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Thoughts – December 20, 2017

A desolate place.
An attic.
A prison-cell.

A blindfolded Princess lies on a small mattress. She has no idea where she is. She has no idea how she got there. Princess has lost every track of space and time.

Vaguely she hears distant chatter, some laughter. It sounds subdued but she is pretty sure there are people somewhere in the building.

She is still clothed, a reassuring thought. This means she hasn’t been raped. Then she adds deep in her mind the word yet.
She calls for help but there is no answer.

A few minutes later, but it could as well have been an hour, she hears footsteps. They come closer on what seems like a stair.

A door opens with a creaking sound.

“I’m keeping her in one of our cells. I hope you like her. She’s very pretty.” The voice sounds familiar but she can’t place it.
“Great. I’m in for a good and hard fuck.” The second voice is much lower.
“Good. Then you came to the right place. I’m sure you’ll have a ball with her. I’m sure she’ll please you in any way she can.”
Two men are now near the cell. She lies still.
Her heart races, her breathing shallow.

This is what I told Princess yesterday evening before we played.
She shivered by the mere thought.

It could be the start of a scorching hot play evening with The Stranger 3 in a BDSM club like Fetish Club 78.

Then we played, Princess and I and it was intense. It always is.
I did some rope bondage and then tortured Princess with clothespins and dripped hot wax over her belly. I did it slowly, taking my time. I wanted her to feel everything as clear as possible.

This time I did not give her any pleasure. It was about Domination. About SM.
I played her. Mentally and physically.

Clothespins, after party.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

We went on for what seemed like ages but in reality only 2 hours went by.

I made several images and I am quite happy with the results. I added them to my Fetlife profile. I’ll be using these photographs for this and the next couple of posts.

These images are not set up, they are made while we play.

Past Saturday, when we visited Club 78, I bought Princess a Russian cold-war gas-mask. I’ll be using it mainly for breath play but I could not resist making a picture of Princess wearing it.

When we finally went to bed Princess was exhausted but feeling very happy and complete.

“Please Milord, I’d love some caning,” she whispered.

I used my cane, gradually increasing the impact. Trying to hit the same spot.
Occasionally I used a flogger.

Mainly the cane though was what I used.

Finally Princess lay still.
Eyes closed, a glorious smile. I knew she was in deep subspace.

I covered Princess and crawled close to her. I held Princess, caressing her gently.
She sighed with contentment.

Shortly after we made love.
The combination with pain works miracles.

Princess came abundantly.
When we were completely wearied we changed the sheets.
I love it when Princess ejaculates. Her warm and sticky wetness dripping over my thighs and belly makes me horny and so happy.

Princess and I.
We are complete and still madly in love.
Princess and I.
Two bodies, one heart, one soul.

Breath Play.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me