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Thoughts – April 19, 2017

Yesterday evening I had planned a rope session. I had prepared everything and made sure there was no candle wax on the bamboo mats any more.
I had a few ideas on how to start the rope session, what tools and tricks I would use to Dominate Princess and how to pleasure her.

When Princess finally arrived I felt I wasn’t in the right mindset to play and to create and make something special happen. Also I sensed Princess being very nervous.
I gave Princess some time to unwind, listened how her day had been. We had a glass of wine and we kissed and cuddled. It helped Princess to relax even more.

We both wanted to play but deep down lacked the enthusiasm. I still could not find the right mindset to do what we both love.

When Princess or I don’t feel like it, if we feel we cannot unwind, or something undefined puts a weight on one of us we don’t play. It is as simple as that. Because if we would we would dine at an exquisite table without enjoying the wealth of taste and odors in-depth.

Not playing at all is far better than feeling an obligation and ending up not feeling satisfied.

“Let’s go to bed and watch a movie,” I told Princess.

So we go comfy under the duvet and I switched on the Raspeberry PI 3 running a home media software called Kodi.
The Raspberry’s sound is converted to digital and then outputted to an Akai Equalizer EA-A7 (mid-eighties) and then goes in the Pioneer A-103 amplifier (1994-96) to a JVC three-way speaker system.

I use a Samsung 27” very fast HD computer screen for output.
The sound and image quality are very good for such a cheap combination of mostly second-hand stuff.

“What movie are we going to see?” Princess asked.

I smiled. I knew Princess wanted to see this movie in spite of so many negative comments.

I wanted to see it after all the fuss about this movie.

To be honest after about 10 minutes in the movie we both almost decided to choose another one.

But then the movie somehow captivated us by it misleading simplicity, the beautiful photography and the many, many winks to older movies.
I found the joy I had when, as a kid, I watched the Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodgers movies.

The music was sublime and both leading actors really great.

Yes, La La Land is one hell of a movie, one we both liked very very much. I guess you need to have some life experience and love the movies to appreciate La La Land to its fullest.

I find Ryan Gosling to be a fine actor ever since I saw him in the excellent The Place Beyond The Pines .

We slept well, Princess and I, holding each other close throughout the night.

This morning we went to a shop specialized in… that’s an entirely different story. More on that later.