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Thoughts – January 12, 2017

I am finalizing the first eBook based on my blog. It will cover what I like to call “The Early Years”, when my blog was still hosted by WordPress.com.

This document, about 420 pages A4, will be printed too. There will be only one book. For us, for Princess and I.
The paper version of my blog will stay longer available than its digital counterpart on the Net.

Later on I will create an eBook from this blog too. And print it as a genuine book for Princess and me.

Front page for eBook

The eBooks will be made available for free.

Yet the paper book will be made available too, on special request and it will be signed by both Princess and me. Just send me a message if you are interested.

These past few days I have been treating almost 80 meters of rope. Both 4 millimeter and 6 millimeter. Boiling, drying and much more has made that my apartment reeks like a stable.

4 pieces of 8 meters rope drying in my living room.

This evening I am burning incense in order to get rid of the smell. Little A. will be staying at my place for the weekend and I don’t feel much for explaining why I need the rope.

I have jute and hemp that I bought online from professional riggers. The 6 mm hemp I made feels just as good in my hands. Well, maybe even better as I put all my love in it.

Can’t wait to tie Princess up but she needs to get better before I wrap it around her.

From left to right:
Hemp by DasFalke, Jute by Ligatio and Help by me.