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More rope play

Saturday, January 9th

I spent most of the day making preparations for the evening. Watched clips and dug deeper into the Esinem online training module I am following.
Also I tried to rest and take care of myself as Princess’s heavy cold and laryngitis had obviously rubbed off on me.

Everything is set. Ropes, shears, a few impact toys, Princess’s kimono, candles and playlist among others.

Ready to play
Ready to play

The next 20′ I spend picking up Princess and bringing her home.

We have a drink. Cava with 0% alcohol. The reasons are multiple. Princess is on antibiotics and I want to have a clear head. The third reason is that I find I drink way too much. Not that I’m drunk every day, I never am, I don’t like to lose control. But leisurely drinking a bottle of wine while I write or read, every single evening, could become, over time, a problem.

While I lit the candles Princess undresses, keeping her panties, and slips into her kimono. I do the same, black boxer short and a black shirt. I definitively should get a kimono.

I tell her that whenever she feels uncomfortable, if something hurts or feels numb, to say so immediately. Not only for her own safety but to help me learn to do a better job.


I start with a double column tie around Princess’s ankles and hoist her legs up. Then a double column around her wrists. I use a white ribbon, pull it between her teeth and fasten it behind her head.

I play with Princess, stroke her gently, kiss her, touch her sensitive parts. Hell, her panties are already moist. A slap on the jaw, hair pulling, nipple pinching, Pulling her legs higher.
We don’t talk but I monitor her closely and every now and then I pinch her hand.
She pinches back.

I lower her legs and let the rope drop on her lower body. Her eyes are closed, it is pretty obvious my love is far away, in deep subspace.

I attach the rope to the bight of the tie around her wrists and connect it with the one around her ankles and pull her hands against her thighs. Push Princess on her side, spoon for a while, turn her over again and pull the rope over the ring and put pressure on the line. I am now able to spin Princess around, her butt a pivot point.

I lay down next to her, pull her kimono back a little, play with her erect nipple. Kiss her lips, the ribbon still in its place between her teeth.
The next move is even more fun. I untie her ankles and attach a rope to each of them using a single column tie. Pull them up, Princess is now lying on her back.

I grab the ropes and pull her legs open. Use the sole of my foot putting minor pressure and movements on her pussy. Soon she is making the right noises, I push some more and stop just before she finds release.

Then I loosen all the ropes, drop them, covering Princess. I hold her in my arms, we have a drink.

“Yes please, Milord.”
“Get on you foot then, girl.”

With swift moves, pushing and pulling Princess in place, I tie a reverse box-tie. I am happy that this and other ties are already in my muscle memory.

I then get behind Princess, grab her hair and push my foot against her lower right leg to force her on her knees. Then she is on her back. I attach a safety line to the box-tie and hoist her up, making sure her butt is still on the floor.

Unfortunately, Princess can’t hold this position. Her head, falling backwards, puts a strain on her shoulder and that is a problem area.

I untie, making sure every single rope gently slides over her skin or nipples.

While Princess takes a sip I fasten a 150 cm bamboo pole to the hook, horizontally with the floor.

Bamboo pole as a holding bar for spanking
Bamboo pole as a holding bar for spanking

She smiles, happy, and lift her arms so she can grab the pole. Standing up is Princess’s preferred position for spanking and whipping.

Then we go to bed.
Princess has found a new way to intensify her orgasms even more.

Proactively I put a mattress protector on the bed for Princess to lay on. Her orgasms have become even wetter.

It is some kind of mindfuck she uses where she thinks of herself as simply being sexually used; her body unresistant. The notion “being used” is a huge turn-on for Princess.
I fuck Princess, hard, long, with no mercy and with much played disinterest. Regularly using an other way, different noises, breathing in her ear, whatever, helping her to make-believe different men are fucking her. I am not sure if it helps though.

Later, later, Princess lays in my arms. We are both exhausted. Princess thanks me for an intense evening and the zillion orgasms I gave her. She tells me how she feels so very submissive when we play and even more when she is tied.

From Masters of Sex, a FB Group
From Masters of Sex, a FB Group

We talk about her “being used” button. It is an interesting topic. Princess has no idea where it comes from. But it is a huge turn-on and I want to explore it more in-depth, play with the possibilities it offers.

Source: persian-slutwife.tumblr.com
Source: persian-slutwife.tumblr.com

Not for the first time we talk about our mutual fantasy called “The Stranger”. We talk about the emotional impact and if or how it could compromise our relation.
Princess and I are pretty sure it won’t.

From Rounchy Secrets, a FB group
From Rounchy Secrets, a FB Group

I am not going to elaborate but “The Stranger” fantasy has now become even more real as a scene to be played in a not so far future.

We sleep well, Princess and I.

It is little over nine when we wake up on this Sunday morning. We make love but soon I’m exhausted. My cold and laryngitis have worsened over night.
Still I manage to give her about a hundred, give or take, orgasms.

Then it is noon so I have to drop Princess off at her place.

Source: makemestruggle.tumblr.com
Source: makemestruggle.tumblr.com


My first floor suspension

Tuesday evening, January 5th, 2016

I picked Princess up early in the evening and checked if she had everything she needed with her. Princess was still feeling ill, with a deep and wet sounding cough and a runny nose yet ready to do some rope play.

Unfortunately, we could not play very long because Princess had to start with colon prep for her colonoscopy this Wednesday morning.

So I did a Gote shibari, also known as a takate-toke or box-tie based on a tutorial by Esinem.

I know the tie almost by heart now so I took my time, doing it slowly and in a sensual way. Then I attached a safety-line to the box-tie, helped Princess up and used the hook on my ceiling to tie the safety rope back to Princess.

Obviously I checked Princess constantly, the safety shears within reach.
Then I made a single column tie around her ankle and tied that also to the hook. She was now standing on one leg and still feeling very comfortable without any signs of nerve stress or whatsoever. I had to wipe her nose at several occasions though.

I took some photographs to commemorate my very first floor suspension. Later, on the photographs, I shot using a single studio strobe, I noticed a discoloration of Princess’s arms and foot behind the ties. They are slightly purple although unnoticeable with the naked eye.
For this image I Photoshopped Princess out of the photograph, our living room is not an ideal backdrop.

Rope marks
Rope marks

None of the ties where really tight, I could still easily move a finger under the wraps and the tie around here ankle was really not skin-tight at all.
Does anyone has an explanation? Should I be worried? Is this normal?

After untying Princess, I held her in my arms for a while. Then I made her stand up, attached a horizontal bar to the hook for Princess to hold. I did some impact play and she liked this position as the receiver very much. Bending over the back of our couch is also great but this is Princess’s preferred position for spanking.

Then I made her bowel prep, 1 liter. She had to drink it within an hour followed by 3 glasses of water. To take her mind of the awful drink and unpleasant effects of it, we watched a movie, The Bone Collector.

We didn’t sleep well. Princess because of her cough and the aftereffects of the bowel prep. I because of Princess’s cough and her repeatedly getting out of bed.

This Wednesday morning, I got out of bed at 7:00 am and prepared Princess’s second liter of disgusting booze.

We left for the clinic at 10 am and at noon she had the examination. We got the results soon, everything was fine. No worries.

Not that later I dropped Princess at her place and then I was alone again.

First floor-suspension
First floor-suspension