Laphroaig and her nipples in a very teasingly way, playing with the tip of my tongue, my fingers warming her up down there, stopping when she was on the verge of coming.

Finally I dripped whisky on her pussy, on her clit, her labia and she moaned and purred telling me it was hot and burning and I gave her relief with my tongue.
She didn’t want to come but finally did, screaming when I pinched her nipples, ever so sensitive after a bath of pure single malt whisky.

Grabbed Princess, pulling her against me, she lying on her side. Seconds later I was inside of her, fucking her wildly, pulling her hair, pinching her nipples, scratching her back. An act of pure violation, suppressing her screams with my mouth on hers, I, Mylord, taking what is mine.

It didn’t take long before I felt a warm liquid flowing over my thighs and balls.
“I’m sorry,” Princess told me, “I did it again.”
I smiled, feeling extremely happy.

I had never ever made a woman squirt before. I thought it was some kind of an urban legend. An invention males made to impress other males, stories to tell at the fireplace, flames dancing in glasses filled with exquisite single malt. When truth mixes with fantasy.

“It was delicious, so intense,” Princess told me, her voice trembling.

Giving, in the broadest way, is what I live for.

I give everything to Princess.



For the first time in my life I am a proud landowner and my property can be found on Islay, the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland and the fifth largest Scottish island.

Does it have a castle or a loch on it? I don’t think so as my piece of land is no bigger than a square foot (0.092903 square meter).
It is plot 585810 and I got it for free just by entering a unique code that came with the bottle of excellent Quarter Cask Single Malt I bought a few days ago. One can only have one plot and on the site of Laphroaig you can read the following

All Friends of Laphroaig have their very own square foot of land at our distillery on Islay. FOLs that have made the pilgrimage to Islay are encouraged to visit their plot and mark their territory with their national flag, as a result the FOL land is scattered with flags from all over the World.”

Yep, it would be nice to visit this little piece of land of mine. It would be great to visit Scotland, to enjoy food and whisky, hiking and photographing.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll visit this part of the world with Princess, on our honeymoon somewhere far in the future, or just as a simple holiday.