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Saturday, April 15, 2017

I loved how the late afternoon sunlight fell on the bamboo carpets and the rope I had prepared.
Golden light, touching what I, what we love.

Then I fetched Princess.
Immediately I sensed her vulnerability, unrest. Princess was close to that moment of the month. Lately she needs more care, more hugs, more love, more tenderness. But mostly Love.

Back home I took Princess to the bedroom, undress her and pushed her backwards on the bed. For a while I concentrated on her nipples. Pinching, licking, sucking, gently biting and then licking again. It did not take long before she was drifting on a cloud of sensuality where every pore, every nerve’s end had become one extremely sensitive entity.

So I worked my way down, slowly, until I tasted honey and a delicious odor of sandalwood pleasured my senses.
Soon I brought Princess to a much-needed orgasm. She melted in my arms, floating into oblivion.
I teased her some more, playing with her delicious and luscious body A body I know so well.


After a while I grabbed her hair and led Princess to our living room where rope was waiting. I did an intense session. It was not about making pictures, it was about dancing, about loving, Princess and I.
We were wearing our new kimonos. I feel great in mine. I love wearing it. It adds something to my mind, making me act different like in more Dom.

I have a new playlist too. God Is An Astronaut and Explosions In The Sky help me create a wonderful atmosphere.

Princess loves the rope. She loves it when it caresses her skin. Princess loves it when it I tie tight. When I manipulate her. When I give pleasure and pain, a tasty cocktail, different every time we play.

Then I made sure her kimono was out-of-the-way, as mine, and I covered her thigh with hot wax while a vibrator pleasured the love of my life.

Tiny drops of wax splashed on the bamboo rug and dug in the black cotton of my kimono.

I noticed it after playing and the mere fact brought me slightly out of balance. It digs in my mind and make me feel very bad. It has lost its virginity and it becomes a more important issue than it should be. But hey, that’s me.

We moved back to the bedroom, Princess and I, and we made love.
Then we fell asleep.
Princess suffered from hot flashes and night sweats and I had a few surrealistic dreams.

When we woke up it was Easter.
Princess was suffering from a headache and muscle pains.
Yeah, that time of the month it was.
I kissed her. No, we don’t brush teeth beforehand.

We made love, Princess and I.
We fucked too. Hard.
Then made love again.

Then I dropped Princess off at her place. She and her kids will celebrate Easter with the parents of her ex/late husband. Obviously I am not invited.
Hell, I don’t give a rat’s ass.

I’m writing this and posting this.
Then a bag of chips, a glass of wine and a fleece. A movie.
Stephen King’s It is an awesome book and film.
I am looking forward to the new version that is going to hit the theaters over here pretty soon.

Hell, whom on earth does not like a bad-ass clown? I can’t wait to see the new version.

This Sunday I ironed most of the wax out of my kimono. That is a relief.

This is Princess wearing her beautiful red kimono and a simple chest harness emphasizing her yummy breasts.

A simple yet decorative breast harness


An afternoon in Antwerp

One of Princesses’ sisters had given her a gift voucher for two free meals in a restaurant in Antwerp.

Yesterday we took the train to Antwerp and arrived at what was in fact a bistro and not so much a restaurant. It was situated somewhat out of the center.
A few tables were occupied by elderly people drinking beer. The place looked decrepit and even the few guests seemed worn out.

I ordered to glasses of red wine while we waited for the main course, cooked mussels in white wine.
We talked about a zillion things, daydreaming about our upcoming midweek and our holiday in September.

The muscles weren’t that bad but a tad dry. The pastry we got afterwards wasn’t haute-cuisine either but we did not complain. It was a fun experience and we were having a great time, Princess and I, enjoying the extra hours together.

We walked for about half an hour before we reached the heart of Antwerp. It was crowded and the sun was shining albeit the wind was rather cold.

Princess and I visited a Japanese store where we both bought a kimono. Hers is red with a Japanese motif, mine is black cotton. They are fun wearing and I’m sure they’ll add to the bondage play and photographs.
Photos of us wearing them will follow soon.

Then it was time to take the train back home. We had tea at our place and then I drove Princess back to her place.
Bo and The Boy came outside when we arrived and I exchanged a few words with them.

Back home I undressed, took a shower, grabbed a black boxer short and spend the evening wearing my kimono.

Our kimonos