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Making Princess almost breathless

Tuesday, October 8, 2015

It is warm in our living room and it is a cozy heath, generated by at least 25 candles.

We enjoy a glass of wine, Princess and I. She looks stunning, as always. I cannot take my eyes off her.

For a while we talk. It is how we end the day before switching to absolute Q-time where nothing else matters but us, Princess and I.

*  *  *  *

Princess stands before me. I undress her but let her keep her bra and panties. I put in her wrist cuffs and above each ankle I make a single column tie.

Princess obeys.

I attach the O-ring of each wrist cuff to the rope’s bight with a carabineer.

My god, Princess is so beautiful. Her eyes cast down, she is at my service, waiting for what is to happen.

I could spend a whole evening just looking at Princess while sipping single malt quarter cask whiskey.  Yes, I am talking Laphroaig here.

I show Princess the Pipedream red bondage tape, the scissors and the bandage scissors.

It is not only about showing Princess I am in control, it is about making her believe I am fully prepared when it goes wrong.
That is a part of the make belief.

I blindfold the love of my life. Then start wrapping the Bondage tape around her head. Making sure breathing through her nose is not a viable option.

I push the mouthpiece of my snorkel where it should go and finish taping.

Princess looks like she is wearing a rubber or a latex hood. Her breathing is limited through the snorkel.

Well, I did not go all the way. Princess can still pull some air through her nose. I did not want to go 100% for the first time. I needed to check her reactions.

Princess stayed very calm. Not much did happen. I looked at her and then pinched her nipples and moved my fingers over her panties. It made Princess jump and she reacted to these touches in a way I liked very much.

Snorkel mouth-piece
Snorkel mouth-piece

I closed the opening of the snorkel and counted till 30 or 40 and then moved my fingers over her pussy. I knew she had air, not much, but Princess was not 100% limited to what I decided to give as air supply.

Yet she came much quicker, much more intense, her panties soon dripping wet.

Princess told me her orgasm was very deep but she still felt safe as she was able to get some air.

Next time I’ll be 100% in control. This was just warming up, Princess.

We played for about 30 minutes.

I loved it but was way to busy to monitor Princess’s reactions to get off myself. But getting off is not my goal. I can only enjoy when I know we, Princess and I, are enjoying the same surf.

So next time I’ll be doing this I’ll be 100% in control and get the satisfaction that goes with it. But for my peace of mind I needed to know how Princess coops with this situation.

Then I slowly released her from the deep red bondage tape.

“Care for a spanking?” I asked.

Princess, being a good girl, said “Yes please, Milord.”

I did it the hard way. Topped it off with caning. Counted 20.
Princess came and dropped on her knees, embracing subspace.

I helped her in bed and made sure she was warm and cozy.
Put the toys aside.

Hopped in bed next to Princess. Fucked her.
And again.
Then there was one last one for the road.

I did not come but fuck it. It is not about me. It is all about Princess. I am the puppet master.
I play.
Wished Princess a good night.

When I opened my eyes again it was Friday morning. Princess was still lying next to me.

Happily, my life is not a dream. Princess, my beloved submissive, wife, friend, mistress,  is real and so very tangible.

Princess being somewhat breathless (2015)
Princess being somewhat breathless (2015)

Prelude to Erotic Asphyxiation

Wednesday, October 7th.

Tuesday evening is for us, Princess and I.

Yesterday it was not though. Kay, Princess’s youngest, had made an appointment with her therapist and Princess was unable to cancel.

So when Princess arrived at my place it was later than normal.

Princess was jacked-up and needed a spanking. I gave her that but reluctantly because the walls are thin and after 10 pm people have the right to complain/call the police whenever they feel there is noise pollution.

I did my best to relief Princess and I loved the flogging and whipping rhythm I had built up. Yet I made a shortcut and helped Princess cum quicker than I really wanted.

Then in bed I decided I wanted to try out what I had in mind for our next play date, Thursday if all goes well.

Edge play works best if all pieces fall into place and mindset is the most important piece of the puzzle. You cannot get the most out of edge play without, at least, triggering stuff by using words, a description, a setting, a story.

So I decided not to talk, not to tell a story. Not to use the stuff that makes mind/edge play so intense. I wanted to know if the act itself was strong enough. Adding a few layers would be beneficial.

In bed we made love. I squeezed Princess’s nose and laid my hand over her mouth. Did my best not to suffocate her but to make her gasp for air.

I did get a lot out of the act. It satisfied my sadist me in ways I cannot describe. Erotic asphyxiation is about TPE and trust but a sadist can also get off on it.

The fucking and shutting down her air supply in a rather basic manner, without making Princess helpless, gave her such intense orgasms they even flabbergasted me.

I have a scene in mind. It will be about breath control. Yet I know there are a myriad of other buttons to press when it comes to satisfying Princess.

Kneeling, deep-throating and pain.
And other stuff.