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REBLOG – To the Stars and Back

So many mornings waking up next to Princess lay behind me already. I pray each and every day that I still have a zillion more mornings like these.

Feeling Princesses’ warmth, touching her soft skin. Her blonde hair exploding in golden fire, lit by an early morning sun.

Looking at Princess in awe, while she sleeps, or looks back at me, drowsy and smiling. Whispering a good morning just before our lips meet so our tongues can dance.

The kisses and the promises of intense lovemaking or a good and rough fuck.

I have written about these moments but only a few days ago I read a short story by Rachel de Vine and it touched me because it says almost exactly what I feel and think on these lazy mornings. She says it so much better than I ever could.

Rachel writes very fine erotica and I am a huge fan. Please visit her blog/personal web space by clicking HERE.

So without further ado I have the great pleasure to let you enjoy To the Stars and Back

To the Stars and Back – Erotic fiction
by Rachel de Vine

He looked down at the woman sleeping beside him.  Knees drawn up, arms tucked around her body, she lay almost in a foetal position, as though trying to protect herself from something.  She must be dreaming, he thought, as she whimpered lightly in her sleep.  Perhaps she was recalling the events of the previous evening.  But were the whimpers from the echo of the pleasure or the pain?  He smiled, reliving the memory of her moans and the way she had arched her back and begged him for more as he had tormented her with his tongue.  For a few seconds the fleeting memories renewed the pleasure in his groin, before his thoughts once more returned to the present and to the woman at his side.

She’s so beautiful; she almost takes my breath away.

She had thrown off the sheet, the only bedcovering on this hot, steamy night, her naked body reflecting the light from the moon, hanging full and ripe in the night sky. Her body was slight, but curved in all the right places, with breasts that were just the right size for him to take one completely in each hand, squeezing in the way that he tested the ripeness of the fruit he bought at the market.  Full of desire, he let his eyes slide over her velvet-smooth skin, unblemished except for the faint markings he had left on her breasts and wrists; markings like a signature that reminded him that he was hers.

He could take her now in her sleep, awakening her with his stiff cock that was already twitching at the thought, but decided to wait.  Let her sleep a little longer.  They had played hard the night before and he knew that he had exhausted her with his unquenchable need for her body.  He must try and pace himself, he thought wryly, even as he knew that there was something about her expressive eyes, her slow, gentle smile and her alluring body that made it almost impossible to resist the primitive urge that welled up from deep within him.  That urge made him want to take her, to possess her, to tease her, to control her, to show her the beauty in the pain that he inflicted and the joy and pleasure that followed as they reached the top of the mountain together, leaping off to soar into that place in the universe where great stars collide and explode.

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