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A threesome with Princess, I and…

In human sexuality, a threesome is sexual activity that involves three people at the same time. Threesome can also refer to a love triangle, a three-way romantic relationship. Though threesome is most commonly applied to a casual sexual activity involving sexual activity among three participants, a threesome may also be found in a long-term domestic relationship, such as polyamory or a ménage à trois.
(Source Wikipedia)

When you stand at the foot of our bed I sleep at the left side.
Why you might ask?
The answer is simple. The door to our room is also on that side. So if a horny burglar breaks into our room I am the first one to get fucked. And after that I hope he (or she) will be too exhausted to take Princess.

Yesterday we were making love, Princess and I. One of my favourite positions is starting on top and then pull Princess over so we lie on our sides, face to face. I can lift her leg, tease her breast, tug hair. If I move to a more 90° position, then it is easy to play with her clit, both breasts and nipples and, when needed, move to her other entry and continue there. Then of course I do not move back to her pussy but that should be obvious.
Princess was lying with her back to door.

“Imagine,” I whispered, “a burglar entering our room.”
Princess did not answer. She was way to busy trying to keep a forbidden orgasm away as long as possible.
“He would see your delicious ass and I’m sure he’ll drop his pants. Well, I would…”
She smiled.
“He would force his way into you rear entry…”
“Mmmmm…” Princess sighed. “That would be great. Me being sandwiched, warm between two horny males.”
I did not get to answer.
“There would be great fun for you to, Milord,” she continued.
“Oh, how is that?” I asked, a little perplex because she seemed to take the fantasy to another place.
“We’ll, you would feel his dick in me and I am sure the idea of you rubbing his dick inside of me would make you insanely mad.”

Princess had a point there and the thought made my cock even harder.

“Does he get to kiss you?” I asked.
“No way, that is only for you, Milord.”
“Maybe I’ll just get out of bed and enjoy directing the burglar and enjoy what I see?”
“Please no, I would want you next to me, otherwise the excitement could make me faint.”
Seemingly my Princess had already thought it over.
“Maybe the burglar would be a she?” I tried.
“Nah, I prefer a strong man. Well, his has to listen to your directions of course. And wear a rubber.”
At this point I became a little worried that she was actually talking me into a threesome. Kind of topping from the bottom so to speak.

“And where should he take you?” I stammered.
“That would of course be your decision, Milord,” she beamed, clearly nearing an intense orgasm.

Holy cow, I my mind’s eye I could almost see myself presenting some dude to Princess. Something like ‘Hi Sweetheart, meet Average Joe, he is going to help me fuck you thoroughly tonight.’

I shook my head as to chase all those images because they were making me insane with wicked lust.

“So he could use your, err, backdoor then?” I hesitated.
“If he is careful, why not? But I prefer it would be you, Milord, you do that stuff very well…”

I swallowed my despair away.
“If he fucks you in your pussy, then does he get to play with your boobs?”
She smiled. “I already told you Milord, that would be entirely up to you.”
“What if he fuck better than me?” Yeah, I know. Weak. Male insecurity.
“That, I am sure, Milord, won’t happen in a million years. There is no man in the whole wide world that can outfuck you.”
Shit, Princess was really dead serious about it.

So what did I do next?
I did not slap her in the face yelling ‘you fuckin bitch, read my lips, you will not have a threesome as long as I live.’
I wanted to but then I thought, fuck, that is something dangerous to say.
Imagine a little push in the stairway hall.
A bad fall.
Farewell Franco and then threesomes galore.

Not without me was my second thought.
If you can’t beat them then join them.
She wants a threesome?
Well, I’ll give her one she’ll never forget.

Finally I did slap her in the face and hard, mind you.
But only to make her cum.
Princess came and kissed me and held me and told me a zillion times how much she loved me.
Told me I was her god.
‘Mmm,’ I thought, ‘unfortunately a god with only one penis.’

She left at 06:00 this morning and I stayed in bed.
Slept for a while.

Got up.
Brushed my teeth and took a shower.
Made some coffee.

Went online.
I am a Dominant and need to be on top of things, no pun intended.
Googled ‘threesome, volunteer, young, horny, hard, big, Belgium, cute’

Even if I don’t like it I want to make Princess happy. Maybe I’ll even enjoy it too. Mmm… I am sure I would.

Finally, after a few searches, some pondering and so on I finally made my choice.
I hope Princess will approve and if not I’ll simply blindfold her so in her mind she can fill in the visuals, whatever, Donald Trump, George Clooney, Poetin, …

So this weekend, Saturday evening or Sunday morning, Princess and I will have a threesome.
His name is Mr. Truman but he is better known as Terrific Truman. I got lucky, he was still free.
He is German and travels around Europe to pleasure couples whom need an extra “hand”.
Did I mention he is African, another juicy detail?
And after I received Terrific Truman’s selfie I was completely convinced this was the guy we needed.  That Princess would enjoy deeply, no pun intended, being fucked with this cock.

I am sure Princess is going to scream with joy and pleasure.
I have decided to take her from behind. I will let Terrific Truman fuck her pussy and let him do it without a rubber.
I cannot wait to feel his cock against mine.

Oh boy.

Selfie by Terrific Truman
Selfie by Terrific Truman

Thoughts on writing – August 21, 2015

Yesterday evening, after reading my post “Thoughts – August 20, 2015” out loud to Princess we discussed it in-depth.

Yes, I love writing. It is something I am becoming increasingly aware of.

I consider English to be my second mother tongue.
During World War I my mother’s mother was a nurse in London. She fell in love with a wounded Belgian soldier. They married and after the war moved to Ruabon, Wales. My late mother was one of their 3 kids.

Somewhere in the 1920’s my grandfather decided to return to Belgium. My grandmother never learned Dutch. I spend a zillion weekends and school holidays with my grandparents. I remember Baba not being very talkative but Nana was so I learned the English language quite early in my life.

Nowadays I don’t have a lot of opportunities to talk English. Yet I try to do as much English reading as I can and when I watch a movie at home I try to find English subtitles.

One could argue that I am lazy. I guess to some extent I am. I live alone, have no garden to maintain and I don’t freak out and wash my windows every time a fly poops on them. Housekeeping does not take up much of my time either.

So when I come home after work there is not much that I HAVE to do.  So I read, surf, watch a movie or enjoy sitting outside on my terrace. Sometimes I enjoy simply doing nothing.
I am used to prioritize the pleasurable things of life.

Developing a film and scanning the negatives is pleasurable and fun. Certainly the scanning kill’s time but the whole process gives also gives me instant gratification.
The images become a digital file and I can work on it in Photoshop and, being very visual, I see the progress. Something is happening.

Writing is much more demanding and time-consuming. I enjoy reading what I have written but the way to get there I feel less appealing.

Almost 2 years ago I translated one of my short stories from Dutch to English. It is not an erotic short but I posted ‘The Aroma of Coffee‘ on this site.

I have a few things lying around. There is ‘Carte Blanche’, an erotic story and a very hot and intense untitled BDSM short.

I would like to translate them but then again I am not sure. Maybe I should rewrite them in English. I really haven’t a clue which is the best option.

Yet I know that because I am lazy I need to kick myself in the butt.
So here it is.
A promise.

I will start writing and post shorts as work in progress. I will even chip in a deadline and create a category with the same name. Every week, on Friday, I’ll post this work in progress.

Pens (2015) iPad Air with the photography app 'Manual'
Pens (2015)
iPad Air with the photography app ‘Manual’


Madame Gretchen – Book review

Book Blurb:
Six kinksters want to join the most exclusive BDSM club in the area, The Iron Maiden. The first requirement? Survive Madame Gretchen. Join them as they navigate six weeks of kinkiness led by a sadistic, crop-wielding Domme who loves forced orgasms and demands total surrender. Their limits will be stretched and their desires uncovered.

I don’t read that much erotica.
They are mostly about tanned and muscled Dom’s who are, big surprise, zillionaires complete with six-pack abdomens and unbelievable hard and huge cocks. They “dominate” and fuck their faux blonde secretaries at will. These girls have bodies so perfect and beautiful they make Botticelli’s Venus pale into insignificance.
Each sex scene though is a cut and paste from the previous one or is so boring you simply skip the passage or fall asleep.

Writing compelling, erotic and hot fuckery that arouses the reader is not that simple. There are so many clichés and pitfalls or the writer lacks sufficient vocabulary or imagination.

Kayla Lords is a rare exception on all of the above.
I have been following Kayla Lords’ blog, A Sexual Being, for a long time now and I also had the pleasure to read Kayla Lord’s three previous novellas, “Big Game“, “The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl” and “Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love“.

I loved them because they were well written, very erotic, with an interesting narrative and characters one can relate to. Both stories fueled my imagination and I felt sad arriving at the last page.

This Friday, February 27th, marks the release of Kayla’s fourth eBook titled “Madame Gretchen”.

I was one of the lucky ones to receive a copy to review.

It is clear Kayla Lords has matured as a writer. Boy can she tell a hot story. Madame Gretchen is somewhat conceived as a frame story and each of the 6 kinksters get a chapter. These people grow, evolve and gain self-confidence and self-knowledge.

The kinksters Randy Boy, Bella, Drake, The Switches and Ivory are portrayed in such a way they could be you, me or your neighbour.
They are everyday people with their wishes, fears and (anatomic) imperfections and stand very far from the Christian Grey’s of this world.

A good story is one you can relate to. I must admit I was touched a few times. I had a couple of laughs too because a few scenes, merely described by a phrase or two, were, for me, funny and recognizable.

Overall I had a great time reading this short story, got really turned on and once again it was over way to quick. After the first few pages I was completely sucked into the story and in my mind’s eye the dungeon, the atmosphere, the people were very tangible.

Madame Gretchen is about real-life BDSM.
I know that because I myself am a proud and happy member of the lifestyle.

Every erotic scene is pleasing and surprises by its originality. They are never boring but rather new and sparkling.
It also appears Madame Gretchen is very good in what she does. But even a Dominatrix has feelings, doubts and insecurities.

You get an insight in the world of Domination and submission and a crash course on the do’s and don’ts in the world of BDSM.
It is the prefect antidote against the popular but erroneous vision shown in a very popular movie.

Madame Gretchen is about trust, pleasure, lust, love, pain and so much more.
But most of all it is extremely well written and thus highly recommended.

Author Bio:
Kayla discovered her love of writing at age seven and her sexual fantasies by age 13. It took a divorce and re-entry into the dating world for her to find her sexual power and voice. She is a sexual submissive in the BDSM lifestyle which is not as extreme and terrifying as it may first appear from the outside looking in.
Kayla writes BDSM-themed erotica with a focus on Dominance and submission (D/s). She does not only want to turn her readers on, but also wants them to realize that D/s is more than just a kink and isn’t scary or degrading.

A blogger, tweeter, and talker, Kayla loves interacting with her readers as much as possible!

Purchase Links:
Amazon: http://getbook.at/Madame

Social/Follow Links:
Website: http://kaylalords.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kaylalordsauthor
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KaylaLords
Tumblr: http://a-sexual-being.tumblr.com
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/KaylaLords

Madame Gretchen cover


The Last One

This is the last entry I will make for the Thursday’s Photograph. The reason is simple. SirFrancoBolli.org is our erotic diary and tells our story, what makes us tick, what happens in our lives.

I started the Thursday’s Photograph as a way to make me write for this blog every single week. It is in some sort a deadline.
But posting something about photography, my second passion next to Princess, every week soon became not enough.

Recently I decided to take a few steps back and started with analogue black and white photography. Back to my roots as it were.

That too is enough to write about so I decided to start a blog about my adventures with analogue film photography. You can find it at bwfilmdiaries.wordpress.com

It became obvious this weekly post would soon become obsolete. That moment has arrived. This is my last entry about photography on this blog.

I am happy to announce that from 2015 the Thursday’s Photograph will be replaced by a weekly erotic photograph and is a joint venture of Princess and I.

It is Princess’ idea and I support it completely albeit we are not yet on the same track about its contents yet.

For me this new project is about discovering what erotic photography really means to us both. It is about working together, brainstorming and building ideas into photographs. Where Princess was a loose contributor to this blog she now will become much more involved in its contents. I am really looking forward to this new venture and I am curious where it will take us.

Today’s shot symbolizes it all and was taken somewhere between 2007 and 2008 with, I guess, a Nikon F100. The film used a 400 ISO Ilford HP5 Plus.

For those who are interested in my photography and my reflections and ideas, please visit me at bwfilmdiaries.wordpress.com.

As from January 2015 you’ll find a weekly erotic images Princess and I made on this blog.


BOOK REVIEW – A Rough Ride by C.P. Mandara

A Rough Ride is volume 5 of C. P. Mandara’s well written and extremely erotic Pony Tales.

At the Albrecht Stables Jenny is still hoping to escape but discovers to her consternation that her body is starting to appreciate being used and craves for constant sexual relief. Is the harsh training starting to break her will?

Mark Matthews is never far away and is fighting his own battles, a captivating story within an already fascinating one.

Then Jenny is auctioned and, misled, blows a big opportunity bringing her even closer to total hell.
The restaurant scene is just about the best BDSM erotica I have read in ages. It is imaginative, arousing, hot and sensual. As a matter of a fact this goes for almost every erotic scene in this volume and its predecessors.

Deep down I know the story is not politically correct as it is about non-consensual sex and thus rape and abuse but it does not ruin the fun reading Pony Tales.

If you are open to or interested in BDSM and want to discover one of the more specific niches of this fascinating lifestyle the Pony Tales are as good as it will get.

Pony Tales are well written high-class erotica and great storytelling.

I can’t wait to start reading volume 6.

Bitter Moon (1992)

When I attended film school one of my teachers, an avid Sam Peckinpah fan, told us we should see a movie at least 7 times.  After watching a movie as a whole one needed to look again and taste the acting, the music, the storyline, the photography and so on.
A movie is a multilayered event one cannot devour in one bite.

Some movies are worth the effort yet most of them are not.
One or two movies, maybe a handful, you see once and then they get buried deep in the darkest corners of you memory. They stay dormant, patiently waiting for a second viewing. They emerge when time is right, when you are ready to savor them again with mind and soul.

It must have been 1993 or so and I was newly wed when my Ex and I saw Roman Polanski’s “Bitter Moon“. The movie swept me off my feet with its literary story and I liked the narrator played by Peter Coyote, very much. He stayed in control much trough the film. “Bitter Moon” left a deep impression on me.

Strangely I forgot about the movie till a few days ago when, while browsing Youtube, I came across a trailer and got pulled in again.
“Bitter Moon” is about erotic manipulation, SM, BDSM, roleplaying and mind fucking.

So I watched the movie “Bitter Moon” for a second time after all these years. Older, wiser I hope and living a rich life with Princess, both enjoying and exploring our sexuality at its most.
How I enjoyed the cool, manipulative yet tragic Peter Coyote and his hot, deliciously voluptuous and sexy wife Emmanuelle Seigner (Miss Roman Polanski) mind fucking the naive young man (Hugh Grant) who is traveling with his lovely wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) searching for something new after been married for 7 years.

The story is told as one would read a book that, over time, becomes a dear friend. We see parts of their lives in flashbacks. Some hot or very hot, some sad and some just, well, arousing in my case.
“Bitter Moon” is a story about relations, about hope and shattered dreams. It is as life itself; a delicious mixture of hate and love topped with the kind of cruelty only humanity is capable of.

“Bitter Moon” is an intense experience and highly recommended.

I offer you this Orgasm by Princess

The Project contained one gift voucher for one orgasm. Using it or not was up to Princess. I also explained her an assignment was linked to the usage of the voucher. I wanted her to write about her experience and or emotions.
She used the voucher past Wednesday evening while taking a bath. It was one of the rare moments Princess had some privacy.
I love what Princess wrote.

Desire fills my stomach with what seems like a zillion butterflies.
My head is spinning at the thought of being with you.
I want to feel you deep between my hungry thighs.
Your hands grab me and take possession of what is yours.
Your cock a sword that touches my heart making me feel as if I’m going through the gate of life and death.

I miss you so.

I embrace myself and imagine it are your arms that make me feel so safe.
My hands stroke my nipples and I imagine you softly grazing them before sinking your teeth hard in my sensitive teats.
I want you, the yearning is maddening.
I want you so much, Milord.

My fingers slide deep between my greedy lips yet it is you I taste, my Love.
My fingers, wet, glide towards my yearning nipples.
Impatient fingers brush down over my warm belly aching desperately for your touch.

You lead my hands down to my oasis that is yours.
I’m floating on a cloud of lust and surrender to desire.
Your soft touches make my wet core pulsate until it takes over my whole body.
Yes, I want you, Milord.

I close my eyes and see you standing there looking at me.
My Dom, observing your creation while pleasuring herself with dancing fingers.
You, my Dom, enjoying the view and the sounds I make.

Dark clouds cast a shadow over my skin. Your hands reach for the sky and tear them apart. I see your smile when a bolt of lightning hits my soul. I shiver, moan, whimper, scream and whisper…

Thank you, Milord.
Thank you a thousand times.
I miss you.

Copyright Scot Kinbaku (https://www.facebook.com/scot.kinbaku) Rigger: Gorgone Model: Uchuu Uchuu
Copyright Scot Kinbaku (https://www.facebook.com/scot.kinbaku)
Rigger: Gorgone
Model: Uchuu Uchuu

The Way We Love Each Other

“Please Milord, give me pain”, she moaned.
Early morning light peeked through the closed curtains and lit her skin and hair up in flares of liquid gold.
My god, she is so fucking beautiful.

It was not the begging undertone in her voice that struck a chord but the glare of pure lust in her eyes. That and the simple fact that I am a sadist and get off on hurting her whilst making love.

——- ************** ——-

We watched Volume II of Lars Von Triers’ Nymphomaniac the previous evening. It was a quite different movie than Volume I.
I liked the dialogues between Joe (the Nymphomaniac) and Seligman (the confessor) more than I did in Volume I.

Extreme intellectual discussions about love, religion, sexuality, deprivation and so much more, even pedophilia, while the images discovered the boundaries between mainstream cinema and pornography. This is after all European cinema.

Funny too, the scene where Joe wants to fuck two black men but the guy and his brother get into a fight about who is going to use which hole and completely forget her presence.

Threesome interrupted

The scenes with Dom K. gave me boner and the combination of dialogues and images intense.


Ready for her Master

The end was a disturbing one and we discussed it vigorously and did not agree at all. But we did not fight over it though, right or wrong is after all something very personal.

We finished our wine and then I told her to go to our bedroom and wait at the door.

I quickly cleaned up, blew out the candles and in the bedroom I closed the door.
She looked at me and I could read the emerging question in her eyes. Why close our bedroom door if Little A. is not staying with us?
“Hush girl”, I told her and quickly undressed her.

Turned her naked body towards the door and instructed her to put her hands against it.

“Look at them. I am going to choose one”, I told her and pointed to the collection of whips hanging against the wall.
“You are not allowed to come this evening. You understand, girl?”
She sighed and I grabbed the whip with the rubber tails.
I did not start gently.

Later she told me she liked the sensual sting of the rubber strands but prefers by far the intensity of leather whips.
She sometimes questions why I hold back.
Later on in bed I kissed her, yanking her hair and pinching her nipples, grabbing her breast and sinking my nails its soft tissue.
Bringing her a zillion times to the brink of release without pushing her from the cliff.

Of course I fucked her too.
My hand on her face, pushing her away, avoiding her eyes. My fingers closing around her throat and telling her what a dirty egocentric orgasmslut she is.

We slept rather well, two horny bodies desperately seeking the oblivion of orgasming.

——- ************** ——-

“Please Milord, give me pain”, she moaned.
Early morning light peeked through the closed curtains and lit her skin and hair up in flares of liquid gold.
My god, she is so fucking beautiful.

I sunk my teeth in her shoulders.
Biting her.
Fucking her hard.
Grazing her body with my teeth.
Biting. Hell, it gives me a hard-on.
One hand pulling her hair, the other slapping her ass, tongues dancing while I fucked her, raped her.

Tearing her apart, spearing her.
I saw the gaze in her eyes break when she finally came, her cum gushing over my balls and thighs.

Words being conceived in her mouth but not having the strength to give birth to them.
It was useless as I could read the love in every move she made, in her breathing, her eyes and scent.

Later on that morning she lay next to me and we watched each other while I jerked off.
When I was nearing my release she wanted to go down on me but I held her firm against me.

I came and felt my sticky cum on my belly and she looked at me, saw me cum and I cried.
It was so fucking intense and I so wanted Princess to see me in my moment of absolute vulnerability.

I know I cannot exist without Princess.

Wheel of Pain

Looking forward to this evening

The last time we played was Easter Sunday evening. Princess was not feeling well and thought it was food related.
During that night her abdominal pains increased and in the morning I had to take Princess to ER. Princess has completely recovered from her appendicitis. In between Little A. spend a few weekends with me/us.

So it has been more than 3 weeks since Princess and I last played and we are so eagerly looking forward to this evening.

Princess is so excited by the prospect of discovering how the new whip with its rubber strands feels. I’ll add some bondage and spanking, hot wax, clover clamps and use a piece of juicy ginger root. I will be concentrating mostly on bondage and some photography though.

Of course I will hold back. After all it has been 3 weeks since my hand touched her delicious butt. Maybe, just maybe I’ll introduce caning to our play. We have been talking about it for some time now.

Princess will be denied release for the bigger part of the evening and if she feels she is close to one Princess will have to say “stop please”.
Using ginger root on her hotspot will make here crave for release even more.

I will use Princess for my pleasure in every way I wish and I will visit and use every attraction her body has to offer. She knows very well what I mean by this.

There will be Shiraz and sushi too and lots of cuddling.

Later on this evening Princess and I will spend the night together. It feels so great holding Princess in my arms throughout the night. Starting a new day with a real kiss is each time an overwhelming experience.

Yes, Princess and I have a play date tonight.


Princess, a Collar and BDSM

A small part of this post was inspired by my friend Vile and his post “Should A Submissive Be Allowed To Wear A Collar” and the replies and a link to two beautiful posts, here and here,  by Little Bopeep and Mynx’s Sir.

I replied too, kind of half-hearted I admit, knowing I was going to write something on this topic.
After all this is a diary.
It is Princess and my diary.

BDSM carries a vast and varied cargo of flavors and a different experience for each of us. For Princess and me D/s is mostly a sexual orientation.

I do not own Princess except for what she has given me. Princess has given me her heart, her trust, her Love and her body.
When I think about it I have never been as close with someone as with Princess.

I respect Princess and I love and trust her beyond reason. Looking at her, seeing that postcoital glare on her face can make me cry.

It is as fucking simple as that.

Our relation is thus a D/s based one.
No Daddy/Baby Girl or Master/slave dynamics although I’m pretty sure Princess will tell you, when I am out of ear sight, she sees herself as my sex slave.
Do I or would we wish a 24/7 D/s relationship? That is an interesting question and for the moment the answer would be a full hearted NO.


I’ve cooked on several occasions for Princess and, when she was with us, for Little A. I’ve served them too as it pleasures me to do so.
A few weeks ago Princess cooked for the first time for us both. She asked for her collar and told me not to enter the kitchen. I sat at my computer and wrote and watched my love being busy in this space new to her.
It made me so happy. Not for the stereotypical role-play but because it felt comfy and familiar.

Princess served me an excellent chili con carne and told me she loves preparing dinner and serving me.
One could see this as an act of D/s yet I think it is simply common practice in most relations.

Helping Princess out with her agenda or assisting her choosing a GPS makes me a good and helpful partner. Listening to her and comforting Princess does not mean I am her Dom. I am simply her partner. We are supposed to help support and motivate each other. That is what relations are about.
I guess almost every D/s relation, to the outside world, looks like any other relation.
The differences lie much deeper and are less tangible for the public.

So for Princess and I D/s is a just an extra albeit intense layer on a normal and close relationship.

We use whips, clamps, bondage rope and hot wax among other things during our love play. Princess crawls for me or eats out of a bowl at my command. I decorate her beautiful body with bite marks and give her crimson red butt cheeks.
The combination of pain and pleasure brings Princess to mind-blowing orgasms.

All the above and the fact we trust each other completely and communicate the way we do, makes our relations better and more intense.
That I do believe.

I also believe a collar can be important in a D/s relation yet its meaning or importance differs depending of the type of D/s.

Princess did not earn her collar and we did not hold a collaring ceremony.

When we play I collar Princess, a symbol of her submission. It helps her shift her mindset too.

At my place she likes to sleep wearing her collar.

Princess always wears her collar when we play outdoors; at parties or at the Fetish Café.
She wants everybody to know she is owned and a submissive. It makes her proud, feel safe and under the protection of me, her Dom.

Has a collar changed or added something valuable to our relation?
Not really.
BDSM has though and in so many ways added to the depth, intensity and beauty of what Princess and I live.

Princess Collar