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Karada Workshop – August 19, 2017

We had a blast, Princess and I. For us it was one of those memorable afternoons/evenings that make this lifestyle shine as gold.

The workshop was organized at our favorite club PDN and given by Marc Van Vlaanderen. Marc has a huge experience in multiple domains of BDSM. He is accessible and one of his many gifts is the ability to pass a message, help people learn.

Princess and I arrived before 3 PM and were rewarded with a beer to take home. It is a Meestereske (Domina),  a 9,5% blonde triple. Thank you, Marc, for this much-appreciated attention.

So we learned the Karada. Not a simple Karada but one for all kinds of (floor)suspension. PDN’s dungeon hosted a huge frame, a small one-person frame hoisted so it could flip over and a huge wheel.

First I did a simple Karada floor suspension with Princess in a cage. I used a 12-meter rope that was made available. No natural fiber and a little elastic and it burned my fingers. I did swear quite a few times pulling through all that rope.

I did not like the result though, it wasn’t all that great and not beautiful either. But Princess and I had fun and learned a few things.

Karada floor suspension in a cage.

There was this huge wheel and I knew Princess was fascinated by it. So I asked Marc if he would help me suspend Princess in that construction. Sure enough he was more than willingly to help and soon his team-member were tying up Princess. I watched, did not feel secure enough to do this alone. So I stole with my eyes and learned.

Princess in a Karada based suspension.

Needless to say Princess enjoyed the experience.

Later that afternoon and evening even more people arrived. Princess and I enjoyed watching what was going on. We talked with friends too, yes, it was really a memorable evening.

Sid was there too. We connected even more. He is a great guy and I was happy he found a rope bunny for that workshop.

Later, later, I tied Princess to a wooden pole and gave her a harsh spanking. She almost came while I almost drowned in my sweat. It was way to warm there for me albeit most of the time Princess felt cold.

We watched people play. It was fun. It made me so very happy to see how some of them were able to enjoy being (almost) naked in spite of being very far from the what the fuck ideal body.
We are all human beings and the diversity on so many levels makes us so rich. Here, at least at PDN, we could all be just that. Human beings without being judged for whatever some think others need to be judged for.

It was past midnight before we came home.
Princess and I went to bed. Exhausted but we made love nevertheless.

We got up early this morning as Princess had to be home early to take care of Little Star.

Mostly she stays till noon. Not this morning though.

Later this afternoon I phoned Sid.
We’ll be seeing him this week.
It will be sizzling hot.

Thoughts – August 18, 2017

The first week of my two-week holiday is almost over. It has been raining abundantly every single day.

So I spend most of my time watching a few YouTube channels on video and film making. Watched a bunch of movies too.
I took Princess and Little A. to the movies. Annabelle: Creation was very good. I liked it.

Not as scary as The Conjuring or Insidious though. The atmosphere and the narrative slowness made up for it. Add to that the photography and great camerawork and you have a good movie.

Past Monday Little A. came back home after a 10-day summer camp in Croatia. She asked for some food, took a shower and washed her hair.

After that my youngest daughter asked if she could use my iMac.For over 4 hours she edited using iMovie.
Then Little A. was ready to show me the first results.
What I saw blew me away.
The movie was short, quick and had an incredible vibe to it. And a very good rhythm. Think Casey Neistat style of shooting but revved up.
No cheap effects or loud titles. The changing of speed during a scene are subtle.
Also, the Denver ACT-8030W action cam I gave her performs very well. Sharp and good color rendition.

Yesterday Little A. got some more footage and asked if she could use my iMac again.

So Princess and I moved to the bedroom where we watched The Godfather Part 2. What a movie, what a visual and storytelling experience.

After that we made love, Princess and I.
Then we fell asleep. Exhausted, happy and so in love.

When I woke up this morning she was dozing. I took her though.
It was good. She orgasmed pretty quick. And then again.
Slapped her in the face, pulled her hair. Felt her squirting.

Then it was time for Princess to leave.

I did not do much today. It rained you see. Like as in the whole day.
It is 20:45 over here. The late sun is shining and it is great outside.
I’m pretty sure it will be raining tomorrow as well though.

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up Princess at 2 and we’ll arrive at 3 PM at our club.

We are attending a rope workshop and Princess and I are so looking forward to it.

The main theme is the rope dress or Karada. Like this simple one for example.

The workshop ends at 7 PM or so. We are staying for the evening as well. After 8 it is your regular Saturday evening BDSM play party at the club.

I’m sure Princess and I will have a lot of fun. I am convinced we’ll learn new stuff too.