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Deviant Edge Stupid Cupid Party and then some more

It felt so good to be back at the Dungeon. The Dungeon Master gave us a warmhearted welcome. At the bar Princess and I enjoyed a glass of red wine. The place wasn’t crowded yet but it felt cozy and familiar already.


Shortly before we left for Antwerp I had given Princess the Hunkemoller body. She looks stunning in it!

Then we moved to the Dungeon and watched a couple play. Most of the scenes we witness are built around impact play and often it feels like the more/harder the merrier. There is not that much rope bondage to be seen albeit the environment is quite inviting.

I helped Princess out of her dress and took a few steps back so I could look at her beautiful body enclosed in the black sexy lingerie.

“Undress,” I said, “and do it slowly.”

Princess complied and gave me some delicious eye candy.
Then Princess stood naked in front of me, well, not completely as she was still wearing her stay ups and high heels.
I extended my hand.

Princess grabbed my hand and I led her to the hoist equipped with a vertical bar. Leisurely I fixed the leather cuffs around her wrists and using carabiners hooked them to the hoist.
Blindfolded Princess.

There I was, well-groomed with a black costume, black shirt and a black tie with small white dots, the latter a present from Princess.

I put on my black leather gloves and grabbed a riding crop.

I watched Princess waiting in anticipation for what would happen next. I took my time, I really did. Then I blew gently in her neck and she jumped.

For the following 45′ minutes I played a refined game of dominating Princess. It was not about harsh spanking although I landed a few hard smacks on her bottom. I was rough and then gentle, and rough again. Inflicting pain and then caressing her. A simple soft slap with the cane was enough to make her jump, squeezing a breast making her squeal. I slapped her jaw, grabbed her hair when I wanted to kiss her.

I gently unfastened her and with Princess on my lap I sat down. My love was very deep in subspace and I held her, kissed her and rubbed her warm. Quite intense moments.

Not that later we sat at the bar again. Princess having a glass of red wine, I water with bubbles.

Suddenly we noticed the Dungeon Master walking toward us.
“I have something to say to you,” he announced.
Holy shit, for a moment it felt like I had done something wrong, maybe even endangered Princess.

Then he smiled, extending his hand.

“Wow,” he said, “I watched you both and your scene was so intense and so beautiful and full of emotions. I really enjoyed it.”

Then he smiled again, turned around and walked back to the Dungeon leaving me feeling like a million. What a compliment! Holy cow, I was happy as a clam and thanked Princess because it is she who makes it all happen.

We enjoyed being there. The Fetish Cafe feels like home and we feel safe and comfortable there.

We had a chat with Ligatio, the rope guy and his beautiful partner. He told us about the sawing accident ravaging his thumb but he promised us he would be able to give the private tuition in a month or two. They are nice people and very passionate about rope.

Little past midnight we were on our way home. Princess still feeling dozy and I on the top of the world.

It had been a memorable, unforgettable and intense evening.
Most of all though we found ourselves back, we reconnected, syncing with what really matters.
Princess and I.

Yes, we are back on track. I am so relieved!


This Sunday morning I fucked Princess to kingdom come.
I devastated Princess’s body, scratching, biting and pinching her. The more I hurt her the more I felt her pussy clench around my cock. The more I gave her pain. And then some.
It was mind-blowing and so very intense.

When we finally got out of bed it was almost 11 so we had an hour left before I had to drop Princess off at her place.

We took a much-needed shower and had some coffee. Sitting on the couch I felt the adrenaline fade away and started to feel sleepy.

Little did we know we were up for a surprise. A good one.

At noon I dropped Princess off at her place. Her car was gone, it was cold and dreary. Little Star needed to be fetched at Stella’s place because Princess’s eldest daughter had to catch a train in order to get back at the hospital. I also knew she had a male friend staying with her. We are not sure what his role is for the moment but fact is he spend a whole weekend with her. He must have a beneficial effect on Stella as even a few hours with her own daughter are often to much of a stress.

“I’ll check if Stella wants us to come over and get Star,” Princess told me.
To my big surprise Stella accepted, knowing I was coming with Princess.

I ended up entering her apartment for the first time in 2 years. I met her male friend, a friendly young guy with, I imagine, loads of patience. As always Stella was stressed so Princess and I killed the waiting time washing Stella’s dishes, also something so very familiar. Little Star was joyful, begging for my attention, then that of Princess.
I cannot recall if Little Star showed any connection with the young man.

Then we all got in my car. I dropped Star and Princess off at her place and then I drove to the railway station of my town dropping off Stella and the young man.
She immediately ran to the other side of the street but that’s Stella. The guy got his luggage out of the trunk and thanked me. We shook hands and that was it.

A memorable weekend indeed.



Valentine’s Day Again

Valentine has no real meaning to us, we do not need a special day to remind us how special our partner is. We have kind of Valentine’s day every time we are together.

Past week has been a difficult one as we had, my fault again, a terrible fight on the phone. That was on Monday evening. It is not a fight but more an endless monologue where I spill out all my anger, fears and frustrations about our future. Or rather the lack of any future as I see things on such moments. After all I cannot wait forever.

It resulted in nothing as it always does because there are no answers, no solutions. At least none we want to even take in consideration.

Tuesday, at work, I felt extremely wound up. At 10, I started to feel bad and an hour later I asked my colleague, whom is, like me, a Red Cross rescuer, for input. It felt as if my heart wanted to jump out of my body.

We went to the infirmary and checked my pressure. Way to high and a heartbeat surpassing 110 pm. It stayed like that for the bigger part of the day. In the evening I visited my doctor. We talked, he told me to rest, to take things easy and proposed therapy. Just so I could get a few tools to help me manage my frustration and fear.

Princess is my everything, my Grail and I do not want to lose here. I phoned when I came back home and lucky me, I got an intake meeting for the next morning. It is private therapy, only for me.

I told the therapist the story and she was flabbergasted. Not only for Princess’s courage cooping with all she has to coop with.
We talked for over 90′ and I am still processing what she told me. Some of it I did not like. I have a new appointment in 2 weeks.
We’ll see what comes out of it.

All I know is that we need some real quality time to smooth the wrinkles. Thursday Princess brought Star with her so that created a whole different evening, a tense one I am sorry to say.

This evening I’m taking Princess to the Dungeon in Antwerp for the Deviant Edge Valentine’s Stupid Cupid Kink party. We also went last year and had a blast. I’m not sure if we’ll be able or have room to play. I hope we do though, I want to ravage Princess’s gorgeous body, give it pain and use it.

There is a small box with Princess’s name on it. A beautiful body to wear this evening. I’ve a Valentine’s card too… and an extra gift for us both… a much-needed weekend.

My Valentine's gift for 2016
My Valentine’s gift for 2016

Saturday Evening at The Dungeon

Saturday, January 16th

Early that evening Princess and I arrived at The Dungeon for the “Fetish 35+ Club” event, a new formula.

The Dungeon Master came over to greet us and explained that it was the intention to bring pure BDSM back to the Dungeon without touching the other evenings/events where there is always a pleasant mix of all sorts of kink.

After a drink, white wine for Princess, water for me, we went to The Playroom. First I did a box-tie but I sensed Princess did not feel comfortable, so after untying her, I used leather cuffs to attach her to the hoist.

The Dungeon
The Dungeon

I guess we played for little over an hour. It was a subtle scene where I, in black costume, tie and leather gloves, encircled Princess. Caressing her, using the whips, my gloved hand, regularly watching Princess, getting reaction by slapping her face, grabbing her hair from behind. The soft flogger I used on her body and breasts, she was naked except for her stay-ups and panties. Using the cane as a violin stick I went back and fro between her legs, pushing her towards a climax. It was intense and very pleasurable. I liked the dynamic that was created, a very close dance, more about Domination and submission than BDSM with Less is more clearly in my mind.

Even though I am extremely focused on what I am doing, I noticed a few people watching us. Among them, standing in a corner, Master R. He is the man who put his shoulders under the Fetish Cafe project 15 years ago and finally made it happen. I almost never see him in The Playroom. Master R. has his preferred spot behind the bar where he talks with the regulars.

I released Princess, made sure she was well, helped her dress and while I was putting my stuff back in the kit bag I noticed the Dungeon Master, a very nice guy, walking in our direction.

“I’m sorry I missed seeing you folks play,” he said, “I had to get rid of an annoying customer.”

We chitchatted for a few moments and then he walked away leaving me puzzled. I did not quite understand why he was sorry for.

Back in the bar we had another drink and enjoyed simply being there, with kindred spirits in a warm and safe and respectful place.

There was some eye candy too when a few submissive women started having fun spanking each other. Lots of giggling when they started touching and sucking each other’s naked breast. Finally one of them got on her knees and started eating the other woman’s pussy.
Boy, so hot to witness.

We decided to leave. While I was waiting to pay my bill Master R. came to me.
He did not say much but he really made my day and very, very happy and honored.
Basically what he said was that he had watched us play and had liked and enjoyed it a lot. Coming from him this is really a huge compliment.

Back home Princess and I made love. It was, like always, very intense and hot.

Like always when we are together we slept well.
We started Sunday early in the morning with more intense and hot lovemaking.
And yes, like always, around noon I dropped Princess at her place.

The Dungeon
The Dungeon





Saturday Evening, November 21st – The Dungeon

Continued from Thoughts – November 21st, 2015

We park the car and walk to the Fetish Cafe.

Maybe it is because it is cold. Maybe because it has been raining. Yet I have the impression the streets in Antwerp are less populated.

Brussels, our capital, is in lockdown due to an eminent terrorist attack. Major activities cancelled, bars are asked to close at 18:00. One could argue we are at war. Maybe that is true and if so, it is an ideological battle.

I feel no fear. I am not going to stay at home because of a few extremist lunatics. Yet survival has now a different tagline: expect the unexpected.

Princess and I are happy to be here again, in the Fetish Cafe. We kind of feel at home here. The bar is not crowded so we can interact with the Staff.

Soon we move to the Dungeon. We want to play.
The Dungeon is empty. I tie Princess to the hoist, with a double column tie, arms up.
A bad idea.
Soon the strain on her shoulders becomes very painful.
Princess uses the word Orange, a little late I find out. Princess did not feel okay but thought it would pass.
We argue.
“Don’t be a hero Princess, I need to know you are safe,” I say.
“I need to trust you’ll tell me immediately when things go wrong.”

A couple + 1 enters the room.
A Dom and two submissives.
The women are tied, face to face, using a hoist.

I play with Princess. I have tied her to a bench now and the next 45′ minutes are only impact play.

The guy is also into impact play. I notice how both women kiss, not passionate or hot, just a kiss. He kisses the women in turn. Also lips on lips, briefly, without any emotion.

More spanking with a leather paddle, cane, bullwhip….
There is no fire, no emotion, no nothing.

Watching two snails fuck would be less boring I think.

Yet it is interesting in another way.
I try to imagine Princess, I and a submissive.
No, it would not work. First I am not interested in kissing another woman and, secondly, my attention would be focused solely on Princess.

So Princess in right (she often is but please don’t tell her I said so) playing with three would be a very bad idea. The second woman would not get much out of the scene and would feel used. That is not what we, what I want.

I decide Princess’s initial idea, a couple, would be a safer bet.

I push Princess to an orgasm.
“Cum for me,” I say.
Being in the Dungeon holds Princess back. One of the last boundaries that needs to be taken down. Cumming in a “public” place is something Princess has an issue with.
I cannot accept that.
Princess is securely tied down. She can’t run. Princess is my prisoner.
I push her to an orgasm.
She moans and sighs, fights it but I am persistent.

I notice how one of the subs screams in anger and kicks the Dom twice, aiming but missing his balls. For them play time is over.

I have no idea what went wrong but I sense anger and frustration.

Then Princess ejaculates over my hand.
Good girl I say.

I hold Princess, kiss her, sooth her. Princess is far away, in subspace.
Trust me, 45′ minutes of spanking, whipping, caning and other variations, can be intense.

The guy has released his two subs and they are not really taken care of. They get dressed like athletes after a game, each in his/her own mindset. No interaction.

Later on, in the bar, I try to connect with him. He has this haughty smile, barely finds me interesting. He stands next to me while ordering one drink.
I say something nice, he neglects me completely.
Then he walks leisurely to his subs.
Then the woman who kicked him comes to the bar and orders 2 drinks.

“And?” Princess asks.
“Waste of my time,” I answer.

We leave at midnight. But not before offering Princess a gift. The Dungeon sells high-end canes, very flexible, with a well crafted handle. They import them from the United Kingdom.

Princess is happy with the present and, back home, I introduce her to its bite. She loves it. Princess wants more.
Hell, I could spank her all night I guess.

“No, Princess,” I say. “I want something else.”
“How can I pleasure you, Milord?”

“I want to taste your pussy and then I simply want to fuck you. And after that, I want to make love with you. Sounds okay?”

“Yes, Milord. I am all yours. Only yours.”
I eat pussy.
I fuck.
I make love.

Then lights go out.
We sleep well.
Yes, I know you know Princess and I always do.

A new cane
A new cane





Fetish Cafe – 15th Anniversary party

Saturday, October 3th, 2015

We are on our way to Antwerp. This weekend is the 15th anniversary of the Fetish Café and they are throwing a party.

I hand over a gift wrapped box. It is big and heavy. Impatiently Princess rips the paper apart, opens the box and…

“Oh my gosh, Milord,” she shrieks, “it is really huge.”

She is holding Terrific Truman in her hand, looks at it, weighs it, pushes the buttons. It weighs 300 grams and the shaft, before it hits the controls, is 13 cm (5.11″) long. The thickest part is the corona of glans and measures 15 cm (5.9″) in diameter.

Ladies, I know, size is not that important. It is what you do with the tool that counts.

“You’ll have to wait till we are back home,” I tell Princess.
She is testing the vibrator by holding the glans in her fist while switching through the 8 patterns.

Then we are in Antwerp, at the Fetish Cafe.
Here we feel at home midst our fellow kinksters.

Princess and I are welcomed by slave E. the property of Master R., the man who made a dream come true when he founded the Fetisch Cafe back in 2000.

I head over to Master R. and congratulate him. He is a little surprised but I can see how my gesture is highly appreciated.

We receive a gift, a lanyard, and a glass of excellent Cava. The bar is crowded and filled with animated chatter.

Fetish Café Lanyard
Fetish Cafe Lanyard

Nobody playing in the Dungeon. We find a table and after a short while I start a conversation with a young Mistress who’s also sitting at our table.

Then her attention is pulled away by a man who starts a very heated and animated conversation with her, ranting about Doms whom behave bad.

Later on we make contact with him. He is funny and very friendly and open. Apparently he was a Dungeon Master in another BDSM club and finally got fed up with the bad behaving Doms whom think the playground is only theirs.

We talk for a while and we agree to befriend each other on Fetlife.

There is a lot to see. Latex, leather and so on. There are so many people attending this special evening.

I lead Princess to the Dungeon. I know she likes to play but I am not in the mood and there is way too much people.
The Dungeon is also crowded. There is a Shibari demonstration going on and it is fun to watch although I find the interactions between the married couple missing that special sparkle that can make rope work so intense and intimate.

A man is tied to a Saint Andrew’s cross by a blonde Domina in a pretty latex dress with an open back.

Appearances can be deceiving. I would never had seen in this man with a Mad Max sort of appearance with his heavy combat boots, long leather coat and ditto pants as a submissive. Maybe he is a switch.
Their play is intimate and slow.

“Come,” I say and we leave.

Drive home where we arrive little past midnight.
I take a quick shower and while Princess does something in the bathroom I lit candles in our room.

Minutes later she is lying on our bed. Naked except for her stay-ups. We kiss, I caress her breasts, tease her nipples then pussy.

Princess makes the right moves, the right sounds.
“Good girl,” I tell her.

I go down on her, lick and dance with my tongue, pleasuring her wet folds, soft and warm.
When I sense Princess is near an orgasm I stop.

I take Terrific Truman in my hand and push the buzzing and trembling glans against her pussy. Princess squirms or whimpers or both depending on what program I have selected.

“I want to feel it inside me, Milord, please,” she begs, hungry for relief.

I put some lube on the vibrator and then…

Princess is so hot is slides in her with astonishing ease.

I move it, gently, in and out, while changing patterns, increasing and decreasing vibration speed, watching closely how Princess reacts.
Trying out to find the ones she likes the most.

It takes a long time for her to reach an orgasm.
Princess tells me it is a good one but not earth shattering.

“Your cock is what makes me truly mad,” she adds.
Princess is a darling.

But it is late, early in fact, so we go to sleep.

This morning, Sunday, we made love again. When I push myself in Princess she is still dozy. I fuck her hard, violently, pulling hair, kneading her breasts.

Later on, Princess straddled herself over me, fucking me, hungry or maybe desperate for yet another relief.

“Come for me. Now,” I hiss, slapping Princess 3 times hard on the jaw.

Instantly I see how her body starts shaking and I feel Princess’ hot juices run between my thighs wetting the bed linen even more.

Terrific Truman is a powerful vibrator and it will have its use.

I prefer to use my body limbs on order to make Princess cum.

We had a terrific Saturday evening and an intense and loving Sunday morning.
Way to soon it was almost noon so I had no other choice than to drop of Princess at her place.

The party at the FC was not like this one though...
The party at the FC was not like this one though…

Going out

This evening Princess and I are going out.
It is Fetish Lounge Club again at the Fetish Cafe in Antwerp.
Guess I don’t need to tell you all we are excited.

Princess will be wearing her Sabrina Body from the Hunkemöller collection. It is a black lace body, very see-through. I’m sure she will feel comfortable in it when we enjoy a drink at the bar. Princess is always telling me she feels overdressed when we are in The Dungeon.


This morning I went shopping and bought a pair of Fashion Stay Ups to go with the Sabrina body. Princess will wear her black high heels to top it all.

Sexy Stay Ups
Sexy Stay Ups

I will be dressed in a black T-shirt and black jeans and some Jack & Jones footwear. I will also be carrying a rucksack with some rope, clothespins, clover clamps, a riding crop, a few floggers and a cane. Princess is going to be in for a treat.

If they are not sold out yet and made from good materials I’ll be buying a Single Tail too. Of course I won’t be using it this evening as I feel I have to play with it at home first so I get the feeling of it. Serious damage can be done with this kind of gear. So for the next few days I’ll be torturing a cushion.

I’ll pick up Princess at her place at 7 or so. Then it is back to our place for some intense lovemaking and hard fucking before we get dressed and leave for Antwerp.

The Fetish Lounge Club is only for couples so there won’t be single men like the last time we visited the place.

I am sure we are going to have a hot, intense and great time.

Found on Tumblr. If this is your image please let me know so I can credit you.
Found on Tumblr. If this is your image please let me know so I can credit you.

Looking back – Saturday July 18th, 2015

Past Saturday I saw her looking eagerly at a single tail whip hanging at the wall in the Fetish Café. Floggers don’t do the job anymore.
Princess watched a couple play and loved the sound and the reaction of the leather paddle hitting the subs’ ass. I read ‘I want this too’ in her beautiful eyes.

I am sure Princess is open for some real hardcore SM but is afraid or shy to ask for it.
Trust me baby, I am ready and waiting. I for sure want it.

After leaving the Dungeon we had to walk to the parking lot. Princess was wearing a black and sexy wet look dress. She mentioned something about feeling slutty in the dress.
I smiled.
“Yeah”, I told her, “you are.”
“My slut”, I added, tasting the words and enjoying the sound of them.

Pain and lust is a road I want to discover with you, Princess.
I want to be your sadistic Beethoven, creating delicious overtures with pain, longing, arousal and lust using your beautiful body.
You are my slut, my orgasm slut but I want to add pain slut to the equation too.
I know I need it.
I am sure you want it too.

* * * *

Wow, it was one hell of an evening in the Fetish Café.
Not only playing with Princess was hot.
There was a lot of eye candy too. For a while we enjoyed watching two subs, attached to the winch, facing each other, being whipped and caned. The two women found strength and comfort with some very hot French kissing.  Then one of them climaxed, her juices splashing on the floor.

Imagining Princess kissing a woman is a maddening thought. I am sure I would cum by the sheer excitement of watching my love kissing a woman. Seeing her play, touch, caress, enjoy.

Then there was the hot interaction with the stranger too.
Our evening in the Fetish Café was a memorable one.

Back home I fucked Princess rough and hard and we fell asleep way past 2 am.
Somewhat before 8 am I was pulled out of a deep sleep when I felt Princess’ hand playing with my hard cock.

Seconds later I pushed her away, on her back, grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs apart. My tongue found the sweet stickiness and Princess moaned while I teased her bringing her to an intense climax.

I fucked her, relentlessly, barely noticing her barely audible “thank you Milord”. I was building up my orgasm, welcoming it, wanting it. Yes, it had been too long.

Then I came.
Oh my god, what a release it was.
I shivered, I cried and wept.
I screamed while filling my Princess with my cum.
Her hands were all over my face, wiping away my tears, holding me, loving me.

It was delicious, it felt like dying and being resuscitated.

I looked at Princess, sweat and tears dropping on her hot body.
We smiled and we knew it would be like this forever and one day.

File 20-07-15 08 58 09

Back to the Dungeon – Part 1

Saturday, July 18th 2015

It is Open Play Evening at the Dungeon in Antwerp. This evening the Fetish Café is open for everybody above 18. The Dungeon itself stays private and only accessible for couples (20 Euro for both) or single men (20 Euro)

It has been a while since Princess and I visited the place so we are very eager to go.

I pick Princess up at 19:30 and bring her home, to our place. It is still hot and sunny so we walk to the Moochie for frozen yogurt and some delicious toppings. Princess is simple stunning in her black dress. It fits her like a glove and emphasizes her delicious body and curves.

Then we walk back home for our traditional before-going-to-the-Dungeon-fuck.
We start slowly, some kissing and caressing. More kissing.

I push her away from me. I get on my knees and then push myself between her legs.
With one hand I pin down her arms behind her head with a fierce grip on her wrists. My other hand twisted in her long, soft and beautiful blonde hair.

Princess moans while I tug her hair and push myself deep in her warm and already soaking core.

She gasps, closes her eyes and comes, almost instantly.

I don’t give her any breathing space as I continue fucking her. And she comes again and then again, wetting the sheets. Our bedroom is filled with the gorgeous scent of her cum, a little more intense because it is almost that time of the month.

I ravage her pussy, tear it apart with my hard cock and thank every god known to man for the fact it has become very hard for me to ejaculate.

Finally I push her away.
“Clean yourself up girl”, I bark.

I get up. My cock and thighs are sticky from her cum. I put on my clothes knowing others could pick up the perfume of her heath in the club later on. I find it a titillating idea.

Princess defies me and is not okay with the dress I have chosen for this evening. She prefers the more sexy wet look dress.
She is right.
It is has been a discussion point on several occasions. Being in the club amongst subs whom wear almost nothing Princess often feels overdressed. I know and I understand her wanting to be a part of the flock. I myself always prefer to do my thing.
“Okay”, I say and Princess smiles. I did nothing yet made her happy. Wow.

We arrive at 21:45 at the club. It is great to be back and this is in a way home too.

At the bar I order two glasses of white wine. The Dungeon Master notices us, smiles and walks towards us. He shakes my hand. It is a firm and respectful grip and a gesture I appreciate very much. I have earned my place and the idea appeases me, makes me extremely happy.

“You’re going to play?” he asks.
I nod.
“There is a crowd,” he says, with a nod in the direction of the entrance of the Dungeon. For some strange reason that end of the bar always has the most barflies.
“I’ll get your tags”, he continues, “so you don’t have all the hassle of getting your wallet and so in that group.”

Later on we are in the Dungeon. I use the winch so Princess stands in front of me, arms up, accessible and ready to be used.

The Dungeon Master notices us.
He informs me there is bend in the steel cable and helps me putting enough pull on Princess.
Hell, when I first noticed they had installed a Dungeon Master, months ago, after our scene I went to him and thanked him for keeping an eye on everything. Shook his hand, showed appreciation and respect. At that time it was just a simple and natural thing to do but now I notice how well it was received.

I spank Princess and pinch her nipples, use clothespins on the soft skin of her hips making her whine.

People watch us. I noticed them and then I phase out when playing with Princess. Miss World could be masturbating next to me, trust me, I would not have noticed. Princess is only aware of my presence, my touch, the pain I give. She is blindfolded so except for what I do there is only sound in her world.

Other people enter the Dungeon. Most of them use floggers, the more experienced canes and kind of mini bullwhips. Yeah, should get one of these, I am sure Princess is more than ready for that kind of pain.
I use my hand.
Using your hand makes it more personal.
Yeah, the flogger too of course, but that is to comfort Princess. Deep down I am a very rough guy and discovering how Princess enjoys that very much.

Suddenly other people whipping their partners surround me. Some of them are visibly inexperienced and I am afraid Princess is being hit accidentally so I decide to call it a day.

I pack my things, help Princess in her dress and then we sit on the empty bench in the Dungeon and observe the few other playing.

There is this man whom enters the Dungeon. He nods politely when he passes. The man has a stick albeit he is not disabled. (The Stick is a stupid and running gag between Princess and I and has no sexual connotation)

The bench is about 30 meters long and we are the only two sitting on it. The man sits down too, next to Princess. I estimate the space between his thigh and Princesses to be less than a foot.
From the corner of my eye I notice how he looks at Princess. My love is  well-trained. She keeps her eyes down. Princess trusts me.
I eyeball the guy and my unspoken words tell him that if he touches Princess he is going to leave the premises in a body bag.
He defies me, smiles, moves on the bench.
Fuck, did he just move an inch closer to Princess?
Okay man, you are on.
You won’t win but you can try.

“Let’s go to the bar”, I tell Princess.
She has no idea what is happening. Without her glasses she is rather lost.

We leave the Dungeon and find a place at the bar.
“Two white wines, please”, I say.

Seconds later the man is standing next to us, minding his own business.
Standing way to close to Princess though.
He has one eye on Princess’ inviting cleavage and one eye on me.
I am not intimidated at all.

The man is careless. Hell, he should have both eyes on me.
How exactly did the five point palm exploding heart technique in Kill Bill work again is all I can think of.

I will remember him fondly as his and my interaction aroused me beyond reason and gave me another unforgettable  first one.

Found on Tumblr

Stupid Cupid Party

Princess and I spend Valentine’s Evening in the Antwerp Fetish Cafe. We had a passionate, awesome and fun evening.

It was a last moment decision though.
We are members of the Fetish Lounge Club, couples only, at the Fetish Cafe. There is a play party every first Saturday of the month.
When we were invited almost a year ago by two other couples to rent the Club for private play we had to think about it.
One of the most important of our very few hard limits is about not sharing in any way. We like to be seen and when we play Princess is naked except for her pumps and stay-ups. I love to show her off.
But that’s it. We do not want to be touched by anybody else sexually let alone I would accept an even very experienced Dom whipping, spanking Princess or whatever.
We since played twice in private and both times were great.

The Stupid Cupid Party was open to couples and singles. In my mind singles mean men and even more men just being curious enough to ditch 30$ for a peek in the world of Fetish and BDSM and thus not necessarily aware about the weight respect has in our lifestyle.
Princess trusts I’ll protect her and keep her safe at all times.

There was no need for being worried and when I told Princess we were going to the Club after all she was delighted. Our last visit, past Saturday, had been great too.

When we descended the stairs, Princess and I, and entered the bar it was like coming home. How great it feels to be amongst kindred spirits and feel free in who and what we are. Princess and I, madly in love, addicted to one another, connected by something most people cannot grasp.

Source Tumblr
Source Tumblr

My love was delightful, both sexy and sensual, a Goddess, my Princess. Her black dress, fitting tightly around her beautiful body, my battery, my isle of intense desire and devotion, emphasizing the curves I love to touch, to caress, to taste. To bite and pinch, to hurt and to pleasure.

The bar was filled with the colorful and kinky, mostly couples we have seen on other occasions. Nothing special and surely no menacing single men. Stupid me.

We immediately went to the Dungeon to see what was happening.
Ligatio was there doing awesome rope suspension with his love. Only shiny high heels she wore and a delicious fluffy tail. Princess liked it too. A tail has been something we have been fantasizing about. Seeing it been wore adds to the anticipation and maybe I’ll go shopping for one very soon now.

The bondage was intense and very artistic and then he tortured her pussy and I felt Princess shiver in delight.
A year ago we followed one of the bondage workshops Ligatio gives.

Back in the bar we had a drink, a few people came over to say hi. Now that we are more regular visitors and no unknown newbies anymore reticence is disappearing. They have seen us play, they have noticed our respect and how we feel at home here in the Fetish Café, in this wonderful world of kink, BDSM and fetishism.

I noticed a young woman dressed in old-fashioned pink lingerie. It was not only her pronounced chin but also the gaze in her eyes that struck me. There was a shine of madness in her eyes and anger to be seen, emphasized by the harshness of her facial lines.
Masculine but then again not really.
I had the impression she was alone and bored to death.

Princess and I enjoyed our drinks and then we heard the sound of whipping coming out of the Dungeon.
Her eyes sparkled and I could read desire and wantonness so I got up, gave Princess my hand and escorted her to the Dungeon.

For a while we sat on a bench watching what was going on. It is mesmerizing, titillating and inspiring seeing others play.

Source Tumblr
Source Tumblr

The young woman in her pink undies was there too now with her companion. She was on all fours and he sitting on a chair. He was dressed in a 3-part costume complete with tie and he seemed far away, unattached while she caressed his legs with her face, going down to his shoes while he tapped her gently on her head from time to time. It was extremely arousing to watch their interaction, her devotion and submissiveness.

After a while he got up and using chains he attached her to the hoist whilst she changed into a very bratty submissive. There was lots of verbal interaction due to their accent I knew they were Americans.

She had about 10 horizontal scars on both her shoulders, the result of needle play. He slapped her a few times in the face, relatively hard, and it made her even brattier.
The woman fought him and then he hit her a few times with his fist in the belly and near the kidneys.

We did not like that at all so we moved to another part of the Dungeon where I undressed Princess, blindfolded her and made her lean over a bench. I started warming up her shoulder blades and behind with the wheel of pain before gentle flogging and then switching to very harsh whipping. Sometimes I stopped to pinch her sides or add clothespins. The pain makes Princess even hotter and I find giving pain extremely arousing and gratifying.

In the far corner I saw how the American guy had made a single column tie around his partner’s neck while she was standing, loosely attached with her wrists to the hoist, one leg attached to a wooden bench so she had a hard time trying not tip over. I noticed him punching her again hard in the stomach with his fist. Not my thing at all.
So I zoned out and concentrated on Princess.

When I looked at them again, what seemed light-years later, he was untying her. She was holding a blood soaked tissue against her face, there was blood on his face and hand as well and a small puddle of blood on the ground.
Every seat in the Dungeon was taken and everybody was looking at them.

Later on the Dungeon Master told me she had lost her equilibrium and had fallen forward hitting his face with her forehead so they had to stop.
He smiled and told us that kind of harsh edge play was not something that was really appreciated in the club but there was not much he could do as long as it was consensual.
When she changed clothes we noticed she had a real seventies pussy with dark and abundant pubic hair. What a difference to most other women in the club whom are all almost or completely shaved.

Later on that evening The Americans where sitting on a couch next to ours, talking in a high, fucked up pace, commenting on everybody and drinking Belgian beer. There was no anger whatsoever between them so I guess they are into some kind of hardcore BDSM.

We enjoyed being there, Princess and I, feeling ever so close. She could not stop touching me and felt like the only safe and cozy place would be at my feet, being watched over, protected, loved.

Much to soon it was way too late so we left.

An hour later, back home, in bed, we made love, Princess and I.
She did her very best trying not to make too much noise but barely succeeded. Little A. is staying with us and she had friend sleeping over and they were not asleep yet.

After giving Princess a few intense and very wet orgasms I switched off the lights. She crawled close up to me and I held Sweetheart in my arms while we drifted away into another night.

The last thing I remembered before I tumbled into oblivion where my tears.
Oh the happiness, the joy holding Princess’ naked body.
These are truly the best and most intense years of my life.
Being with Princess.
Princess and I.

Source Tumblr
Source Tumblr

Two encounters at The Fetish Cafe

When we came out of the Dungeon after playing the bar was filled with a cosy sounding hubbub of laughter and soft talking.

Princess and I found two unoccupied bar stools and I ordered soft drinks for us both. The cafe was really crowded. Mostly lifestylers of course; very recognizable by the way they were dressed. There were also the accidental visitors, curious about the lifestyle or simply seeking information.

We noticed a small group of girls, not older than Big A., in there early twenties, enjoying an evening in town. They were shrieking with laughter and feeling quite comfortable in this place where tolerance is a highly valued principle.

A young man entered the bar and stood there for a moment, looking at nothing in particular.
Then he noticed us.

“Hello, I’m new here, this is my first time at the Cafe. I am curious. What brings you here?” he smiled.
We talked for a while and he told us he had spent a few days in Sweden attending a tantra workshop and had met , I suppose, a submissive. The experience had marked him and he wanted more.

So I told him why Princess and I are regulars, how we enjoy playing, the added value of watching and being watched and so on. To make things clear I also explained the difference between BDSM and a D/s (or M/s) relation and gave him some useful links. (edited 26/12/2015, removing the name and author of a book)

After a while he thanked us and then dissipated in the crowd.

“You must be proud”, Princess whispered. “You just gave some sort of extended interview about the lifestyle,” she added with a smile.

“Indeed,” I chuckled but the guy hadn’t felt right although I still cannot pinpoint why.

We also talked with slave e., one of the Staff members. She is responsible for the Fetish Cafe’s website and recently she started a new art project. Every 3 months the Fetish Cafe will present an artist who will be invited to exhibit his/her BDSM/Fetish related work in the Cafe.

Princess and I want to explore BDSM/Fetish photography, it is our common project. Princess enjoys being my model and it gives her a chance to be someone else, like kind of actress. For me it is a challenge as I think I have little to add to the genre. Working together on this venture is also another way to grow closer and incite each others creativity.

slave e. was interested and asked me to send her an email with a few examples. I have two images I am really proud of on my Fetlife-profile so together with a link to my regular photography website I added the links to these two images as well.

I am really excited and hope I’ll be given an opportunity to show off my work.

So curious
So curious